There's No Love On Wall Street

There s No Love On Wall Street None

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  • Title: There's No Love On Wall Street
  • Author: Ira Trivedi
  • ISBN: 9780143063346
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “There's No Love On Wall Street”

    1. Quite a fast paced story of a life of an Indian girl trying for all the wrong reasons to become an investment banker and the realities she faces once she is a part of it. Her desire and obsession is portrayed well but that is just one side of the coin. She has substance as a person but i feel that part of her is missing. The superficial frills of a night life in New York and all her dreams are weaved in without any pause for a reflective mood. A time pass read for a couple of hours . . .

    2. Its a candid tale of infatuation with the I-bankers and their demeanour that Riya Jain, the protagonist has, and narrates her efforts to achieve this aim of her, which she thinks is her ultimate goal in lifebut with the span of time there is a self-realization by Riya that this is probably not, "her world". There is also a mention of her friend Ivana, who falls in trap to the dark side of the Banker's life of manouvering and using girls, just for satiating their carnal desires Well, at the end t [...]

    3. After being much inspired by Jane Austen to read more female writers I steered towards another and sorely betrayed and unimpressed I was by Ira Trivedi. I might sound harsh but the writing is juvenile. The protagonist of the book has passed out of the same college as the author. I dont know if she is using this book as in instrument as a way of expressing her true feelings. (?) Not to mention, it also highlights her lack of imagination. Just because she comes from a family of money does not mean [...]

    4. The book is a very nice guide to all youngsters who run behind a glamourous life and end up in screwing their own lives. It is excellently written and makes you feel so enlightened.

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