Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food

Angelina s Bachelors A Novel with Food Sometimes the shortest distance between two people is the length of a kitchen table Far too young to be a widow Angelina D Angelo suddenly finds herself facing a life without her beloved husband Fra

  • Title: Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food
  • Author: Brian O'Reilly
  • ISBN: 9781451620566
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes the shortest distance between two people is the length of a kitchen table Far too young to be a widow, Angelina D Angelo suddenly finds herself facing a life without her beloved husband, Frank Late one night shortly after the funeral, she makes her way down to the kitchen and pours all of her grief and anger into the only outlet she has left her passiSometimes the shortest distance between two people is the length of a kitchen table Far too young to be a widow, Angelina D Angelo suddenly finds herself facing a life without her beloved husband, Frank Late one night shortly after the funeral, she makes her way down to the kitchen and pours all of her grief and anger into the only outlet she has left her passion for cooking In a frenzy of concentration and swift precision, she builds layer upon layer of thick, rich lasagna, braids loaves of yeasty bread, roasts plump herb rubbed chicken she makes so much food that she winds up delivering the spoils to the neighbors in her tight knit Italian community in South Philadelphia Retiree Basil Cupertino, who has just moved in with his kindly sister across the street, is positively smitten with Angelina s food In a stroke of good fortune, Basil offers Angelina not only husbandless but unemployed a job cooking for him two meals a day, six days a week, in exchange for a handsome salary Soon, word of her irresistible culinary prowess spreads and she finds herself cooking for seven bachelors and in the process discovers the magical power of food to heal, to bring people together and maybe even to provide a second chance at love Filled to the brim with homemade warmth, Angelina s Bachelors is a sweet tale of overcoming grief, redefining family, and following your heart through food.

    One thought on “Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food”

    1. A fun read, one that even as certain things bothered me I felt compelled to keep reading during any free time. The things that bothered me: it says explicitly on the front cover that it is "A Novel, with Food," and food plays a really significant role in the storyline, but man I got kind of tired it after a while. Really, don't read this if you're not at all interested in food. Each meal is described - the ingredients, the process, etc, and then characters comment on each meal, and then after ev [...]

    2. I was really disappointed in this book. It should have been a nice story: A young widow begins cooking for the unmarried men in her neighborhood in order to make ends meet.The problem is that there's no character to these characters. Angelina has no personality of her own, no opinions, very little back story. Everything (and supposedly these are are nice things, it's not anything bad or anything) just seems to happen to her, while she happily, mindlessly, goes along with the flow.I just couldn't [...]

    3. As much as I wanted to like this book, it was a birthday present, but I couldnt' get into it. It was very sappy, cheesy, and not very well written. The main character just lost her husband, who dies while he is trying to get a piece of cake of a heart attack. She then is depressed but decided to relieve that depression by cooking for the single men in her neighborhood. Scattered throughout this novel are very complicated recipes that I would never make. This book got great reviews on , but as fa [...]

    4. I got this as an ARC at work, intrigued by the plot and the integration of recipes into the narrative. Unfortunately, the book didn't deliver on it's promises. The characters were dull and predictable, the plot boring and the recipes completely ridiculous. Above all, I felt like the author was part of a very conservative, staid generation that can't actually relate to modern life. None of the relationships felt real enough for the 21st century--that is if, as I assume, it was supposed to be a co [...]

    5. To begin, I must disclaim that I won this book as part of a giveaway. This has not in any way influenced my review.I have heard the old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover and I have read far too many books to rely exclusively on that method of judging. But, the sole reason I entered the giveaway was because I was drawn in by the cover. I can't say exactly what it was, but I found it intriguing and I wanted a copy of this book. Within the first few pages, I was drawn into th [...]

    6. After Angelina's husband dies at a young age, all she has left is her close South Philly neighborhood and gourmet cooking. Almost by accident, she sets up a small business cooking breakfast and dinner for several neighborhood bachelors, who become more like a family over the months. As Angelina's life goes through ups and downs, her bachelors are there for her, and one may even offer her more than just friendship. The book is filled with descriptions of wonderful meals, and apparently the audiob [...]

    7. “The power of food is only second to sex.” ~ Brian O'Reilly(I couldn't agree more with the author's quote.)Angelina's Bachelors by Brian O'Reilly (Executive Producer of Food Network's Dinner: Impossible) centers around young widow, Angelina and the men who flock to her South Philly neighborhood to sample her waresbut, I'm getting ahead of the story. Angelina starts cooking after her husband, Frank, passes away. Her neighbor, retiree Basil, loves her food and hires her to cook meals for him. [...]

    8. This book was a fast read (it took me about a day to finish) because a large percentage of the pages are filled with recipes. The book feels a lot like the movie “Tortilla Soup” did… a love letter to food and the power that it has to unite people and to bring them through hard times. The story was fairly easy on the brainpan. Happily married woman loves her husband and loves to cook. Husband dies of a sudden heart attack. Newly widowed woman rebuilds her life and sense of purpose by cookin [...]

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed Angelina. Many romances involving second marriages add emphasis to the new relationship by denigrating the previous one, even in little ways, and even if it was a good, happy marriage that ended in tragic death instead of bitter divorce. This one avoided that miserable trap quite beautifully; basically the first 80% of the novel was the love story of Angelina and her recently-deceased husband, with the new relationship being something of a sub-sub-plot brought in to round of [...]

    10. Such a comforting and delightful read! Angelina's husband dies suddenly, leaving her in a state of complete sadness and worry for the future. After a bout of mass cooking to comfort herself, she is asked to host her first bachelor for breakfast and dinner. More soon follow, and she ends up with seven bachelor's paying for her to cook the best foods of their lives. It brings her joy and peace after such a terrible loss. And, of course, there's recipes. I doubt I would actually make any of them my [...]

    11. This was a rewarding and comforting read about finding solace and rebuilding one's life after suffering a great loss. I really enjoyed every character and side story

    12. Quaint novel. Delicious sounding recipes. Worthy of a road trip listen if you like easy stories with happy endings.

    13. This was a lovely book about resilience, friendship and the ways we make our own family. I found this book hard to put down. And don't forget the food, it was awesome!

    14. Angelina’s Bachelors’ is a moving and heartbreaking story that will have you munching away on a piece of pie while turning the pages. Honestly, I think I gained ten pounds just reading this book, the recipes and the way the author describes how Angelina is cooking will make your mouth water and make even the undomesticated goddess among us want to run into the kitchen and start whipping up a soufflé. Angelina has just lost her beloved husband of five years to a heart attack; the last thing [...]

    15. Narrated by Xe Sands - Narration 5*s!Reviewed for AAR's Speaking of Audiobooks - likesbooks/blog/?p=7644From the moment I started listening to Angelina’s Bachelors: A Novel with Food, I was totally engrossed. Narrator Xe Sands brings this Italian neighborhood in South Philadelphia completely to life with her skilled narration of this moving and delicious storyline.Frank and Angelina are blissfully happy in their marriage and with their life when Frank suddenly dies from a heart attack, leaving [...]

    16. When Angelina's husband dies of a massive heart attack at only forty and while sneaking a piece of her "Dream" cake, you would think she would be put off of cooking forever. But to Angelina, her cooking and baking gives meaning to her life. She obsessively creates new recipes and through her loves of food brings her new friends. This story should be really sad, but I found myself totally charmed by the characters that come to inhabit Angelina's dining room as she tries to make ends meet by servi [...]

    17. 3.5 stars. I really liked the story and loved the food descriptions. I don't know that I would ever actually make those recipes as they look long and complicated. I loved Angelina and the bachelors and her extended family. But, I couldn't give the book a full 4 stars because a few things bothered me. (view spoiler)[Angelina is 5 months pregnant and hasn't figured out that she is pregnant??!! I find that rather hard to believe. And the scene with Angela being in labor for about, oh an hour, and G [...]

    18. Of late, all I've wanted from a book is to be comforted by a story and characters that make me feel content to get lost in the words. Angelina's Bachelors more than topped the comfort meter for me. The descriptions of Angelina's cooking had me sitting right there, in her kitchen, sipping freshly made coffee, watching her work magic with recipe ingredients. The bachelors were uniquely attuned to exactly what Angelina needed when she needed it. All in all, a wonderful reading experience.Opening Li [...]

    19. Just finished Angelina's Bachelors: A Novel with Food by Brian O'Reilly. It has been on my TBR shelf for several years and just now got around to reading it thank to a Goodread's challenge. Angelina D'Angelo suffers a great loss when her husband dies unexpectedly. No, this isn't a spoiler. She has to make a life for herself and begins to cook breakfast and dinner for what turns out to be six different bachelors in the South Philadelphia neighborhood. It's a very charming story of finding one's w [...]

    20. This was a quick, light read for me. I skipped over most of the recipes because they were unbelievably gourmet and usually quite fattening. But Angelina (love this name) herself broke my heart. When she loses her husband Frank, the love of her life, Angelina opens her South Philly home to a table full of hungry bachelors. She cooks for them twice a day, six days a week. By doing so, she gains not only a foodie fan club and a much-needed income, but also their loving support and allegiance, almos [...]

    21. If this had had a long haired beau and a beautiful damsel on the front it would have been more appropriate as it belongs in the Mills and Boon section where it can be ignored by those who need reality or at least a brush with it. The whole story is so ridiculous I almost choked. Angelina loses her husband who meant the world to her and grieves for a whole day. I kid you not. Then she starts cooking and the guy across the road offers to pay her to provide breakfast and dinner. By the end of the f [...]

    22. Angelina's Bachelors is a tale of overcoming grief, redefining family and bringing people together through food. This book is sweet, but doesn't have much substance. I liked the story but found it a little shallow and contrived. The book was filled with good descriptions of cooking meals and recipes to try yourself but I felt like the story in between the recipes fell a little flat. I guess it seemed that Angelina's grief over her husbands sudden death seemed easily set aside, which didn't ring [...]

    23. This was a tolerable book. The recipes were not for me,but some people will like them. They seemed too complicated,fattening and unhealthy for me.Including them in the book helped me to visualize the dishes made, the time it took to make them and the complexity of them.The story is a sweet tale of love.loss and the grieving process.I was a quick read for me. Good to carry with you on the road. you can pick it up & put it down without forgetting what has happened prior to the point you left o [...]

    24. After only 5 years, Angelina suddenly becomes a widow. Luckily, she knows how to cook & her close knit family & community rally behind her. This was one of the nicest books that I have ever read. The characters were all kind, decent people, without appearing overly, or ridiculously sweet. The food descriptions were total food porn! And although, I will probably never make any of the recipes, I found the process delightful. I highly recommend this sweet, funny & well-written book!

    25. I loved this book. It drew you in quickly and you couldn't help but love the characters. There was a romance angle but it wasn't pushed too hard and didn't take over the entire storyline. It was a very subtle hint on the brain. Food, family and moving on were the focal point here. Hard knocks and over coming them. It was such a good book. I would love to read more.

    26. a predictable story of a young widow who feeds all the bachelors in her neighborhood in South Philly to make ends meet after her husband dies unexpectedly (and she loses her job). The cathartic process helps her learn to accept love when it comes along. Ok book with lots of great recipes. surprised it was written by a guy. major chick lit.

    27. Very very nice story. The recipes that are in the book sound terrific. In truth, I am a much more every day down to earth cook. But, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and imagining the dishes! If I had someone to cook for me, I would want to try most of them. Osso Bucco. Someday!

    28. I really loved this book. It was just a nice story about nice people and AMAZING food. It wasn't anything spectacular or life changing, but it was a happy, comfortable read that I can recommend to anyone.

    29. I wholeheartedly agree with other reviewers that described this book as fluff. Somewhat charming, fairly predictable, not a bad read, but I couldn't get passed a few medical inaccuracies that would have been easy to look into and make the few details believable.

    30. Xe Sands is my favorite narrator. She brings this lovely story alive through laughs and tears. I love the detailed cooking aspects of this book.

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