A Love by Any Measure

A Love by Any Measure An Irish lass An English lord A love that overcomes all boundaries but at what cost Lord August Grayson English landlord has secretly and much to the dismay of his father held in reverence the ob

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  • Title: A Love by Any Measure
  • Author: Killian McRae
  • ISBN: 9780983979708
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Irish lass An English lord A love that overcomes all boundaries, but at what cost Lord August Grayson, English landlord, has secretly, and much to the dismay of his father, held in reverence the object of his first fancy poor Irish tenant Maeve O Connor Returning to Ireland for the first time since his youth, August discovers that Maeve has grown into a woman of beaAn Irish lass An English lord A love that overcomes all boundaries, but at what cost Lord August Grayson, English landlord, has secretly, and much to the dismay of his father, held in reverence the object of his first fancy poor Irish tenant Maeve O Connor Returning to Ireland for the first time since his youth, August discovers that Maeve has grown into a woman of beauty and tenacity He understands, however, that he could offer Maeve nothing but shame if her pursued her But when circumstances allow him an opportunity to indulge his fancy, even if only in a limited scope, August finds himself unable to resist the temptation Maeve,for her part, knows the danger falling for August holds, but finds her heart and her good senses becoming confused the longer she spends in his company As two hearts become hopelessly entangled, both Maeve and August are forced to question the costs of their love As consequences of their romance manifest, both struggle with the pain and difficulties their love causes, both for themselves and those who care for them.Killian McRae s delve into historical romance will challenge reader s presumptions of the genre A title garnering controversy due to McRae s preference towards historical truth versus genre standard love despite the realities of the day perspectives, it asks at what cost winning love is justified A Love by Any Measure is an exploration of a romance that strives to overcome divisions of cultural, socio economic, and religious differences in an era where options for lovers in such situations were limited.

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    1. FREE TODAY 8-16-13 on link: amzn/B005YN747ASpoiler Free Review AWESOME HISTORICAL ROMANCE!!!4.5 STARS out of 5Genre: Historical Romance Setting: IrelandThis book starts with an arrangement. Maeve O'Connor has lived on Middle Lake in her families cottage her whole life. Her family has been there for generations and she one day hopes to raise her children on this land. Her mother has passed away so it is now just her and Rory, her father. They are currently behind on rent. When Maeve goes to see [...]

    2. Wow. Just WOW.Theoretically speaking, anybody in possession of a pen and paper can write, but just because you put ink on a page doesn't mean you are a writer. I didn't know what to expect when I started this book, but I took a chance and all I could think after finishing was HOW IN THE H-E-DOUBLE L DID I NOT READ THIS SOONER?!?!?! I'm seriously perplexed.For whatever reason, Killian McRae has been a rather elusive author to me in the world and I am about to rectify that. This was an utterly fa [...]

    3. 4.75-5 Stars“I love you: beyond rich, beyond poor, beyond lord and peasant, Anglican and Catholic, Irish and English. Beyond any measure of time or wealth or ruin, I love you. No greater truth has ever been spoken.” ~ Lord August GraysonJesus, Mary and Joseph, I don’t even know how to begin this review. So I’ll start with the following: I absolutely LOVED it. Definitely one of the best HR stories I’ve ever read. I’m actually sad the journey is over, but what a ride this was. The love [...]

    4. Wow, this book really took me by surprise!! I've read more romance stories than I could possibly name, but only a handful have been historical romances. I generally don't gravitate towards them because the romance is so muted and tame compared to contemporary and paranormal romance books, but Killian McRae has proven me wrong with this beautiful story!! A Love by Any Measure was an emotion-driven, passionate tale of forbidden love and the lengths one would go to in order to find their way back t [...]

    5. Believe me, I'm sorry to sayI read a number of good reviews for this book and was so excited to read it. Sadly, not at all what I was hoping. It jumps right into the story, but became less engaging as I read. The pacing was odd, moving too quickly to share a moment with the characters. I wanted to be sad, angry, and in love with them but I wasn’t able to connect enough to do so. The only thing I know is that they’re in love even though all they do is lie and manipulate each other and almost [...]

    6. Quick Take:Fans of sprawling, epic romances are bound to love this book. I loved the emotional buildup of the first half, but had trouble buying into the plot developments of the second. It's not for the impatient, nor for those who prefer that their main characters be without deep flaws and baggage. But by golly, it's a fascinating story.Review:I'm kind of in awe of Killian McRae. How she comes up with her book concepts, I don't know. But she's definitely adept at taking a simple premise and ma [...]

    7. "A Love by any Measure" is my first Killian McRae" and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. So much, that I had to take it to work with me so I could read a few pages during my breaks. I always wanted to know what happens next. The characters were charming and memorable, interesting and even witty. Maeve O'Connor is a respectable young lady that works hard for those she cares about. She'll do anything to help her father and when they end up short on rent for their cottage, she does the only thing [...]

    8. 2.5 starsThis was an enjoyable read, but I had too many issues with it to rate a full 3 stars. The book feels quite uneven between the first and second halves and several contrivances irritated me. There is a Big Ol' Useless Mis Of The Worst Sort in here (my least favorite device) so it must be punished with half point loss. Otherwise, I enjoyed the tropes and several elements of the story, yet for every bit I loved, there was a pesky ridiculousness in the execution that killed my buzz. I'll be [...]

    9. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFWhat can I say about A Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae?It's a beautiful, emotional rollercoaster ride that takes readers on a journey they will never forget. It's a lovely story that transports readers back in time. It's a romance novel about a love that runs deep and true, but isn't accepted by society. It's about the obstacles that two people must overcome and the unforgivable circumstances they must forgiv [...]

    10. I wanted to like this book, I really did. The problem was that I couldn't find anything to like about the two main characters. All those ideas of love being patient and kind, those do not apply in this book. Our couple demonstrates their love through blackmail, emotional torment, jealousy, disloyalty, and sexual manipulation. We are meant to believe that pure and upstanding Maeve is only led to the dark side because of her inability to resist August, but all I could think was that pure and upsta [...]

    11. On hold at 65%I had to put this one hold. I did not like the direction it was going.(view spoiler)[The heroine has sex with the hero, then shortly has sex with the guy she is "engaged" to. With flashbacks, we find out there is a child. I am not sure if the heroine keeps the information of who the father is from the hero, but I do not like when characters do that. (hide spoiler)]I want a romance right now where there is no baby drama involved so I have to hold off on this one.Plus the narrator re [...]

    12. That got me addicted to this author's writing. Such a wonderful, gripping romance. The elegance and fire in this book is epic. You really deserve this book on your kindle. And Lord Grayson? *flop* he is so dreamy.

    13. My review of this book was deleted. The below is a review of the book with spoilers. This book is a rewritten Twilight fanfiction called Twice As Long As Yesterday. Edward Cullen August Grayson is the Lord of some manor in Ireland during the 1800s, and Isabella Swan Maeve O'Connor is a tenant on the property, with her aging father. When she can't pay the rent, the Lord offers her another way of payment by giving him unfettered access to her for a specific amount of time, that doubles with each c [...]

    14. In general, I don't like historical romance, but I'm damn glad I checked out this one. So many things can pierce through the heart of love and destroy it. Jealously--especially in stories like this one--is the most painful weapon, and it seldom misses its target. I felt this wound lance open when August brought Maeve to England. The depth of the blow was agonizing as it became clear the kind of role Maeve would have to play to stay with August. Betrayal, uncertainty, humiliation, and the damned [...]

    15. I kept hearing what a good book A Love by Any Measure was. I took the chance and when I started reading I was hooked. I must admit that as I read through the table of contents I didn't understand why the timeframe jumped around. But I decided to jump into it and was very glad I did.August appears to be a heartless Englishman who had no use for the Irish except to work his lands or tend to his home, even though he had the Irish of his mother in him. This attitude he had learned from his father wh [...]

    16. Killian has become one of my favorite authors and with ALBAM she did not disappoint. I love the detail she puts into her characters bringing them to life on paper. I believe that if you can picture a story playing as a movie in your head as you read it then the author has done their job. Killian creates worlds that are easy to escape to and ALBAM brings you into 1860's Ireland and as a woman you become the main character Maeve as she endeavors to save her family home by any measure necessary eve [...]

    17. I can tell when I have emotionally connected to a book when my bones ache while reading it. This book blossoms into a beautifully written and well thought out story, a definite must read for any fan of true love.

    18. This is a wonderfully written historical romance. It has been a long time since I have picked up a book in this genre even though it used to be my favorite. It took a little bit for me to get into it, but once you understand the idea of the story, it flies by. It takes place at first in a small Irish town that has the fortunate (or unfortunate depending on whose side you are on) home of an English Noble nearby. The main male character, August, is the son of this noble and he becomes friends with [...]

    19. Maeve is a mere young woman living in the house she's ever known on the land of the Grayson's. August Grayson her childhood friend has come back into her life, and with it, his commanding arrogance air. He makes a deal with her in exchange of her time he will let them stay on his land. In doing so, Maeve and August fall in love. But falling in love has their consequences. Especially if you're a poor Irish woman in love with an English Lord. When Killian messaged me to write a review or her no [...]

    20. Lord August Grayson is back in his family’s Ireland home seeing to business. He hasn’t been back since his mother’s passing when he was young. And ever since then, he has never forgotten his childhood friend, Maeve, who he hurt when he left. But August is not the same caring boy from years before, yet he still yearns for Maeve.Maeve and her father are in dire straits with a fear of losing their family’s cottage. Maeve goes to talk to the Lord’s middleman, to ask for an extension on the [...]

    21. To start I have to say that this was the first Historical Romance book for me. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book having not read this type of book before. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed and intrigued with the book from beginning to end. I did have some trouble with the phrasing of the words at times but that is just because of the era represented. I thought Lord August Grayson and Maeve O'Connor were wonderful characters. I however didn't like August much in the beginning he [...]

    22. Oh My Word!! This book was amazing! I love a book that can make you feel joy, heartache, sorrow and finding the meaning of love and all of its' sacrifices!Next this is definitely an adult book. At first, I wasn't sure about continuing to read it or not because of the graphic sex. Not something I would recommend to many of my friends because of it. I love the time period in the late 1800's in Ireland. Maeve has little to nothing except her home with her father on an Englishman's land. That englis [...]

    23. Maeve, a poor Irish girl and August, a rich English lord were best friends until an event in their lives tore apart their friendship by emphasizing the prejudice that existed in that era at that time. As adults they find each other again, only to find out that the society difference that brought them apart is still there and even greater. August knows he is in love with her but also knows that the relationship is impossible. Using his position and power they make an arrangement that is suppose t [...]

    24. A Love By Any Measure captured me from the start, Maeve was a loveable but naïve character and you could tell from the start even though she said she hated Lord August Grayson that there was love buried somewhere deep inside for him even though he had hurt her years before. The way the story unfolded kept me wanting to read more.There were parts of the book that changed from before and after events which did throw me a bit to start with but this was all wrapped into the story and I soon became [...]

    25. As Killian is a critique partner of mine, I had the extreme pleasure of reading this novel before its publication date. Once again, I'm blown away by Killian's talent with words and her ability to weave an epic, heart-warming yet at times, angsty tale.August is a complex character. Bound by centuries of breeding and expectation, yet completely in love with a woman he knows he can't have, his actions throughout were completely realistic and true to that of a torn man. I loved him.Maeve is equally [...]

    26. A Love by any Measure is a beautiful and touching story that weaves a complex yet easy to read tale. It is obvious that care was taken with every word in every chapter--no wasted words or scenes in this book.There was just enough detail of 19th century Ireland to make the landscape come alive in my head without feeling like I was receiving a history lesson. The angst throughout the story kept me on the edge of my seat, constantly wanting to read in any spare moment I had. Fortunately it was bala [...]

    27. August and Maeve are smoulderingly passionately in denial for a good half of the book. The creative proposition of Lord Grayson to barter rent owed for private time had me captivated from the start. Exponential time spent intimately can only lead to the inevitable, right? Irish and English hate each other right? It isn't even a question of will they be discovered but how long before they get caughtI was reading with one hand over my eyes.I loved the chapters of their teenaged years, I cried when [...]

    28. I read this book practically in one sitting. I never thought I'd enjoy a historical romance but this just hit the spotd boy was this book steamy! The tension between the characters at the beginning was possibly hotter than the actual 'deed' itself. I'm not really a big fan of - you know, "adult themes" but I have no qualms admitting that this one was - wowza!The author did a wonderful job with the dialogues and setting of this novel. But I have to admit that I had problems with the time jumping. [...]

    29. I came across this on pulled 2 publish and, and fanfic- schmanfic, I am loving it. The attraction is magnetic, the writing is superb without going above my head( giving the time period it talk of), it vaguely reminds me of Tess of d' ubervilles, but thank god t gets better. The journey that Maeve goes through is very self sacrificing, full of right and wrong turns, but she is determined and surefooted all the way. The childhood love and friendship she shares with august drips of intensity and ma [...]

    30. A sweet and fantastic romance that'll have you wishing you had a clock and a man like August keeping time while he ravishes your body every night. Rawr! The plot was unexpected, the story well-written, and the historical aspects delightful. I most especially enjoyed the ending. I swear I nearly toppled over my chair in laughter when I realized where Killian McRae was going with the story. Truly, it was fabulous.Two words: Boston. Fire.This is a MUST READ for lovers of romance. Especially the his [...]

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