Truman's Aunt Farm

Truman s Aunt Farm When Truman sends away for an ant farm and aunts begin arriving at his doorstep instead he takes the situation in hand by creating a farm that trains aunts

  • Title: Truman's Aunt Farm
  • Author: Jama Kim Rattigan G. Brian Karas
  • ISBN: 9780395656617
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Truman sends away for an ant farm and aunts begin arriving at his doorstep instead, he takes the situation in hand by creating a farm that trains aunts.

    One thought on “Truman's Aunt Farm”

    1. I came across Truman's Aunt Farm by fellow blogger and gourmet Jama Kim Rattigan with great AUNTicipation, being a glutton for PUNishment, and sure enough I found this a delightful tale of a boy blessed with an abundance of aunts in his AUNT, not ANT farm. The AUNTics are complimented by the dAUNTing illustrations of G. BriAUNT Karas, one of my favorite artists. All is resolved by the AUNTsy AUNTagonist without resorting to an AUNTeater, AUNTagonizing the AUNTS, or moving to AUNTartica.

    2. I know some kids who would go nuts for this book. Excellently written in kid friendly language and funny in ways that kids of varying ages will understand. Clearly, it could be used to talk about homophones, but it could really be used in many different ways. There could be a creative writing prompt about two homophones that the students often mix up, you could talk about division by writing word problems about finding out how many aunts each kid could have if all two hundred were divided evenly [...]

    3. Truman's clever aunt Fran sends him an Aunt Farm instead of an ant farm. Truman makes the most of this and trains his aunts to be the best they possible can. When their number grows too large, he offers them to other boys and girls who will provide good homes for them. Charming!Illustrations are fun.

    4. A quirky play on words when Truman awaits his special ant farm present from his favorite aunt. What he gets is not at all what he ask for, but then again some of the best gifts aren't. Great read aloud for grades K-2nd.

    5. Fabulous book about a boy who gets an AUNT farm for his birthday. He takes care of them at his house. Cute story - very original.

    6. I tried reading this to my boys, but since I've always taught them to say "aunt" and not "ant", they didn't think the book was funny. It was disappointing to them.

    7. Truman thinks he is getting an "ant" farm for a present from his Aunt Fran. Then the "aunts" start arriving. Funny and cute.

    8. This book is so much fun.Truman is such a good sport. His Aunt Fran is really eccentric but he takes it in stride.Just one question though Where are Truman's parents?!

    9. Punny I mean funny! hee, hee. Hey, I like this one. It's silly and fun and told in a dry-serious tone that really tickles kids' funny bones.

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