Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves Born and raised in the squalid depths of the Free City of Ness Malden became a thief by necessity Now he must pay a fortune to join the criminal operation of Cutbill lord of the underworld and one d

  • Title: Den of Thieves
  • Author: David Chandler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Born and raised in the squalid depths of the Free City of Ness, Malden became a thief by necessity Now he must pay a fortune to join the criminal operation of Cutbill, lord of the underworld and one does not refuse the master and live.The coronet of the Burgrave would fulfill Malden s obligations, though it is guarded by hungry demons that would tear the soul from aBorn and raised in the squalid depths of the Free City of Ness, Malden became a thief by necessity Now he must pay a fortune to join the criminal operation of Cutbill, lord of the underworld and one does not refuse the master and live.The coronet of the Burgrave would fulfill Malden s obligations, though it is guarded by hungry demons that would tear the soul from any interloper But the desperate endeavor leads to a terrible destiny, as Malden, an outlaw knight, and an ensorcelled lady must face the most terrifying evil in the land.

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    1. David Chandler offered me the chance to read the first novel in his upcoming fantasy trilogy, “The Ancient Blades.” Den of Thieves is Mr. Chandler’s first fantasy novel, but not his first professionally published novel, having written horror novels previously.Den of Thieves is an interesting book. Firstly, it is the most medieval fantasy novel I have ever read. By this I mean that Mr. Chandler has done his homework and his Free City of Ness looks and feels like a medieval city, and not a R [...]

    2. I have a soft spot in my heart for the venerable 'thieves in fantasy capers' sub-genre of fantasy. A sort of sub-set of the 'low fantasy' genre that has taken its ups and down in the field, from Fafryd and Grey Mouser, to the wonderful Gentlemen Bastards series.Thus it was that I found Den of Thieves a welcome entry to the genre, if not a spectacular one. In essence, it's a very classic sort of book, the sort of thing I love in the late 80's and early 90's. The story of the thieves of a city, on [...]

    3. I couldn't really get into this book. Primarily because internal monologue and emotional life of most characters were missing. I don't like books in which things are reduced to external action and conversations, and this book was one of those.I want characters in a book to have some emotional depth and complexity. The characters in this book were so bland and cliched, it felt like the book was written decades ago. Some of the characters were more like cartoons than people.The female protagonist [...]

    4. Reading this book was more like playing RPG, than actually reading a book! That's not a really bad thing! It's justfunny!That's an interesting plot, full of demons, magical artifacts, a typical knight full of sense of justice and blindness for the right thing (at least for what he believes it is!), really powerful and bad wizard and lots of adventure! Everything happens to fast. Maybe that's the big reason I thought the book looks much more like a game than a book. But it's a nice reading! It fl [...]

    5. Honestly the book is 2.5 stars overall. There are some interesting aspects but the book itself is not very memorable. I usually reread a book that I own at least 2 - 3 times but I haven't even touched it since I finished it. Still, it is an okay light read if you have a couple of hours to kill.

    6. staffersmusings/2Rewrote this after re-reading it a few weeks later. It's such a pain to write negative reviews that I realized how chopped up I made it. Hopefully it reads better now.

    7. I needed something different after all the books with characters who suddenly find themselves all powerful and set out to save the world. This book is about Malden, a young thief without magic, who uses his wits to take on demons, warriors and the most powerful sorcerer in the city. He is not looking to save the world, just to save himself against horrific odds. He's not handsome or particularly strong, no one mentors him, threats come from every side while he relies on agility and brains to win [...]

    8. Bland - characters with no character. Won't be reading further books in this series. I liked the historical perspective though - that is what kept me reading.

    9. En serio, tengo una debilidad patológica por las historias de ladrones. Cuando un libro de fantasía está protagonizado por un ladrón… es que se me encienden las neuronas como si estallara una tormenta solar.Y aquí hay ladrón para rato.En la Ciudad Libre de Ness, reina la injusticia, brilla la desigualdad. A salvo tras un contrato legal perdido en el tiempo, la ciudad posee lo que nadie más allá de sus puertas: la libertad. Sin embargo, la vida es muy dura en sus barrios más pobres. Do [...]

    10. Finally! A good read to offset all the terrible books I've come across lately!Malden is a thief and is given the task of stealing something very important from the Burgrave of the Free City of Ness. The job will pay him just enough to settle a debt with Cutbill, the leader of the underground thieves guild. In this world of demons and sorcerers, Malden is just an ordinary thief trying to survive another day.I actually really enjoyed this. I love the world building. We are only given insight into [...]

    11. I'm not much of a fantasy reader, although one of my favorite series began with The Dark Elf Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore, but it's not often that I have a chance to review read from the genre. Lately, I've been changing things up, reading outside my comfort zone, exploring new worlds and I can't be more pleased with the results of my little experiment. After reading Den of Thieves I have rediscovered why reading is a passion for me, why I love meeting new characters and most of all, why I choose [...]

    12. Bestseller di Davide Chandler piccola parentesi su di lui (Davide Chandler è un autore di narrativa avventurosa e i suoi libri sono stati tradotti in undici lingue e vengono letti in tutto il mondo) questo romanzo fa parte della nuova narrativa newton uscito il 15 Novembre scorso, appena lo vidi sul sito della casa editrice ne fui subito attratta per via di questa copertina che secondo mè e veramente splendina infatti colgo l'occasione per complimentarmi con il grafico che l'ha progettata, ^_^ [...]

    13. I had a hard time deciding on the star rating for this review. I finally settled on an even 3 stars. It wasn’t a bad book, to the contrary I enjoyed it a lot, but it also wasn’t an epic tale that I will remember years down the road. But I did like it. I was drawn in from the beginning and kept gravitating back to this book even while trying to finish another series.It is an easy read but one that would keep you reading. The ideas were simple but well pulled off. I liked the way Malden was ju [...]

    14. Den of Thieves by David Chandler is the first title in The Ancient Blades trilogy. It is also a thoroughly delicious tale in the old school known as sword and sorcery.As in all the best sword and sorcery stories, our hero is not exactly a hero. To be specific, Malden is a thief. He's the bastard son of a whore, and thieving was the only profession open to him that allowed him to make a living. But Malden is good at it. And, important for any sword and sorcery hero, or should I say anti-hero, Mal [...]

    15. This book was a strange experience. There were many things about the world and writing that I really liked, but many aspects that I really didn't like, and overall I'm not really sure I enjoyed it. I thought more than once about setting it aside, but didn't. I'm somewhat glad I finished it, but I have absolutely no desire to go on to the next book in the series.The good: a gleefully dirty (and realistic) world, with all the little details of how life circa (say) Elizabethan England actually work [...]

    16. There are so many things I wanted to love about Den of Thieves and there are a lot of things I like about it. For instance, the concept is quite interesting. Malden, a self-made thief, if you will, is approached for an important job after just being accepted into the Thief Guild. The job is not only a foolish one, it requires someone with a very particular skill set. But underline foolish.So why does Malden agree to do it? He’s offered a great deal of money. And he owes his guild master a grea [...]

    17. Den of Thieves appears to be a departure from David’s other work. David Chandler is a pseudonym, the author is better known as horror writer, David Wellington. According to a brief introduction at the start of the novel, he didn’t really write it with the expectation of it being published.I’m glad it was.I liked many things about this book. It was set in a large city in a fantasy world of swords and magic. The main character was a thief, another character wielded a magic weapon and had ama [...]

    18. I bought Den of Thieves one as a present for a friend, and decided just to take a loo(c)k before wrapping it; when I put the book away, I was on page 32 and though not hooked, clearly interested and 'into' the book. It is a quick read, and a very satisfying read if you know what you are in for. High fantasy it isn't, low fantasy a la Abercrombie it isn't either - even though the cover tries to imitate everyone's (including my) favourite Joe. It's what used to be called 'sword & sorcery', a s [...]

    19. This is another entry in what I tend to think of as the underworld fantasy sub-genre (eg. Brust's Taltos series or Buroker's Emperor's Edge series). As with most of this sub-genre the underlying morality tends to be grey on grey or grey on black. It was an quick paced, enjoyable romp through a quasi-standard fantasy world sitting on the brink of a technological revolution.The main character, Malden, is a young burgler and pick-pocket who at the begining of the story is provided with an offer he [...]

    20. So David Wellington is now a fantasy author. Yes, the author field says David Chandler, but he went w/ a pseudonym on this one. I can sort of guess why: his previous books were about monsters, sure, but they were (spoiler) powered by magic. From magic in a modern-day setting to magic in a swords & sorcery setting isn't that much of a stretch.The protagonist is a thief who burgles the wrong house and earns a debt to the thieves guild. An opportunity to pay off the debt comes in the form of a [...]

    21. I found the second and third books in this series in a discount bin at my local bookshop and it seemed like a waste of money not to buy them for the price they were listed at. I ordered this one online, because that was only the natural thing to do. That being said, I went into this book with no expectations whatsoever. It was an author I'd never heard of taken from a discount bin, so naturally I didn't expect much from it. I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly, this is no Scott Lynch -level thi [...]

    22. Den of Thieves is Book 1 of the Ancient Blades trilogy by David Chandler. The blurb made this sound like a debut novel, but actually it's only his first fantasy novel. Which makes a lot more sense, because it's actually really good, much more polished than I would have expected from a first effort. It's a very action-oriented style-- I got the impression that the author did a certain amount of world-building, but most of it was left off-stage in favor of a book that mixes up sword & sorcery [...]

    23. Den of thieves by David chandlerMalden is a thief in the free city of ness. Malden is soon pulled into a plot to steal the cornet of burgrave all because Malden hope to get real freedom that cutbill, lord of the underworld promised him. Malden well soon face more than he bargained for.I really liked the plot it was simple but exciting. The characters were well thought out and interesting and I really like how the story came together. There was a couple times that I felt my mind wonder away from [...]

    24. una bellissima sorpresa!Non avevo mai sentito parlare dell'autore, ne del libro giravo in libreria e vedo questa copertina intrigante e dico, mah si dai proviamo, è da tanto che non compro un azzardo (di solito pianifico) FANTASY, con la F maiuscola. Cavalieri, maghi, ladri, oggetti incantati, orchi, nani, spade magiche, demoni in questo libro c'è tutto ciò che un Fantasy può contenere. Pieno di azione e movimento, pieno di astuzia e con ottimi colpi di scena, senza mai dimenticare un pizzic [...]

    25. Lo primero que tengo que decir es que me leí este libro tras leer la reseña de Fantasy Book Critic y que no había leído nada de este autor previamente. Con lo cual una de las cosas de las que ellos se quejan, que son las expectativas que despierta el autor, no se aplican en mi caso. Sin embargo, sí que tengo que decir que hay mejores novelas de ladrones, o, en general, gente de baja estofa que se mete en líos. Otra cosa también con la que estoy completamente de acuerdo, y hasta que no he [...]

    26. Born and raised in the squalid depths of the Free City of Ness, Malden became a thief by necessity. But his skill at thieving has attracted more attention than he bargained for, and now he must pay a furtune to join the criminal operation of Cutbill, lord of the underworld – and one does not refuse the master and live to tell the tale.Stealing the coronet of the Burgrave would fulfil Malden’s obligations, though it is guarded by hungry demons that would tear the sould form any interloper. Th [...]

    27. This was the ultimate caper novel. Malden is a thief in the free city of Ness. He is hired by Bikker, an ancient blade wielder, and Cythera, a witch, to steal the Burgraves' crown. In doing so, he frees a demon, which brings down a tower in the Burgraves' castle. In escaping from the demon, Malden enters the dungeon area of the castle, and frees Kemper, a ghostly gambler. Malden is later approached by a knight, Sir Croy, who asks him to steal back the crown and help him free Cythera, who is an u [...]

    28. If I were to sum up Den of Thieves in one word, I'd probably choose “frustrating”. This was a story that I was interested in, with characters who were at least half likeable, but at the same time it somehow just didn't grip me. When I wanted to settle down and read, I'd find a distraction after a couple of pages and let that take me, where normally I'd expect for the book to take precedence. It’s like there was a hook, but no barb on the end, so my interest would get tickled but ultimately [...]

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