Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (Pocket Classics)

Writing Down the Bones Freeing the Writer Within Pocket Classics Natalie Goldberg s word of mouth hit has sold well over half a million copies Goldberg who has conducted writing workshops for both beginners and professionals all over the United States sees writin

  • Title: Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (Pocket Classics)
  • Author: Natalie Goldberg
  • ISBN: 9781570624247
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • Natalie Goldberg s word of mouth hit has sold well over half a million copies Goldberg, who has conducted writing workshops for both beginners and professionals all over the United States, sees writing as a practice that helps us comprehend the value of our lives With insight, humor, and practicality, she inspires writers and would be writers alike to take the leap intoNatalie Goldberg s word of mouth hit has sold well over half a million copies Goldberg, who has conducted writing workshops for both beginners and professionals all over the United States, sees writing as a practice that helps us comprehend the value of our lives With insight, humor, and practicality, she inspires writers and would be writers alike to take the leap into writing creatively and well.

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    1. Natalie Goldberg's droning voice sapped the life out of anything of value she had to say. And what did she have to say? Pretty much the same as other how-to-write books. Writing Down the Bones is your bog-standard cheerleader-style writing advice, but delivered in a cheerless voice: g.oy.o.uyou can do it. That sort of stuff can be inspiring when done right, but a whole book's worth will take the punch out of any pep talk. Clearly it was a mistake to listen to Goldberg narrate this one on tape. Y [...]

    2. I've owned this book for six years. My copy is the pocket-size version. Its cover is wrapped in packing tape to slow the dog-earing.The first time I read this book in college, and many times since, I carried it everywhere with me, reading it before classes, and over lunch in the dining hall. Natalie Goldberg's short, friendly chapters filled with spiritual and practical wisdom and stories made me feel as though a very warm and welcoming teacher had sat down across the table from me and struck up [...]

    3. I heard about this book a lot while doing Nanowrimo last year, and thought I'd read it. It's a little amusing, written in 1984, so pre-computer really. And some of her advice was pretty repetitive, but I did get some glimmers out of there."We walk through so many myths of each other and ourselves; we are so thankful when someone sees us for who we are and accepts us.""You're never free unless you are doing your art.""I write because to form a word with your lips and tongue or think a thing and t [...]

    4. I picked up Writing Down the Bones when I was still teaching elementary school, and used ideas from it with my grades two to four students. My emphasis on these “10-minute writes” was on unedited (until later) free-writing. The rules were a condensed version of Natalie’s: -Keep your hand moving-Don’t cross out-Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar-Don’t thinkI would set the timer, and on the word, “start”, pencils began moving, some faster than others. And of course I [...]

    5. For you poets out there, this book is for you.For those of you meant to write memoirs and light happy stories about light happy things, this book is for you.For those of you who want to write about things of no consequence that have some consequence - The Light Coming Through The Window, Your Favorite Meal, Blue - this book is for you too.For those of us who are busy thinking of short stories, who are thinking of horror, who think of sf that may deal with harder topics, that think of things that [...]

    6. Reading Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott struck me as reading two very similar books from two distinct voices. Writing Down The Bones is a personal reflection on the craft and what works for Goldberg and might work for you. It's easy to digest, coming in short chapters, and it really does make you think about what you write, how you sit down to work, whether you're really dedicated to writing. The allusions to Buddhism and Judaism and how they affect her [...]

    7. This is a great starting-point aspiring-writer's book, terrific for getting the creative juices flowing. I have used Natalie Goldberg's techniques both as a writer and as a writing teacher. But eventually, if you want to write Things That Other People Want to Read and not just Things That Are Fun to Write, you need to work on the less free-spirited, less blue-sky, and occasionally less exciting stuff: structure, pacing, whittling away extraneous words. You need to learn to *re*write, to do somet [...]

    8. It was interesting and made sense, but just not really my thing. Too much of Zen and Buddhism and it's not like I'm against it or something, but it's just not what I expected from this book, I guess. Might come back to it someday, though.

    9. This book changed my life as a writer, a teacher of writing, and as an individual!I use this book currently in my high school Creative Writing I class. I read chapters to the students; we talk about what they might mean, and how the advice given could change their writing. I wasn't sure if this approach would be successful with high school age students, but within weeks I have seen more free writing, more stream of consciousness writing, and more unedited writing than ever before! My students ar [...]

    10. I read this book again every few years. I love it. It takes me back to the fundamentals of writing & gives me pages of notes , thoughts, lines of poetry & my own inspiration and memory. A must for all writers.

    11. I went to a Writing Group in the Hague today for the first time. Seeing the half-read paperback "Writing Down the Bones" on someone's table made me curious as I had heard of it before. I simply couldn't put it down.So I negotiated with the owner of the book, the friend who introduced me to the writing group, to swap the book I was reading (something about taking back your life, another self-help book I was half-way through and wanted to finish and give away because there were too many of such bo [...]

    12. Having heard great praise for this book from several people I respect I had high hopes. Like many, I found it lacking. Golberg wrote a book not about writing but about using Zen to overcoming self doubt. I am sure this could be quite helpful to many prospective writers. Judging by the many positive reviews this is the case. And to those of you I say, “More power to ya”. I rarely wallow in self doubt of my writing ability. I fail to write not because I am afraid, but because I am lazy and eas [...]

    13. Grāmatu "Rakstīt par būtisko" lasīju pirms gandrīz diviem gadiem, BET! šogad nolēmu to pārlasīt vēlreiz, jo ļoti gribēju nokļūt uz tāda paša vai līdzīga viļņa, uz kāda biju, lasot grāmatu pirmo reizi. Un! Man tas izdevās, kas, manuprāt, pierāda šīs grāmatas milzīgo iedvesmošanas spēku.

    14. 3.5 STARSBack in September I joined the newly formed Westfield Writer's Project facebook/groups/11641 and one of our writing assignments was to read a book on the craft of writing and and share our thoughts at our next meeting. I chose Writing Down The Bones!Perhaps it was the curious title that included the words “bones” and “writing” that attracted me to this book. Or maybe because it came up so many times during my messaging conversations with the WWP moderator over several months tha [...]

    15. I put it under inspirational, since it does have a lot of that, but this is also the best writing book I have read. I got it on the recommendation of a colleague of mine when I was still teaching high school English. It has inspired me to be a better writer myself. And it is just a good book to read when you need something that is easy and relaxing. Goldberg is very encouraging, inspiring, and gentle with a bit of an erotic element. I am finally adding it now as I am rereading it yet again. True [...]

    16. This book is what got me writing. Absolutely stunning in its simplicity, but also much more deep than one would think upon first glance. Natalie Goldberg is a brilliant teacher who compares writing to many other crafts that necessitate discipline and daily practice, including meditation, friendships/relationships, athletics, and just about everything else. A (very!) paraphrased/off the TOP of my head quote: [You may have $2 in the bank account, your children are screaming, your loved one is begg [...]

    17. Yesterday, I finished "Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within," by Natalie Goldberg. I started reading this book years ago. I began this book, when I was attending the University of Mississippi Writing Project Summer Institute. This Summer Institute was designed to teach teachers how to write and teach writing. At that time, I was only a special education teacher with a Master's degree in English, yearning and longing to teach English. Who would have thought that years later I would f [...]

    18. Every page developed more insight, awareness, and advice as I continued to read throughout the text. Goldberg incorporates writing and Zen as an intertwined approach to both subjects and its methods. Being a lover for the practice of mediation, I fell in love with Goldberg's idea of picturing writing as a form of meditation within itself. The connections she made between the two are inseparable. All of the information given within the book is not 'common sense' but rather a new awakening. Now, I [...]

    19. كتاب مهم ليس لمن يرغب في الكتابة فقطبل لمن يريد أن يقرأ الأدب ويتذوق فنه

    20. At a time when I was ready to quit writing (yet again), I readWriting Down the Bonesand felt revived and excited about writing, something I haven't felt in awhile. Even beyond the helpful advice is the author's energy, the ability to stir up in the reader an excitement for writing because she is excited about it, and it clearly shows. Her words gleam and sing with personality; her writing style is sensitive and down to earth.While the book heavily emphasizes writing freely in a notebook, I found [...]

    21. For me, this book was more about philosophy and spirituality than writing. Natalie Goldberg even admitted she was a hippie, but there is no proof in here that she is an author. I felt that these short essays left something to be desired, and the way she writes about writing itself seems like it could apply to any other activity, such as painting or music. You know, "Write with your soul. Put your whole mind into it." She never discusses anything past jotting something down, so the lack of discus [...]

    22. I tried to read this book many, many years ago and quit because I didn't get much out of it. There were occasional insights, but not nearly enough meat to keep me going. It is still on all the "must read" lists for writers, so I thought I'd give it another chance. After all, I was a teenager the last time I tried and I didn't have a lot of patience for things I didn't understand.I should have trusted my teen self. I was able to hit upon a few nuggets of wisdom, but for the most part, I was readi [...]

    23. I don't share the writer's worldview in most ways, so that made some of her underlying ideas difficult to follow and/or agree with, but the overall message of the book was beautiful and inspiring and encouraging.

    24. It's time for a reread of this classic.So beautiful, confident, Zen, simple, inspiring, frank, courageous, and simple. Just sit down, put pen to paper, and write your guts out. I'll come back to this book time and again, open a page, read, be inspired.

    25. Writing Down The Bones keeps coming up in writing circles, so when I tripped over a copy at the library, I had to know. Primary audience for this book is new or soon-to-be authors. Natalie is a cheerleader, coaxing the timid, the shy, the thin-skinned out of hiding. To a fault, I have little patience for this stuff. Be the frost on the windowpane? Write about life, it's right in front of you? Ugh. Obviously, this book isn't meant for me. For those seeking writing motivation, coaxing, and coddlin [...]

    26. Natalie Goldberg es una escritora estadounidense de escritura creativa. En 1986 publicó Writing down the bones (en español «el gozo de escribir»). El libro está dividido en 64 capítulos —cortos— que tratan sobre el oficio de escribir. No he leído muchos libros sobre la escritura, sinceramente. Leí uno de Virginia Woolf, y algún otro que apenas recuerdo. No obstante, este libro, para mí gusto, es insuperable. Esto, en gran medida, se debe a que me he sentido muy identificada con la [...]

    27. Writing Down the Bones is kind of a self-help book for writers. It takes the form of many sections, usually two or three pages long around a specific topic. Examples being: "Talk is the exercise ground", "a sensation of space", and "don't marry the fly". If they don't make much sense to you, well, they don't make much sense to me either and I've read them. They're mostly attempts to inspire the reader into just giving it a go in various ways, although the number of actual exercises is quite low. [...]

    28. This is actually the second time I've read "Writing Down the Bones." I wrote a rather scathing review of it the first time around . . . and yet, why did I return?I was asked to teach a writing class for seniors, and immediately this book came to mind as a potential textbook. Despite the fact that I hadn't liked it much, something about it stuck with me. So I read it again, and decided that yes, I am going to use this as my textbook for the class. But why?What stuck with me from this book was a g [...]

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