The Ape Who Guards the Balance

The Ape Who Guards the Balance The prospects for the archaeological season in Egypt seem fairly dull to Amelia Peabody Despite her adored husband s brilliant reputation in his field his dashing yet less than diplomatic behavi

  • Title: The Ape Who Guards the Balance
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780380976577
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The prospects for the 1907 archaeological season in Egypt seem fairly dull to Amelia Peabody Despite her adored husband s brilliant reputation in his field, his dashing yet less than diplomatic behavior has Professor Radcliffe Emerson ignominiously demoted to examining only the most boring tombs in the Valley of the Kings mere leftovers, really All the Peabody EmersonThe prospects for the 1907 archaeological season in Egypt seem fairly dull to Amelia Peabody Despite her adored husband s brilliant reputation in his field, his dashing yet less than diplomatic behavior has Professor Radcliffe Emerson ignominiously demoted to examining only the most boring tombs in the Valley of the Kings mere leftovers, really All the Peabody Emersons profess stiff upper lips and intend to make the best of a bad situation, but this year the legendary land of the pharaohs will yield than priceless artifacts for the Emerson expedition For the desert guards even deeper mysteries that are wrapped in greed and sealed by murder.In a seedy section of Cairo, the youngest members of the expedition purchase a mint condition papyrus of the famed Book of the Dead, the collection of magical spells and prayers designed to ward off the perils of the underworld and lead the deceased into everlasting life But for as long as there have been graves, there have also been grave robbers as well as those who believe tomb violators risk the wrath of gods like Thoth, the little baboon who protects the scales used to weigh such precious commodities as hearts and souls.Besides facing the ire of ancient deities, their adventure into antiquity also puts Amelia and company in the sights of Sethos, the charismatically compelling but elusive Master Criminal whose bold villainies have defied the authorities in sever countries In truth, Amelia needn t have worried this season is about to turn from dull to deadly Soon, she will need all her remarkable skills of detection and deduction to untangle a web woven of criminals and cults, stolen treasures and fallen women all the while under the unblinking eye of a ruthless, remorseless killer.

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    1. London 1906: Amelia Peabody Emerson has become involved in the Women's Social and Political Union. She is looking forward to chaining herself to the fence of 10 Downing Street and being arrested for protesting for the right to vote. Something strange happens and she discovers that an MP notorious for being anti-woman suffrage has invited a friend to come to his home to present a petition. Therefore, Amelia is not entirely surprised when the police report the MP and his staff were tied up and imp [...]

    2. Very entertaining. I'm enjoying the later books in this series even more than the earlier ones. I am entirely amused by the teen-aged Ramses, now sometimes addressed as "Mr. Emerson" and sometimes dressed in the height of fashion for an Edwardian English gentleman. But mostly he is in Egypt with his parents and his adopted sister and cousin, excavating ancient Egyptian tombs and investigating murders.Amelia Peabody is still deservedly the star of the story, but I think the scenes that are writte [...]

    3. I bought this at a recent book fair as it was one I had not read. I really enjoyed this series years ago. I liked that this author was grounded in everything Egypt with a firm foundation at Univ of Chicago; I liked the family dynamics and witty dialogue; I liked Amelia's ever-present tool belt, her intelligence and determination mixed with dedication; I enjoyed the archaeological info and adventures as well as the many imprisonments/kidnappings of this crazy pair of Emerson and his wife. This on [...]

    4. It is odd to be reading this one amid the later Amelia Peabodys (Peabodies?) but gosh is this one good! The cast is perfect, the mystery is sharp, and outside of The Falcon at the Portal there's not another Peters book with as believable strong emotion.I'm feeling the need to read them all again, maybe in chronological-to-the-Emersons order, or maybe in published order so I can be startled at how a genre author developed her styleor just at random as I have been since I really ought to know the [...]

    5. If you've never read Elizabeth Peters, you should begin with the first in this series (Crocodile in the Sandbank) and work your way up as this is one of the later novels. Amelia Peabody Emerson is a fantastically stereotypical Victorian heroine- snappy, sharp, and utterly convinced of her own take of the world. Set in turn of the 19th/20th Century Egypt against the backdrop of the heyday of the great ancient Egyptian discoveries by the likes of Carter and his cohorts, these books are fast paced, [...]

    6. What a dramatic book! My, my. Even if you don't get the chance to read every single Amelia Peabody book, you should definitely READ THIS ONE. For some of the characters, it's a bit life-changing"Why can't you and Emerson have a single season of excavation without becoming involved with desperate criminals?"Good question, Evelyn. Excellent question. But one that we readers don't wish actually answered.Amelia Peabody is a female Sherlock Holmes. This lady is so good at detect clues, it's crazy. On [...]

    7. Another excellent visit with the Emerson-Peabody family! I adore these characters, and the adventures they always get immersed in!In this outing, the family, now including not only Ramses, but Nefret and David, are back in Egypt for the new season. While they expect a dull season, since Emerson's offending everyone "official" in the excavation game has led to his being given the most boring tombs in the Valley to excavate, as usual with the Emersons, dull is not to be.Not only do Ramses, Nefret [...]

    8. This is the tenth book in the Amelia Peabody historical mystery series. The entire family, including Amelia, her husband Professor Emerson, their son Ramses, and adopted daughter Nefret, are preparing to return to Egypt. They have had some bad luck trying to secure a choice excavation site in the Valley of the Kings, primarily due to Emerson's combative nature. Nevertheless, Amelia is determined to be back in her beloved Egypt. Once they arrive, the three youngest members of the team, Ramses, Ne [...]

    9. Another in this wonderful series of mysteries mainly in Egypt. This mystery saw the return of some old adversaries and also drew on a real life event in Egyptology during this season. As with the last book the younger members of the family come to the fore with insertions into Amelia's narrative from Nefret's letters and Ramses' writings about various events.As with others in the series this was my audiobook-in-the-car for about six weeks and I then read the corresponding pages on my Kindle at t [...]

    10. This series is so silly and so completely ridiculous, and I love everything about it. Amelia is such an oblivious and endearing character so much of the time, and it's so great to see all the different ways in which she can claim she 100% knew exactly what was happening the whole time. This one is great because: a) it features the return of Sethos, and he cracks me up. b) I love Manuscript H. Like, a lot. It's hands down my favourite thing about the series. c) (view spoiler)[David and Lia! Super [...]

    11. Just finished an audio re-read of this. As part of the "dark" internal series, I have avoided re-reading this for years. I am so glad I finally read it again. First, the audio version is fantastic, but more importantly, the story is just wonderful. Yes, there are definitely sad -- very sad -- moments. But there is so much growth in all the characters. I love how Ramses, Nefret, and David are coming into their own.Okay, it's a mystery, and there are numerous mysteries, and they're rather more com [...]

    12. I love the self-confident, sometimes self-righteous, always amusing Amelia and her family. I especially love the growth of the "children" as they are called by Amelia and Emerson, although their son and two wards are now adults. Ramses, David, and Nefret are awesome characters and the inclusion of their letters and Ramses' private diary along with Amelia's journal as source material is just delicious, as events are described differently and we get alternate perspectives. These are fun mysteries [...]

    13. Kind of loved this one was nice to have the voices of the next generation share the narrative as well as Amelia.

    14. The tenth in the Egyptian archaeology crime series, based this time in the Valley of the Kings. As usual, the plot is less important than the narrative by Amelia, the matriarch of the Emerson/Peabody family, and by her son Ramses. Developments in the relationships of the younger members, Ramses, Nefret, David, and Lia are of interest, as are the dangerous activities of the Master Criminal, Sethos, and possibly one or two others Papyri are fought over, tombs discovered, and it is the end for a ma [...]

    15. I'm in the process of re-reading the entire Amelia Peabody series again, from start to finish in one go. They are still some of my favorite books. They must be read with tongue firmly inserted in cheek. It also helps to have an interest in and some knowledge of Colonial-era exploration narratives, fiction like that of H. Rider Haggard, Orientalist studies, the competitive acquisitive zeal of western museums at the turn of the century, and the "gentlemen archaeologists" of the 19th century who br [...]

    16. It probably matters that I'm listening to this series, not reading it, but I'm finding this one a bit confusing and kind of slow. It's not that there isn't plenty going on, but I'm finding I don't really care about it much. Am I burning out and need a break from this series, or is the plot less than compelling? I can't tell. One of the strengths of this series is all of the fun characters. However, trying to write a book about 6 or more interesting characters is tricky, because I want to know wh [...]

    17. The character development in this 10th book of the Amelia Peabody series was great fun - I've skipped a couple, and it was lovely to see Ramses & Nefret as adults (and David, whom I'd never met as a child). There's a nice love story, a realistically tense family reaction, arguments between Amelia and her growingly independent children I enjoyed these aspects of the story. I also liked the excerpts from "Manuscript H", being Ramses' diary, so that we get to see events not solely from Amelia's [...]

    18. " the characters, they're so colorful, who cares about the plot! " - Barbara Rosenblat. Book ten audio includes a delightful interview with both the author Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Rosenblat the narrator. I couldn't agree more with that quote from Barbara! I too am completely addicted to this series! And Barbara's narration is beyond outstanding. I did read another review that praised her male voices. How she can portray a masculine Emerson so well! And now Ramses! Ah, Beautiful Ramses! I co [...]

    19. Paused halfway thru to read Heartless. You should go read Heartless too. More to follow.Okay, now I'm finished. This was a pretty good book. I don't want to go all spoiler-y on you, but there were some surprisingly sad parts to this one. As usual, there were also some funny parts, some educational parts, some dramatic parts, and some parts with characters from previous novels that I had frankly forgotten.In my opinion, some of these characters were best left forgotten. On the other hand, we tied [...]

    20. I don't really like the direction this series is headed. It would be nice if the author would focus on mysteries that don't center around Sethos. As interesting as he is, I like a mystery that I can actually guess who the suspect. I haven't really loved a lot of the Amelia Peabody books since Nefret arrived on the scene. I actually think she's kind of irritating and the books are focusing too heavily on her, Ramses (whose relationship with her I find a bit odd) and David. Also, the death of Abdu [...]

    21. Ramses finds himself in a dire situation; Captured and restrained, beaten and bloody, waiting and wondering if a way of escape will present itself when someone arrives ominously at the door. "His aches and pains were forgotten in anticipation of what was to come next. The figure that stood in the doorway was not that of an enemy; worse. It was that of his mother."At one point in the story an acquaintance wonders why the Emersons fall into the same kinds of trouble year after year. Peabody respon [...]

    22. 5 stars, and one of my favorites despite the tear-jerking because it involves my favorite Master Criminal quite a good deal. This book is interesting because Amelia's ingrained prejudices are really challenged, and also the way she views the "children", who are not children any more. Amelia is such a REAL character, she's a study in contradiction, as all true persons are. Peters captures the folly of humanity so perfectly, and yet somehow we walk away loving all the characters even more.

    23. I am really into Amelia Peabody. Who would have thought-not me? I really like this story. Ms. Peters actually moves her characters along. She lets them get older as the years pastt to 'spoil' the story. I am also amazed that the Egyptology does not get in the way of the mystery and the characters This is the tenth one in the series and there are more to comelooking forward to reading them!

    24. This particular Emerson and peabody goes back in time to adventures that took place before the young people were married. Sethos is still there.

    25. This is silliness and light reading, just as all the books in this series are. It delivers what you expect. The only thing is that this one seemed a bit long to me. Still, lots of unserious fun.

    26. I have read a number of the Amelia Peabody books but generally out of order and based on what was available at the library. While each book does stand on its own, I always wondered about the death of Abdullah and Bertha and how David and Lia fell in love. Now I know!The story starts in London with suffragette issues, a bold burglary, and almost abduction of Amelia. To get away from the threatening happenings in London, the Emersons head to Egypt. One of the things I liked about the Egyptology in [...]

    27. Another story in the Amelia Peabody series, and this one is told both from the perspective of Amelia, but her son Ramses as well. The story begins as Amelia is attending a suffragette rally in London in 1907, but things go all wrong when someone uses the rally as a diversion to rob a wealthy man's home. During the rally, Amelia recognizes someone - none other than the Master Criminal. This event sets forth a series of other events and attempts on the lives of the Emerson family, and all those th [...]

    28. I really enjoy this series a lot, but after listening to the audio version of this particular book I found myself totally confused. I couldn't enjoy this story as much as I had others in the past. Recently I went and glanced through some other reviews and have found that others have had the same problem with the audio version of this book. We like the series, but this one didn't strike us. Like some other readers/listeners, I found the story a little sluggish or hard to follow in places and kept [...]

    29. While her feminist spirit is as strong as ever - she even attends a suffragette rally in London - Amelia faces something of a crisis in her beliefs about racial equality. This just adds to the drama of this 10th adventure for the Emerson clan. And, of course, the children aren't really children anymore, although this is hard for Amelia and Emerson to accept. In addition to Amelia's narration and Ramses' reports, we are treated to Neferet's personal letters. This allows us to be in on more of the [...]

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