King Oberon's Forest

King Oberon s Forest King Oberon s Forest is the only fairy tale written by Hilda van Stockum It is the story of three brother dwarfs renowned for their bad temper and unfriendliness whose lives become completely change

  • Title: King Oberon's Forest
  • Author: Hilda van Stockum Brigid Marlin
  • ISBN: 9780670413089
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • King Oberon s Forest is the only fairy tale written by Hilda van Stockum It is the story of three brother dwarfs, renowned for their bad temper and unfriendliness, whose lives become completely changed after finding and taking in a foundling child The book has a magical quality and reveals a different side of van Stockum.

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    1. Amanda (age 9) read 2 pages of King Oberon's Forest to me almost every night. I helped her with pronunciation and explained new words to her. The story is entertaining for children and adults. Amanda enjoyed the illustrations and made a rule that I wasn't allowed to peek until after she read that page. It's a classic fairy tale about woodland creatures that think and behave like people. There is also an orphaned fairy and three grumpy dwarfs.Amanda and I giggled often. She understood the dry hum [...]

    2. I was looking for a Hilda VanStockum book to read and ran across this fun fairytale. This would be good to read around Halloween. 3-1/2 star, rounded upMy favorite part dovetailed with my current read, “How to Read a Book”Before Brother Ubald was properly back in his studies Felix asked, “Why is Mr. Bookworm so dull?”“Is he dull, my dear?”“Yes, he went right through your fattest book, and when he came out all he could talk about was a tummy ache. Isn’t that dull?”Brother Ubald [...]

    3. The child Felix is raised by the dwarves and other denizens of King Oberon's Forest, and after his departure it is clear that Felix was a powerful influence on the forest-dweller's, able to compel them to work together through their mutual affection for him. When Felix eventually returns, he must leave again, but they know he will always come back to them to visit.It is a short, simple children's tale and not one of Van Stockum's stronger pieces, but enjoyable enough. It is rather difficult to t [...]

    4. I found this book at a library sale. I want to alter it, but I need to read it first so I can decide how best to pay tribute to the story through the art alteration.The story was rather weak. I think adapting the highlights of the book into a work of art will be a nice tribute.

    5. This is the only fantasy book written by Hilda van Stockum. It is about animals in the forest, good and bad. Amusing characters.

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