Momotaro: Peach Boy

Momotaro Peach Boy Momotaro the brave samurai born from a peach journeys to Ogre Island to battle the evil oni in this classic Japanese folktale With the help of a giant dog a clever monkey and a courageous pheasant

  • Title: Momotaro: Peach Boy
  • Author: George Suyeoka
  • ISBN: 9780896100091
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Momotaro, the brave samurai born from a peach, journeys to Ogre Island to battle the evil oni in this classic Japanese folktale With the help of a giant dog, a clever monkey, and a courageous pheasant, the young warrior fights to rescue his family and village from plunder But will his strength and loyalty overcome the ogres evil powers.

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    1. Title: MomotaroIllustrator: George SuyeokaGenre: Non-European FolktaleTheme(s): Samurai, good and bad, evil never triumphs, adventure, heroismOpening line/sentence: “ ‘Kane-ga-naru!’ exclaimed Ojii-san, still looking strong at forty.”Brief Book Summary: A story of a couple who desperately want a child and then a son is born to them out of a peach that floated to the wife along the river. He is named Momotaro and is a samurai that defeats the Oni along with a dog, pheasant, and monkey. Pr [...]

    2. My grandparents sent me this book from Hawaii in the 70s as part of the Island Heritage series of books. For me, at that time, it was 4 stars, but I was older. It's a Japanese tale of a boy "born" from a large peach that an older couple find in a river. He grows up strong and brave and eventually saves his village from evil ogres, with the help of his companions: a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. Beautiful illustrations and a great pictorial dictionary at the back detailing samurai dress, travel [...]

    3. Very traditional children's story in Japan. Momotaro serves as a heroic figure, and is good for Japanese-American children (and others who are of Japanese ancestry but speak English) because it is a positive role model and depicts Japanese males in a favorable light.Good for the primary classroom. Good multicultural education for students who are not of Japanese origin, since this is a cornerstone text for young students in Japan. And if you have a Japanese (or partly Japanese) child in your hom [...]

    4. My favorite of the three Island Heritage books my grandparents sent me from Hawaii in the 1970s. The art in this one is so gorgeous and I loved that Momotaro's companions where animals. It's been fun to read these books to my own son. The other books I have are Kama Pua'a and Pua Pua Lena Lena, both by Guy and Pam Buffet. Those had great stories too, but I didn't like the illustrations so well.

    5. 1.George suyeoka2.80 minutes3.old woman, old man, peach, baby boy, devil, dog, monkey4.Do you want to go to devil island to conquer devils? Why?No. Because they are dangerous.5.Once upon a time, an old man and an old woman lived in a small village.One day, the old woman went to the river to wash clothes

    6. This was one book of a set of Hawaiian Children's literature set we were fortunate to have my parent's buy us when I was young. Momotaro was definitely one of my most favorites of the entire set. The art work was amazing and the story captured my imagination then and seems to stuck with me decades later. And in my book, Momotaro is *the* original "peach boy"t some guy named James.

    7. 1. Oxford, bookworms, level 22. 95 minutes3. dog, peach, fight, monkey, bird, grand-mother & father, dango4. What is your favorite animal? Why?My favorite animal is monkeys. I think they are really smart and fun to watch.5. I've lived in Japan for 8 years and I just read this very famous story. Now I understand why it's so important for Japanese. It shows their spirit very well!

    8. I can't say why I didn't like this story, maybe it is because the translation was really bad, or maybe because of the lack of pictures, or both. Momotaro is kinda cute (I googled him), but if he is a Peach Boy I think a Peach Boy should spread the love and happiness, not wars and things like that.Favorite Character: The Old Lady (Momotaro's Mother)

    9. I think if you had family in Hawaii they were required to buy you this book by state law.Probably my favorite childrens' book because it hit all the sweet spots of things that interested me at 6. A boy with his own boat, swordplay, monsters and most importantly a monkey in samurai armor.

    10. Ths is my favorite fairy tale!One part Superman, one part Wizard of Oz. A baby is discovered by an old couple in a giant peach. He grows up and goes on to save the village from marauding ogres, with his friends the pheasant, monkey, and dog.

    11. I think this book is amazing. The idea of a baby emerging from a peach fascinated me as a child. I can sit and stare at the vibrant illustrations for hours. The oni still look scary. This story is a favorite since my childhood.

    12. This is one of my favorite books as a child. I am buying this for my daughter for Christmas to add to her childrens storybook collection. The illustrations are beautiful!

    13. My students loved this book! It made for a great read aloud during our folktales unit. They sat and listened for almost 30 minutes!

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