Abortion Arcade

Abortion Arcade Abortion Arcade is a collection of three novellas by one of the shining young stars of bizarro fiction Cameron Pierce s work is an intoxicating blend of body horror and midnight movie madness reminis

  • Title: Abortion Arcade
  • Author: Cameron Pierce
  • ISBN: 9781936383535
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Abortion Arcade is a collection of three novellas by one of the shining young stars of bizarro fiction Cameron Pierce s work is an intoxicating blend of body horror and midnight movie madness, reminiscent of early David Lynch and the splatterpunks at their most sublime His fiction will punch you in the brain and leave you gasping for Featuring NO CHILDREN The apocAbortion Arcade is a collection of three novellas by one of the shining young stars of bizarro fiction Cameron Pierce s work is an intoxicating blend of body horror and midnight movie madness, reminiscent of early David Lynch and the splatterpunks at their most sublime His fiction will punch you in the brain and leave you gasping for Featuring NO CHILDREN The apocalypse is over Now zombies farm humans for their brains As the imprisoned human cattle drift further from their humanity, the zombies flourish in a primitive renaissance, flying around in helicopters and living in smart houses made of human brains THE ROADKILL QUARTERBACK OF HEAVY METAL HIGH After Heavy Metal High s star quarterback dies in a car accident, Danny the Dio worshipping werewolf must transform from loser to gridiron star in this surreal pulp tragedy about teenage anxiety, high school violence, and heavy fucking metal THE DESTROYED ROOM In a near future city where automobiles have been outlawed and exotic animals roam the streets, a man wakes up one morning to discover that everyone in the world is a marionette Now his wife is dead and he must find the answer, or else lose everything to the Great Shark Head in the Sky.

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    1. Three well-written, surreal novellas, highlighted by the third one, "The Destroyed Room". The first story, a unique zombie tale called "No Children" depicts a time when zombies rule the world and humans are kept in pens like cattle and forced to breed through forced marriages. The second tale, "The Roadkill Quarterback of Heavy Metal High" is about a teen-angst-riddled werewolf who must fill the shoes of the football team's dead starting quarterback. Absurdity rules at Heavy Metal High, where Sk [...]

    2. A lot of work gets called "original", "groundbreaking" and "unique". Cameron Pierce's books make it look like the people that use these words don't know what they mean. In this collection of three novellas, each of them is "unique", each is "original" and one is "groundbreaking". The first, "No Children" is the story of a young man in love. Like all young men in love, he's got a problem. Unlike most young men in love, he lives in a world where zombies harvest human organs for food and force peop [...]

    3. I LOVED "Assgoblins of Auschwitz," so, naturally, I needed to read Cameron Pierce's new book as quickly as I could get my hands on it. I'm glad I did. It is a mix of stories that, in all honesty, is very difficult to explain and review. Probably one of the more difficult titles that I have have felt compelled to review. I feel that if I say too much, I will give away what makes each of the stories so good, because each one has some kind of twisted idea that runs throughout and is the basis for t [...]

    4. I realize, yes, the title of this collection of three novellas may be slightly off-putting, but, rest assured, this is a terrific kaleidoscope of candy-flavored-surreal psychedelia. First off we have an original-in-concept zombie tale (sort of a sci-fi zombie work) entitled "No Children" that is pretty eerie and Phillip K. Dick-like, although even more pulpy (yes, that is possible); the doomed/grotesque love story at its center is very Carlton Mellick III-esque (I was reminded, at times, of The [...]

    5. All three novellas had the quality of coming-of-age stories, as the young men face down important decisions thrown at them by chance. After all, even if you're one of a human farm for zombies, you still grow up a little. The Destroyed Room stands out for being the most sober, and offering allusions that had me thinking the longest after having read it. Damn white elephants in theoh. The Roadkill Quarterback of Heavy Metal High: I think was the tightest in terms of world-building and following th [...]

    6. Get extra socks, because each of these stories will knock them the fuck off. Probably do some other stuff to them, too. Seriously, each one of these stories is better than the last. Essential bizarro reading.

    7. “When you have no one to turn to, no one to play games with, then you’re no better than the undead. We are all so much worse alone, and aren’t we always alone? Not me anymore. I’m in love.”Cameron Pierce’s Abortion Arcade is a book of three stories united by a focus on the importance of love in an uncaring world. It is also the most literally nightmarish book I have ever read. Mind you, I have read other books that were more disgusting, unpleasant, violent, or repulsive, but that is [...]

    8. The defining mark of Bizarro is its level of weird. Some stories have an element of whimsy and fun, others more thought-provoking, and still others emotionally gripping. Cameron Pierce seamlessly brings together all of these elements in his collection Abortion Arcade.Composed of three novellas, Abortion Arcade showcases Pierce's talent through different lenses. With “No Children” we see a bit of social criticism in the form of a unique zombie story. “The Roadkill Quarterback of Heavy Metal [...]

    9. This book is interestingme people will find the contentoffensive, disgusting, or sick. BUT I need to remind you this is only a novel. For those who do complain about the obscenity of it all, may I need to remind you some of the worst human atrocities have already been done in the name of religion and a true God. Those looking for a target to rant on, go protest in front of your local church.

    10. The Abortion Arcade showcases three novellas, each one more absurd than the last. The first of these is No Children, which very well may be the most unique zombie story I’ve ever read. It tells about a farm ran by zombies and their obvious “crop”, which is people. We follow our narrator Grieves as he makes his way through what is to be the short journey of his life. But he has different plans, and with a little help he might become more than just food for the undead. With a wedding ceremon [...]

    11. A fantastic trio of tales from a great writer. In the first story Cameron Pierce manages to turn the zombie story on its head whilst seamlessly blending a romantic tale of heroism and escape. Perhaps it can be read as a commentary on modern society, but regardless, its a fascinating take on zombies and consumerism. The prose and characters are typically engaging of Pierce. Though not as interesting as his novel SHARK HUNTING IN PARADISE GARDEN, this book is probably my favourite collection of hi [...]

    12. I came across Cameron Pierce quite by accident, but was quite pleased that my first foray into his work was a collection of three novellas. That seemed the perfect introduction, especially for me, someone not terribly familiar with Bizarro Fiction. Having finished the book, however, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.The first story, entitled “No Children,” takes place in an apocalyptic future where zombies rule and use humans as livestock. The first half is insane, dark, and wonderful [...]

    13. Three novellas in one book. Pretty good but typical bizarro fiction.The first one, No Children: On the plus side, zombies. An interesting take on zombies ruling the world and keeping people as cattle and seeing the world from the point of view of the bottom of the food chain instead of the top. On the negative side, suction cup boobies. I realize this is bizarro fiction, but sometimes I like it to be at least somewhat make physical sense. Suction cup boobies are just too juvenile and ridiculous. [...]

    14. First bask in the glory of Hauke Vagt's cover art. (Also, don't read the story descriptions on the back cover, they give away all the secrets.) Now on to the three novellas contained within.In each of these pieces, Pierce juxtaposes gore, absurdity, scatology, and irony with emotional sincerity. With direct, swift-moving prose, Pierce explores social outsiders and the search for true love amid images of brain-eating, bacon-stapling, and animal-maiming.The first novella, No Children, is probably [...]

    15. A free book from the bizarro genre. There really is no definition for bizarro fiction that can sufficiently explain it. I've read a few others. Bizarro puts the "B" in B-movie schlock. Let's just say there are people using amputated breasts as suction cups for climbing.There are three novellas in this book: one has humans farmed by zombies, one is kinda "Teen Wolf"-ish, and the last is kind of an avantgarde piece with symbolism, but it doesn't really make sense. Actually, none of the stories mak [...]

    16. Quick Read. First story holds up okay but the two next are not that good. Review to comeThree stories. Don't know if everyone of them should be considered Bizzaro butThe first story is a zombie story where they rule humanity and humans are no more than forced to breed to feed the zombies. They are no more than chickens and cows. Interesting tale, with a ending that make us wonder. If you don't enjoy bizarro setting you will not enjoy it. Believe meSecond story is about a teen-wolf trying to be a [...]

    17. With Ronnie James Dio dying recently, the timing reading one of the three stories in this collection was perfect. Any story that involves football and Dio's famous "Holy Diver" song promises a creative read. This is the second story and my favorite of the bunch entitled "The Roadkill Quarterback of Heavy Metal High." This story was excellent.The opening story, "No Children" involves a creative, ingenious scene. One involving using severed breasts in a unique, industrious fashion.I didn't care mu [...]

    18. Cameron Pierce's stories are as taut and food obsessed as ever. He uses a palette of absurdities to paint himself into literary corners, then dips his fingers into the still drying paint. Nowhere else will you find a dystopian tale about a boy/girl romance forbidden by a colony of sentient zombies.Then there's 'Heavy Metal High' which is exactly what it sounds like as the HMH star quarterback dies unexpectedly in an accident he staged, and a teenage werewolf is poised to take his place. Problem [...]

    19. This book changed my life. I think this is the first true bizarro fiction that i have read in my entire life. I have tried to get some books by other authors but I cannot simply find a free copy so it was a blessing from God when I found Cameron's blog post about his free book! I have been dreaming of reading years for days since I discovered this genre. I am so fucking happy today. I love the first novella because it is a love story against all odds despite the weirdness all over it. This book [...]

    20. Most bizarro fiction can basically be divided into two categories: Surreal, nightmarish stuff and stories that have rather trashy, light hearted and humouros tone. The first("No Children") and the last novella ("The Destroyed Room") fit into the nightmare, the middle one ("The Roadkill Quarterback of Heavy Metal High") into the trash category. While Pierce seems to excel more in the former one, the "horror" category, all three stories included in this volume are worth a reading.

    21. Three twisted, but strong, love-stories. I don't know how, but Cameron Pierce's weird visions fall into place, follow some kind of internal logic that makes the stories flow. I should take a star away for the abuse of present tense narration, but I feel it wouldn't be 100% fair. I never thought I'd say this about a bizarro book, but if I had to summarize Abortion Arcade in one word, it would be 'charming'. Gods, that's so gay

    22. I just finished reading these Three novellas that are by far the most interesting, hilarious,gross, heartfelt, bizarre, surreal, incredible, funny, fucked up, insane, disgusting,and weird stories I have ever read in my life. Pierce has been consistently brilliant, somehow getting better and better with each new book. A story about a rampaging Dio-loving emo teenage werewolf? Yes, Please!

    23. This is my first introduction to the world of contemporary bizarro fiction which tries to put a unique spin on genre fiction often taking it to the absurd. Abortion Arcade is really three short stories. Highly uneven in quality, but I do believe No Children, the first of the three, is the most outstanding example of fiction in the zombie genre.

    24. So absolutely bizarre you can't actually stop reading. Laughed my ass off the whole way through - which might mean I'm completely disturbed but I'm okay with that.

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