An Ordinary Girl

An Ordinary Girl Ash is an ordinary girl leading an ordinary life but behind her smile she hides a secret so damning she s sure no one could ever love her Noah is a war photographer who s come back from Afghanistan

  • Title: An Ordinary Girl
  • Author: Barbara Elsborg
  • ISBN: 9781419933981
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
  • Ash is an ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life, but behind her smile she hides a secret so damning she s sure no one could ever love her Noah is a war photographer who s come back from Afghanistan with a secret so dark he can t escape its smothering grip.Both need redemption.Ash looks for it by making people happy Noah seeks it under the whip of a Dom They re damagedAsh is an ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life, but behind her smile she hides a secret so damning she s sure no one could ever love her Noah is a war photographer who s come back from Afghanistan with a secret so dark he can t escape its smothering grip.Both need redemption.Ash looks for it by making people happy Noah seeks it under the whip of a Dom They re damaged souls, drowning in guilt, unable to escape the legacies of their pasts Then their worlds collide in an explosion of fireworks so strong it singes not only them, but those around them It s said love heals all wounds, but sometimes before love enters the heart, the intense fire of passion has to burn a path, lighting the way.

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    1. Saw great reviews for this book and decided to give it a try. Did not really impress me at all. I gave another book by this author 3 stars also. Maybe we don’t get on together. Ash, an ordinary girl with a simple life20% in, I was already kind of bored. It was a nice enough story but I was expecting more.Yes, they both had tough lives, with secrets that they wanted kept hidden"I can’t believe I’ve found someone that’s more fucked up than me."(view spoiler)[I mean seriously of all the guy [...]

    2. Three words describe this story-BLAMEANGSTSORROWOne word describes the ending-HEALINGI really enjoyed this read. In a nutshell, Noah is a freelance photographer who suffers from a severe form of PTSD. He was a war photographer, and survived an attack on him and his troops in Afghanistan and some men died. He BLAMES himself. He's a shell of a person, barely working or living for that matterAsh is a little bit of everything. She's always got a smile on her face, volunteers for a Green Piece compan [...]

    3. 4 ½ stars!!! Just EXTRAORDINARY!!!Barbara Elsborg has a most unusual way of bringing characters together that are haunted by their pasts, and then are dealing with the impact that it has on their lives. Ash and Noah meet at a wedding, he’s the photographer and she is a waitress, and their first encounter is amusing and had me smiling. Noah who suffers from PTSD, has an unpleasant incident while he’s working and Ash comforts him in her own unique way. You feel the instant attraction that the [...]

    4. 4 1/2 stars."If you knew that hope and despair were paths to the same destination, which would you choose?"- by Robert Brault -Everybody thinks that Ash is an ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life. She's smiling a lot and seems to be happy.Ash is really one extraordinary woman! And ordinary is just façade. She's a very private human being but she's got very serious reasons for being this way. Behind her smile she hides a horrible secret she's sure no one could ever love her. Noah is a war pho [...]

    5. I liked this book but didn't love. What I did like about the book were the hero and heroine, their romance, chemistry, and the smoking hot love scenes. What I didn't like, however, was the over-the-top drama (the author's m.o.), a few of the secondary characters, and the unnecessary love scene between Ronan and Ilya. It was irrelevant to the plot. Overall, An Ordinary Girl was an okay read but one I wouldn't read again.

    6. What an extraordinary book! 5 StarsThis story was just one twisty, turny, mind-fucky roller coaster of exhilarated angst and drama . and I LOVED every second of it!The whole story had me a little like this d this d a whole lot of this Thank goodness the whole thing wrapped up nicely. I am in love with Barbara Elsborg and her fabulous writing . not sure how her mind works to come up with these scenarios, but very glad that she does.Amazing!

    7. And still "Strangers" is my BEST book on Ms. Elsborg novels Hands down:)4.5 stars:)Nothing on this book was Ordinaryeverything is so complex both characters are dynamic you can't escape with the demons their hiding.The story behind the storyoh my God made me shiver, shudder and gasp for air.d not only that. memory of the film "Changeling" keeps on hunting me again because of this book no no noterrifying? no! its horrifyingly gruesome!So AmazingI had a hard time liking NoahI don't know, because o [...]

    8. An Ordinary girl is an Extra Ordinary Book!!! READ THIS!Ms. Elsborg is now my new fave. Actually she has been since strangers but now she level up!LOL. So far all the book I've read of her involves two broken souls. And this one is not an exception. Noah is a war photographer in Afghanistan with a past that still hunt him. Ash was trying to live an ordinary life. Doing good deeds to make people happy especially her 3 housemates which she considered as family. Two souls need redemption. Noah who [...]

    9. 4- 4 1/2 Stars - Some initial thoughts. Story grabbed me quick with all the mystery about the characters backgrounds and hardships. I did feel it didn't keep up the pace of the beginning towards the end, or maybe it just fell together to easy where there could have been more detail. It might have felt rushed to the HEA, but still a superb story.Loved the characters!! Ash, the heroine was so precious, I just wanted to hug her and tell her what a wonderful person she was. A definite favorite heroi [...]

    10. There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said by people who write much better reviews then me. All I can add is that this book is amazing. The characters will break your heart and uplift you at the same time. This was a steamy read, but the story was still really well told. I cannot wait to read more from this author. If her other books are anywhere near as good as this one was, I will be extremely happy. This book may be called An Ordinary Girl, but it featured and extraordinary girl [...]

    11. Ash appeared to be an ordinary girl but appearances can be deceiving. Ash has a past that to no fault of her own that haunts her, as does Noah. These two come together by chance. They have a link to each other that was a twist in the story I didn't see coming at all! Overall a really good read. Ash was strong, caring, and kind. A great mc. Noah was great at times. I also really loved Ronan (Ash's roommate/friend) and Noah's dad. After the first 60% of the book I was up all night reading to see w [...]

    12. If you want a well-written romance for a guilty beach read, then skip the drivel that is 50 Shades of Grey. I read this one on my Kindle in two days; it's no literary masterpiece, but the characters are fairly well developed, and there are some funny and sensual parts.

    13. 3.5 StarsI wasn’t really sure what to think of this book. I’d just read another book by this author and it wasn’t my favorite, but the smut was fantastic. So, I decided to give this a try.This author tends to have a lot of secondary characters, and for me, that can get old and tiresome. Mostly because it makes me want to skim. And if you know me at all *cough cough* (Laura and Marvar) *cough cough* You know I don’t skim. Like ever. I always feel like I’m going to miss something.There w [...]

    14. While not quite as amazing as Strangers, this book definitely held my interest from the very beginning.Ash and Noah are two very damaged people - Ash copes in one way while Noah is barely keeping it together. When they meet they each begin their real healing. A great character driven romance with a bit of Criminal Minds and Cold Case thrown in for suspense and drama.An emotional read that I finished in two days. I have only read a few books by this author and look forward to reading many more.

    15. So glad I decided to pick this book up again and give it a chance. Thanks to my friends for the extra nudge to continue. It turned out to be a really good story. I will definitely be reading more from this author. I love her writing style.

    16. i cant fully explain why i dislike this book so dang much but i did. it was mostly the drama and the male reaction to it. (view spoiler)[ what he went through was really bad but i get the feeling it was more the first wrong thing n his life and he reacted badly to it where as the girl had aseries of wrong and living though it. so i find i cant respect the guy and if i cant respect the guy i cant swoon if i can swoon the what's the point of this book if you ever had to deal with major guilt like [...]

    17. 4-4.25 StarsAfter reading Ms. Elsborg's Strangers a while back, which I absolutely LOVED, I immediately put this on my to-read list. So glad that I finally got to read it. This story wasn't ordinary by all means. It had a lot of drama, surprises, twists and turns that it was extremely entertaining. We have our hero, Noah, who wasn't easy to like at first. After his experience in the war as a photographer, he is suffering from majorly from PTSD. He's brooding, moody, and angry. No amount of trips [...]

    18. Ordinary Girl was my third Barbara Elsborg read and I have to say, once again she did not disappoint me. The biggest pleasure I've found in reading this author is she creates spectacular heroines and Ash is no exception. She is spunky, strong, and full of so much pain, that she eloquently hides from the entire world. Noah, the hero was also a treat. He was a true tortured hero and I thoroughly enjoyed watching as Ash pulled him out of his own personal hell. This is an excellent example of how to [...]

    19. Holy moley. I thought the characters in Strangers were damaged. They have absolutely no issues compared to these two! But my, what a beautiful, if tragic, story. Well I suppose ultimately it wasn't tragic, but for a while, it was touch and go. God so much guilt from so many different directions!! We have Ash, who has lived her life basically helping others. She had a horrible (I don't think I can make it bold enough horrible) childhood, yet she's constantly trying to make others' lives better. S [...]

    20. I giggled. I sighed. I squealed in surprise. An Ordinary Girl is one of the most compelling books I’ve read this year. “Noah was a bad boy.” This is the first introduction to Noah. And yes on the surface, Noah appears to be your typical bad boy. But from the first moment we meet Noah we know he is truly tortured. Everyone knows something happened while Noah was captured as a war photographer, but Noah isn’t talking. The memories are destroying him. He’s a fascinating hero who is even s [...]

    21. I became a Barbara Elsborg fan when I read Strangers a couple months ago. Call it insta-love for this author, but she sure has a way of creating witty, snarky yet easy-to-love characters. That book gave me the rom-com fix I enjoy with the right dose of a reality check. Unfortunately, I can’t say I loved An Ordinary Girl as much as the first book I tried by Elsborg. I do have to say that that the first scene in this book was quite the shocker, but having been forewarned, I carried on and enjoye [...]

    22. On the surface, Ash Elleston appears to be an ordinary girl. She lives in a house with two guys, Ronan and Mike, and a girl, Kay. Ash is holding down several jobs. She has fun with her roommates. She likes her jobs and she is always willing to offer a smile to make someone’s day happy. Ash’s entire goal in life is to help people find what makes them happy. When she meets acclaimed war photographer, Noah Golitison while helping Kay out on a catering job, Ash is immediately aware of Noah’s p [...]

    23. The title may be An Ordinary Girl but this book was anything but ordinary.I connected with the characters and the story immediately and found myself going through all possible scenario's of what could possibly be causing the anxiety and hurt to both Noah and Ash from their pasts.I have to say, I was floored. I didn't see the story unfolding as it did and I was hooked pretty much from the beginning. The story of Ash's childhood was horrific. I can't imagine anyone coming through that unscathed, l [...]

    24. "An Ordinary Girl" is vying for top spot as my favourite-ever Barbara Elsborg book -- although "Strangers" is probably still number one, by a narrow margin. This is my favourite kind of erotica -- absolutely fits the definition of "romantica". It's a romance story in which the sex scenes between the characters just happen to be explicitly described and the characters do consenting-adult-type things. But the point of the story is the relationship and the obstacles that have to be overcome. The he [...]

    25. On the surface, the conflict simmers around the male MC. But the shit trailing this not-so-ordinary girl makes his problems laughable. This is my second Elsborg novel and won't be my last. She's a master at crafting page-turning tension, scenes weeping with emotion, unexpected plots, and unforgettable characters. And because I prefer darker stories, the background of the not-so-ordinary girl in this tale had me fixated till the end. Still, Elsborg softened this tragedy with humor, a brilliant sk [...]

    26. THE MOST INTENSE BOOK (SO FAR) OF BARBARA ELSBORG I'VE EVER READ!i'm a big fan of Elsborg's work. started with Strangers and now i still working for the rest of them. yet i found this one very very intense. it made cry, for crying out loud!the pain that hidden under Ash's smile, accident that haunt every single step Noah take, it's painful to read yet i can't stop readingfinitely worth your time. trust me. i mean it.

    27. I don't understand how a book can get a 5 star rating!!! How??? Why??? Are there really some people out there who would really think that it would be Ok to date someone who had a family member who murdered someone in his family??? Honestly???? Seriously???? Such a waste of time! Do not waste your time reading this book. There are plenty of books out there that are 10 15 20 times better than this one!

    28. I'd give4,5 Stars of course it was Hot and stuff, but behind all that there was an actual story! And an interesting story non the less! So I recommend it to all who loves erotica in their books :))(view spoiler)[ I think I liked Ronan most of all, damn he's obviously HOOOOOT! I think he could make even me more obedient and submissive for awhile LOL (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

    29. So I became a fan of Barbara's when I read Strangers. I looked on and saw this one, the cover was similar to Strangers and so I figured I would give this a try and see what it's all about. I read some of the reviews and was instantly intrigued. I decided this was going to be a good one. I got started on it and have to say I was not disappointed. There were some twist in this one I did NOT see coming!So as the synopsis says there are secrets! There are few of them actually. I enjoyed reading abo [...]

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