Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves Enter a world of darkness and danger honour daring and destiny in David Chandler s magnificent epic trilogy The Ancient Blades One thief against the world When allies become enemies to whom can a c

  • Title: Honor Among Thieves
  • Author: David Chandler
  • ISBN: 9780062021267
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enter a world of darkness and danger, honour, daring and destiny in David Chandler s magnificent epic trilogy The Ancient Blades.One thief against the world When allies become enemies, to whom can a clever thief turn Armed with one of seven swords forged at the dawn of time, Malden was chosen by Fate to act as saviour and failed dismally Deceived by the trickery of his oEnter a world of darkness and danger, honour, daring and destiny in David Chandler s magnificent epic trilogy The Ancient Blades.One thief against the world When allies become enemies, to whom can a clever thief turn Armed with one of seven swords forged at the dawn of time, Malden was chosen by Fate to act as saviour and failed dismally Deceived by the trickery of his one time ally, M rget, the young thief employed his newfound might to help destroy the naturally barrier protecting the kingdom of Skrae and now there will be no stopping M rget s barbarian hordes from pillaging the land Suddenly friends and former supporters alike covet the young hero s magic while seeking his destruction from the treacherous King and leaders of the City of Ness to the rogue knight Cloy, who owes Malden his life.It will take than Malden s makeshift army of harlots and cutpurses to preserve a realm Luckily the sorceress Cythera fights at his side, along with the ingenious, irascible dwarf Slag And the wily thief still has a desperate and daring plan or two up his larcenous sleeve

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    1. Honor Among Thieves by David Chandler did not have a happy ending. It shouldn't have. It had the absolutely correct ending. I sat stunned for several minutes after I finished, just gathering myself. Ness was a little more real to me than my own kitchen. Or wherever-the-hell-I-was when I finished. I was emotionally scraped raw by that point. I didn't want to leave, but it was time for the book to end, for me to leave Ness, and well, anything else would be spoilers.There is no honor among thieves. [...]

    2. This book, while engaging for the most part with interesting plot points, does not live up to the first two books. The ending was a horrid mess, leaving almost nothing solved, no closure on the events which happened it was just a sloppy hastily put together ending.If there was a forthcoming book making this trilogy into a quartet, then it would be okay to have so many plot holes in this one as it can all be solved in the 4th. But as it stands, this trilogy is one book too little with too many th [...]

    3. I was so disappointed by this 3rd installment in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one as it was a super neat story in the world of rogues that called to my D&D heart. The 2nd book was a bit too dispersed with the party separating and then having a few stories from different perspectives. Now the 3rd one was actually sort of hard to read through. It was too meta for me. I understand the need to push the character development and there were some clever spots but it veered from what h [...]

    4. I skimmed this book pretty hard Bc I was losing interest fast. The only part I enjoyed was Maldens exit at the end and Cutbill

    5. At the end of book two, we were left with two major unfinished business: on the one hand, a whole mountain has collapsed, and in doing so, it has opened up a pass nearly a mile wide for a bloodthirsty army to cross into the kingdom of Scrae. On the other hand, a race that everyone thought had been killed to extinction resulted to be alive and returning to the world of the living, and along with them the knowledge that the basis of Scrae culture, even religion, could be shaky at best.The potentia [...]

    6. I'll say this for Mr. Chandler, he moves in between genre elements with an enjoyability that I find rathe refreshing.Like it's two predecessors, this book follows the adventures of Malden the thief as he deals with things way over his head and above his pay-grade. The consequences of the last book have led to war, and in a way it's Malden's fault. Regardless he now has to deal with that fallout, as does Sir Croy, the stalwart Knight and Champion, and Cythera, the proto-witch who is engaged to Cr [...]

    7. This is a fun series and a quick read, but not without flaws.Malden is a great character - a lot of fun to read, well developed, and easy to root for. All three of the books are page turners, and that's a good thing in this genre. I love Malazan (in my opinion, the most complex fantasy ever written), but it's also nice to read some straightforward stories once in a while that don't have two dozen over-arcing plot lines. The supporting cast is also well developed, and overall it's a solid story O [...]

    8. My first clue to what this book would be like should have come from the wildly inaccurate blurb at the back of the book. Not only was the name of one of the main characters of the trilogy spelled wrong (it's Croy not Cloy), whoever wrote the blurb had obviously never read the book. Malden does have a magic sword, but he barely uses it for anything since he's never been trained. The sword is old yes, about 800 years old, but I'm not sure you'd call that the dawn of time. Also, Malden wasn't the o [...]

    9. This is the 3rd book in David Chandler's (aka David Wellington's) Ancient Blades trilogy, and the last in this setting. (Maybe??)The 1st book was a fun quest to steal a crown, and then steal it back again. The 2nd book was a dungeon crawl. The consequences at the end of that book left no doubt that this one was going to be all-out war, and so it is.The barbarians are on the march, they're murdering *everyone*. Malden, a thief, becomes mayor of the free city of Ness through a comic series of his [...]

    10. Alright What to saySo many fantasy books take the option of "war". Story telling devolves into war. I'm so sick of endlessly reading about war. WHY!? That's a personal thing of course but there's only so much war I can absorb before it all becomes the same in the end. I enjoyed Malden dealing with the city more than any of the barbarian parts just because it was different.I would've liked to know more about the elves honestly and how the people would react to learning about the Lady, especially [...]

    11. In this third volume, the entire Kingdom of Skrae has fallen under attack by the barbarians of the east, led by the traitorous Morget (last seen in A Thief in the Night). Sir Croy must take charge of the scattered Ancient Blade order, while Malden returns to the Free City of Ness to try to salvage (i.e steal) whatever stability and calm (i.e whatever’s not bolted down) he can. Meanwhile, Cythera is reunited with her mother, the witch Coruth… only to find that her destiny has caught up with h [...]

    12. It was a fine enough story. I mean, I enjoyed it at first. Liked the characters and the things that were happening. But as time went on it got bogged down, and really everybody loses everything. More importantly, by the end I was sort of left wondering, what's the point? After all, the entire thing is called 'The Ancient Blades Trilogy'. But the whole story could have been told without the Ancient Blades- they were always there but never to really any purpose or end. The story could have existed [...]

    13. Ce tome est le meilleur de la trilogie. On est encore plus plongés dans l'action, les pages se tournent facilement. Les personnages ont bien évolué et ont gagné en réalisme, ce qui est un véritable plus ! La fin est cohérente, presque poétique, même si je l'ai trouvé trop rapide et qu'elle m'a laissée un goût d'inachevé. Bref, une bonne conclusion pour une trilogie de fantasy adulte pleine d'action et fort sympathique, à laquelle il manque un je-ne-sais-quoi pour être au top. Chro [...]

    14. I was originally going to give this book 3 stars, because I liked it much less than the previous two for most of it. Watching the characters make tough decisions and seeing their consequences, watching them change into people I couldn't have imagined was a wonderful thrill. But the true masterpiece of this book was its ending. I couldnt stop myself from laughing on delight when I got to it and I am incredibly satisfied with this series and hopeful for more from such a brilliant writer.

    15. The book begins with a strong charge, and this pace continues throughout most of it. I will ignore the hastily cobbled-together ending for now, as the books strategies were displayed very well, well enough to allow the reader to enjoy the ride.It does not end happily, nor does it end with sufficient closure that many readers would expect. But it does not make it a poorly written book.Read it, and hope Chandler writes more to live up to the name he'd made.

    16. I enjoyed the series overall, but I feel that it gets weaker as it progresses. My favorite is definitely the first installment of the series. However, this was a solid and realistic ending given the way Chandler set things up. I was very satisfied, but not blown away. I definitely recommend the series to fans of the genre.

    17. When a mountain that has contained them in the East collapses the barbarians make plans to invade the kingdom of Skrae. The thief Malden has been gifted one of the seven ancient blades and is expected to help defend the kingdom. But he is involved in a love triangle that threatens everything. Several factions oppose each other for control.

    18. I liked the first book in the series better than the last, which doesn't seem like the end of the story. Maybe this wasn't supposed to be just a trilogy? Found myself skimming this one a lot. I liked the story line that followed Malden, the thief & leading man, but everyone else just seemed to be wondering around warring aimlessly.

    19. I love the series to death! It's one of my favorite of all time. But this last book just kind seemed extremely lack luster in my opinion. The same way Inheritance made me feel. I liked it, but I was disappointed. Definitely read though.

    20. Last book in the trilogy and again would not have bought the book if I did not get them all at the same time. Neither the story nor the characters have any life to them. Reading these books was kind of like eating a burger rather than a double bacon cheeseburger.

    21. I would class it more as 2.5 stars. I enjoyed this more than the previous book, but I found that the story was different to what the blurb described - so I would advise to read this book with an open mind. I enjoyed being back in Ness again. However, I felt a little unsatisfied by the ending.

    22. This in some ways ties up the first two books, and contains characters from both. The ending is slightly disappointing and very open ended. I guess David Chandler is planning on writing more about Malden.

    23. Chandler delivers in spades with the final book in the trilogy. I'll tell you this much: the end leaves a lot on the table for more adventures. It aint over yet.

    24. So sad to see the trilogy end was an awesome journey. David Chandler is an awesome storyteller. Maybe one day there will be more to this story to tell

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