Playful Pals: Level 1

Playful Pals Level Readers who loved the best selling Animal Antics will snap up this new Level book with its colorful characters in funny situations

  • Title: Playful Pals: Level 1
  • Author: Nora Gaydos
  • ISBN: 9781584762034
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Readers who loved the best selling Animal Antics will snap up this new Level 1 book with its colorful characters in funny situations.

    One thought on “Playful Pals: Level 1”

    1. Our five year old is starting to show interest in reading. But regular picture books have too many different types of words for her to tackle, so they end up frustrating her. What should you look for in a book for beginning readers? It should have words that are simple to sound out, but they should also be funny so kids want to keep reading. Here's a series that we love: Now I'm Reading! Playful Pals, Level 1. It's fun but also easy for beginning readers to read successfully.Now I'm Reading! boo [...]

    2. General review for the Now I'm Reading Level 1 series - Perhaps my very favorite phonics book, I mean books. There are 10 books here, each with a different vowel (or 2 books with one vowel sound). I love how the books build on earlier words - A cat. A tan cat. A tan cat sat. and so on and so forth. My new reader has gained a lot of confidence and speed through these books.The pictures are hilarious (and in color) and we spend a lot of time laughing about them. He also loves to put a sticker on t [...]

    3. Working off advice from The Well Trained Mind, I got Natalie a first level phonics book focusing on short a with CVC pattern. And she read it! Wanted the Bob books, but did not see them or have time to ask today. Plan to work through this set one vowel at a time mixing with other sets offerings on the same vowel.This book contains:1 Rat Naps - She read this one first, but it was very hard for her. 2 Fox Hops - We took a break for a couple weeks, then read this one. She read it much more easily. [...]

    4. These are great books! Both my kids (4 & 6) enjoyed these. They promote reading, even if they aren't quite reading yet. I highly recommend these!

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