Land of Nod, The Artifact

Land of Nod The Artifact Jeff Browning has been haunted by terrifying dreams since the mysterious disappearance of his father a renowned physicist But when he finds a portal in his father s office he must overcome his fears

  • Title: Land of Nod, The Artifact
  • Author: GaryHoover
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jeff Browning has been haunted by terrifying dreams since the mysterious disappearance of his father a renowned physicist But when he finds a portal in his father s office, he must overcome his fears in an attempt to find him.The portal takes him to another dimension one populated by fantastic and dangerous creatures and also an advanced society of humans.As Jeff lookJeff Browning has been haunted by terrifying dreams since the mysterious disappearance of his father a renowned physicist But when he finds a portal in his father s office, he must overcome his fears in an attempt to find him.The portal takes him to another dimension one populated by fantastic and dangerous creatures and also an advanced society of humans.As Jeff looks for clues regarding what may have happened to his father, he is accused by some of being a spy while thought by others to be a prophesized figure who may be the key to victory in a developing war.

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    1. Take one teen boy. Add recent tragedy in the form of absent super-scientist father. Mix with the requisite high school bully, strange dreams, and a curious machine. Then you’ll have the road into Gary Hoover’s Land of Nod: The Artifact. The Artifact is, of course, the first book in a series, and the ending, as expected, is just the beginning. But the mysterious world Jeff discovers is nicely imagined, with intriguing depths yet to be plumbed. The landscape is full of fun characters, curious [...]

    2. The story kept my interest from cover to cover. I usually do enjoy stories with a science fiction edge, but this book deserves a noteworthy review. It will be an excellent read for my granddaughter. The continuous adventure throughout the entire story is captivating to the end. Can’t wait for the next good read .

    3. I really liked this book! I got it for free for a group read, but I would have gladly paid for it because I enjoyed it so much. The author makes The Land of Nod, an alternate, or parallel universe, seem like a very real place because of his spot on descriptions. The book moved along at a really good pace, and I found myself unable to put it down most of the time. If I had the option here I would have given this book a rating of 4.5 stars, -.5 only because I thought the ending was a bit abrupt. I [...]

    4. I enjoyed the plot of this story. The motivations of Jeff and the other characters worked well to propel the story forward. Through Jeff’s eyes the alternate world came to life, populated with creatures and people who added to the excitement.Yet, there were spots where the narrative came up short. Instances when I wanted more description to better see the world that Jeff was in. Also the ending seemed a little too easy for Jeff. There was a buildup of tension but no bang for me, more of a fizz [...]

    5. Land of Nod, The Artifact is the story of young Jeff Browning, son of a well renowned physicist who has gone missing and is presumed dead. Jeff deals with the complex emotions around the abandonment by his father and his passivity, when he encounters a teleporter that takes him to a different world. It is not a spoiler to tell you that the world is called "Nod".Once there, he childishly realizes that the rules of his home world not longer apply, but to also trust his psychic instincts about othe [...]

    6. With his father no longer with him Jeff was having a very hard time trying to get on with his normal life. No one knew what had happened to his father. Until Jeff started to snoop around in his fathers office. He never thought his father would of figured out how to make a simulation that looked this real,unless it wasn't a simulation, it was a portal. After falling from the sky into the world the portal lead to Jeff seen very different things then he normally wouldn't of ever dreamed of. Though [...]

    7. The Kindle seems to have encouraged me to read things I would normally overlook. The Land of Nod is one of them; it sits on the same bookshelf as a Harry Potter book. And that is why I thoroughly enjoyed it. A normal, intelligent boy, Jeff, leading a normal life, suddenly finds himself in another dimension; the author is superb at describing the fantastical elements of this dimension and I had no trouble at all imagining the strange effects, creatures, and, well, just about everything of this st [...]

    8. This book had potential; however it read like a kid with ADD. It never paused to take a breath or explain the details of what was happening, it just kept skimming the surface. To make matters worse it is intended to be part of a series, so it ended as abruptly as it began. Great for teenage boys. Not so much for everyone else.

    9. It was somewhat entertaining but it was, I feel, poorly written. I just didn't like the way some comments, mostly sexual were interjected and I am a prude or anything but they just didn't FIT and seem forced into the story so it left me saying, huh??? I did it's job of entertaining me but honestly felt like I wasted my time reading it.

    10. Land of Nod, The Artifact is the first book of the Land of Nod Trilogy. Jeff Browning's father, a brilliant physicist, has disappeared, and Jeff isn't coping very well. While snooping around his father's office - the place he suspects his father to have been last - Jeff discovers a strange machine and is accidentally transported to another world. Jeff discovers allies and enemies in this new world - some in the least likely places. In a place filled with both advanced technology and wide swathes [...]

    11. Land of Nod: The Artifact by Gary HooverReviewed by Alex Canton-DutariI must start by saying that the initial description of Jeff crossing the portal down into perhaps a parallel world kept me feeling -- throughout the entire read -- that I was in a celestial basement… almost an oxymoron!There was no way not to feel the presence of Narnia or maybe Alice in Wonderland… though none had such a detailed image of a game -- baseball. Eating rodents was a perk for me as I remember that guinea pig i [...]

    12. Jeff is a young boy who lost his father a year ago. While looking through his father’s office, he is transported to a strange new and dangerous world. He soon discovers that though futuristic (flying cars and disappearing toilet seats), society is in trouble and war is coming, whether they like it or not.I really enjoyed this story. I'm a massive fan of quirky and this tends to slip into this young adult adventure to catch the reader pleasantly by surprise you'll get what I'm talking about whe [...]

    13. I’ve just finished reading Land of Nod, and I must say it left me with the same feeling most good readings do… a sense of regret that here wasn’t more to read, and a wish for the sequel to come out soon.It’s been a long time since I read a sci-fi book that appealed so much to me… light enough on the scientific side not to get boring for somebody who, like me, doesn’t like techology and science very much, and yet really powerful on the adventure side and with a very good, enthralling [...]

    14. I started this book with slight trepidation, it was my first sci-fi and i really didn’t know what to expect. However, this was short-lived; a couple of pages in and i was completely hooked. I felt as if i had stepped into a portal of my own, and then taken on an incredible journey. What a ride!I was introduced to a teenage super hero, strange creatures, advanced technology, a war between Continents (with a difference) and a whole lot of fast paced adventure!This is an amazing book that could b [...]

    15. This is a fun, easy read. The pace is fast. The plot skims along happily and takes the reader with it on a crazy ride. I like books that take you to different worlds filled with imagined things – my fave books of childhood were all of that type – so I really enjoyed this one. I wanted more at the end, so the ‘to be continued’ note was good for me! I think readers of various ages are going to like this book. The main characters are likeable and well drawn. The plot is interesting. There [...]

    16. Well done YA adventure suited for adult consumption. It is difficult to pull off the dream/alternate reality hook, but Hoover does so brilliantly. Even if the opener isn't you cup, forget it: within a half-dozen pages you will be so caught up in the story you won't mind! Read it.

    17. Land Of Nod, The ArtiFact by Gary Hoover…The story starts out well, light and full of innocence, surrounding the experience of a 14 year old boy Jeff who has been haunted by terrifying dreams and facing sleepless nights ever since his father disappeared mystically. His father was a well renowned physicist , considered the smartest person on earth (as per Jeff browning), but not just because he was his dad, BUT because the society and people talked that way. Dr. Browning (Jeff’s father) is pr [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this e-book! I assume it was self-published; it could use a little better editing at times. But the story itself is really creative, and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I don't usually read books on the kindle or iPad or phone, but I think that's the only way this book is available, and I got it for $.99, which was a great idea, because now I'm willing to shell out the $2.99 for the sequel.SPOILER ALERT: There are shades of A Wrinkle in Time here, with a hero wh [...]

    19. Take The Chronicles of Narnia, Earthbound and Star Wars, mix it together and you might get something like Land of Nod.Land of Nod brings a boy (Jeff) with a baseball bat (Earthbound) with the help of a portal (Narnia) to another dimension. There he runs into strange and dangerous creature and also some humons who help him survive those beasts. Some of the people he encounters believe he's the persone from a given prophecy who may be the key to victory in a developing war (Star Wars).It isn't a t [...]

    20. Amazing book a gift from the wonderful author Gary Hoover this is the first book in the series & I have the three books one down two more to go. This book has the thrills also on the edge of your seat page turner and more. A wonderful story the very colourful characters will enthral you all the way and with every page you read. This exquisite book I would be so delighted to recommend this wonderful book and the others in this series to all my friends my sincere thanks to the wonderful author [...]

    21. I liked the book, it was an adventure packed, fast paced tale geared for young adults. It had suspense, a little comedy, and the author created a sense of urgency to wanting to find out how it ends. I would read it to my young grandchildren, but would use caution with the nightmarish episodes Jeff experiences. And there would be a few sentences I would skip over if reading to a youngster, otherwise it's a good fairy tale, with monsters, heroes, a search, and relationships. He does a good job on [...]

    22. I tend to like sci-fy/fantasy's if there's a whole lot of reality in them too. Gary did a wonderful job with this story mixing reality and sci fi/fantasy, letting us see it from a boy's view of things happening giving an innocence to the story you wouldn't get from a very sceptical adult's view (like me!). Which made it more believable. Once it went into the "other" world I felt like I had an animation or comic book in my head as Gary described the things Jeff came upon. The end is written nicel [...]

    23. This was my first book I purchased from Smashwords. After finishing this entertaining story of a young son's journey to find his father in another dimension, I was hook. I been trying to find another as good as this but some are a close call, his is the master and I am not even a sci-fiction reader. It opened many other portals to me and I enjoy relating with this author and his creative works. This one is in my library and actually is helping me to improve my creativity too. Thank you Gary.

    24. What a great adventure! I received this gem directly from the author (thanks Gary!) and now I can't wait to read the next installation in what proves to be a fantastically unique and humor-laden series. The imaginative details are intriguing, giving the reader a crystal clear picture of an unparalleled landscape and unconventional characters (I would love to have a bathroom from this world, it's that cool). The injections of quirky humor alone are worth the trip! Cheers to you Gary, on your acco [...]

    25. Great young adult fantasy. The story captures your imagination and the characters are likable, of course I have my favorite one. You are sucked into a demension where all is strange yet familiar. You feel like it's a place you can call home, if you're not eaten by rodent sized T-Rex or jellyfish that fall from trees, first. This book is the first book in a trilogy but it doesn't leave the reader with too many unanswered questions. It has a good storyline that flows and can stand alone, but this [...]

    26. I loved the down the rabbit hole aspect of this book. A portal opens up into another dimension Jeff Browning discovers another world where everything is the same, but slightly different. The plot moved quickly and kept me turning my electronic pages right up to the end. My only disappointmente sequel isn't out yet. It felt like the stage was being set for a battle of epic proportions and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    27. Fun book, read it through on a cold blustery day, enjoying hot tea and fresh cookies. Had to start second book as soon as I gave myself some excersise. I like Jeff Browning and how he handles what is happening to him. He seems to lack confidence but grows in courage throuout the book. Highly recommend to those attempting to get their children to read. And the fact that it is a Trilogy makes it that much better.

    28. During the first couple chapters, I wasn't too impressed, and thought I might have mischosen. I kept on reading, and was glad I did. This is a different kind of story, rather like a coming of age, by alternate reality fire, about a boy, looking for his missing father. It's also kind of like a low grade super hero story, without the full blown supernatural abilities. Read it, and see what YOU think. I can't wait for the next book of this adventure.

    29. Fourteen year old Jeff Browning decides to look for clues to his missing father and finds a doorway into another dimension, one populated by fantastic creatures and an advanced society of humans. Jeff finds himself in difficult situations as he hunts for clues to finding his father. A great sci-fi adventure for all to be had.I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the next book.

    30. The narrative take into custody your mind's eye and the characters are congenial. You are sucked into a aspect where all is weird and wonderful yet proverbial. You experience like it's a consign you can identify abode. This paperback is the opening volume in a trilogy but it has a good quality plot that stream and can be on your feet single-handedly.

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