Partly Cloudy: Poems of Love and Longing

Partly Cloudy Poems of Love and Longing A poignant humorous collection by acclaimed poet Gary SotoThe fleeting emotions of teenagers as changeable as the weather ring true in these emotionally resonant poems Told from the point of view o

  • Title: Partly Cloudy: Poems of Love and Longing
  • Author: Gary Soto
  • ISBN: 9780152063016
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A poignant, humorous collection by acclaimed poet Gary SotoThe fleeting emotions of teenagers, as changeable as the weather, ring true in these emotionally resonant poems Told from the point of view of both boys and girls, narrators of various ethnicities fall in love for the first time, pine over crushes, and brood over broken hearts Tender, lighthearted, and surprisingA poignant, humorous collection by acclaimed poet Gary SotoThe fleeting emotions of teenagers, as changeable as the weather, ring true in these emotionally resonant poems Told from the point of view of both boys and girls, narrators of various ethnicities fall in love for the first time, pine over crushes, and brood over broken hearts Tender, lighthearted, and surprising, this collection will capture teens, tweens, and anyone who remembers what it s like to be a young person in love.

    One thought on “Partly Cloudy: Poems of Love and Longing”

    1. 2.5 starsA charming compilation of poetry for the younger teenage crowd. I found it to be cute, but nothing amazing. I probably would have enjoyed this more about a decade ago, when I could easily relate, but I didn’t enjoy poetry then, and this book didn’t exist anyways.

    2. I found this poetry collection by Gary Soto to be a perfect book for middle school students. I have always felt Soto did a great job writing books that were authentic to middle school students and this is no exception. Each poem in this collection is told from the perspective of an adolescent who is “in love.” The first half of the poems are written from the perspective of a girl while the second half of the poems are written from the perspective of a boy. The poems deal with puppy love, cru [...]

    3. Crystal Hansen, LS 583. Soto, G. (2009). Partly cloudy: Poems of love and longing. New York: Harcourt. Genre: poetry. Print book. Selected from "Beehive Award" list nominees.Gary Soto's book is divided into two perspectives. The first half of the collected poems are presented from the female point of view, and the second half are voiced from the male. All are vignettes, which capture something like a kiss, a moment, or a feeling. For example, one of the poems is about a girl pondering how people [...]

    4. Gary Soto’s Partly Cloudy is a collection of moments. Each poem surrounds an idle thought, a feeling, a wistful emotion. They are brief and somewhat fleeting. All focus around the central themes of love and the desire for intimacy. The first half of the book, subtitled “A Girl’s Tears, Her Songs” tells about love and longing from the female point of view. This section is filled with lighthearted emotion and secret thoughts. When many of these poems are beautifully phrased, some of the fe [...]

    5. Have had the arc for 7 years and just never got around to it. Also haven't read any Soto in a long time. My middle schoolers would have loved the book.

    6. This book is a great book! In this book it details poetry throughout as a whole. This book would be recommended to any teenager that is feeling lost. I really enjoyed this book because it laced out poetry and was easy to understand. I believe any teenager going throughout a breakup or in love with someone should read this. However, I don't like how this book is so short and leaves you hanging on the edge of the end of the book. The poetry is easy to relate to and as you're reading the book you c [...]

    7. Writing in the voice of a thirteen-year-old is tricky, I imagine. However, many of these poems felt trite and/or condescending. It just didn't do it for me.

    8. I would say that this is a good poetry book about love but it was not my favorite. It was not my favorite because I wasn't sure if it was the same person every time or if they were all different. I enjoyed it because many of the poems were relatable. I give it a 3/5. This book is poetry.

    9. I think this was an awesome, very refreshing poetry. Reading it was a pleasure. Girls' poems are a little better than boys'.

    10. ------------please ignore this review because poetry is highly subjective and please never be discouraged by this reader's rambbling----------well, it didn't ring true to meand didn't feel honest.felt as if it was trying too hard to impress and oh those cliché expressions it felt to me this book was just full of ornaments or quilt consistingof various candies. sugar coatingand in terms of the technique or language or imagery, it was disappointing and sometimes, there seemed no focusd is it voic [...]

    11. This refreshing collection of poems transported me back to those innocent, anxious moments between being a child and becoming an adult. The author captured the excitement of the first kiss, the devastation of a breakup, the wondering if "he" likes me, the yearning when "she" is away. The first part, "A Girl's Tears, Her Songs", was written from a young woman's perspective. The second part, "A Boy's Body, His Words", was written from the perspective of a young man. This is not a book of rhyming p [...]

    12. Partly Cloudyis a book of poetry about love in the adolescent life. Divided into two parts, the first segment of the collection is written from the perspective of a teenage girl, while the second half is the voice of a boy. The varying opinions towards love are hilarious. For example, "First Kiss" talks of a girl spending hours telling her best friend about a moment that took seconds to occur: her first kiss (28). And then, a boy talks about falling in love with multiple girls and not knowing ho [...]

    13. This book was a really quick read. The poems were pretty short but I enjoyed a lot of them! All of the poems are love poems that, from my point of view, are written through the eyes of someone in either middle school or high school. The first half of the book is poems written from a girl's point of view and the second half is poems through a boy's point of view. Some poems are about the happier side of love and some are about the sadder side of love. I liked some of the poems in this book becaus [...]

    14. Gary Soto's poems explored some cute adolescent themes of "love and longing." I didn't find it to be deeply moving or intensely motivating, but it did hearken back to the silly, giggly, melty, buttery "love" feelings of adolescence. I was surprised that he could, at least to some degree, capture what it was like to be a thirteen-year-old female with her first unmanageable crush on a boy. It helped me recall the giddiness of crushes, and the intense feelings that come with our first attempts at b [...]

    15. Although I do love metaphors and symbolism, there wasn't enough moderation between figurative writing and "normal", direct writing. I was too caught up in trying to understand what Soto meant by each line he wrote to enjoy the story. One line that I do remember distinctively that I understood and loved was "From saying how much I love you. I have rings under my eyes" (p.90). Even though Soto took about a page and a half describing how tiring loving his crush was, I believe that in just those few [...]

    16. This was a sweet book of poetry separated into two sections, the first from the perspective of a teenage girl, the second from a teenage boy. I liked that distinction because it gave two sides of a story, even though the stories didn't necessarily overlap, and it gave a wider view of what love and growing up means. Perhaps what I liked best was that the boy and girl poems weren't all that different in the end. There were certainly some pieces in here that brought me back to my first love and bei [...]

    17. Half the book is from a girl's point of view and the other half is from the boy's point of view. Not a novel-in-verse - just a collection of poetry. I am sure middle schoolers would like it and maybe even early high schoolers, but it is more a girl book than anything else. I bet some of these poems could be used in the classroom, but I prefer the Mel Glenn novels-in-verse. My students love the poems in those books and when they find out all of them make a story, they actually read them. Boys rea [...]

    18. Super cute teen book full of poetry. I loved how Soto did a half of the book from a girl's point of view, and the other half from the boy's point of view. Would have been cool to see one side of the page as the girl and the boy's reflection on the opposing page. Having a similar poem, but different points of view I think would be a great second book to complement this oneen again, it may be too repetitious to have the same story, just different points of viewbut it'd be great to use from a teach [...]

    19. The book I read was Partly Cloudy by, Gary Soto. This book was a really good book, it's about love and how you can over come a heart break. In this book they were all poems. Partly Cloudy is a really easy book to relate to. This book helped me and made me better in ways I didn't even know. When you really get to understand this book it will help you a lot . They wrote poems about certain people , so I decided to write a poem about each of the girls in my group.

    20. This book was probably good to people who like poetry. But to people who don't really care for it, it was an alright book. None of the poems struck me as "Wow, this one's pretty interesting" they just sort of dragged on for me. And the poems about love I especially didn't like, they just seemed for slow and trnaquile and I don't particurly like that. I would reccammend this book to people who enjoy poetry though, they'll love it.

    21. This book came in new and I read it over lunch, debating about whether to put it in the children's room or teen. It's definitely borderline, and perfect for tweens. It was a little dramatic for me, but, really, that's just what I'd expect from a poetry book about love for 12-13 year olds. If I was in jr. high, I would probably have loved it, and felt very fancy reading poetry. :-)Off to see the teen librarian now, to see if she want this.

    22. "Oranges" is one of my all-time favorite poems. It can be found in an older collection by writer Gary Soto. Now he has a new collection of poetry out that is sure to be popular with the young and in-love. The first half of the book is from a girl's point of view, and the second half from a young man's. Partly Cloudy is a slim volume that can be read quickly, but will probably be savored at length for its insight into young love. Suitable for 8th graders and older.

    23. Two may be a bit harshybe a 3. I've been reading quite a bit of poetry lately so Gary Soto's was up against some tough competition. Most centered around young love, lost love, first love. I enjoyed them for the most part and there were one or two that stood out from the rest. I haven't returned it to the library though so I can pick out a couple of favorites. It did serve to remind me of every crush I've ever had though.

    24. A book of poems by Gary Soto divided into two sections: a Girl’s Tears, Her Song and A Boy’s Body, His Words, these short and lovely poems capture the voices of teenagers at all stages of love and longing, from first crushes to being in love to lost love. While the poems are meant to appeal to both boys and girls, the cover of sky blue clouds and a heart will probably throw off boys. The poems are appropriate for middle school and high school, with no overt sexual language or themes.

    25. This is a great book for April--poetry month--upcoming. The first half of the book are poems from the point of view of a teenage girl. The second half of the book are poems are from the point of view of a teenage boy. You can almost match up some of the poems from the first section with the second section! The poems are all about love--first love, first heart ache, how they feel in the presence of the opposite sex, how they try to show they care! Very sweet poems--an enjoyable fast read.

    26. Gary Soto excels at capturing the angst of teenagers. As adolescents try to understand what love is and figure out how affection affects them, they struggle. And as we all go through this phase of life (It takes some longer to figure out than others.), everyone who has ever been a teen makes deep connections with their own experiences.

    27. Seventy-seven poems, half from a girl's point of view and half from a boy's, touch on many moods of young teen love.I can imagine that a teenager in the throes of a crush or a full-blown love would find something to connect with here. A good title for libraries, but perhaps better not read all at once.

    28. There were some really awesome poems in here and some so-so ones but overall I enjoyed this collection. I think kids, especially middle school and high school girls, would love it. Very light and cute. Some poems are more romantic than others but none are too melodramatic. A good addition to a classroom library.

    29. I was forced to read a poetry book for English and I went into it thinking it would be awful, but out of all the poetry I have been forced to read this is one of the better ones. It isn't as confusing as poetry usually is and I somewhat enjoyed it. This book does a really good job at capturing the emotions of a teenager.

    30. This book tells the story of teenage relationships through the perspective of female and male teenagers. The poems do not make explicitly clear who the narrator is, or if they are telling a single story or multiple stories. However, teenage emotions are very well captured. The poems would be relatable for high school students.

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