Missing Thea and her dad are always on the move from one small Cariboo town to another trying to leave behind the pain of Thea s mom s death They never stay long enough in one place for Thea to make friends

  • Title: Missing
  • Author: Becky Citra
  • ISBN: 9781554693450
  • Page: 490
  • Format: None
  • Thea and her dad are always on the move, from one small Cariboo town to another, trying to leave behind the pain of Thea s mom s death They never stay long enough in one place for Thea to make friends, but when her dad gets work renovating a guest ranch on Gumboot Lake, she dares to hope that their wandering days are over At the ranch she makes friends with Van, a localThea and her dad are always on the move, from one small Cariboo town to another, trying to leave behind the pain of Thea s mom s death They never stay long enough in one place for Thea to make friends, but when her dad gets work renovating a guest ranch on Gumboot Lake, she dares to hope that their wandering days are over At the ranch she makes friends with Van, a local boy, and works hard to build the trust of an abused horse named Renegade When Thea unearths the decades old story of a four year old girl who disappeared from the ranch and was never seen again, she enlists Van to help her solve the mystery When some disturbing facts come to light, she finally starts to come to terms with the losses in her own life.

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    1. My granddaughter rated this book as 5 stars. She's 12 and loves horses, and that is understandable. I put myself in her place and rated it 4 stars. It was a bit young for my tastes, but I did enjoy it and got caught up in the mystery. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt. I would have liked it fleshed out a bit more. After Thea's mother dies in a riding accident, she and her father leave everything behind and move from town to town and job to job. There's no time for Thea to make new friends be [...]

    2. Missing is a very cute novel about a girl, Thea and her father who are always one the move. When they arrive at a ranch things start to change. Thea befriends an abused horse, makes friends at school- and her father shows signs of wanting to settle down. While on the ranch Thea and her newfound friend Van discover a mystery regarding the disappearance of a young girl, and work together to find some answers. I found this a very cute novel. Citra is able to write emotions into every scene, and the [...]

    3. This honestly the best BEST MYSTERY BOOK I EVER READ!!! This was a quick and easy read. It had so much emotion to it, and even to the characters. My friend recommended "Missing", to be and I'm quite grateful that she did. I LOVE Thea and Van their perfect. I could feel how they feel, their emotions were amazing. Indeed. 5 stars!!!!

    4. This book is good for several reasons, here are two.1. The author described everything so well and i could picture every part of the book.2. All characters were mentioned enogh so that you get a feel of what there like and who they are.Mising is about a girl named thea and her father. Thea and her dad moved all the time from town to town, trying to forget the past. They never stay anywhere for Thea to make any friends and shes always new. But, alot changes when they meet the new owner of a guest [...]

    5. I loved Missing, it was an amzing mystery about a 13 year old girl, Thea. Thea and her dad move alot, ever since her mom died. thea's dad finds work, they get a home, then when he gets fired or someone gets off of there break/holiday/year off, they move again looking for help wanted signs and a new home but when Thea and her dad are living in a small town, working in a resturant a man comes in and changed Thea's dad's options by asking for help at an old horse ranch. Later finds out about a disa [...]

    6. This book may just be appealing to horse lovers at first, but I can truly tell you that it's not all about a girl and her horse. It's actually partial mystery and partial a girl moves in to a new town type of book. I will admit that this book was not my top pick when I looked at the other books, but even when I started reading it, it wasn't what I expected at all. All and all this book is just great and just a bit Miss leading.

    7. I really enjoyed this book. I think that the students reading Silver Birch will really like it as well. It is very age appropriate but still has lots of depth and excitement which isn't always the case for the books written for students in the junior grades. I will be passing this book along to lots of the students in the new year.

    8. Read this as a 20 year old college student, no biggie it was very mature for it's audience, in an amazing way. I really enjoyed it. I'd recommend it to any horse crazy child or child at heart.

    9. CAUTION: CONTAINS MILD SPOILERSI was completely hooked on this book, with the dark secrets, odd disappearances, and lying strangers; until the end. Thea and her father are constantly moving, until her father finds work helping fix up an old ranch that is going to be reopened, and for Thea, the best part about the ranch is the horse. While cleaning, she discovers old guestbooks, and a very old news article, reporting a young girl that had gone missing. Thea continues to unearth this 50-year-old m [...]

    10. This was a fun little book that worked pretty well, despite having far too many threads. The horse thread didn't really feel relevant to the rest of the story, but was actually the most interesting part (probably because it's what the author loves and knows best). And I kept feeling like it would become relevant that the friend was in a youth group and our heroine was a bit weirded out about religion, but that part was never resolved at all. (The main thread was a murder mystery, and probably th [...]

    11. Thea's story is real and important. She's just a kid, but she watches, thinks, feels, and acts with thought and heart and determination. Van is a fine character, too, a boy with a solid sense of right and fun. The mystery threads through the story line a current through a stream, always there, visible, strong, important, but not the stream (or the story) itself. Becky Citra is a fine storyteller and writer. I enjoyed Never to Be Told, and I liked this book even better. Waiting for the next one!

    12. One of the best books ever I felt really bad for her at the beginning but once she picked up that mystery about that little girl gone missing I couldn't put the book down I also loved how she made that bond with that horse. I am I horse lover and I know there is nothing stronger than a bond between a girl and her horse I think everyone should read this book It is absolutely THRILLING!!!

    13. I thought Missing was a fantastic story! I think it was worth reading. This book is about a young girl named Thea. Thea's dad gets a job working at the double R guest ranch. Thea finds out that a girl was killed at the ranch and her body was never found. While Thea's dad works on building the cabins Thea explores the grounds and trys to gain trust from a mysterios horse with a bad past. While at the ranch Thea finds some friends too.

    14. This book was just Amazing. I loved how there was two adventures happening at once. The mystery about Lavia would not let me put the book down. Thea working with the horse had me wishing I could do that. Thea was a very nice girl. She loved horses and a bit of adventure. Van was a caring friend, son and grandson. He seemed to never let anyone down. This book was very interesting and adventuress. This book will have you sad it's not a part of a series.

    15. This book was awesome!! It was really interesting because it had a little bit of a mystery to it. I also liked the characters. My favourite was Thea because she is a really nice girl.I thought she was nice because she tried to help a abused horse. This book was awesome and if you like horses you might like this book.

    16. I really liked this book because it starts out as a normal girl in her normal life but then when she goes to the the Double R Guest Ranch every thing changes.I like the mystery because when they investigate the mystery just keeps geting bigger and bigger.It gets more interesting as the story goes on.Im not a big fan of horse books but this one was good.

    17. Great read for kids in grades 4-6. Thea and her Dad are always moving from one town to another after her mom dies. When her dad gets a job fixing up cabins on the ranch, Thea makes to friends- Van the boy on the next ranch and Renegade the abused horse Tully the ranch owner has saved from cuelty. Citra has written and a great story afor kids.

    18. I Really like missing. it is a book about a girl named thea and her father is out of work and he gets asked to a job at a ranch. he takes it and thea meets a horse named renegade. then she finds a decades old mystery and tries to uncover it with some help from a person who comes to the ranch when they are fixing it up. I rated missing a 5/5.

    19. Surprisingly good children's book which has a horse in it, but the main hero(ine) is a girl who lives with her father and tries to find out what happened to a little girl who went missing 50 years ago.The story is interesting and well-written, unlike many "horse" theme girls' books. My daughter recommended this one to me and she was right.I have to add, it was a bit scary for her.

    20. About a teenage girl that is having some trouble times in her lifee moves once again to a lake front, run down ranch so her father can work and get moneynds out about a mystery that leads her to an islande meets friends along the waycluding a horse that learns to trust again. Not only does she heal herselfbut she heals those around herloved this book!!!

    21. Very easy - very quick readok a little over two hours from start to finish is simple but involvedrhaps a fourth grade summer reading listI felt for the old man and how cruel the whole history of the story had been for him.g exonerated finally - while a blessing - could not ever erase the pain inflicted.

    22. I love this book! Especially because of the mystery in it and I love mystery books! I found this book in my school library and I only got it because it had a horse on it- and I love horses- so I picked it out, but what I found out was never judge a book by its cover literally. I really love it and I hope to be getting my own copy or book of my own.

    23. It was alright, but the author didn't write the main character really bright to see the clues that were right in front of her, and she made training a horse seem so easy it was actually hysterical to read.

    24. I really enjoyed this book from a Canadian author. Just the right balance of horse story, mystery, and family secrets make for a story that instantly grabbed me and held my attention. I love the book design, also. This one works!

    25. I totally loved this book! I recommande it to everyone who love mystery, suspense, background life and a little tint of love:& I read this book very fast and really adore it<3 I'd read it again anytime excellent book

    26. I think this book was very good! It was a mystery and I love mystery books. You could really connect with the story, and you could imagion you in the story as if you were right there when it all went down.

    27. Highly recommend! Engaging mystery. Believable characters. The author's knowledge of horses shines. The main character, Thea, is someone I'd like to have been friends with.

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