Pre: The Story of America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine

Pre The Story of America s Greatest Running Legend Steve Prefontaine For five years no American runner could beat him at any distance over a mile But at the age of with his best years still ahead long distance runner Steve Prefontaine finally lost Driving alone a

  • Title: Pre: The Story of America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine
  • Author: Tom Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780875964577
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • For five years, no American runner could beat him at any distance over a mile But at the age of 24, with his best years still ahead, long distance runner Steve Prefontaine finally lost Driving alone at night after a party, Prefontaine crashed his sports car, putting a tragic, shocking end to the life and career of one of the most influential, accomplished runners of ourFor five years, no American runner could beat him at any distance over a mile But at the age of 24, with his best years still ahead, long distance runner Steve Prefontaine finally lost Driving alone at night after a party, Prefontaine crashed his sports car, putting a tragic, shocking end to the life and career of one of the most influential, accomplished runners of our time From his humble origins in Coos Bay, Oregon, Pre became the first person to win four NCAA titles in one event Year after year, he was virtually unbeatable Instead of becoming one of the new breed of professional track athletes, Pre chose to stay amateur and fight for the adequate funding he felt American amateur athletes deserved But Pre not only touched runners his exciting racing technique as well as his maverick lifestyle made him a favorite of the fans A race with Prefontaine in it was automatically an event This is his story.

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    1. This book has a lot of problems. Let's begin with the first one -- it's poorly written.I went into this book very excited -- I love running. Prefontaine is a huge inspiration. But the details of his life and character are very flimsy -- the author doesn't even include one interview from Pre's family or key head coaches -- a very telling omission. Instead, we are stuck getting bombarded with times, a few rivalries that don't seem to amoung to much and are interchangeable as we learn so little abo [...]

    2. It seems to me that Steve Prefontaine merits a high quality biography. His story is the stuff of legends, so much so that high school cross-country kids wear "Pre Lives" shirts from Nike not fully aware of who the guy is. For five years, Pre remained undefeated in the U.S. at any distance over one mile. He ran two 10K races. In the first, he set the American record. He never won on the biggest international stage, the Olympics, but he had the unfortunate timing of being at Munich and he died bef [...]

    3. You want inspiration…read this book. Steve Prefontaine or as fans call him Pre was one of the most famous athletes of the early 1970s and well on his way to becoming more than an athlete but an activist who would made a real impact on the world before his untimely death just prior to the summer games of 1974. Trust me read this book and you’ll become a Pre fan, a Pre historian, & you’ll lace up your shoes and want to go on a jog. I’ll leave you with his quote, that will make you want [...]

    4. This book was terribly disappointing. The book could have been written by a computer. It was just a jumble of times, records, and slight commentary in between. Hardly anything was written about besides Pre's accomplishments on the track. I didn't get a sense of Pre the person, who he was off the track, which is what is usually included in a biography. Childhood, a fascinating period in any legend's life, was covered in a few references to records broken on the track and in cross country. Pre des [...]

    5. This is such a great story that I remember growing up with and hearing about from my coaches. I remember watching the movie and thinking about how fascinating Pre was. Unfortunately, for me, I felt like this book was kind of all over the place and focused too much on individual events. Would have liked to hear a little bit more about Pre as a person and have some more closure to the ending.

    6. This little book accomplished what the author set out to do, that is to provide a glimpse into the life and running career of Steve Prefonaine. It's a tale of triumph and tragedy, ending like no fictional story ever would. That's the problem with real life; sometimes the endings suck.I remember learning about Prefontaine's death. I was mad at him for months because he died late at night while driving drunk. Ever since his gutsy run at the Munich Olympics I had been looking forward to see what he [...]

    7. What an incredible person. I've always been fascinated by Steve Prefontaine. After reading the book I am even more fascinated by him. His story is so great, an underdog from Coos Bay Oregon. He was an incredible runner, and it was because he gave 120 percent to everything he did. And the people of Oregon loved him for it. Thousands of people would show up at the University of Oregon to watch him run. He called his fans his people, and he did everything he could not to let them down. He was an in [...]

    8. Definitive (really only) biography of Steve Prefontaine. An inspirational figure whose life was cut short in a controversial car crash after a night of partying. He brought a new style to running that led a boom of popularity across the US and took down the AAU which had been mistreating athletes for years. The book, however, disappoints. Pre is a true hero of mine so I was unhappy to find out this very short read was basically laced with facts you could find anywhere on the internet and mostly [...]

    9. When I first picked up this book I couldn't put it down. At the time it was a first for me. Way better than the movies about him. This man wanted to race the best because he believed down to his bones that he had more guts than anyone on the track to win. By racing the best, he made himself betterazing book.

    10. A tragic biography of a world class runner cut down in the prime of his life. I love all things PRE! Read the book then read Bowerman and the Men of Oregon. Then watch Without Limits and Prefontaine.

    11. This book read like an over-long, uninspired AP article. Jordan did a great job of sticking to the facts, but I was hoping for backstory instead of just a rundown of his athletic achievements.

    12. I've heard people talk about Steve Prefontaine but I'd never read his story. "Pre: The Story of America's Greatest Running Legend" is filled with lots of Pre's statistics, names of other runners and races he ran. What it lacks is much biographical information about the person. And maybe that is because Steve Prefontaine was loved by many but known by few. I do feel like I've taken a glimpse into his life. I loved hearing the stories of his intense training, mental preparation, "running your guts [...]

    13. i moderately enjoyed this book. as a runner, i definitely noticed, and related to the struggle of running represnted throughout the book. i can see it being an inspiration to other runners who don't think they can accomplish there goals of running, whether it be running for fun or a lifetime of running for medals. this book was written in a way easily understood with minimal parts causing confusion. if youre looking for a book about the strength and passion.

    14. Read this in preparation for running the marathon in Eugene, OR. The race finishes at Hayward Field. With that and a visit to Pre's rock, my trip was complete. This is probably not a good casual read as it is mainly details about racing and Pre's strategy and training. He died so young there really isn't all that much about his personal life. Another tragedy - he died way too young.

    15. Quick read, good information, but not told in a terribly compelling way. Sure, I know how it ends, but the writer could still attempt to invoke a little emotion. Reading about Pre still gets to me, either way, and I enjoyed getting a more statistical approach to how his track and cross country career unfolded. It felt like more of a reference book about his races. I'll leave it at that.

    16. Good book about a great runner. Not the best writing, but a quick read. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight about Nike was better and also touched on Pre, though not nearly this much detail.

    17. It's about the man.This one goes into some detail about Pre as a person, another example of how people we hold up as icons are still people.

    18. Steve Prefontaine, was one of America's most decorated and beloved runners. Steve, commonly known as "Pre", set the most American records in running at the time and remained unbeatable in any distance over a mile for over 2 years in the U.S. This book tells the life of Pre from his childhood in Coos Bay, Oregon, his budding interest in cross-country which would end in the state championship and an undefeated season his senior year, to his time as an amateur athlete when it was commonly known as [...]

    19. Grant YersinILS Period 411/14/16Tom Jordan's “Pre”Pre is about one of America’s greatest running legends Steve Prefontaine and is a biography style book from his middle school life until after his death. It talks about his hometown of Coos bay, Oregon and his college town of Eugene, Oregon. It talks about his life experiences around the world and the challenges he faced as a runner.It starts off by giving background information on his parents and small town he grew up in. It says that the [...]

    20. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”- an ideology that drove the relentless training and racing style of famous American runner Steve Prefontaine. This U.S. Olympian, who grew up in Coos Bay, California, made his mark on Track and Field running the 5K and exhilarating all spectators lucky enough to see him race. Although Steve Prefontaine is no longer with us, his influence lives on and sets a precedent for runners today. Tom Jordan relates the amazing story of th [...]

    21. This book is more about the races Pre ran rather than his "life story". (Although his life was running) It includes a great list of races he ran and his times.

    22. PRE is a biographical novel written about the famous distance runner, Steve Prefontaine. The book creates a timeline of his Steve’s life from the day he was born in Coos Bay Oregon, to the day he died in Oregon as well. Steve was an all star distance runner at Marshfield High School, and at Oregon College. He had set many American records on the track but was never able to medal at the Olympics. The day he died he had planned on running at the Olympics in Montreal, but had died in a tragic car [...]

    23. A great insight into a great runner. He comes across as tough and hard working, with a bloody mindedness that rubbed some up the wrong way. To beat him you had to run hard and fast, none of this sprint out at the end stuff. Sadly he died very young in a car crash. Although a good read, I still could have done with more of the man and less of the races.

    24. What was contained within these pages was very enjoyable. However, once you back out the pictures, you are left with only 110 pages to describe someone who is basically the James Dean of American running. And I don't think that's enough.This is someone who was known almost as much for his on and off the track personality as he was for his running. And this book didn't focus as much as it should have on that aspect.Almost missing entirely is his relationship with his coach, Bill Bowerman (the fou [...]

    25. A short book covering the tragically shortened life of one of America's most dynamic runners. I decided to read this book for some pre-marathon (pardon the pun) motivation and it worked as an easy read about an inspiring character.However, the book is a very straightforward biography written at times like a long newspaper article, particularly when detailing his year to year racing progression. The chapters and sections that focus on Pre as an individual and that provide quotes either from him o [...]

    26. I would have enjoyed a more rounded biography on Steve Prefontaine. Although the details of many of his greatest races were interesting. They gave a sense of the excitement you would have felt if you were one of the lucky people who actually got to watch him run. But I felt there was a lot more about him that was left untold. I didn't feel like I knew him any better after reading this short book. It was certainly thorough in covering his track career but there was something missing.I did like th [...]

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