The Complete Book of Running For Women

The Complete Book of Running For Women A comprehensive guide exclusively for women who experience the pure joy of running or want to More women than ever are discovering the unique benefits of running for stress relief weight management

  • Title: The Complete Book of Running For Women
  • Author: Claire Kowalchik
  • ISBN: 9780671017033
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • A comprehensive guide exclusively for women who experience the pure joy of running or want to.More women than ever are discovering the unique benefits of running for stress relief, weight management, endurance, and self esteem Women s bodies are not the same as men s, and though we can train just as hard and with the same passion for excellence, we have certain specialA comprehensive guide exclusively for women who experience the pure joy of running or want to.More women than ever are discovering the unique benefits of running for stress relief, weight management, endurance, and self esteem Women s bodies are not the same as men s, and though we can train just as hard and with the same passion for excellence, we have certain special concerns.It s the simplest, fastest, most accessible way to fitness and good health known to woman You don t need a partner, equipment, or even much time Now, Claire Kowalchik, former managing editor of Runner s World magazine, answers every question about the overwhelmingly popular activity that builds endurance, melts fat, and even prevents illness In this total running book for women, you ll learn How to get started and stay motivated What to eat for optimal nutrition How to run during pregnancy and after menopause Why running is the most effective form of exercise How to prevent and treat injury What to wear from sports bras to running shoes How to prepare for everything from a 5K to a marathonAuthoritative and friendly, The Complete Book of Running for Women is a sourcebook for both beginners and long time runners Along with wisdom drawn from the author s personal experience, you ll find advice from the experts coaches, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, doctors, and other women runners Including question and answer sections and a complete list of resources, The Complete Book of Running for Women tells you everything you need to know to be off and running toward better health and richer living.

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    1. Bullet Review:Besides a basic "walk to 5K" that you could find for free on Google and a fantastic essay by Kathrine Switzer, the first official female runner in the Boston Marathon, this is pretty repetitive and meh. The science is old (yoga is bad for runners! Vegetarians will have trouble getting good quality calcium without red meat!), the book is outdated (no mention of smartphones, health monitors like FitBits and an archaic section on "safety"), the essays (except for Switzer) are what you [...]

    2. When this book arrived in the mail, my husband took one look at the title and said, “Why would I run for women? I’ve already caught one.” Yuk-yuk. Anyway, while I confess that I skipped a few bits (like the chapter on running while pregnant and the training schedule for a marathon), I found it full of helpful and motivating advice on everything from buying running shoes, to what and when to eat, to increasing mileage without overdoing (particularly as an old fogey--there was even a chapter [...]

    3. Reasonably good, but pitched a bit above my ability level, despite the blurb. Ssorry, but when the writer describes something as being valid "even if you're only running a slow, relaxed 10-minute mile - which equates to 9.6km/h in metric" , and I'm struggling to manage 8-8.5km/h, then, yeah, that's going to make me feel crazy slow.That said, there's good information in that really is female-focussed - running during pregnancy or menopause; potential issues with amenorrhoea; women-centred clothin [...]

    4. I think I have more enthusiasm for running than I have for this book, but it did add fuel to the fire and provide me with some good facts and training programs. There is definitely information in there that I will revisit every time I want to get to a new level of training. In that sense, it's like a women's running bible. On the other hand, it probably has more impact for a woman who is not already running or isn't active at all. It could be very inspirational - after all, it's about an inspiri [...]

    5. "The strength [that comes from running] permeates the rest of your life."I found this book on a friends bookshelf, it was published in 1999 and despite having a few antiquated parts—like keeping a running log on paper—it's a pretty good read. There's a lot of aspects to running in here that I found motivating and informative which perhaps might change my casual jogging mindset into something more dedicated and purposeful—a runner, in pursuit of whatever level of runner I choose to be. Novi [...]

    6. I'm yet again trying to become a runner. For those unaware, I hate running, but I feel like I need to overcome that hatred, so every couple of years I try to like running (and this time I might have succeeded). Anyway, after some of my own weird injuries from life in general and hearing horror stories of gnarly injuries from former runners, I'm determined to do this whole running thing the right way, and this book frequently popped up in my attempts to find a good manual for beginners. It's not. [...]

    7. This book was okay. At first I liked that it seemed to be geared towards women intimidated by exercise, and addressed the psychological barriers and issues many women face, but after awhile I got frustrated with that. Although I personally have about 26.2 tons of issues surrounding exercise and my own complete lack of athleticism and physical coordination, I also like to push myself and get bored quickly without a sense of challenge. Like a lot of female-geared sport stuff ("Good job!"), the ton [...]

    8. I'm giving this one only 2 stars. Any beginning runner who read this book would quit I'm sure when they look at the time statistics and goal paces. This book is not for the beginner. I've been running for 4 years and I find the goals intimidating. The author should concentrate more on getting women to try running. Also found the information regarding whether to do or not do yoga false. In one sentence she says don't do yoga, it keeps the muscles soft and supple which is not what a runner wants. [...]

    9. I recently started running again after a long, long hiatus. I'd run in grad school, but running then was more about getting together with a friend to unwind and vent about our classes than it was about improving endurance or speed. This time around, I'm more interested in all aspects of running, so I picked up this book to tell me how it's done.The book contains a lot of useful information for beginners. I especially found the stretching and strength training info helpful. It also gave great inf [...]

    10. This book was really just okay in my opinion. I'm a sometimes runner. I really enjoy running but often a minor injury or busy life will put me off running for weeks and sometimes longer. When I get back to running, I like to read something that encourages my state of mind as well as my body. I don't think the book is meant for runners like me - there is too much time spent on getting faster, running longer, training for races and being more competitive. At my fittest, I run 5k three times a week [...]

    11. I bought the Kindle version of this as I thought is would be a great reference book to have with me constantly. It is a good book and I would heartily recommend it for beginners to running or for people that want more information. However as a subscriber to Runners' World magazine I am aware of most of the information within this book and it didn't contain much new material.It is also written by an American and refers to American races, clothings and foodstuffs/drinks - which isn't so good livin [...]

    12. A little datedGreat motivation and training tips/regimens. Only drawback is that many of the studies quoted were from 1990s, although I smiled a bit every time she mentioned I shouldn't run with a cassette player. Parts seemed repetitive and there seemed to be periods with little to no new information. All and all I still felt the book offered motivation and solid information.

    13. Worth getting from your local library, this book emphasizes running for enjoyment and health benefits, not to get skinny. There's a great section on women and body image that confronts what the media tells us we should look like. Other than that it's a friendly and encouraging look at running for women who are just starting out.

    14. A really great resource to have in hand for nutrition, training plans, strength training program, injury prevention, etc. Could benefit from some updates but largely still very valuable and relevant. Loved the ending with a brief history of women in running and an essay by Katherine Switzer - so inspiring!

    15. Here's to good sports bras! In 1997, Moving Comfort (manufacturer of women’s sports apparel) introduced the Athena Bra for women with a C, D, or DD cup who participate in such high-impact sports as running. Its design separates and supports the breasts with two form-fitting cups. It provides good coverage and is made from a nylon/Lycra mesh lined with breathable fabric that provides good motion control and doesn’t chafe. Champion offers an underwire support bra in seizes 32 to 42 and cups C [...]

    16. As someone who has been seriously running for almost two years I didn't think that this books would have anything to offer me. I was thankfully mistaken!This book provided helpful insight for runners of all levels and goals. What I found the most beneficial was the advice that was supplied in regards to maintaining running while staying busy with family and relationships. While I am not a married woman and I don't have any children I strongly admire the woman who keep running involved in their l [...]

    17. I read almost all of this, except for the section on shoes, which I sneered at, and the race training schedules, which didn't seem relevant since I won't qualify for a race for a hundred years at least. Re shoes: I wonder if runners will ever see the absurdity in asking someone who sells shoes for a living, probably on commission, for advice about buying shoes. Shoes a little worn on the outside of the sole? You need better shoes. You won't get advice on shortening your stride or practicing bare [...]

    18. I bounced between three stars and four for this book. It is one of the better running books I've read, yet is somewhat out of date. Most books, articles, magazines and blogs I have found are geared toward the more experienced runner. Though many claim to help the beginner, it seems as though they dedicate a chapter to the beginner and then jump right into training for that first marathon. I think it can both discourage some, and yet over-motivate others to push too hard in the beginning. I like [...]

    19. The Complete Book of Running for Women is a phenomenal guide. Designed for women who have some background in distance running (e.g through high school sports), this book provides a wealth of knowledge around how to run, train, eat, and rest/recuperate to help minimize injuries and enable a continued love of running. This book is not designed, however, for the very casual runner, the gym runner, or the New-Year's-resolution runner. If you hate running or only run/jog at the gym or for basic exerc [...]

    20. A terrific book for those who are "serious" about running. By serious, I mean running to set records - either personal or race-running. I would think twice about reading this book if your main goal is 'merely' to run for fun and improve your health. As someone who is relatively new to running (started about 2 months ago), a lot of it was regarding running at a level I don't really aspire to attain. I run for fun and for the health benefits, but have no interest in racing.Kowalchik is obviously k [...]

    21. This book was OK, but it wasn't what I was looking for. As the title promises, Kowalchik focuses on "women's" issues in running, but she doesn't really get into the nuts and bolts of running itself. She offers valuable insight into Amenorrhea, which I've experienced myself and doesn't get very much exposure in the sphere of women's health issues, so I did appreciate that. She also spends a lot of time discussing safety and sexual predators, which some readers might appreciate, but didn't really [...]

    22. I am gobbling up running books. Why? I am looking for inspiration, motivation, and good tidbits that help me lace up my shoes.This book is good, but rather above my current pay grade. When the author states that you are in fact a runner even if you are running a slow, relaxed 10-minute mile pace, she lost me. Umm, would love to be that person, but am not. Yet.That being said, there is good information that is geared to situations that apply only to women: menstruation, pregnancy, menopause. Ther [...]

    23. A friend let me borrow this book because I've started running again and wanted to re-focus myself. Though the book is dated now in some areas (with tips for running with walkmans)the overall advice is terrific and it's written in a wonderful tone (maybe best described as girl chat?) that makes the information easy to digest. The fact that I read it in a single weekend because it kept me interested (and not just because I needed to read it) was pretty impressive. Perhaps the best thing for me was [...]

    24. I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if I was newer to the sport of running. I'm not an expert runner now, but I do have over a year of experience under my belt. The tips and encouragement provided are great, but definitely seems targeted toward female runners trying to build a running foundation.That being said, there are some tips (particularly on training and nutrition) in the book that will continue to be helpful as I continue training for various races. For that reason, I plan on holdi [...]

    25. Of the several recommendations I found on for a beginners guide to running, I chose this one. One, because it was designed specifically for women, and two, because it seemed to be written in English, rather than some foreign uber-exercise language that you could only understand if you had a degree in exercise science and an obsession with your percentage of body fat.I really like the book because it told me what I needed to get started and provides guidance for training at all levels. Even thou [...]

    26. This one gets an honorary review, since I read it almost a year and a half ago. I have never thought of myself as a "runner" but after reading this I realized I am! Probably the most inspiring book about running for me, as a woman. There is a wealth of information about everything women should consider - like running casually or competitively, training, cross-training, injuries, nutrition, and women's issues surrounding the different stages of our lives. It's topped off with highly inspirational [...]

    27. Really great book, very thorough, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to begin running seriously 5(5 or 10ks) and/or fine tune their perspectives about aspects of running. Me , on the other hand, I am still stuck right around 3 mile runs with my super weeniemom self. This book is for grown up runners with some serious time me thinks! :) Maybe I just hate running. I also was NOT happy about this book pointing that men are phisiologically superior to women. Let that be known! Tha [...]

    28. I love this book! I've read through it twice all ready. If you're a woman who wants to stay healthy and has a desire to run, even the smallest, tiniest desire to run, this is a book you need to read. It covers all types of women - those who are busy, young women, older women, and pregnant women. It tells you what you need to eat, as a woman, to stay healthy as a runner. It gives you different stretches and exercises that will help you as a runner, and it gives you general information that is ver [...]

    29. 4.5****/ This book was recommended to me and it has already improved my running. I have struggled with running for my entire life. Not only did I feel encouraged by this book, it feels like I am doing it in a wise and healthy way now. I wish there was more information regarding newer trends, like barefoot shoes, and this felt like a book for beginners (which I count myself as one). Otherwise I appreciate the review of nutrition and running plans that I may adopt depending on my goals. Great book [...]

    30. This is a great book for all the ladies out there who want to expand their knowledge about running. Covering all of the bases with jogging vs. running, specific life phases, techniques, attire, and racing, the book still managed to inspire me. It made me realize that yes, I can still run if I get busier. Yes, I can still run if I'm 50 or older. I can race if I want to. Because of this book, I seriously believe that I can do all of these things. Of course, since it's on everything, it didn't cove [...]

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