Easily Amused

Easily Amused When twenty nine year old Lola Watson unexpectedly inherits a rambling house in the suburbs she thinks her life just couldn t be perfect until her new neighbors make her their project a heartbroken

  • Title: Easily Amused
  • Author: Karen McQuestion
  • ISBN: 9780547745022
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • When twenty nine year old Lola Watson unexpectedly inherits a rambling house in the suburbs, she thinks her life just couldn t be perfect until her new neighbors make her their project, a heartbroken high school friend crashes indefinitely at her house, and her younger sister announces she s getting married, on Lola s thirtieth birthday Suddenly Lola s not so keenWhen twenty nine year old Lola Watson unexpectedly inherits a rambling house in the suburbs, she thinks her life just couldn t be perfect until her new neighbors make her their project, a heartbroken high school friend crashes indefinitely at her house, and her younger sister announces she s getting married, on Lola s thirtieth birthday Suddenly Lola s not so keen on her newfound domestic bliss But when she meets handsome, mysterious Ryan Moriarty, Lola dares to hope she s found the perfect guy to one up her sister and add a little spice back into her life.Karen McQuestion deftly blends romance and comedy in this delightful romp where love is discovered in the most unexpected of places.

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    1. I very nearly gave up on this. I found most of the characters unlikable- except the one we are suppose to dislike. The plot was beyond predictable and not well developed. (view spoiler)[I didn't have the issues with Lola others did, but Hubert OMG Hubert. Is anyone else disturbed/confused by this dude? He apparently is completely distraught over his ex-girlfriend who he had been living with for years and then very suddenly with no warning wants to marry Lola.I get that they go way back but the s [...]

    2. Easily Amused had a lot of potential. I'm 29 and I'm single and I'm a bit of a loner. Sure, I'm a guy who doesn't have a job he likes, a house, or a couple of women fawning over him, but everything else I can relate to. Basically, I liked the main character, but Lola was the only thing I liked.My biggest problem was the friend, Hubert. A huge chunk of the book involved him and I didn't like him. He was a mess after a bad breakup and he seemed to be a bit of a freeloader and kind of creepy in a s [...]

    3. 3.5. A fun, easy read. Great setup, but payoff not so much. The two rivals vying for the leading lady's attention are called Holmes and Moriarty. But there isn't much in the name of mystery here, making one question the usage (just to be diff? Darcy and Wickham would have done just fine). I couldn't help but feel that it could have been better exploited to further the plot. While most of the characters are well defined, Moriarty, the Wickham in this tale, is underdeveloped. His actions make litt [...]

    4. Normally I am satisfied with any silly chick lit book when I'm in the mood for it. I bought this book because it was cheap on the kindle. The writing was textbook and the story totally predictable but also incomplete. It felt like she ran out of time so just wrapped up the whole story in the last few pages. Overall pretty disappointing even when I went in with low expectations. Luckily it was over quickly and now I'll move on to much more inspired silly chick lit.

    5. 4.5 starsMy Review: I absolutely loved this novel. McQuestion captures the true essence of what Wisconsin neighborhoods are like. It seems like all neighborhoods are made up of; the nosey rosy neighbor, the mystery neighbor, the helper neighbor and the antisocial neighbor along with many others. McQuestion brings together a neighborhood filled with some unforgettable characters in an outstanding novel about family, love and friendship. When Lola inherits a house in the suburbs she has no idea wh [...]

    6. This book sounded adorable. Your typical unmarried, almost thirty woman finds herself with a few love interests, quirky neighbors and a total brat of a sister. It was adorable and funny for 2/3 of the book. I found myself laughing during the sister bantering and the way Lola described her kite date with Ryan.Then it all went downhill A discovery was made towards the end and the book just ended. Everything was resolved in a few sentences but I felt the ending was rushed. Why spend so much time bu [...]

    7. In the midst of a snowstorm and a blackout, I needed to read something that would require not thinking. At all. This was it. I really, truly disliked the main character - she was so self-absorbed and callous, no real emotion, who acts like humanity is an inconvenience. The neighbors seemed like they could have been developed into a more major part of the story (thus moving the focus away from Lola, which would have been a good thing) - I was sad to not get to see more of Brother Jasper and the c [...]

    8. I found the characters childish and shallow. I've finished the book, and while I love to read about anything, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. It feels like it's written by a teenager. The characters are so petty and childish and the ending was predictable. Also, it started really slowke, really, really slow, and then all of a sudden was in super fast mode at the end. Feels like it skipped a lot, and the plot wasn't substantial.

    9. I won this in a giveaway. Thank you very much. Lola's sister is a total b*tch. LOLThe ending happened exactly like I hoped it would. =)

    10. 7/19- I just started reading this book and I'm wondering if it's going to go in a good direction or a "roll my eyes" direction. I'm hoping for the former, but I'm getting a sense it might go in the latter. Will update.7/21 - finished. I don't recommend this book. Lola went from being ok at best to completely unlikeable with the way she thought everyone was a bother to her. Why would anyone (especially someone as nice as Hubert) want to be her friend when all she did was complain about people, th [...]

    11. Recently Karen McQuestion did an amazing thing. She shot through all the roadblocks writers usually encounter on the way to publishing a book and brought two of her manuscripts out on the Kindle, where they are selling briskly.Over the weekend, I downloaded Karen’s romantic comedy, Easily Amused, onto my husband’s iPhone through a free Kindle app and read it Sunday. I had to finish it for two reasons: one, I couldn’t put it down and two, my husband would be taking his phone to work on Mond [...]

    12. Sometimes the most frustrating reads can be the ones that take basically no chances at all, telegraph the ending from miles away, and end up being perfectly readable and serviceable while leaving you knowing the book could have been so much more.Such is the case with Easily Amused (a title that I don't feel makes a ton of sense at all), which is largely a paint-by-numbers love triangle romance. You have the loveable, flawed everywoman protagonist, one quirky person, one terrible person, and then [...]

    13. ***I won this book from as First Reads giveaway***Thank You to author Karen McQuestion for sending me a copy of her book "Easily Amused". I really enjoyed the story and think it would make a great movie as a ROM COM. Sometimes when you are busy looking for that PERFECT someone the person you end up with is the one right under your nose the whole time. After chasing her pretend fiancee Ryan just to get even with her wicked sister Mindy, Lola is terribly hurt and discovers that lesson before it's [...]

    14. This was the second book I read by McQuestion, and I enjoyed The Scattered Life so much more. I really didn't know where this book was headed for the first half to 2/3 of it. I liked the main character Lola, she's approaching 30, her younger sister is getting married and she feels a bit like an old maid. Lola has two wonderful friends, Piper and Hubertfelines from her youth that support and love her. Lola inherited her Aunt's home on King Street, and the neighbors and their quirkiness make for l [...]

    15. I grabbed this book while it was free. I hate to be the pooper in this but this is not my type of 'must read' stories. I'm not a fan of 'user/cheater' stories and I didn't feel for any of the characters in the story. I actually hated them all. Except for Hubert maybe. I just feel pity for him.However, the writing was excellent! The character build up was good (even though I hated them). The dialogue was wonderful. I just didnt like the story. There was no romantic feel to it. So this rating is n [...]

    16. Another free book Only like 5% in, and not optimistic.Finished. So glad I didn't spend money on it. It's like a Lifetime movie in book form. Two-dimensional characters, predictable plots, uninteresting writing. Easy reading though. Aside from the groan-inducing points. I can't believe it was intended as a book club book, with discussion questions at the end. Or maybe that means it was intended for high school students taking reading comprehension classes? That would be more appropriate.

    17. This book was written like a high school writing assignment. Extremely predictable, yet unrealistic plot; copious references to movies in lieu of detailed descriptions ("he leaned on the car like John Travolta in Grease"); and a generally unlikable protagonist.This book was really cheap on the Kindle because the author isn't signed with a publishing house. I bought it because it was cheap and it got good reviews. I guess there's a reason this author is unsigned.

    18. I hate the characters already. Huberta, that's really his name, is a pansy and is on the verge of crying at any moment. Lola is a bitch and Piper (again another horrible name) is obsessed with her child. I hope it gets better. Not sure how much more I can handle. just finished this bookHORRIBLE!!! The only good part was comparing his weiner to a dodger dog.

    19. I thought this book was awful. It was so light and fluffy and so utterly predictable it was almost pointless. Girl is lonely. Her sister is getting married. She is jealous. She finds a fake fiancee. But then gets feelings for him and her long time best friend. Sound familiar ? It should. This was a very quick read. I bought another book of hers and hope it is better!!!

    20. A light and quick chick lit. It was free on kindle so I read it. I felt like it ended VERY abruptly, and wished there had been more to it. Some parts were just weird and slightly crude - I am warning you now. However ultimately cleaner than a lot of chick lit out there. If you have a kindle I say go for it.

    21. Lola is the main character and completely unlikable, her moments of redemption in the final hurried pages are unbelievable. I enjoy chick lit as much as the next person, but I found this book to be superficial and lacking character development.

    22. It is predictable. I read it because I wanted a quick mindless read. And that's what it was. If you're looking for real substance, this is not the book for you. If you're looking for what I was, this book delivers.

    23. It was a nice light read and good for what I needed at the time, but I wouldn't pick up anything else from the author. While the style was nice, the story was weak and predictable and I was very disappointed in the ending, where I feel te author got as bored as I did and simply gave up.

    24. 2.5 Stars. At its beginning Easily Amused shows some promise as an enjoyable chick-lit novel with a heroine I'll admit I identified with at times, a familiar but likable plot, and several potentially lovable characters. However, the main character didn't always stay true to herself, the author made some weak word choices and gave away the ending pretty early on when she described a male character using the title of the book (not to mention the naming of the main characters - Holmes, Watson, & [...]

    25. 'Easily Amused' - amusing title!! There was nothing amusing in this book. One loser of a heroine - who doubts herself too much, one loser of a hero who is in love with a wrong girl and one vamp sister.ta da that is 'Easily Amused' for you.The story had lots of potential and could have been far better. It started off well but then with the introduction of hottie bad guy, it spiralled downwardsIt was unrealistic how easily Lola started trusting this fellow. I somehow cannot understand the desperat [...]

    26. This is a DNF; I got to page 76 and just couldn't read any more. I didn't like any of the characters and the plot was getting into predictably cheesy territory. I kind of liked Lola as a character but I still felt like she needed to be less of a cliche. She is a loner who likes to take long baths and watch Netflix. Really? Just because she works for a parenting magazine and has no kids doesn't make up for her lack of everything else. Lola could have been so much more but she wasn't.I instantly h [...]

    27. Lola is tired of her sister always taking front stage and getting special treatment so she and her friend Piper plan to overshadow sister Mindy at Mindy’s wedding. It gets weird when a male friend moves in with Lola just when they begin to implement the scheme. The story has the usual romantic twists and turns that makes the ending easy to predict. Giveaway randomly chose me to receive this book. Although encouraged, I was under no obligation to write a review. The opinions I have expressed a [...]

    28. Really disliked almost all the characters in this book, except for maybe the neighbors who added an element of entertainment. Hubert was the most annoying weird character I have ever read about. He loves Lola, but is creepily obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Kelly. The sister is a b***t and a terrible person in general. Ryan is super weird and creepy is a serial killer like way. The whole book is just strangely disjointed.

    29. Fun readThis book took me a couple of years to read. I have it on my tablet, and I prefer real books. However, every time I picked it up, it was an enjoyable read and I always remembered where I had left off. I liked the story, and the characters.

    30. I really liked the characters abd the set up, but there was no twist or even any real action. It was pretty predictable.

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