Billy Connolly's Route 66

Billy Connolly s Route The best loved comedian in Britain heads off on the most famous highway in the world for an unforgettable journey through America Having always dreamed about taking a trip on the legendary Route B

  • Title: Billy Connolly's Route 66
  • Author: Billy Connolly
  • ISBN: 9781847445216
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The best loved comedian in Britain heads off on the most famous highway in the world for an unforgettable journey through America Having always dreamed about taking a trip on the legendary Route 66, Billy Connolly is finally heading off on the ride of a lifetime Traveling all 2,488 miles of this epic road, hitting both its classic landmarks and uncovering lesser known geThe best loved comedian in Britain heads off on the most famous highway in the world for an unforgettable journey through America Having always dreamed about taking a trip on the legendary Route 66, Billy Connolly is finally heading off on the ride of a lifetime Traveling all 2,488 miles of this epic road, hitting both its classic landmarks and uncovering lesser known gems, the comedian known as the Big Yin shares the experiences of the countless travelers who have taken the journey before him He breaks out the banjo at every opportunity and stops off for a few comedy gigs on the way Packed with local flavor, the tales he gathers on the way, from the skyscrapers of Chicago through the Wild West badlands of Oklahoma and Texas and on to the beaches of the Pacific coast, tell the story of modern America and they might just inspire a few readers to get on their bikes as well The book also contains a section with maps, playlists, recipes, and , bringing the reader to the heart of this adventure With his unrivaled instinct for a good story, and the affability that has endeared him to millions of fans, Billy is the ultimate companion for the ultimate road trip.

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    1. This is the written account which accompanies the 2011 TV series filmed by Billy Connolly as he travelled the length of the historic Route 66 east to west across the USA. He rode a customised trike, (a three wheeled motor cycle), and was accompanied by a technical team of three.My mental picture of Billy Connolly is dominated by his live stand-up shows. Tall, hairy, with skinny black-clad legs and a baggy shirt, his performances are as much about his body language and his gestures as they are ab [...]

    2. I wanted to like Billy Connolly's, "Route 66", I really did, but it was if the author was doing everything in his power to stop that from happening. I have never said this before about a book, DO NOT BUY IT! If someone gives it to you as a gift, thank them and then destroy the book unread as soon as it is safe to do so. Please note I do mean destroy, under no circumstances regift or donate this book to a charity. If you are philosophically opposed to the destruction of books, place your copy of [...]

    3. If you like road trips, Americana, and/or Billy Connolly you'll really enjoy this book. I was predisposed to have a great time reading the Big Yin since I've long been a bit of a fan of his comedy and personality. That said, what strikes me most about this romp through historic Route 66 is not his off-color wisecracks but his sincerity. Often enough he is deeply moved by the people he meets along the way. He was able, at least for me, to convey a refreshing sense of hopefulness that transcends t [...]

    4. Let me preface this review with a confession, I love anything Billy Connolly does! This heartwarming, descriptive,funny yet sometimes very lonely journey was a very easy read. Billy tells the story as though he is sitting in an a chair in your Lounge room. Billy does not glamorize his journey , in fact with brutal honesty he describes a very lonely road of run down towns, suspicious fast food joints and promises of tourist attractions that are not worth stopping for. Billy also describes with so [...]

    5. In early 2011 Billy Connolly set out to travel the Mother Road, over 2000 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles along the famous Route 66. His travels were recorded for television. This book ties into the program, but with a lot more depth.In "Billy Connolly's Route 66" we get to learn about the things he saw in more depth, background to the pieces that were shown on air, and a backstage look at the trials and tribulations of filming on the road.Well written, it has Billy's idiosyncratic style stamp [...]

    6. Billy Connelly is a Scottish musician, comic and actor who, in 2011, rode a three-wheeled motorcycle from Chicago to Los Angeles, following the fragmented remains of the legendary Route 66. Naturally, the whole adventure was filmed for a British television series, and this book reads like what it basically is, i.e a transcription of that series, complete with lengthy dialog between Connolly and the more interesting people he encounters. As someone who has long dreamed of making a similar journey [...]

    7. I didn't get to see the accompanying TV series to this book, but as a stand alone travelogue, it really is quite good on it's own. Billy Connolly is obviously a national treasure and you can see his trademark humour all the way through this book, the best thing is how utterly fascinating it is also. Taking the fabled highway from Chicago to Los Angeles, he chronicles the journey and origins of the road, the towns, cities and states on the way and also some of the intriguing sights and characters [...]

    8. totally enjoyable! listened to this audiobook traveling through colorado, new mexico, and west texas he's a funny and an honest man this audio made the miles zip by

    9. It's not often that I write a review of a book that I found to have NO redeeming qualities. I'm not really familiar with Billy Connolly. I've seen him on the tube a few times but he didn't make a huge impression. This book is one man's prespective of Route 66 - a highway which played a great part in the development of the United States. How a Scottish Comedian's point of view is relevant is beyond me. This diatribe on everything Kitschy about Americana uses the song "Get you Kicks on Route 66" a [...]

    10. It's a book you have to read if your traveling the Route 66, however!!! Billy Connolly does come across very snobbish in the book which you don't see in the tv show, he likes what he likes and won't show or talk about anything else that might interest you if he isn't interested in it. Billy says in the book that he doesn't want people to go to monument valley because it's more for people like him and not low down peasant tourists like us (not a quote but along those lines). He also has a go at p [...]

    11. We have never driven the whole of Route 66, but we have crossed America and done countless road trips so have driven many of its stretches and visited most of the places Billy sees. The book brought back great memories of the amazing sights and experiences such as our first rodeo and the sheep rodeo with the little children, Cadillac Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon, the great pies and much, much more. I want to do it again-soon.I listened to the book on Audible and after the initial disappointment [...]

    12. Comedian, Taphophile (someone obsessed with cemeteries) Billy Connolly's account of his trip down famous Route 66 is duller than dull. Very disappointed because I like him. I can't discern if he likes the U.S. or not. Many of his comments about our history were unflattering as were his comments about riding a modified trike in bad weather. I did learn Al Capone was the instigator of putting dates on milk cartons because he had too much sour milk as a kid. Connolly includes many photos of his jou [...]

    13. Seeing a book by Billy Connolly, I was expecting a nice, laid-back, soft chuckling story about his trip down Route 66. Instead, as far as I read (a couple chapters) I got references to other films/books Connolly has done, then a very dry-feeling history of not only Route 66, but cars and the American Highway system. By this point, I was forcing myself to read, to believe there was humor somewhere in the book. If there was, I couldn't find it in time, and just gave up on it. Too many other books [...]

    14. I've always enjoyed Billy Connolly's TV series that see him exploring various countries (including Australia). I like his perspective on things, even if I disagree with it. Billy Connolly's Route 66 is a written account of his travels on America's Route 66 and really it's like watching the show. He writes exactly the way he talks, right down to his overuse of the word 'wee'. On the whole I enjoyed it, although he breaks the golden rule: politics are boring, man.

    15. Felt like a road trip, and find Billy Connolly very funny as a comedian. it was an easy read full of anecdotes about his journey along Route 66, and full of historic facts tat he found relevant along the way. At times I felt he was a bit egocentric, but it was his journey and his choices. An over all good read

    16. This was an interesting read. Billy Connolly's take on Route 66. Certainly not your average travelogue or history of the Mother Road but just one man's trip on the road on his bike. I saw some of the familiar sights and faces and then some others that were totally random. Fresh. One of the things that made this book enjoyable. I'm happy to park this one alongside all my other Route 66 books.

    17. It's not often that I give up on a book and don't finish reading it, but this happened to be one of those. I expected the book to be a light-hearted, funny tale of a journey along Route 66 from a comedian's point of view. Instead, it was more of a history lesson. I eventually put the book down halfway through, as by then it felt like I was forcing myself to read and not actually enjoying it.

    18. Told in Billy Connolly's trademark wit and style, this was a fascinating book about the famous road Route 66. Filled with facts like Al Capone invented expiration dates on milk and more statistics about roads and travel that I would normally read this book turned out to be an interesting and funny book. Now I just need to get the Dvd to see it in action!

    19. Finally finished this paperback, not through slow reading because of boredom but because I was otherwise occupied for 8 weeks in October/November.This was such a fun read! I love Billy and now I love him even more!I decided that I share a lot of his views on life and people and I am glad that I read this informative, amusing and epic book.Now I can watch the DVD's.

    20. A tie in the the ITV series where Connolly goes from Chicago to Santa Monica on a cool trike. Meets some interesting characters on the way, and he deplores how Route 66 has died in parts where the Freeway has been built.Written in his own indomitable style.

    21. Having just finishing driving part of Route 66, this was a brilliant conclusion to my journey. Interesting, humorous and completely honest, it gave me insight and showed me where I had already been. Brilliant!

    22. Not the book I expected, though I really did enjoy it. I spent most of my reading with my book in my lap in front of my computer looking up the places and scenes Billy described. I found a few places I would like to travel to some day.

    23. At least I now know to rule out Route 66 from my travel list. A lack of interesting places to visit on route which Connolly really lets you know. Only Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon and The Amish offer any real interest. A quick holiday read from the Villa's Lending Library.

    24. I didn't know what to expect from this, but it was so easy to read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes billy or is interested in weird facts about Route 66

    25. Enjoyed the book,my experience of Route 66 .Every year there is less of the old Route 66 left.See it yourself before its lost.

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