Pandora Hearts 14巻

Pandora Hearts Als die Trag die von Sablier erneut inszeniert werden soll schl gt die Klinge des Kopfj gers wieder zu In der tiefen Finsternis auf die alle Sachverhalte hinweisen kommt die Wahrheit ans Licht So a

  • Title: Pandora Hearts 14巻
  • Author: Jun Mochizuki 望月淳
  • ISBN: 9784757531826
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Als die Trag die von Sablier erneut inszeniert werden soll, schl gt die Klinge des Kopfj gers wieder zu.In der tiefen Finsternis, auf die alle Sachverhalte hinweisen, kommt die Wahrheit ans Licht So als w re gerade diese eine unleugbare Wahrheit eine Illusion

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    1. یه احساسات خاصی توی این لعنتی هست که هیچ جای دیگه نیست.(اسم چپترا هم خودش به تنهایی مو به تن آدم سیخ میکنه. چه برسه به محتواش)

    2. Elliot on the cover of volume 14 - definitely my favorite cover to date in this series - what more could I ask for?Oh, that's right. An amazing story inside to go with said awesome cover.And, that's what I got. Wow. I'm nearly speechless after reading the last page of this volume. Part of me knew it, part of me was successfully diverted by the red herring in the last volume (which I'm not sure was a red herring or the author's last minute decision change??), and part of me still feels like I hav [...]

    3. 12 September 2013Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½Good lawdy! The cover of Elliot on Pandora Hearts, Vol. 14 is breathtaking. It is probably the best cover in the series so far and it perfectly suits one of my most adored characters. The colors and patterns on his coat are just stunning. Wowjustwow Jun Mochizuki and Yana Toboso are the two manga-ka whom I would give my left kidney in exchange for their artistic talents. They produce the most elaborately detailed covers that fill you with envy and awe. [...]

    4. Everything I know about this series is a lie. Okay, not everything. I managed to predict one plot twist, but the others? Nope. There were like five, and they all left me feeling stunned. I’m not sure if these are much of book reviews anymore. More like book-ish rants. Then again, all the other reviews I’ve seen on are rants. Warning: if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read the later reviews! (view spoiler)[Isla Yura is a villain. Called it. He was far too creepy to be likeable. Reim is A [...]

    5. The more the story goes on, the more the plot thickens.And the characters don’t get me started on the characters! This is definitely my favourite volume so far ♥︎

    6. There is so much to fangirl over in this volume, I'm not even sure only hitting the highlights would be sufficient. I'll try.* The opening pic with Oz surrounded by photographs, some of them obviously not from his own memories.* ADA. I LOVE ADA. Her devotion to Vincent and his growing affection for her are one of the things I'm really starting to enjoy about this manga. (Now watch. Mochizuki will kill both of them off. ;_;)* Echo's growing independence. * Fang's protectiveness toward Lily. Serio [...]

    7. Endlich! Dieser bescheuerte kranke Isla Yura wurde von Oz getötet! Wurde aber auch mal Zeit, der mit seinem ständigen gegackere xD' Es ist irgendwie so vieles passiert, Xerxes ist wie immer toll, genauso wie mein kranker Vincent <3 Diesmal sind auch ziemlich viele Chains aufgetaucht, einer von den Baskervilles "Fang" ist getötet worden und Reim lebt anscheinend wieder (er war nur Scheintot, Eigenschaft von seiner Chain). Die Mutter von Eliot ist auch irgendwie durch den Wind? Aber ist ja a [...]

    8. Alright, so there is a lot of action in this volume: Break's battling the Baskervilles, Oz and Alice are facing off against a cult who wants to recreate the Tragedy of Sablier, and the Head Hunter is on the loose. Even though this volume is mostly serious, there were still several moments that had me laughing, so that was definitely something I liked. I enjoyed the scenes between Break and Gil and the fight against Fang and Lily, and the surprise at the end of that battle was unexpected! Also, E [...]

    9. Pas mal d'actions dans ce tome-ci. On est toujours au même endroit que dans le tome précédent, et c'est encore la même "histoire" qui est prolongée ici Si il n'y avait pas toutes ces informations, assez intéressantes, et ces quelques événements de surprise, je commencerai un peu à me lasser. Mais ce n'est pas le cas, même si une fois de plus la fin du tome chamboule complètement mes hypothèses fondées jusque-là. Mais quel casse-tête cette histoire ! Et je crois que c'est pour ça [...]

    10. Oh thank goodness Reim's not really dead! I was so sad!But . . . Elliott is the headhunter? I think? Does that mean he's bonded to the original chain of Humpty-Dumpty, the big chain? I guess they got contracted together that time when Elliott and Leo were trying to save the children and Elliott got knocked out . . . well, I'm sure it'll be explained more.

    11. Ah~ Elliot is a cat person~ ehehe Oz coming out into society party is turned into a re-play of the Tragedy of Sablier! Vincent is having PTSD!?FANG!!!!!!! NO!!!!! (I'm in denial!!!!!) Reim's alive!!!!LEO and ALICE are in danger!! OZ is pissed!!!!! He's going crazy!! And now Alice is pissed!! Yura is dead meat! Muahahaha!The abyss used to be a beautiful golden world!? Wow~

    12. Yeah, İ am reading this manga like I am eating chocolate. So, (view spoiler)[ Liam/Reim is not dead (hide spoiler)]And, (view spoiler)[ The head hunter is Elliot (hide spoiler)]You really know who is the head hunter in your heart but won't admit it yourself ) Break And his suicidal thoughtsGilbert saves him)Oz is so sweet and his killing mode is on again)And Alice! Kinda saves the day!

    13. So much intrigue. And I guess I should have seen the end coming, but man was I surprised. Poor Elliot :_( These manga are so interesting and awesome. I really want my library to get the next volume!

    14. WELLin this volume of pandora hearts: someone questioned jun mochizuki's mastery of the heartbreaking plot twist and she has thrown her gauntlet forwardybe i should imply she can't write long-lasting happiness for her characters, i could certainly do with some now3.5 stars

    15. Wow! This has to be one of my new favorite manga from this series. So much happened, it keeps you hooked in and to find out what happens next. Though this series has some dark turns, the story to this series-even the cover is absolutely beautiful.

    16. The covers I'm realizing give you a hint with the characters. I'm loving this series so far. Same with how you think you don't like some characters at first, then as the story goes along, you start to like them. This volume, wow.

    17. Vuelve a alcanzar un nivel alto en este tomo, que con un final inquietante, nos obliga a esperar con ansiedad el siguiente tomo.Se van definiendo trama, personajes, relaciones y el propio mundo en torno al abismo.

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    19. YAY, Reim is still kicking! But now Elliot is in dire trouble. I guess the covers are clues as to who's ass is going to be in the fire in each book. And tragic, too.

    20. So much happens in this installment that I have no idea where to start. So much violence So much pain Yet friendship abounds as well as the key that holds everything together.

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