Pandora Hearts 12巻

Pandora Hearts

  • Title: Pandora Hearts 12巻
  • Author: Jun Mochizuki 望月淳
  • ISBN: 9784757529472
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Pandora Hearts 12巻”

    1. My heart just cracked."I can't see lady" "Before I noticed itSharon was right beside me. Before I knew ityouhad becomech a strong woman-"To lose your vision, that is my greatest fear. I rely on it so much, and to have it taken from me, I don't know what I would do. Break obviously has come to care for Sharon, so much more than he himself realizesd he can never look upon her again. And this ballroom scene, it broke my heart. He realizes he needs to tell her, after faking his blindness, and when h [...]

    2. "Looking at the same thing and then deliberating is not the only way to walk together. Even if you are walking different paths, individuals continue to be linked together." [changed the quote]At the moment, I'm giving this four stars, though it should really be more like four and a half. There's so much in this volume to like/love that I feel like I should give it five stars anyway. I can't even describe what about this feels off. I'll see if I can manage it after I do some general rambling firs [...]

    3. So much good stuff going on in this volume. The first half was a bit annoying because it featured the two characters I really can't stand: Ada and Vincent. But the second half was great. Break finally told Sharon about his eyes, Elliot is warming up, and we're getting closer to finding out who the Headhunter is. I'm satisfied.

    4. Awh! I just love Xerxes and Sharon!!! They are so sweet! But what does that ending mean??? You can't leave me hanging like that!

    5. The plot resumes with the group trying to find the location of the remaining seals on Glen's soul.The whole episode with Ada and Vincent was hilarious, especially his reaction to her "true self". I loved seeing more of Oz and Elliot as their friendship forms, and it's also nice to see Gil and Alice becoming closer, though they didn't have very much growth this volume. Another relationship I like is Oz and Oscar: they really are like father and son :) The whole incident with Isla Yura waswell, od [...]

    6. This volume arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon. Since I am in the middle of three other books right now, I had planned to put this latest volume of Pandora Hearts on the bookshelf along with the other 6 volumes of new manga that have come this month that I haven't had a chance to read yet (just wait - November is looking to be rich in reading manga! I can't wait).But, Xerxes Break was calling my name and I just had to see what was going to happen next, both with Break and his current pred [...]

    7. In the words of Fai Flowright, pweet-whoo. That's a heck of a volume. A lot of sweet tender moments balanced by some serious plot development. Also, Ada is effing crazy and I love her. I love all the ladies of Pandora Hearts but Ada is slowly rising up the ranks of personal favorites.

    8. 02 September 2013You just know you're in for a devilish good time when Pandora Hearts, Vol. 12 begins with Vincent being a naughty little bastard.(view spoiler)[Ah, Vincent, how I love your wicked ways.[image error] (hide spoiler)]And if that isn't a tasty enough treat for you, the icing on the cake is Ada revealing her "true" self.(view spoiler)[If you weren't a fan of Ada before, you undoubtedly will come to adore her now. I love her freaky deaky side. (hide spoiler)]This volume is equally sus [...]

    9. Who is the real 'Oz Vesallius'? Does he live, or is he dead? Are his eyes of emerald and his hair of gold? Or does he take on a plainer appearance with hair of chocolate and perhaps eyes to match? What was his childhood like? Did he grow up in the slums or the city? Was he in an orphane?LeoLeo's the same age as Oz, and was at Fiona's orphanage. Xai Vesallius took the boy away from everyone; then, everyone present for the child's birth disappeared. It couldn't have been his birthday being differe [...]

    10. Chapter 46 Rating: 3*Chapter 47 Rating: 3.5*Chapter 48 Rating: 3.5*Chapter 49 Rating: 4*Overall Rating: 3.5*I think the characters are growing and developing into the people they should be but I just wish it was happening while the story moved forward. It seems like the "filler" chapters in this are the ones that have the most ties to the original story of Alice in Wonderland (i.e. Unbirthday). And I just wanted something a little more. It is a pretty slow paced manga with each chapter at close [...]

    11. Right at the start of this volume we learn with Vincent that Miss Ada is not all that she seemsShe is a fan of all things supernatural! And Vincent's face when he finds out is hilarious! LOL OMG!Oz's birth and identity is questioned. Is Oz really Oz Vessalius or someone else?Uncle Oscar throws a tea party and takes a happy group picture with his camera, which was original bought to take photos of his son's birth The tea party is a brief but happy time before the doom doom doom omg my heartOz sne [...]

    12. have i gotten better at reading? i remembered pandora hearts as twisty and with how long it's been since i read this series i expected to be completely lost but i followed this volume pretty well! here are the key things pandora hearts volume 12 taught me:- ada is the BEST. vincent thinks he's in wuthering heights whereas ada is merrily enjoying being in the wallflower. you want to corrupt her? ruin her? pfft as though a person is simply a thing you can reduce the value of. now hush up and enjoy [...]

    13. This was the best volume so far! I am into character based stories and the characters in this manga are marvellous))First Ada! You think she is innocent little girl? WaitVincent- so you see, being a bastard doesn't help you win everytime.Oz, you are just too clever. :O (view spoiler)[ So whose child are you? OMG(hide spoiler)]That tea party was so bittersweet. Oh Uncle Oscar !Sharon))) and Break))) You two are so cute together.Leo, what is your real identity?And Yura's face is so damn creepy@_@W [...]

    14. Fand den Band nicht so gut wie seinen Vorgänger. Eigentlich ist nichts wirklich passiert, dieser komische Isla Yura ist aufgetaucht und man versucht das Siegel von Glen in seinem Anwesen zu finden. Ansonsten stehen mehr die Entwicklungen bzw. die Beziehungen zwischen den Figuren im Vordergrund. Finde gut, dass Vincent Ada nur ausnutzt und das Xerxes endlich Lady Sharon das mit seinen blinden Augen erzählt hat xD' Ich denke der nächste Band wird wieder Actiongeladener sein.Ps: Was hat Ada bitt [...]

    15. As a warning to those curious, in this volume and the previous one Vincent talks briefly of "defiling" and "bedding" women (nothing is shown), which admittedly is no surprise given his character. This volume also contained a rather bizarre passage with Ada and the occult I'm still not entirely sure whether it was supposed to be serious or not

    16. The plot thickens. Who the heck is the Head Hunter anyway? Is Reim in danger? Hope it gets answered in the next volume, because I'm starting it today! Feel so sorry for my Break-sama. And to hear the girls at Oz's "coming out in society party" talk about Vincent Nightray's "kind eyes" and his brother Gilbert's "mean eyes!" What a backwards comparison!

    17. I am a massive fan of this series and I know that it is ending soon, which saddens me deeply. The characters and plot are very complex and well thought out. It was one of my first manga series and I'm so glad it was. I highly recommend it. If you're looking for a series with action, humour, suspense and deep themes of love, friendship and duty this is the one for you!

    18. Ohlàlà, un rapprochement entre Oz et Elliot ! Qui l'aurait cru ? :o J'adore les petites expressions que peuvent afficher parfois les personnages (surtout Oz), ça me fond le coeur ! (*ç*) Et puis le passage avec Oz déguisé en femme de ménage ! Excellent ! XD Hahaha Et ce nouveau personnage, quel cas ! Est-ce un fanatique ou un pervers ? Ôô Réponse dans les tomes suivants, je crois bien. ^^

    19. No recordaba esta parte, sí a Yura, pero no lo de la mansión. Que entretenido está todo, aunque esa sensación de que terminará fatal no se me quita. Una parte de mí cree que voy a llorar a moco tendido cuando lo acabe.

    20. I thought this volume was awesome! It has a good blend of violence and sweetness. A party is brewing in which I believe a great deal of violence will appear in the next volume and I can't wait for it.

    21. Awww Break is dancing with Shaaaron, so sweeeet!Yep, that's really my takeaway from this volume.I need not to leave such big gaps in between reading the volumes - I had trouble telling Lottie and Lily apart!

    22. Dear friends,If you are ever to read manga, please let it be Pandora Hearts. I swear on my left leg that you will not be disappointed. Pandora Hearts gives us a beautifully drawn manga, with amazing characters. Such a unique idea behind the story as well. I just want to say, read it!Luula

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