Hailee At twenty years of age Nathaniel Maxwell Adams Jr better known as Nate fulfills a prophecy he madeeleven years prior by moving to Pine Haven What hehadn t planned in his youth though was to become

  • Title: Hailee
  • Author: Penny Zeller
  • ISBN: 9781603742184
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • At twenty years of age, Nathaniel Maxwell Adams Jr better known as Nate, fulfills a prophecy he madeeleven years prior by moving to Pine Haven What hehadn t planned in his youth, though, was to become apastor, especially since his parents adamantly oppose theidea So, as he shepherds a flock in the growing Montanatown, he feels called to another smaller yet no lesssigniAt twenty years of age, Nathaniel Maxwell Adams Jr better known as Nate, fulfills a prophecy he madeeleven years prior by moving to Pine Haven What hehadn t planned in his youth, though, was to become apastor, especially since his parents adamantly oppose theidea So, as he shepherds a flock in the growing Montanatown, he feels called to another smaller yet no lesssignificant mission field his mother and father.For years, orphan Hailee Annigan was just a ragamuffin,roaming the Cincinnati streets trying to keep food in themouths of her two younger brothers and herself This oftenmeant thieving, which landed her in the Sanctuary of Hope,a home for delinquent youngsters There, her life changed,thanks to her patient, loving teachers Now, at eighteen, shepursues a dream to become a teacher herself and bravelyaccepts a position in Montana She still has faith that she llfind her brothers again someday, but for now, she s ready toput the past behind her.When their paths converge in Pine Haven, their lives beginto overlap in ways they can t ignore And they must discoverif God intends for their destinies to converge, as well.

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    1. After losing both her parents at a young age, Hailee Annigan is solely responsible for caring for her two younger brothers. While living in an abandoned hotel, she resorts to stealing to feed her siblings when no one will give her work. One day, her life of crime comes to an end and she finds herself in a Christian home for delinquent youth. Even with the help of the home, she is unable to locate the only family she has left. After being trained as a teacher, she heads to Montana, plagued by her [...]

    2. Hailee tells the story of a sweet romance between Hailee Annigan and minister Maxwell Nathaniel Adams, Jr. Their lives come together in a small town in Montana after Hailee travels from Cincinnati, Ohio, to take a job as the community school teacher. As Nate shows her around town and introduces her to the residents he grows attracted to her, and she to him. They come from two different worlds. Nate’s wealthy parents expect him to return home to Boston and become a lawyer in his father’s firm [...]

    3. The third, and final, book in the Montana Skies series, Hailee was a great conclusion to this very sweet trilogy. Breaking away from sister’s McKenzie and Kaydie a bit, this book focuses on their sister’s son, Nathaniel(Nate), and Hailee Annigan. Nate is a minister, and Hailee a teacher searching for her two younger brothers she lost contact with several years before.While Nate and Hailee grew up vastly different—Nate with all the comfort and ease money could buy, and Hailee a dirty ragamu [...]

    4. Penny Zeller is an author whom I had never heard of until I started reading book blogs, but the more I read about her christian books the more I wanted to read one. Luckily for me I had the opportunity to read "Hailee" and all I can say is what a wonderful storyteller. It is so easy to see how God works thru Penny. The stories she weaves allows us to relate to characters who are struggling with personal issues, but those characters realize that God truly has the answers, a reminder that we all c [...]

    5. Penny is a delightful individual that loves to write, loves the Lord, and loves to share. Today we're going to share a bit about another of her books in the Montana Skies series, Hailee. After you read a bit about the book and then my thoughts, you can enter the giveaway of a copy of the book Penny has so graciously provided.Penny Zeller is a dedicated author to the genre of Christian fiction. She brings strong characters to the scene of her stories and a very strong message of God's love and fo [...]

    6. In this third book of the Montana Skies series, Hailee has answered an ad wanting a new teacher in the Montana Territory and she gets the job. While she is anticipating the new job opportunity, she is still unsettled about leaving Cincinnati because of her two brothers. Hailee and her brothers were separated at a very young age when their parents passed away and she hasn’t seen them since, despite her attempts of trying to find them. She believes God will still bring them to her, even if she i [...]

    7. Montana Skies series by Penny Zeller book #3 "Hailee"These books can be read alone or together, I always like to read the whole series but in this one I read books #1 & #3, each story has it own unique character with tidbits from story beforeI enjoyed reading Hailee's story -thanks for adding this one to your series Penny.Maxwell Nathaniel Adams Jr is the only son of a Boston couple but dreams of going to the rugged mountains of Montana, his dad wants him to follow in his steps and be a lawy [...]

    8. There is always a feeling of great excitement and anticipation when I go to the Post Office and find the latest book by Penny Zeller waiting there for me. I was not disappointed when I picked up my copy of Hailee either. I could barely wait to drive home, crack open the cover, and begin reading. The pages flew by all too quickly and I reached the final page long before I was ready for it.Once again, Penny has written an emotional and heart-warming story of love and adventure in the vast open spa [...]

    9. Hailee By: Penney ZellerI love nothing more than reading a book that I feel I can step off into its pages and feel as if I'm included, that I stepped into the same era, and lived in the same town, knew the same people, shared the same friends and prayed for the same neighbors. And I felt as if I was right there with Hailee, I could feel her fear, excitement, her happiness, her sadness and her faith. Penny Zeller presents her characters so vividly that you feel you have a personal relationship wi [...]

    10. Hailee is book three in the Montana Skies series by Penny Zeller. In this volume we meet Hailee, an orphan with two younger brothers. Because they were left on their own, she took on the responsibility of her little brothers. Eventually, Hailee is separated from them through bad choices she made, and was taken to a home for delinquents. There her life is changed despite her rebellion.We meet Hailee in 1893 when she is nineteen and setting out to make a life for herself as a teacher. Through her [...]

    11. Title: HAILEEAuthor: Penny ZellerPublisher: Whitaker HouseSeptember 2011ISBN: 978-1-60374-218-4Genre: Inspirational/historical romanceHailee Annigan has searched for her two little brothers, Philip and Reuben, ever since she was freed from the Cincinatti “sanctuary” she was raised in after she was caught stealing. She’s always wondered what happened to them—even now, when she goes to Montana after she’s hired as teacher. Pastor Nate Adams originally came to Montana with his grandmother [...]

    12. Hailee is another great book from Penny ZellerIn 1965 we stayed in a nice hotel in Downtown Denver. Only a few months later the place sat vacant, an eyesore on the street while the building awaited demolition to make room for a new high rise business building.So when I read about Hailee Annigan and her brothers trying to survive in a vacant hotel, it was easy for me to imagine the orphans living in such a place, working at the jobs they could find, but sometimes stealing so they could eat.But I [...]

    13. The first two books in this series were great! I have reviews for them on here for McKenzie and Kaydie. Be sure to check those out if you haven't read them. Penny has created some great characters in her books. Hailee is no exception. I love Hailee and Nate even more than the others, if that is possible. Hailee is a sweet young woman despite the hard times she has lived through as a child. She is very sensitive and caring. It would have been easy for her to be harsh and closed up inside herself. [...]

    14. This is the third book in the Montana Skies series and a great third book. I had McKenzie in my top ten of last year and I would happily add Hailee to my top reads this year. Hailee has come from a sad childhood her parents died and she is left to help look after her two brothers one of who has a turned foot and uses crutches. She and one brother try to find work but are to young and Hailee resorts to stealing food. she is caught and separated from her brothers and taken to a institution where s [...]

    15. This third book in the Montana Skies series is just delightful. Hailee and Nate are very different with different backgrounds. She an orphan, he brought up in high-society, how will they every get together?Hailee becomes a teacher, Nate becomes a preacher. Both have pasts that make them think they are unworthy to be loved, but know God has forgiven and forgotten. I love the way Hailee has such love for her young brothers and tries everything to keep them all together. This is a very sweet read a [...]

    16. This is a really feel good story! A great read to snuggle down with! You will find some parts that you wish you could be there and help those little children! The descriptions are wonderfuln just picture Pine Haven Montana, and all the different people who live there! When you come from a city in the late 1800's to rural Montana it had to be a real eye opener!Throughout the book there is a strong faith in God, loved how he is interwoven with each individual and works in their lives.This is the t [...]

    17. I won this book in a giveaway.This was the very light fast read. The thing about light romance is not that the hero and heroine get together; we know they will get together, it is the journey. There were not a lot of turns in this journey. The hero Nate had already stood up to his parents to become a minister in the first place, so not marrying the women they had picked out for him was not a consideration. If he had stood up to his parents on his career choice it was unlikely he would be pressu [...]

    18. Penny Zeller brings her Montana Skies saga to an end with the sweet love story of Nate Adams and Hailee Annigan. Orphaned and separated as children, Hailee spends years searching for her brothers. When she arrives as the teacher in Pine Haven, Pastor Nate Adams discovers unique attributes that exceed Hailee’s teaching abilities. Meanwhile, Nate struggles with family issues when his socialite parents cannot comprehend why their son would forgo a career as a Boston lawyer to settle in a wilderne [...]

    19. Hailee: Montana Skies #3 by Penny Zeller which I won through was light, a breath of fresh air, thought provoking and spiritual. It was a story about orphans, Montana ranchers and Bostan society families coming together not only from different backgrounds but also different spiritual backgrounds. It reminds us how we humans need the presence of a higher power to assist us in our day to day decisions, actions, and inter-actions with our fellow human beings. I liked the way Ms Zeller went from pre [...]

    20. Penny Zellar's latest offering, Hailee is a must read for all women. This historical novel is an uplifing story about a young woman, Hailee Annigan who has been separated from her young,orphaned siblings and placed in a detention home Once there, she received schooling to become a school teacher and is called to Montana to teach. Though she is heasitant to leave, she goes anyway. Once there, she meets Nate, the local minister and a courtship ensues. I enjoyed the plot line. As I read, I found my [...]

    21. I enjoyed reading the first two books in the Montana Skies series and third one, "Hailee," was no different. Author Penny Zeller is a great writer and through her stories teaches life lessons we can all relate to and need to be reminded of!In Hailee we meet a young girl (Hailee) who is doing her best to watch over her younger brothers. doing so she doesn't always make the best choices.d ends up being separated from them. She wonders if she will ever see them again. But God's plan isn't always wh [...]

    22. By far, the best book in the series! I enjoyed the story line of books one and two, but not the writing style. The storyline, as well as the writing style, far exceeded the other two books. I felt more connected to the characters. Loved Nate and Hailee. I also enjoyed visiting with old friends from the previous books. I actually find myself wishing for a fourth book in the series. It was good to see the changes God made in so many lives. The ending was so sweet and very fitting. This book is wo [...]

    23. Love can be a treacherous mix of romance, danger, trials, and joy. Penny Zeller’s Hailee packs all that and more into the story of one family’s life as they navigate the wild west. Hailee must cope with a long distance move, lost family, and romantic interests she’s not entirely prepared for. With a growing faith and dear friends, Hailee learns how to juggle the journey God has placed her on.Penny winds a captivating tale of love and adventure through Hailee’s story. It’s an enjoyable [...]

    24. Triumph over adversity is what Hailee has done her whole life. Orphaned and taking care of her two younger brothers, she does things she is not proud of. Is separated from her brothers and placed in a home, where once again she triumphs by getting her teaching certificate. Still looking for her brothers, she moves west to teach where she again triumphs over the harsh west and finds a new life and love. Will her past try to triumph over her, or will she once again triumph? An easy, enjoyable read [...]

    25. I thought the first book in this series, McKenzie, was my favorite. But I have to say this last one was even better. There was so much going on in it that I didn't want to put the book down. Penny also added some wonderful messages in Hailee that you could apply to your own life, marriage, and family. I've grown to love the fictional characters in this series and I'm sad to see it end. I look forward to reading future books by Penny. She is a talented author with a very creative mind. I highly r [...]

    26. I was drawn to the main character Hailee from the beginning. Her story of sorry, love and sacrifice for her younger brothers endeared her to me right away. I was captivated by the circumstances that led her ultimately to Pine Haven as the new teacher, and her reluctance Click to Read More

    27. I LOVED IT! If I may say so, I thought this one was even better than Kaydie. :) The story was very sweet, and I totally fell in love with the characters. Highly recommended! Another interview with Penny Zeller coming soon on my blog!

    28. A first reads win!This was the type of book I needed to read right now. It's a Christian Romance. Hailee was a wonderful character and one I could relate to easily. While life hadn't been easy for her- she continued forward with hope. Feel good, uplifting read. Very enjoyable.

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