Pacific Vortex!

Pacific Vortex DIRK PITT S FIRST MOST TERRIFYING ADVENTURE Dirk Pitt death defying adventurer and deep sea expert is put to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacific Vortex a fog shr

  • Title: Pacific Vortex!
  • Author: Clive Cussler
  • ISBN: 9780553228663
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • DIRK PITT S FIRST, MOST TERRIFYING ADVENTURE Dirk Pitt, death defying adventurer and deep sea expert, is put to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacific Vortex a fog shrouded area where dozens of ships have vanished without a trace The latest victim is the awesome supersub Starbuck, bearing America s deep diving nuclear arsenal Its loss poDIRK PITT S FIRST, MOST TERRIFYING ADVENTURE Dirk Pitt, death defying adventurer and deep sea expert, is put to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacific Vortex a fog shrouded area where dozens of ships have vanished without a trace The latest victim is the awesome supersub Starbuck, bearing America s deep diving nuclear arsenal Its loss poses an unthinkable threat to national defense Pitt s job is to find it and salvage it before international forces beat him to the prize or the sea explodes in a nuclear blast whichever comes first Pitt s mission also leads him into the arms of Summer Moran, the most stunningly exotic and dangerous woman ever to enter his life As the countdown heads toward disaster, Pitt has no choice but to descend through the shark infested depths to an ancient sunken island, from which he may never again emerge to see the light of day.

    One thought on “Pacific Vortex!”

    1. In the foreword, Clive Cussler mentioned that he created Dirk Pitt to be a character in the vein of James Bond, and he certainly brings that to mind. Not in the most flattering way for me though. He reminds of the aspects of the Bond films from the 60s-80s I did not like. The casual disregard for women (their relevance mainly relegated to their use as pawns or sex objects), with a little bit of violence thrown in. Before anyone gets angry, you know what they say about opinions. This is mine. I j [...]

    2. This book is a mix of author fantasy fulfillment and James Bond. While that can make an entertaining book it can also stretch the limits of believability. Decently fun.

    3. I've seldom read a book as bad as this. Vraggies. (That's Afrikaans for Truly). Mr Cussler clearly believes in the mystical power of adjectives. His maxim: why lay it on with a trowel when there's a bloody shovel handy? I love mixing my exploration of classics and more serious works with a rich sprinkling of thrillers and detective stories, but they must be well-written, as (fortunately) most are. This one fails the test. Badly. Cussler makes Dan Brown seem like Dostoevsky. 'Nuff said.

    4. This book sucks. I'm sorry, it does. Even Cussler says in the beginning notes that he never really intended for it to get published. But if he did that he'd get a shiny new car, soah, I read it, and it wasn't that good. Do I regret it? No, I've moved on. I'm fine with it. It doesn't bother me. Now where's a pillow I can scream into? Seriously, though, this book is best skipped, unless you're a hardcore fan. I'd start with the Mediterranean Caper and move on from there.

    5. I will read any book that has the audacity to include an exclamation mark in its title, and Clive Cussler has written several with that distinction. “Pacific Vortex!” was, apparently, Cussler’s first novel he ever wrote featuring his hero Dirk Pitt, but it was the sixth book published. Cussler himself considers it one of his less-stellar works, referring to it as “a few hours of entertainment and, perhaps, even a historic artifact of sorts” in his foreword.Having read several of the ot [...]

    6. Clive Cussler’s Pacific Vortex tells the tale of a strange area in the pacific where ships get lost. The latest victim is a experimental US navy submarine. When Dirk Pitt finds a message buoy from the submarine, he’s drawn into a mystery hidden below the surface of the sea.The book starts out with an explanation by Clive Cussler that it’s the first adventure of Dirk Pitt, but he hadn’t released it until later because he did not quite like the quality. Knowing that and not expecting too m [...]

    7. If I could, I'd give this book zero stars. DO NOT waste your time. The writing is so so so so bad. It's bad enough that Clive Cussler appears to be both racist and wildly sexist based on use of ridiculous and offensive stereotypes, and horrible objectification of women. It's quite unbelievable, even given the fact that he was writing in the 80s. Add to that the fact that the writing is laughably awful: tortured metaphors, saturation of over-the-top adjectives, inconsistent characterizations, and [...]

    8. Highly reminiscent of a Sean Connery James Bond film. You got your man's man, you got your fancy car, and you got your sultry female co-stars. Throw it in a oceanic setting and bam you've got Dirk Pitt. The novel itself was a decent way to spend a few hours. Some of the style is pretty dated including your average dose of misogyny prevalent in these kind of adventures from that era but other than that it was just popcorn.

    9. Weak 3 stars. Too much like an action-adventure movie. Might be good for teen boys or adults in that kind of moodORY BRIEF:Dirk was a major in the military and can fly planes. Currently he does special projects for an underwater marine agency. For thirty years, ships disappeared in an area called the Pacific Vortex, north of Hawaii. Recently a nuclear submarine named Starbuck disappeared there. Dirk sees a yellow canister floating in the ocean. He grabs it and takes it to Navy headquarters. It c [...]

    10. On my first experience reading the Dirk Pitt adventure series, I read Arctic Drift, where I made the comment that the Dirk Pitt protagonist is like Jack Reacher for the oceanographers and environmentalists.But digging into another adventure novel, Pacific Vortex, I think a better comparison would be that Dirk Pitt is like the oceanic Indiana Jones, where legends resurface and are investigated (though I don't recall Dirk ever yelling out, "This belongs in a museum!" - oh well, guess you can't hav [...]

    11. There should be a literary subgenre composed entirely of books with excalamation points in the title. In the last month I've read both Submarine! and Pacific Vortex! It's hard to resist an author who's that excited about his book. Would you rather read The Brothers Karamzov or HOLY CRAP! IT'S THE F'ING BROTHERS KARAMAZOV!? See?I picked up this, the first Dirk Pitt adventure, after reading Shadow Divers. I find shipwrecks really fascinating, so I was looking forward to a nice pulpy novel about de [...]

    12. The Pacific Vortex an area in the pacific ocean very similar to the Bermuda Triangle. 38 ships have disappeared completely off the radar in 30 years. When a US nuclear submarine is 38, Dirk Pitt gets involved in the mystery. The mystery itself is fascinating. The adventures of recovering the submarine by the US Navy and Drk are amazing. The storyline is not up to Cussler's usual twisty turny plot scenarios but well written except for the romance of Dirk and Summer. He first meets her when she tr [...]

    13. Dirk Pitts' first adventure, was my first Pitt novel in 30 years also. I just hadn't read the first one yet. Our hero who manages to get out of tight spots, and always a beautiful lady, not too far away.was the same in his first adventure. Entertaining quick read.

    14. I read this book because I loved the movie version of "Sahara", which was based on a book of the same name by Clive Cussler and was about the same central characters. I always like to read a series in order, so I started with this one. I deliberated whether to give this one star or two. I almost gave it two, to be kind, but in the end I couldn't do it. I mean, the book is not entirely without merit, but its message to the reader just contains too much that I find disturbing and believe to be fun [...]

    15. I found this book in the 'grab it or it gets thrown out' area of my apartment building, so I decided to read it. It is an incredibly bad book but I did not go into thinking it would be anything else. I don't even know how to give a star rating to a book that you know is trash but read because trash can be fun. It was fun but uh, unfortunately the author's romantic subplot of a woman and the hero falling in love after one interaction where she tried to kill him and he threatened to rape her, was [...]

    16. The first book of Dirk PittI've read some of the book but not in chronological order. I love the character of Dirk. I love it since the first time I stumbled to the book about 9 year ago. So it is in my list to read the book in chronological order.

    17. Well, I'm slightly disappointedDirk did not get the girl! Other than that, this book was a great read. Had all of the normal action and adventure I expected from Cussler. I'm reading the Dirk Pitt novels in order of his life; having already read a few recent ones. Great start to his life and adventures, despite being published almost ten years into the series.

    18. My fourth outing with Dirk Pitt adventuresWith this man, almost anything is possible. The tagline for describing Dirk Pitt character.Dirk Pitt finds a communication capsule, and reads the content and understands that it is from the US submarine Starbuck. Pitt is asked by NUMA (National Underwater Marine Agency) to work with 101st Salvage fleet to recover Starbuck. The place is notorious for disappearance of many ships and it is named as "Pacific Vortex". A friend of Pitt, George Papaaloa who wor [...]

    19. I've been a huge fan of the Dirk Pitt novels since my sister bought me a paperback of Vixon 03 for my birthday many years ago, it was perhaps the most productive present she ever bought me as I went on to read the Clive Cussler novels for years to come.I was browsing my ebook apps on the ipad and realised the cloud being what it is my digital Pitt novels were ready to go so I started reading the first one namely Pacific Vortex. An enjoyable introduction to the man of all seasons Dirk Pitt with a [...]

    20. Dirk Pitt. Seriously. If this book hadn’t been written 30 years ago – and ten years before it was finally published – I would swear that Clive Cussler’s name of his lead character Dirk Pitt was an obvious wink to Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg in “Boogie Nights”) and Brad Pitt (in anything). I can’t think of another “Dirk” or “Pitt” that comes anywhere close. He’s suave, he’s cool, he’s – updated for the 80s – wearing “brief white bathing trunks” when first we me [...]

    21. This book for me was an interesting introduction into Clive Cussler's work. My Dad reads a lot of his books and so I decided to give it a go and see what I thought after loving his recommendation of James Patterson so much. Overall this book was fairly average for me but enjoyable and it passed the time while I read it. I don't think that this book is going to stick me and I feel like it merges together with other books of a similar genre but that's just my opinion.In my rating, there was three [...]

    22. Fast introduction to Dirk Pitt, Special Projects Director of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA)- with the best part being, Pitt’s impromptu- practically naked- meeting with the assembled Brass of the military. I’ve read coupla Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels before this one and I gotta tell ya, if I had read this one first I might have been a little more enthusiastic with carrying on with the series. A bit dated- (See reference to Mark Spitz rather than Michael Phelps, author stat [...]

    23. I'm a fan of James Bond and other action thriller movies, but it's been since I was in junior high reading "Thunderball" that I've actually read an action thriller. Dirk Pitt's first outing "Pacific Vortex" was picked by one of the members of a book club I'm in as the choice for this month. It's definitely different from what I normally read, but in a good way. This was a fun, super-fast read. So what's keeping at only 3 stars? Dirk Pitt. He's not likeable in this story. Maybe later on in Clive [...]

    24. Clive Cusslers "Pacific Vortex" is a literary masterpiece. It is a fictional story telling about a seemingly average man who as a more than average adventure. Due to the constant adventure and many entertaining aspects of this book, it felt necessary to give this book the high ranking of 5 stars.This book was an easy read for me. Although it may take a while to get used to the different style of writing by Cussler, the nonstop action makes it an easy, and quick read. In my opinion, this is a mus [...]

    25. The author introduction states that this is the first Dirk Pitt story. He says it was never before published, that he was reluctant to submit it because it did not have the intricate plots of later Pitt adventures. True, as I read, I saw it did not have as many sub-plots as other Pitt novels I have read. Though at 270 pages this edition, it is a moderately long book, even without a lot of intricate plotting. And in fact the book seems much shorter. It flows, it speeds along. Most of the sequence [...]

    26. While I have never been an advocate of books having exclamation points in their titles, I found this one to be well worth reading. A friend recommended the Clive Cussler (well, Dirk Pitts, really) books and I figured I should start with the first one. Except I had no idea there would be all this complication with figuring out which was the first. Pacific Vortex! is the first one written, but not the first one published. I debated skipping it and coming back later, but I decided that I'd see the [...]

    27. Why Did I Read This Book?1. Pure Escapist Fiction!!!2. I liked the movie Sahara with Matthew McConaughey so it was easy to imagine him as Dirk Pitt.3. I have never read a Clive Cussler book. Branching out.4. I happened to have a few dollars and decided to buy it from among the more expensive choices at Costco.5. I love the ocean.Although the story of Kanoli (a Pacific Ocean legend of a hidden underwater city near Hawaii) got kind of soggy after a while I still enjoyed the fast-paced action and a [...]

    28. This book was about exactly what I thought it would be. I watch the movie Sahara often, it's one of my guilty pleasures. Since I love the movie so much I figured I would take a look at the books about him.Pacific Vortex is the first novel about Dirk Pitt and NUMA. The plot was interesting enough to make me over look a few character disappointments. The relationship between Summer and Dirk was grasping at straws I felt. I enjoyed the brief relationship between Dirk and Al much more. I thought the [...]

    29. “Let’s start at the very beginning.” You can sing along if you want too. “A very good place to start. When you read Cussler you begin with Raise the Titanic.” I know… how about a Dirk Pitt Musical? Never mind. So, this was the first Pitt novel—but not published until a few books later after ‘Titanic’ became a beach monster twenty-five years ago. Before the author devised his ‘theme songs’ of combining multiple plot lines, he focused on writing pure action. This skimpy book [...]

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