One thought on “Treasure Diver”

  1. This was one of the most memorable Choose Your Own Adventure books I ever read. It is set mostly in the ocean, but although the title suggests it is all about buried treasure, there are paths that are more about ocean exploration and the dangers of a deep. You can cross paths with a deadly octopus, risk running out of oxygen, or come up empty handed. This one was a lot of fun and I read it a few times.

  2. I love the Choose Your Own Adventure series - I started reading them in sixth grade, as my teacher had several in her classroom library. I quickly started collecting them, and I have a fairly large personal collection of them now. I read this one to my boys for bedtime over several nights. They went through many of the endings and were happy when they finally got the big win. What I really like about this book is the use of actual scuba diving terminology, with particular emphasis on the effects [...]

  3. En ésta entrega eres un explorador / submarinista que junto a tu amigo e instructor más una par más de especialista, te embarcas en la que será tu segunda aventura marina, en tu propia nave: el ‘ Ocho reales’ (en honor de las monedas que encontraste y te consiguieron a comprar tu buque) en busca de un importante tesoro de un galeón Español que naufragó a finales del 1600. Ésta es otra muy buena obra de aventuras R.A. Mongomerry (bajo el seudónimo de Julius Goodman), sobria, bien doc [...]

  4. I loved the choose your-own-adventure books during my early years, and believe these are a great set of books for those who are new to reading their own books.

  5. 'Choose your own adventure' series #32, Treasure Diver in these books the reader gets to be the central character by choosing what path the tale follows through a variety of endings

  6. i HATED drowning all the time! This one was one of those seemingly impossible and frustrating ones if memory serves.

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