Im Bann der Gezeiten

Im Bann der Gezeiten In a seaside town of sandy beaches and ocean breezes Sapphy has never felt so far from the sea The crowded shore at St Pirans is nothing like the cove at Sapphy s old home where she first found her

  • Title: Im Bann der Gezeiten
  • Author: Helen Dunmore
  • ISBN: 9783570130551
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a seaside town of sandy beaches and ocean breezes, Sapphy has never felt so far from the sea The crowded shore at St Pirans is nothing like the cove at Sapphy s old home, where she first found her way into the underwater world of Ingo But Ingo s pull is strong, and it always finds a way Soon Sapphy and her brother, Conor, are swimming beneath the waves again, rid In a seaside town of sandy beaches and ocean breezes, Sapphy has never felt so far from the sea The crowded shore at St Pirans is nothing like the cove at Sapphy s old home, where she first found her way into the underwater world of Ingo But Ingo s pull is strong, and it always finds a way Soon Sapphy and her brother, Conor, are swimming beneath the waves again, riding the currents and teasing their Mer friend Faro As Sapphy goes deeper into Ingo, she learns to feel at home in the sea even as she begins to be aware of its dangers There s the danger of going in too deep, and breaking the delicate balance between Sapphy s life on land and her life in Ingo There s the mysterious disappearance of Sapphy s father, an experienced sailor who should never have drowned And then there s Ingo itself a restless power as old as the world, as strong as the tides, and dangerous than anything Sapphy has ever known.

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    1. I love this series. Unabashedly. It’s simple and lovely. I think it’s ideal for pre-teens, especially if their parents are going through a divorce or they are part of a blended family. To me Sapphy is such a real character, even when she annoyed me, her actions and reactions always rang true. I was as devastated as Sapphy and Conor when I found out the truth about their father.The pull of Ingo was as enchanting and dangerous as it was in the first book. In Tide Knot the stakes are raised fro [...]

    2. Wow, well I'm in a bit of a predicament now. I didn't like Ingo very much, did I? But guess what - I saw this book in a charity shop for £1.25 and took the plunge.And now I have to hold up my hands and say damn am I glad I did.It wasn't the best book in the world, I'll admit, but Sapphy really grew up in this. She was still stupid and whiny at times, but definitely less than in the first book and more independant, not relying too much on having Connor around or becoming jealous.The reason I hav [...]

    3. The second book in the series - Sepphy and Conner try hard to forget their adventures in Ingo, but for Sepphy, whose Mer blood is so strong, it isn't easy. Living in town instead of by their cove, she spends more time moping around by the shore than normal. But when her father appears, trying to warn her of a terrible event, she has to return under the sea to rescue him. Instead, she finds out about the Tide Knot, a mystical entity that keeps the tides from covering too much land. When the knot [...]

    4. I have no idea why I loved the first book (Ingo) a lot. Maybe because when I read the first book, I was way younger. Or maybe the first book is actually way better than this second one. I havent read the first book for years.This could be a great book for children, but not for young adult at all. The story is way too dreamy, it's boring. And I don't know whybut Dunmore's writing doesn't make myself believe in her words. I mean, some parts are interesting, but most parts are boring :S And the dia [...]

    5. 'The Tide Knot' continues on from 'Ingo', with Sapphire and Conor now living with their mum in St. Pirans. I found this book to be much more satisfying than the previous book, with more underwater adventures and a real sense that the Mer consist of more than just Faro and Elvira. That said, much of the book still takes place on land. I found Sapphire to be as annoying as in the first book, with far too much whinging. Faro, too, is still rather unlikeable and I find it hard to understand why Sapp [...]

    6. The Tide knot return to ingo This a fun adventur about a grill torn between the beauty of the sae and her live above the seapphy half mer so hes is dron to the sea.Sappy on a qust to save her dad how every one thout was dead find out her dad left them for his new faimly under the sea.She ends up saveing everone from the fears tide that have brockin free from ther knots.With the help or her brother and her mer freds they lock the tides back up not be for it flood there home both above the sea and [...]

    7. This is the Sequal of the brilliant series, ingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you haven't read it READ IT OR GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. The second installment of the Ingo series begins with Sapphire refusing to adapt to her new home. While Conor has given up on Ingo and embraced his Air side, Sapphire still goes to Ingo to visit with Faro. One thing leads to another (terribly detailed, I know) and Sapphire gets to see her dad, who everyone but her and Conor believed to have drowned more than a year before our story starts. Seeing her dad leads Sapphire and Conor to go to Ingo with the purpose of trying to bring him back. However [...]

    9. Set on the rugged Cornish coast, Sapphire and her brother Conor's father went missing at sea some eighteen months previously (in book one-Ingo). Now they have moved into a new cottage in a different village with their mother and her new boyfriend.Sapphire isn't happy, but her brother's making the best of it with new friends and goes out surfing most days.The year before they had both had an unusual, mysterious adventure (after their father had disappeared) deep below the waves where they'd disco [...]

    10. I thought that this one was going to be amazing after just a few chapters, and it went really great until it started to become flawed with the whole seeing gift Connor had and the story-line not linking to their previous adventure.I'll admit it was good, the writing style had improved and the whole call to the ocean is amazing. I liked the idea of her finding her dad and him speaking to her, but she never sees him again which is bizarre to me, and she doesn't really try to find him again. I'm su [...]

    11. Saphires journey continues to free her dad and learn more about Ingo.But when Conor and Saphire see the Tide knot they don't realise what is going to happen. But when the tide knot breaks there new house is flooded for the sea breaks its boundarys and enters air. How can Conor see writing on the tide knot? Why does Saphire see dad? and most of all how is Sadie. While Mum worries about dad and money Saphire and conor are thrown into the problem of the Tides!

    12. Whoa 2nd in the series--great turn on where the missing dad ended up.Dunmore managed to keep the thrill of the unknown in this book. The world of mer is colorfully depicted with her creative mind.I loved it!

    13. I liked this one better than the first book in the series (Ingo).ough I still don't know what Sapphy sees in Faro (his character seems stuck up and one dimentional to me). A fun adventure story :)

    14. The Tide Knot adalah seri kedua dalam tetralogy Ingo. Ini kisah yang diangkat dari cerita rakyat atau legenda asal usul pahatan putri duyung di salah satu gereja di daerah Senara, Cornwall, Inggris. Jika sebagian besar kisah manusia duyung bersifat romantisme, tetralogy ini agak berbeda. Tokoh utamanya berusia belasan tahun, beranjak menuju remaja. Mereka adalah kakak beradik dan bersahabat dengan dua orang kaum Mer. Rasanya sulit jika langsung melompat ke seri kedua tanpa membaca seri pertamany [...]

    15. Ini adalah buku kedua dari seri Ingo, mengisahkan kelanjutan petualangan Sapphire dan Conor, kakaknya di dunia bawah laut. Masih ditemani Faro dan Elvira, makhluk Mer, petualangan kedua kakak-beradik itu lebih dalam. Kali ini, mereka bersama-sama menyelam untuk mencari jawaban atas apa yang sebenarnya terjadi kepada ayah mereka yang menghilang musim panas lalu.Pencarian mereka justru mengantar Sapphire dan Conor mengetahui fakta mengerikan, bahwa Ingo sedang berada pada puncak kekuatannya. Dapat [...]

    16. Made me cry. Helen Dunmore's mastery of language is so beautiful, and it was what first led me to love this series. Reading it again after weathering some experiences and heartbreaks in life gives a whole new perspective to this rich series.Thoughts: what the Mer represent against the human worldEmotions written into realityThe relationship between Faro and Sapphy vs. the relationship between Elvira and Conor. All in all, I can't wait to see how these develop in the next book!!

    17. Disini terungkap kemana Dad pergi (walau kita semua pastinya sdh punya dugaan kemana nya) & alasannya Dad pergi. Tadinya ak sebel sama Mum yg move on dgn Roger, disini justru jadi sebel sama Dad karena alasan Dad pergi. Ternyata mum, Conor & Saphire tdk cukup penting untuk Dad sehingga Dad meninggalkan mereka.Karena itu ak sdh kehilangan minat sama seri ini. Disini petualangan Conor & Saphy ada kaitannya dgn simpul ombak.

    18. Buku kedua jalan ceritanya mudah untuk ditebak, dari mulai kemana Mathew pergi, kenapa dia lebih memilih Ingo daripada udara, bagaimana keadaan Mathew setelah memilih Ingo dan Tsunami atau banjir yang melanda St. Pirans. Tapi di buku kedua ini, Helen, benar-benar menggambarkan karakter sosok Shapire yang kuat dan selalu ingin tau, dan Conor yang bisa tenang dalam menghadapi masalah apapun. Menurut ku itu adalah kelebihan dari buku ke dua dari seri Tetralogi Ingo. Karakter yang cukup luar biasa

    19. If you thought the first book was good, this book will be amazing. The beginning is not that interesting but if you just wait a little longer, you will not be able to put it down. I'm ordering the third book! I hope you like it.-Emmy

    20. The first book was better for me, I liked how Ingo was so mysterious in the first book, so I don't like that they're starting to understand it now. But I am definitely glad that it is a series and not just a standalone.

    21. After reding Ingo i dove straight into book 2 wow, This series just gets betterry addictive storyline. The pull from The Mer gets stronger Conner and His sister find it more difficult to ignore the voices. Sorry can't stop to tell you too much about it. I'm off to find book 3

    22. Magical. It's really the best word to describe these series. Not in a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy novel kind of way, but in the magic of childhood. The same sort of magic that transported the kids through an old wardrobe into Narnia. This book doesn't have much in the way of magic, persay. But the world Dunmore creates IS magical. Consistent. Beautiful. Enticing. Menacing. So many feelings all at once. It is easy to love Farod yet just as easy to doubt him, to be suspicious of him. I like that [...]

    23. I've given this a three but honestly, I can't remember what rating I would have given. I'm sure I already wrote a review for this book and a few others that have come up unrated.I enjoyed the rest of this series though, though the lead character was often annoying, so hopefully my score for this one is adequet and fair.EDIT:Ok, I have reviewed it but for some reason it isn't showing up so I'll paste what I wrote here:Wow, well I'm in a bit of a predicament now. I didn't like Ingo very much, did [...]

    24. Jika kematian Cal serta Ali terasa seolah merenggut jantungku keluar, diinjak-injak, kemudian dikembalikan dalam keadaan hancur lebam, maka The Tide Knot membuatku serasa ditusuk oleh bilah pedang tajam dan dingin tepat di jantungku yang setelah beberapa saat rasa sakitnya berubah tumpul hingga tak terasa. Tapi tetap saja kau tahu luka itu ada, kau tahu lubang itu ada di sana.Tidak ada yang nyawanya terenggut dalam buku kedua Ingo ini, kecuali mungkin kucing malang yang terseret banjir itu. Tapi [...]

    25. The pull (and story) of Ingo is growing stongerterally. The characters Sapphire & Conor are growing up and becoming more independant, spending more time away from home and less in Ingo, but the sea cannot be ignored that easily, especially for Sapphire. They have moved further inland, due to thier mother's paranoia and urge to start over with Roger, her new love-intrest since the kid's dad disappeared. Sapphire is given new responsibilities with her dog Sadie who follows her everywhere, exce [...]

    26. The Tide Knot is the sequel to the wonderful book Ingo. Both books are full to the brim of magic, adventure, friendship, mermaids, the power of the sea and lots more. I loved reading both of these books and recommend them to kids of all ages. Nobody is too old for magic!! I would recommend you read Ingo first, if you haven’t already, as things will make a lot more sense when reading The Tide Knot. Sapphire’s first encounter of Ingo was nearly a year ago. Now she, Conner and their mum have mo [...]

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