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  1. -about an hour and 10 minutes(10/6)-7 word summary:opera-voice-mysterious-ghost-accident-confusion-love-Discussion Questions:1.Do you know the difference between opera and musical?Answer:I don't know and I have no idea, so I looked over some Web pages.Basically opera use classical music and musical use jazz one.Moreover opera singers sing without microphones.Musical singers use it.But, musical singers have to sing and also dance.Both of them needs high level techniques. It's hard for them to act [...]

  2. Macmillan readersJune 3 70minutesmask, talent, hide, lover, jealousy, choice, foreverDiscussion Questions1what is the most important for you?A My friends and my family is the most important for me. 2 If you had a talent for opera.But your face is strange or scarely. Dou you play on the opera?A Yes I do. Because even if I had a talent, it means opera is suitable for me even if I had strange and scarely face.I didn"t know this story first time. I have heard this title, but I had never read book. A [...]

  3. -MACMILLION READERS.level 2-Time 9/21 =55minutes 9/22 =10minites-7-word summary Opera-people-disappear-man-who-wears-mask-Discussion questions.1.Have you ever encountered accidents?No.I have't. But my friend encountered a car accident. That was terrible.2.In this story,there are traps use fire and water. Which can you endure hot days or cold days?I can endure hot days. But I hate cold days.I like this book. This story was so thrilling!I kept my eyes on this book from begining to end.

  4. MACMILLAN READERS Gaston Leroux Lv.21.Brittany 2rl 3.opera 4.voice 5sk 6antom 7.die 90min.Q1:Have you ever watched operas?A:Yes, I have. When I was a junior high school student, I watched it with my friends. Q2:If you were Christine, could you love Eric whose face was the face of dead man?A:In my case, I couldn't love him because I think I couldn't see his face so much time.

  5. by stephen Colbourm80minuteact/opera/voice/love/confusion/scary/mysteriousQ. Have you ever seen Phantom of the Opera on movie or musical?A. No, I haven't. I really know this title but I don't have knowledge about it.This story is finally phantom stopped to love her because she loves other guy. I'm sorry for him. this is very interesting so I wanna rent DVD.

  6. Escolhi este livro para trabalhar com meus alunos, na edição Macmillan readers, nível beginner. Bom, como já era de se esperar o livro foi bem resumido e simplificado, assim como a linguagem. Mas me interessei bastante pela história e quero ler a versão normal, sem edições.

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