The Invisible Ones

The Invisible Ones Small time private investigator Ray Lovell veers between paralysis and delirium in a hospital bed But before the accident that landed him there he had promised to find Rose Janko Rose was married to

  • Title: The Invisible Ones
  • Author: Stef Penney
  • ISBN: 9780857382924
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Small time private investigator Ray Lovell veers between paralysis and delirium in a hospital bed But before the accident that landed him there, he had promised to find Rose Janko Rose was married to the charismatic son of a travelling gypsy family, Ivo Janko When Ray starts to investigate her disappearance he s surprised that her family are so hostile towards him TheSmall time private investigator Ray Lovell veers between paralysis and delirium in a hospital bed But before the accident that landed him there, he had promised to find Rose Janko Rose was married to the charismatic son of a travelling gypsy family, Ivo Janko When Ray starts to investigate her disappearance he s surprised that her family are so hostile towards him The Jankos have not had an easy past They are a clan touched by tragedy either they are cursed, or they are hiding a terrible secret Could it be that Rose s discovery of that secret led to her disappearance all those years ago Soon Ray wishes that he d never asked the question In a novel that is totally different from Stef s extraordinary debut The Tenderness of Wolves, she shows herself once to be a matchless storyteller.

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    1. Great mystery/thriller, dark atmosphere, sublime story, a plot that keeps you wondering (well me), unusual characters. Now this is what a good thriller mystery should be like. I see this book is not on a lot of lists of my friends. Kind of surprising. Maybe it hasn't broken through properly yet, because this is a good book published in 2011, and a good writer. I read her first novel The Tenderness of Wolves, enjoyed that one and noted this one down, found it by chance in a bookstore on the shel [...]

    2. I loved The Tenderness of Wolves, so I had high hopes for this novel. This is a different book from that, but no less impressive. It centres on the gypsy community, its folklore, customs and rituals. The focus is on the Janko family and the disappearance of Rose, the wife of Ivo, nearly seven years ago. She apparently left after the birth of Christo who had inherited the family disease. She could not cope and ran of with a gorgio (non gypsy).Ray Lovell is a half gypsy, private investigator hired [...]

    3. I've been waiting and waiting for a new Stef Penney since reading and loving her debut novel, The Tenderness of Wolves. Well, the wait was worth it. Stef Penney has written another great novel that delves into the secret lives of people who are set apart from the mainstream life of the world. In this latest novel, it is the Gypsy life of the Travelers that is the focus of the action and the mystery involving a missing woman of that life. While many Gypsies have left the road and settled in "bric [...]

    4. This was an unexpected read. I had picked up the book without reading the blurb.As it turns out, it tells the story of a private investigator who is hired to find out about the disappearance of a woman within the traveller community.One of the aspects that made the book quite entertaining is that the POV changes between different characters - the PI and a 14 year-old boy. Penney got the tone of voice just right for both of the narrators and this made it quite interesting to see the two different [...]

    5. Any book that makes me look like a lunatic in a corner of a tea shop deserves five stars from me. I wanted to finish the book in the shop but I kept getting annoyed/curious/scared/worried stares from people when I got to the twist and started whispering "what? what?!! what the f--?!!". I wasn't embarrassed, instead I wanted to look back at them and say "can you believe this?!!" while pointing at a book looking incredulous with one eyebrow raised. But I didn't want to be banned in there. I like [...]

    6. I picked this book up because I am fascinated by gypsies, and I was excited to have found a novel about this elusive community of people (so much so that I was willing to slog through 400 of the slowest, most repetitive pages for even the slightest insight into this culture). The novel is a standard mystery novel, told from the point of view of Ray, a P.I and J.J a teenage gypsy. There is the search for a gypsy woman and a love story of sorts between the P.I. and one of the gypsy family members. [...]

    7. Another good, solid story with sympathetic characters in an interesting locale.As with her fantastic debut novel, The Tenderness of Wolves, Penney’s second book, The Invisible Ones, can be categorized as a mystery, but it is really a story of human drama that just happens to have a dead body and a missing person in it.When the story opens, Private Investigator Ray Lovell opens his eyes in a hospital bed to find that he’s temporarily paralyzed and has no memory of how he got there. He’s cur [...]

    8. I did like the idea of this book and the ending worked well for me. As for the bit inbetween - I think it was rather slow/overlong for a detective thriller for my liking. I did genuinely enjoy the story of a missing gypsy bride being investigated by a gypsy private investigator and the characters in the story most worked well for me. Other than the issue with pace the other thing that struck me as less than convincing was the "voices" of the two people narrating the story. We have JJ, a 14 year [...]

    9. Loved the story! It takes you into a world we know so little about, a world that still exists but has always been shrouded in mystery. At least for me I remember when I was a child, there used to be gypsies coming round to our town every year and make camp down by the river for a few days or weeks. It was also my and my friends' playground, but when the gypsies were in town, our mothers did not allow us to go there did not even allow us to leave the house by ourselves. Reading the book, I foun [...]

    10. This isn't a book that can be rushed through, but a book to slowly savor. Told in alternate chapters by two different narrators, one is a gypsy private detective hired to look for a missing person and the other is a thirteen year old boy who lives with the traveling gypsy family the girl had married in to.As the book progresses layers are slowly peeled away and more is revealed about the girl, the gypsy culture and family and the narrators personalities and lives. The ending is a stunning reveal [...]

    11. Here's the thing, first of all. The story is told from two different sets of "eyes". Both are males of 1/2 Gypsy inheritance. One is 14 and the other close to 40. They are not related but both have life situations and cultural fall outs of a self-identity that is half in/ half out of the Gypsy worldview. Maybe!Characterization for these two- J.J. who is the teen, and Ray who is the investigator presently experiencing mental and health issues at this juncture (some tied to the case, some not) is [...]

    12. ‘As it turns out, the memory loss may be the least of my problems.’This novel is set in the world of the Romany people, a world in which the Romanies themselves are trying hard to maintain traditional ways of life. A world that Ray Lovell, himself of Romany descent, thought he’d left behind him. Then Ray is asked to trace the missing wife of Ivo Janko, and soon discovers that the Janko clan has many secrets. Rumour has it that the missing wife ran away after it became clear that her child [...]

    13. I read The Tenderness of Wolves when it came out (2007) and found it to be a good story that was marred by Penney's decision to change not only POV (which is fine), but from 1st to third person and also tense. Thankfully, she has abandoned this for The Invisible Ones, which instead switches between 2 POVs, both 1st person, which works fine. Oddly enough, this time I didn't care too much for the story. One main character is a baggage laden private detective (are there any other kind?), who is emp [...]

    14. When I first started The Invisible Ones I thought, "Oh no, this is going to be tedious." The story follows two arcs that predictably come together: an investigator looking for a missing woman and a gypsy family living on the "road". The gypsy life is so strange and different that I thought I would tire of it and give up. But as is so often the case, I persisted and slowly got enveloped in a strange and interesting story. There is quite a big reveal at the end and I don't want to spoil it, but th [...]

    15. This is an epic novel about how secrets, deception and cultural intricacies can cause a lot of pain and long lasting anguish to people. A private investigator is hired to find a woman who disappeared six years ago from a Gypsy site. The story very much unfolds through his questioning and observations of the people who knew her best before she vanished, intertwined with the very moving sections told from the perspective of a fourteen-year old teenager, nephew of the missing woman's husband. The b [...]

    16. Ray Lovell, a private investigator, is hired to find Rose Janko by her father. Rose, a "Traveler" or Gypsy, disappeared seven years ago, and her husband's family isn't talking. A good mystery, well written and a fascinating look into the lives of these often unseen people.

    17. I didn't finish this book as I wasn't enjoying it, didn't like 'Tenderness of wolves' either so she is obviously not my kind of aurthor.

    18. A very interesting story about the Romanies who are better known as gypsies. The book is about a missing woman. Her father hires a private investigator to find out why she went missing six years before. The story is told from two perspectives: the PI and JJ, the nephew of the missing woman. It is a very exciting book, and the mystery isn't solved until the very end. I was definitely fooled by it, too.

    19. The Invisible Ones is Stef Penney's second novel, but a first look at this author for me. It won't be my last - I'll be hunting down her first book- The Tenderness of Wolves.The opening scene is one that will hook you into the story from the first page. Ray awakes in a hospital bed, paralyzed and with no memory of how he came to be there. Penney takes us back to the beginning and on the journey of how Ray ended up where he is.Ray Lovell is a small time private investigator - he mostly does cheat [...]

    20. "The Invisible Ones", by Stef Penney, was such a delightful surprise for me as a reader. It doesn't really fit into one particular category, and the book itself is much, much better than the promos that lead to my interest in obtaining a copy. An intriguing and involving "Gypsy Noir" PI tale, "The Invisible Ones" will hold your interest, and then some! Ray Lovell, half Gypsy or "Romany", is an about-to-be-divorced private investigator who has yet to sign the divorce papers. He broods over his ex [...]

    21. The Invisible Ones is Stef Penney's follow up to her acclaimed debut novel The Tenderness of Wolves. It opens with private investigator Ray Lovell in the hospital recovering from a brush with death via an unidentified poisonous substance. The hospital staff suspects that it may have been self-administered, but as Ray swims through strange, frightening hallucinations and recovers his mobility from partial paralysis, he starts to think that his near death might be connected to his investigation in [...]

    22. THE INVISIBLE ONES by Stef Penney is, no exaggeration, a fantastic read. This mystery/suspense book is a keeper; get it in hard cover. And if you’ve read Penney’s other book, THE TENDERNESS OF WOLVES, this book, THE INVISIBLE ONES, is better.Ray Lovell is a private investigator in England. The book begins with him in the hospital, but he doesn’t remember why he’s there. He’s mostly paralyzed, and he’s delirious. No one knows why. This is the first mystery.Chapters with this hospitali [...]

    23. And now for something completely different: a gypsy father hires a part gypsy private investigator to find his adult daughter who disappeared some 6 years ago after she married and had a child. Lots of intrigue and exotic lifestyle scenery with the "travelers". The book alternates between 2 narrators: Ray, the private investigator, and JJ, a teenage nephew of the missing bride's husband, and thus, main suspect. Both Ray and JJ are delightful characters and I enjoyed their company so much that I [...]

    24. “The Invisible Ones” by Stef Penney, published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons.Category – Fiction/LiteratureI became a Stef Penney fan when reading her first novel, “The Tenderness of Wolves”. I am now a bigger fan since reading her second novel, “The Invisible Ones”. Her novels have an element of mystery and suspense with human drama seeped in life changing decisions.Ray Lovell, a private investigator, is contacted by Leon Wood to find his daughter Rose who has been missing for over seve [...]

    25. I won this mystery novel from the First Reads giveaway program. I quite enjoyed it. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something paranormal was at work for the first few chapters thanks to Stef Penney’s deliciously creepy tone-setting. As the book progressed, it became evident that nothing beyond human emotions was driving this mystery but it remained a suspenseful read. The novel switches between two narrators and both are extremely vivid and realistic. One of the characters is a teenager an [...]

    26. Despite the popularity and good reviews of this author's The Tenderness of Wolves, this is the first Stef Penney novel that I have read. Now, I'm going to have to go back and read The Tenderness of Wolves because I really liked this book.This mystery taught me more about the Romany people and kept me entertained throughout. An unwilling wife of one of the Romanies disappeared six years earlier, and after all this time, her father decides to hire a detective to search for her.There is minimal vio [...]

    27. Admittedly, I am not a fan of the mystery, but I was intrigued that this book involved Britain's insular Romany Gypsy community. The novel opens unimaginatively, with a man waking in a hospital bed, struggling to recall certain facts. The man is Ray Lovell, a small-time private eye, who has been engaged to undertake a search for a young Gypsy girl, Rose Wood, who disappeared seven years ago. Ray's business is failing, his wife, with whom he is still besotted, is anxious for him to sign divorce p [...]

    28. I was drawn to this book by the gypsies. I wanted to know more about this world and the fact that this book was a mystery story as well was a bonus. I started this book a while ago and could not find myself drawn into the story, the characters or the world. I got to chapter eight and put the book down. Yet, I would come across this book every once in a while. I did regret putting this book down and not trying to give it another chance. So I finally picked up this book again and proceeded to read [...]

    29. Book Giveaway & Review:When I received The Invisible Ones by bestselling author Stef Penney from the publisher, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve always been intrigued by Romany (Gypsy) culture, so a mystery involving a Romany detective in 1980’s England sounded like it might be an interesting read. What I didn’t bargain for was a novel I couldn’t bear to put down during the Christmas holidays when I had an out of town guest and tons of activities on my schedule. I should have kno [...]

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