Never a Hero to Me

Never a Hero to Me Tracy Black was only five years old when her mother was hospitalised for the first of many occasions leaving Tracy in the care of her father His behaviour seemingly overnight changed from indiffere

  • Title: Never a Hero to Me
  • Author: Tracy Black
  • ISBN: 9780857203298
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tracy Black was only five years old when her mother was hospitalised for the first of many occasions, leaving Tracy in the care of her father His behaviour, seemingly overnight, changed from indifferent to violently abusive and, for the next seven years, Tracy was sexually and physically abused by her father, his friends and her own brother All of the men were in the BriTracy Black was only five years old when her mother was hospitalised for the first of many occasions, leaving Tracy in the care of her father His behaviour, seemingly overnight, changed from indifferent to violently abusive and, for the next seven years, Tracy was sexually and physically abused by her father, his friends and her own brother All of the men were in the British Armed Forces Tracy s father compounded the abuse by sending her to baby sit for his paedophile friends whilst their own children slept in other rooms, these men would find excuses to leave later or return earlier than their wives in order to abuse her, with her own father s blessing When she sought help and safety the doors were closed as the authorities closed ranks In this shocking and compelling book, Tracy Black pieces together the jigsaw of a story that has haunted her for the past forty years She reveals the horrific betrayal of trust perpetrated by men who were considered upstanding citizens and heroes Tracy s tale reminds us all of the terrible ways in which paedophiles work and the secrets too many children are forced to carry alone It is only now that she can tell her full story of recovery.

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    1. Deary me, what a horrible book. Very well written though, the things that poor girl went through! I find it important to read a book like this every now and again because it grounds you and makes you appreciate how happy your own life is compared to some people that go through horrendous abuse.

    2. This book was written beautifully, however I was cringing and I have go admit some parts of the book was very graphic in parts where at one point I was going to stop reading it but I decided to keep on reading it and finding out more. I would recommend this book, but readers do be aware that some events are detailed.I wouldn't let young adults read this book.just because of the graphic details that are in this book. Can't wait to read more of Tracy Black books.

    3. A gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and compelling memoir. Abused by her father, passed around to his buddies, abandoned by her ill mother who refuses to believe her and then preyed upon by her brother. Life couldn't have been worse for this poor innocent child. Her first glimmer of hope came only through her own courage and bravery. An easy and straight forward read. I perhaps would have enjoyed a little more description in the storytelling but otherwise a great memoir, well-told.

    4. OK, I think most of us have heard of 'A Child Called It' by Dave Pelzer. I have nothing much to say on that one but DAMN! His mom was atrocious, but people say it wasn't that great because rumour has it, he bought his own books to boost its ratings and his brother(s) pathologically lying during interviews wasn't helping either. So, how 'bout this? How many of us have heard of this one?? My sis randomly found it in a second-hand bookshop after being pressed by Mom to buy a book and I flipped thro [...]

    5. My love for reading is the same as many of you, I suppose. I want to be thrown into a world of fantasy, of magic, of horror, of mystery. I rarely want to read a book that has elements of realism so potent and strong that the reading experience can actually become a harrowing one.However, the overriding feeling left with me regarding Never a Hero to me is its incredible power. It is hard to read in certain sections, but I tell you this - it is so well written you cannot help but flip through the [...]

    6. brilliantly written and a book you will not out down once start it, 1st class and as good as her other book "never a mother to me"

    7. Tracy Black is the pseudonym for the author who writes about her childhood of abuse. Tracy was just 5 years old when her mother got hospitalized and her father uses the opportunity to abuse her.She was told to be the ‘woman of the house’ because her mother was not around. She is made to do the housework, and subjected to sexual abuse by her father. Hers was a dysfunctional family, with no real affection between her mother and father. Her mother seemed unconnected with her daughter, while she [...]

    8. Never a Hero to Me by Tracy Black is a true narrative into the unthinkable systematic torture and sexual abuse of a child, the author. Starting when she was five and escalating into one nightmare worse than the last Tracy Black lets the reader in to her life as it was ripped from her, from a criminally deranged father and criminally cold and negligent mother. This is not a book for the faint of heart or seekers of light storytelling; no this isn’t an entertaining read. But it is a crucial and [...]

    9. Another true story I can't believe it. What Father would do that to their child. At the end he was dying, she forgave him to let him go.What a remarkable true story of this girl. The pain and anguish that her Father and his friends put this girl through. Parts I just was cringing and just couldn't read it, but of course reading these type of stories, your motivation is to read the ending and you want justice for the victim.The Father died a slow painful death, in which he deserved (sorry, but a [...]

    10. What a sad story how can a mother turn her back on her child illness is not an excuse I hope she reads the book herself and feels totally ashamed. This also applies to the social worker who didn't listen even the CO although he helped by removing her from the family didn't seem to try and expose the abuse.

    11. Well, the most horrible autobiography! I truly feel sad for you Tracy (I know it's a pseudonym). I can sympathize but not empathize. I appreciate your courage in writing this book and once again facing your dark past! May all pedophiles be punished and may every child enjoy a confident and happy childhood.

    12. This was one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read. Not because of the writing, which was very good, but because of the rather graphic descriptions of child abuse. I read in stunned amazement about a father who subjected his daughter to horrific abuse. The mind boggles that someone who is supposed to be the protector of a child, becomes her vicious attacker. Even though I wanted to stop reading and shed a few tears, I read on. I’m glad I did. I think this should be essential reading for [...]

    13. This was a gripping account of a young girl's horrific abuse by her father and his paedophile cronies. It was a difficult read because my heart was bleeding for the vulnerable little girl. But it is extremely well written and left me feeling battered and bruised and yet inspired by the confirmation of just how strong we are. I wish with all my heart that such abuse towards defenceless children can stop. Highly recommended.

    14. SurvivalThis was a well written book that exposed the terrible abuse that innocent children suffered.I admired the way that she explained how the abuse started and then escalated. She stripped bare her life and how bewildered she was by what was happening to her. Her mother, who should have loved and protected her, was as almost as much to blame as her father was.I was happy that she eventually found happiness with a family of her own.

    15. TracyI've never suffered this thank goodness but I really feel for those poor children who have my heart goes out to Tracy she has lived it . She had a mother and a father who was supposed to love her and nurture her instead she had a mother who ignored what was happening by a father who abused and raped an innocent child how can her mother live with that i don't understand how a mother can do that I applaud Tracy for sharing her story and hope it helps others 5 STARS .

    16. A must readI couldn't put this book down. Being part of a military family I found it more devastating. It kept me up at night turning another page.

    17. “Never a Hero to me,” is a memoir of a survivor of child abuse. It is non-fiction. It is a story of a woman who suffered abuse by her father, his friends, and her own brother, from the tender age of five.After she was brave enough to speak up to influential army personnel, she had the opportunity to free herself from a dad who stole her childhood and a Mother who never loved her. Going to boarding school meant freedom for her.She managed to finish boarding school and get a job,At only eighte [...]

    18. A book about child abuse is never going to be an easy read but Tracy tells her story with great clarity, avoids sentimentality and while she explains what happened I didn't find it excessively graphic. As one reviewer has said there are similar books but I say if each one helps the author and one other reader then fantastic. As this book is very well written, shows the young girl not giving up asking for help and how it takes just one person's actions to facilitate her move to safety and to star [...]

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