Setup on Front Street

Setup on Front Street Mike Dennis is a modern master of noir Max Allan Collins author of ROAD TO PERDITION Dennis writes true noir Vicki Hendricks author of CRUEL POETRY tight to the point like a line drawing Noir Jour

  • Title: Setup on Front Street
  • Author: MikeDennis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mike Dennis is a modern master of noir Max Allan Collins, author of ROAD TO PERDITION Dennis writes true noir Vicki Hendricks, author of CRUEL POETRY tight, to the point, like a line drawing Noir Journal Fans of El Leonard should find Mike Dennis an author worth watching and worth reading BooksAndPals Key West, 1991 Don Roy Doyle is Mike Dennis is a modern master of noir Max Allan Collins, author of ROAD TO PERDITION Dennis writes true noir Vicki Hendricks, author of CRUEL POETRY tight, to the point, like a line drawing Noir Journal Fans of El Leonard should find Mike Dennis an author worth watching and worth reading BooksAndPals Key West, 1991 Don Roy Doyle is back in town Tough and quick witted, he s fresh out of prison, where he served three years for a diamond swindle Now he s back to collect his share of the proceeds, about 200,000, but the money has vanished A local family dynasty which has controlled the island s politics for generations, a cop with a grudge, the FBI, and the Russian mob all have a stake in the action They re convinced Cuba is on the verge of opening up , and they all want Doyle gone In this tightly knit town, who can be trusted And how long can Doyle stay alive SETUP ON FRONT STREET is the first novel in Mike Dennis Key West Nocturnes series It takes you deep inside the world of Key West noir, behind the margaritas and the sunshine, way back in the shadows and the alleys, where the tourists never go.

    One thought on “Setup on Front Street”

    1. Sometimes, books just hit a sore spot, and unfortunately, this one did just that. I have to say that I really did like the plot and the buildup of the characters. Although, the end was predictable, I did enjoy it. I gave the low rating due to some parts in the book that I felt were totally unnecessary. The author appeared to be extremely discriminating, especially to Cubans and to blacks. His remarks had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline, in my opinion. Several times, he referred to bl [...]

    2. I can't beleive that this author used to be a pianist! You would never think so from reading his book! Setup on Front Street is a fast paced, remarkably written story that changes the image of Key West as we know it! Dennis does an excellent job making readers want to keep goingt put it down. This book is a page turner with plenty of tension and suspense! The plot is very easy to follow and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Mike Dennis did an excellent job portraying his characters as well as [...]

    3. This was a fun book. I gave it a 5 star so it would up the averages when it probably should have been a 4 star. I saw that it has been given some undeservered poor ratings. It is a good book. I enjoyed it very much. It's a fast entertaining read.I plan to read more of Mike's books.

    4. Fast good read. Like previous reviews I liked the noir feel of the story. Reading the book made me feel as if I was actually in Key West witnessing the action.

    5. It’s 1991. Don Roy Doyle, a hustler and con artist, is just out of prison after a seven year stretch and he has the scars to prove it. He was jailed for his part in a jewel heist, the only gang member that took the fall. In the opening chapter Doyle steps off a bus to arrive back in Key West and settle a few more scores, in particular he wants his $200,000 share of the robbery proceeds. He wastes no time and immediately confronts Frankie Sullivan (Sully) a nightclub owner and partner in the or [...]

    6. I am a big fan of noir mystery thrillers, especially ones that are usually described as "gritty" , "intense" or " dark." After all, doesn't noir mean dark?So yes, the antihero of Mike Dennis' book SETUP ON FRONT STREET is not a very nice guy. He is an ex-con, a grifter, a thief and a an associate of others like him. If he has any redeeming qualities, it is that he a stand-up guy who stood for a prison sentence rather that rat on others who took part in the heist , nor tell where all the money wa [...]

    7. If you like noir fiction, you’ll like this novel. Mr. Dennis writes in a true noir fashion, first person narrative point of view. He’s clever in how he introduces his protagonist’s physical description and name, Don Roy Doyle. When he describes, Sullivan’s, I feel like I’m right there on Duval Street, and can smell the toxic mix of stale beer, sweat, whiskey, and cigarette smoke, and hear the hard-driving sound of rock and roll. The story takes place in Key West in 1991, and opens with [...]

    8. Plans to Take His Life BackDon Roy arrived in Key West to collect his share of the money only to find his partner heavily invested it with the Whitneys. The last 3 years in prison, he planned his life with Norma, and the Whitney family was not going to ruin his plans.Finding Norma working as a prostitute to pay her boyfriend the mayor, BK's gambling debts, leads him to going after BK and his father. Norma is better than that, and his girl.Great suspense and murder, along with a plot to take down [...]

    9. I'm only 7% into this book and there have been at least 3 racial slurs already. I'm not a prude. I understand the world's not always pretty and sometimes in a book it's a defining part of the character. This, however, didn't seem necessary to me. You have to make the "hero" have some likeable traits and not be completely heinous in order to make the readers care about him. The author was not successful in this regard. I don't care about Don Roy. At all. It's rare for me to stop reading a book be [...]

    10. When I picked up this book I hoped for a nice mystery set in the paradise of Key West. What I got was something that seemed to be written in the 1950's detective style. The plot is interesting but the writing grated on me. It seemed a bit hokey at times right out of an old gangster movie. Finally, the characters aren't likable at all. The main character is a racist con-man who just got out of jail and goes right back to his old games. Towards the end he states he want to go straight but by that [...]

    11. This was a fast paced story that was hard to put down. The author did a great job creating a noir feel and it reminded me of reading a James Ellroy book. If you liked L.A. Confidential or The Black Dahlia I think you will like this book. I also enjoyed the Key West setting. The author shows a different side of this town which is typically known for vacationing. I look forward to reading more books from this author.

    12. I like Key West, and I like crime mysteries, and so I was predisposed to like this book. Our protagonist is a late-30's ex-con who just did 3 years hard time because he wouldn't reveal his accomplice in a grifters scheme. He returns to town to claim the $200K which was his share of the scam. Lots of action surrounding Russian mobsters planning to move into Cuba when Castro departs. My rating: ☆☆☆☆

    13. This was exactly what I needed to break up the monotony of the genres I was reading. I felt like I was in a reading slump. This book put me back on track.The story itself was fast paced with a good plot. I thought there could have been a little more to the story, I'm not sure what I was looking for but I was wowed by it.

    14. Hard to tow the straight and narrow with a past riddled in crime. Nearly makes one understand this whole separate life than what most of us are used to. Good character build-up and great storyline. Will read other books by this author.

    15. Pleasant, quick, not earth-shattering by any stretch. Fairly formula driven, but if you're looking for an in between book, this isn't all too bad. Could have been deeper and more descriptive, more who-done-it, but I'm happy I gave this author a chance.

    16. Good readNot your normal good guy but believable. Shows the type of characters that inhabit the lower rung of society and while they are not "nice" guys they live by a strict moral code of their own.

    17. another easy going, easy reading, some action, some nonsense and the not so bad boys win in the end why not ?

    18. i got this book for free as a Kindle first read. The writing style was engaging. Although not a usual genre for me I enjoyed this book very much.

    19. Lively plot, ends well, some parts unnecessary as others commented but still readable. TTS-enabled eBook.

    20. Not my usual type of book but easy quick read. Author kept my interest and kept me wanting to know what the guy was going to do next.

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