The Devilish Montague: The Rebellious Sons

The Devilish Montague The Rebellious Sons He wants to save Europe She wants to save a foul mouthed parrot Marriage wasn t on their incompatible minds until they realized they each had what the other neededBlake Montague s one desire is to ret

  • Title: The Devilish Montague: The Rebellious Sons
  • Author: Patricia Rice
  • ISBN: 9781101516812
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook
  • He wants to save Europe She wants to save a foul mouthed parrot Marriage wasn t on their incompatible minds until they realized they each had what the other neededBlake Montague s one desire is to return to war on the Continent, where he hopes his exceptional skill at decoding French communications will help break Napoleon s stranglehold on Europe But without his famHe wants to save Europe She wants to save a foul mouthed parrot Marriage wasn t on their incompatible minds until they realized they each had what the other neededBlake Montague s one desire is to return to war on the Continent, where he hopes his exceptional skill at decoding French communications will help break Napoleon s stranglehold on Europe But without his family s support, he lacks the funds to buy a commission Bored, he unleashes his frustration by dueling and occasionally risking his life rescuing stolen parrots and mad maidens His only hope is a marriage of convenience Not surprisingly, wealthy women who want to send a husband to war are in short supply until he meets Jocelyn Carrington, a laughing Venus interested in his house than himJocelyn s one desire is to reacquire her family s estate, which her despicable brother lost in a wager to Blake s father Now, to win it back, she must wed the youngest Montague, a man with few visible social graces and an annoying habit of attracting trouble Keeping her heroic future groom alive long enough to get him to the altar is challenging and surprisingly enjoyable Leading to a dilemma when she develops feelings for a man who might die tomorrow

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    1. This is my first book by this author, but it won’t be my last. We definitely started off on the right foot. As soon as I started reading, I was hooked. I smiled my way through the book and finished it wishing I had an easier time finding books that pleased me as much as this one did. I was completely gone for both of the main characters. They were both so interesting and just plain likable. They both needed what marriage to each other would bring, and it was refreshing to see a Marriage of Con [...]

    2. Blake Montague is the cash-strapped, barely civilised younger son of a Baron. Frustrated by his war injury which forced him out of the battle zone prematurely, he puts his ample cerebral abilities to good use by trying to crack French codes. Problem is, in order to have a chance of success in his decoding endeavour, he needs to be in the middle of the action but he lacks the funds to buy his commission and his protective parents certainly will not assist him in this matter. Devoid of any patienc [...]

    3. I had already added this series to my TBR list, but after reading Catherine's review(which you should read), I decided to jump ahead and read The Devilish Montague first. And everything in Catherine's review turned out to be true. I loved this book. It had a certain freshness and joi de vivre to it that I haven't encountered in Historical Romance lately.For starters, the hero isn't a rake suffering from ennui, or a Duke who needs to produce heirs. Instead Blake is a very intelligent man who want [...]

    4. I couldn't do it. I suppose Rice intended to be funny and clever while writing this book, but the pace and characterizations just annoyed me. The heroine totally lies to the hero to trick him into marrying her, and all we get for it are countless scenes and conversations about wait for it BIRDS! Big birds, small birds, talking birds, mysterious birds. I'm not using "birds" as a euphemism, either. Actual birds are used to move the plot. I already solved the mystery, and the hero isn't devilish [...]

    5. I reviewed The Devilish Montague a few years agoought I'd post it on . It's long: be warned!The Devilish Montague by Patricia RiceOne of my favourite tropes is the marriage of convenience. Patricia Rice’s new historical novel, The Devilish Montague, part of the Rebellious Sons series, was right up my alley! I inhaled the book like a pint of smooth French vanilla ice cream but my review got a tad sidetracked because of a certain royal tour of North America that was followed by a country-rocking [...]

    6. เราอ่านบทความนึงในอินเตอร์เน็ตซึ่งพูดถึง ความสำคัญของลูกชายคนรอง โดยเฉพาะในประวัติศาสตร์อังกฤษ เนื่องจากบุคคลที่สร้างสิ่งที่ยิ่งใหญ่ หรือประสบความสำเร็จมาก ๆ หลายคนไม่ใช่ [...]

    7. I didn't like this book as much as I thought I would. I liked both the main characters, but the romance between them felt forced at times and nonexistent at other times. They could have worked really well together if things were laid out better. Josie's reason for not having sex was dumb and I felt it was unnecessary drama that took a lot of the romance out of their already flaccid relationship. I would have done the drama of the climax a bit differently there were too many people present and it [...]

    8. Patricia Rice’s Rebellious Sons series is surely among this prolific author’s best work. I loved The Wycked Wyckerly, and The Devilish Montagu is just as wonderful. The characters are fresh, the humor is unforced, and the story has warmth and meaning. I have a friend who’s going through a rough patch who asked for some take-me-away books that would make her laugh. These two books are on top of the stack I’m taking her.Addendum: The thirst read was just as rewarding as the first.

    9. Part of a Series: bk2Setting: England during the Napoleonic warsHero: Blake- Braniac injured Solder who specializes in cryptologyHeroine: Jocelyn -Feisty, animal lover wants stability for her and her younger brother.Characterization: 5* strong, developed, and great sub characters as wellot/storyline: 4.5* slow start/middleWriting: 4.5* good voice.Ending- A good HEA: 5* Great couple!!How much I enjoyed it: 5*Overall rating: 5* (out of 5*)Other: This book was entertaining. The hero's banter with f [...]

    10. What a great book. As other reviewers have said - something fresh in terms of the marriage of convenience plotline, and two thoroughly likeable and very human characters. A brother who is on the autism spectrum treated as an individual and a story about adjustment as much as respect and passion. Enormous fun.

    11. The Devilish Montague by Patricia Rice4 out of 5 (B)“After years as a bachelor, he was not prepared for married life resembling the chaos of war. Perhaps he should acquire a cannon.”Jocelyn Carrington may have the luck of being able to marry whoever she chooses since she came into her inheritance but that doesn’t make up for the fact that she must get married to secure a stable house for her mother and brother. As a woman to live alone, even with her family, would be unacceptable to societ [...]

    12. Jocelyn Carrington may have the luck of being able to marry whomever she chooses since she came into her inheritance. Unfortunately, that doesn't make up for the fact that she must marry in order to secure a stable house for her eccentric mother and release her young brother Richard, who only seems to be at ease around his parrots,from the clutches of her elder brother. In order to save all she holds dear Jocelyn must enter into a marriage that will allow her to keep a roof over her family's hea [...]

    13. Author: Patricia RiceFirst published: 2011Length: 357 pages, 4863 locationsSetting: London and Chelsea, ~1820s. (Late Regency)Sex: heated kisses, a couple of explicit bedroom scenes towards the end. Fade to black at actual culmination.Hero: Younger son, soldier, cryptographer.Heroine: Has been primary carer for (on the autistic spectrum?) younger brother since very young age. Is a carer andnurturer who uses her "feminine wiles" to get her way.Series: Book 2 of 3Includes: Excerpt from The Wicked [...]

    14. Nooky Interrupt-us WarningPatricia Rice has been around a long time and I've enjoyed reading her books since I picked up Love Betrayed back in 1987. As happens with all authors of her longevity, I find that I enjoy some of her books more than others. In the case of The Devilish Montague, I was torn. I absolutely loved the first part of her book, but was a little disappointed in the last portion.I found both the heroine (Jocelyn) and the hero (Blake) to be wonderful characters. Let's start with B [...]

    15. The Devilish Montague by Patricia RiceHistorical Romance - July 5th, 20114 StarsThe Devilish Montague is the second novel in Patricia Rice's new rebellious sons series which started with the first book, The Wicked Wyckerly.The Devilish Montague is the story of Blake Montague who wants nothing more than to return to the war on the continent and help fight the French by using his excellent skills at decoding French communications. Unfortunately, being a penniless younger son he has no hopes to ach [...]

    16. 4.25 out of 5. It is, in every way, a historical romance set in the time of the Napoleonic War. But it has as its hero a man with an uncanny ability to solve puzzles/cyphers/code, and would you believe--the English government wants nothing to do with him. Without a military commission and as a part of Wellington's staff, the War Office just isn't interested. So he needs a wife--someone who can provide money for the purchase of his military commission. He finds a woman who wants a home and indepe [...]

    17. Blake Montague and Jocelyn Byrd-Carrington were made for each other. Both hide behind false fronts, and watching the two of them learn about each other and what will make the other happy is a delicious journey. She hides behind a blank smile and he hides behind a grimace. Blake is brilliant, but is having a hard time convincing the War Department that they need him. Jocelyn has too many people needing her, and she works hard to secure the safety and happy of those who are dependent on her. When [...]

    18. I pre-ordered this book after reading and enjoying The Wicked Wyckerly. A few dozen pages into the story I found my attention straying, put it aside to dip into another book on my To Read list, and never returned to The Devilish Montague.I've no idea why this happens (it's not the first time). It could be an aversion to more-of-the-same series, but I've enjoyed every book in Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse series, and every book featuring Keating's Inspector Ghote. Not to mention Frank Herbert's [...]

    19. Jocelyn Byrd-Carrington didn’t want to marry and give up her freedom after finally freeing herself from the shackles of her wretched family. She wanted the home her dastardly elder brother lost gambling. Except the only way for Jocelyn to get her family’s estate back is by marrying the very man who now holds the deed to her family’s dwelling. The thing Blake Montague desired most was his army colors, not a wife. Without funds, the only way for Blake to buy his colors was to marry for money [...]

    20. Started as a free sample download and before I completed the sample, I was ready to buy! ~~~~~~~The second book in the Rebellious Sons series. It's charming and romantic, a great escape. I love the various characters, some from the first book and others new, and I am particularly interested to see what becomes of Richard in later books, perhaps? Richard and his mother (the heroine's brother and mother) are fascinating characters and, especially as they both seem to have Asperger's Syndrome. This [...]

    21. This is the second book in the Rebellious Sons series and what fun. There is violence, per se, with a few people getting hit over the head her and there but it is not strong, no graphic and not at all off-putting. I mention this only because there were actually boxes in the review form that I had to mark. Blake is definitely a hot head at times but a very lovable character. Jocelyn is a spitfire and will do anything she has to in order to protect her mother and brother, who are very eccentric. A [...]

    22. Great Read! I think what I love about Patricia Rice as an author is the stories within stories and the very real characters with real problems. I love the recurring characters--Abigail and Fitz Wyckerly and their children, also Nick Atherton,Lord Quentin and Lady Belden. I hope the next book in the series is about Nick--the notorious rake, This 2nd book in the series finds Blake Montague, youngest son, looking for a wife with a good dowry so he can buy colors into the army. Ladybird or Lady Joce [...]

    23. What a charming bunch of misfits! Blake was brilliant at decoding things, but totally inept when it came to dealing with people. Jocelyn appeared to be an airheaded twit. But when the two of them got together and actually started paying attention to each other and what they said and did, their lives got much more interesting. Blake had been trying to find a way to decipher a French code. Jocelyn was trying to protect her younger brother and mother from her older brother. Both brother and mother [...]

    24. So this is the first time I read a book from this arthur and I have to say that I did not liked it ,it wasn't my taste at all either way I gave it 2 stars it took me about 4 weeks to finish it and I usually take 2 weeks to finish my books I am willing to give a second chance to this author and reading her books ,this is a series it has a book one and book 3 and this is book 2 the series Rebellious sonsbut I am not gonna read book 1 or 3 I'm done with the series defenetley this is not a keeper I' [...]

    25. Outstanding plot, good character development.An arranged marriage in the best sense, Jocelyn Carrington needs a house, and the best house of all would be her former home, Carrington House.Blake Montague needs money to buy his colors in enlist in the army, but his family wants him home so badly they offer him Carrington House if he'll marry.Jocelyn says she'll buy him his colors if they marry and she gets the house.Blake and Jocelyn, unknown to them, are connected to some shady characters who do [...]

    26. I loved this book even more than the first in this series. As always, Rice's characters are well developed. There is also a crazy parrot or two in the story that adds some great humor. The heroine has a rather eccentric family that she loves. The hero has a hovering family that he wishes to escape. What in the world do they have in common? Jocelyn longs for her own house, and Blake happens to get one when he gets married. Their relationship grows as the house is put back together. This is a grea [...]

    27. Super patient Hero and a sweet, delightfully straight-forward love. I don't find it particularly memorable as many of the plot lines feels too contrived. I do appreciate the basic background stories for the characters with a super-bored 2nd son who wants to get away from an overly cosseting family, a genius younger brother for the heroine, and of course, the reference to other "rebellious" friends.The "accidents" with the saved animals were funny and ridiculous. And the heroine's almost-modern v [...]

    28. This is an all around great read - you have fun characters, a great mystery, action, adventure, and love. Blake and Jocelyn's story takes you through a milestone of feelings, and leaves you wanting to know what happens to them next. Thankfully, they are part of this great series so we get to see them again and again as the years go by.If you are a fan of Stephanie Laurens, Johanna Lindsey, or Kasey Michaels you will enjoy this book and this series.

    29. 4.5 Stars. I truly enjoyed this book from my fellow RWA chapter member, Patricia Rice. The writing style was unusual and I have come to realize that she somehow matched the style to the hero. He is delightful -- blunt, brash, honorable and lacking in social graces. The book had a considerable amount of humor and a good plot. The ending was a little drawn out, but a really good book.

    30. I liked the story even though the writing seemed pretty chaotic. There was great focus on parrots It was a bit annoying. I felt the attraction between the characters and I applaud Rice for creating original H/h.

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