Feuding Hearts

Feuding Hearts Cecilia Phoenix dreaded marriage especially to Lord Fitzroy and prayed for an escape but when her brother was brought to her fresh from his defeat on the battle field salvation was not what she ex

  • Title: Feuding Hearts
  • Author: Shari Richardson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cecilia Phoenix dreaded marriage, especially to Lord Fitzroy, and prayed for an escape, but when her brother was brought to her fresh from his defeat on the battle field, salvation was not what she expected to find in the angry countenance of Lord Aldere Wyke Now they must find the strength to love and trust each other before their doubt destroys them both.

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    1. Title: Feuding HeartsAuthor: Shari RichardsonISBN: 0012444448Publisher: Astral Plane Publishing May 2011Format: E-bookCecilia Phoenix does not want to marry. When she realizes that she must in order to save her brother’s life and end a family feud that has been waging for too many years, she agrees, but it is with a heavy heart. For, she is marrying the enemy, a man that she was raised to hate.Lord Aldere Wyke is not the marrying kind. He is gruff, cold and without patience for the silly chatt [...]

    2. I loved Feuding Hearts. This is a historical romance set in the medievel times when knights, lords and ladies lived and loved. The story immediately drew me in by beginning at the end of a tough battle between two fueding lords. Lord Aldere Wyke learns that Lord Devyn Phoenix has a younger unmarried sister. He decided to marry her and bind the fueding families instead of killing the last Lord Phoenix. Cecilia is innocence maid of 14, while this bugged me out a little I am sure it was more histor [...]

    3. Feuding Hearts has it all suspense, love, revenge, murder, passion, heroics, excitement, etc etc.!!! The story line is real, and I felt what Cecelia was going through all the way. Aldere is a typical male, chauvenistic as men were back in the early days. Yet, he has a good heart and he truly has fallen in love, for the first time in his life. This book held my interest, and my enthusiasm. It was difficult to put it down! I loved that, even though Cecelia was very young and knew her "place" as t [...]

    4. The author provided a copy for an honest review. My normal reading genre is YA but I'll read anything well written. So the question then begs.well-written????I wanted to make sure that I gave the author a very fair shake and was concerned about the genre issue. So I got my aunt and some of her friends who are all big Harlequin fans together (Shari's e-book being 195 pages had that feel to it) brewed a big pot of coffee, made bread pudding and read the book out loud to them between bites and slur [...]

    5. aside from a few spelling errors, this book was stupendously ravishingly captivating <3 it demonstrates the folly of men and the core strength and petty jealousy of women better than anything i've read before. i dare you to read the first chapter and not go on from there :)

    6. Wow! I can't even begin to put into words how much I LOVED Feudng Hearts! Cecilia is such a strong, stubborn, loving character and I couldn't help but love her, and the best part is that Aldere is the exact same way. Their relationship throughout this book was so emotion filled! I couldn't help but feel excitment, frustration, heartbreak, longing, and happiness! Shari Richardson did a fantastic job of making me feel what the characters were feeling, and it was so easy to relate to them. The stor [...]

    7. I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

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