Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Callahan s Crosstime Saloon Callahan s Place is the neighborhood tavern to all of time and space where the regulars are anything but Pull up a chair grab a glass of your favorite and listen to the stories spun by time travele

  • Title: Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
  • Author: Spider Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780894900143
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Callahan s Place is the neighborhood tavern to all of time and space, where the regulars are anything but Pull up a chair, grab a glass of your favorite, and listen to the stories spun by time travelers, cybernetic aliens, telepathsd a bunch of regular folks on a mission to save the world, one customer at a time.

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    1. 4.0 stars. I think the above describes the essence of the book much better than I can, but I will go ahead and ramble for a few paragraphs anyway. However, before I begin PLEASE BE AWARE that this review contains some overt sentimentality and just plain sappiness. If it gets to be too much, you might want to have a salty snack standing by to help take the edge offof course then you might need ato wash it down, which is actually a nice lead in to a review about a book that takes place entirely in [...]

    2. Enjoyable short stories, but not quite riveting or deeply involving. Robinson originally wrote these stories as a sort of serial for Analog magazine, and as a group, they show that heritage. Part of what works for them is the mood, a positive, friendly, "we welcome all" vibe with a little bit of accommodating wierdness. However, story to story becomes repetitive if attempted in one sitting.Where Callahan's stands apart is it's focus on struggling with the problems of existence and meaning, and h [...]

    3. If you say only one thing about this book, I believe that thing would be "fun".Spider Robinson's collection of bar stories are barely science fiction but as Ben Bova points out in his introduction, does that really matter? These anecdotes are all about encouaging growth as people and a species and taking an attitude of emapthy towads your fellow man, and they're great fun too.I have no idea why it is a "Crosstime Saloon," I'd assumed it was a bar in some kind of time & space vortex outside t [...]

    4. It's very, very, VERY hard to describe this book. It's actually more important to understand Callahan's.Callahan's is a bar on Long Island that is, essentially, group therapy. The regulars help each other (and strangers) out with their problems. They make toasts by paying double for their drink and throwing the glass into the fireplace, and the toasts are often the opening to a whole new discussion about morality, politics, and empathy. Also drinking. And puns. LOTS of puns.Is this sci-fi? Many [...]

    5. This is a very fun collection of short stories, and they're linked together instead of haphazardly thrown in. I want to go to this bar!The setting is very well developed. You know what this bar is like: brightly lit, no barstools, Tuesday night is for VERY bad puns, etc.Even with the weird stuff happening, like time travelers, aliens, and psychics, the stories don't just rely on gimmicks, but the characters are well developed.

    6. A glorious book of short stories all set in one fictional bar. They are a mix of both supernatural and just plain super stories. And for anyone curious "The Farm" highlighted in the last story "The Wonderful Conspiracy" is still alive and thriving in Summertown TN.

    7. Wow, just wow. I absolutely love this book and this author and of course, this place. Callahan's is a bar where anything can happen and they mean anything. And some of the most unbelievable things do. What I really love is the people in the stories, the feelings. At Callahan's there is no judgement, no recriminations, just people who genuinely care for one another, care about the problems everyone faces, the pain they have to go through, and the process of recovery. My two favorite stories from [...]

    8. This is a good coffee break book--you really wouldn't want to read more than a chapter at a time. Although I can appreciate puns, I guess I'm not as into that as most Spider Robinson fans.

    9. If anyone ever suggests that SF has nothing to say about the human condition, you could do a lot worse than point them towards Spider Robinson.Callaghan's Crosstime Saloon (1977) - the first of many collections of stories he's produced about a very special Long Island Bar - is by some lights barely in the genre at all. The tropes it does employ - little green men, time travel, telepathy - seem in most of the tales to be window dressing for solving a patron's problems. Taking the first story as a [...]

    10. While I am a total nerd girl, I rarely get into science fiction novels. While my old friend Richard Dansky might consider dropping me as a friend over this, he should also remember he was the first person to put this Spider Robinson book in my hand. Originally, this was a collection of short stories published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. What it became was an introduction to one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasure series. This is my kind of sci-fi! It's a delicious reality martini, bu [...]

    11. A nice collection of short stories with a scifi twist, but the twist might not be quite what you expect it to be.An easy read that will take you some place, make you think and set your giggles off. I recommend it. Once you start on Spider Robinson, you'll be hooked.Oh, one disclaimer:If you don't like puns, avoid Spider Robinson's books like the plague!

    12. Written in 1999 it says here-but these are short stories for a magazine so probably written over a number of years. Some are a bit dated and many have a mix of feminism and progressive views, other with a few homophobic or misogynist comments. Overall a theme if sharing difficult feelings and situations in a (mostly) judgement free bar. With aliens and time travels.

    13. These short stories were published in the first wave of character-centric science fiction, following the Golden Age focus of Asimov and Clarke on plot and science. I can see why they would have felt like a breath of fresh air at the time. I'm not entirely sure how well they aged, decades after the wash of disillusionment that accompanied Vietnam, Nixon, and early drug rampages. If you pay enough attention to history, then the attitude of "society is falling apart because it doesn't conform to my [...]

    14. Callahann's Crosstime Saloon grabbed hold as soon as I found out that a common practice was breaking glasses in the fireplace after a toast, that is something that appeals to me on a spiritual level.Callahann's Crosstime Saloon is a collection of short science fiction stories that follow a weird bar, its weird patrons, and the weird events that happened there. Some are relatively straightforward, others leave you scratching your head, and still others make you sit there going, "this is good, but [...]

    15. The short stories from the Callahan's series are all set at an eponymous Irish bar. The place has something special to it: Whoever comes to the bar, sooner or later gets the opportunity to get consolation or even absolution by the barkeeper, Callahan, and his bunch of merry drunkard customers. Some of the stories deal with rather down-to-earth themes, for example a former minister who "travelled through time" by means of imprisonement by a Latin American dictator. Other stories involve real time [...]

    16. This is one of those really tricky books. The kind that really don't suit a 'review' or even any ratings. I feel it's one of those "you get as much as you put in" type stories. That on the one hand.On the other hand, this book is acclaimed for being hilarious and wonderful and I really didn't feel much of either. Yeah, the puns were pretty punny in a few cases, and the stories (since this is really a bunch of short stories strung together about the Saloon) were pretty interesting, but I didn't f [...]

    17. Spider Robinson is the king of the pun; The Callahan Series is his crowning achievement. Each chapter is a quick read so you can keep this near the porcelain throne or run through the book in a day or two reading in bed before your significant other jesters to you to turn off the light.I regally loved this book and suggest you pick it up some knight soon.

    18. this wasn't what I expected at all, but it was fine for what it was. A little too happy-In my experience, bars and drunks aren't really like thatlol

    19. This is one of my most-read books, and obviously an old favorite. It has informed huge parts of my personal philosophy, and has provided comfort in hard times. It also has some of the most gods-awful puns you will ever read, as well as some spectacular shaggy-dog stories. Sadly, on this reading, many of the flaws stood out to me.The stories have not aged too badly, but there is a post-hippie, middle-class smugness that settles upon the whole. It's a little tough to deal with a self-satisfied sen [...]

    20. It's been over 20 years since I first read this book. This meant I didn't remember the stories well enough, so they could be almost like brand new Spider Robinson stories. A real treat! This was a good book to use in "cleansing my mind" after having read something I really didn't enjoy at all. It put me back in a good mood.Spider's stories are always more about the people, and his character development in such a short space is always exemplary. His people feel things, and Callahan's is the place [...]

    21. At first I didn't think I was going to like it but as I continued drinking at Callahan's Saloon I just enjoyed it more and more. On to book 2

    22. This collection of short stories is a breezy read, infused with Robinson's empathy for all creatures and love of groan-inducing wordplay.

    23. Callahan's Place only accepts single dollar bills. You put a dollar down on the counter, and you get a drink. Then you have a choice. You can take 50 cents from a cigarette box full of quarters. Or, you can throw your glass in the fire. And if you choose the latter option, you get to talk, and everyone has to stop what they're doing and listen to you.The men who frequent Callahan's Place are good at listening and they hear a lot of stories --- some seeking advice, some empathy and some absolutio [...]

    24. Mildly amusing but painfully dated. I find myself relieved that the 70s are so far in the past. Robinson is at his best when it comes to describing the zeitgeist of the 70s, and at his worst when it comes to extrapolating on the future. Unsurprisingly, then, my favorite story was "The Time-Traveler," which has so little science fiction that, according to Ben Bova's introduction, it drew letters of protest from Analog's subscribers when it originally saw print. As a slice-of-life into one man's b [...]

    25. Try as I might, I couldn't help but groan at some of the corniness of the stories in Callahan's Crosstime Saloon. There's just something very nerdy about the whole thing. For one thing, the book is filled to the brim with groan-worthy puns. You know, the kind that make geeks chuckle with pride. The SF is clunky, and a lot of the emotional content consists of men narrating their own pain while downing copious amounts of whiskey.But Well, there's just something so damn likeable about Callahan's Pl [...]

    26. In an unlikely corner of the world - Long Island, of all places - is a spot where men (and the occasional woman) can unload their troubles and find empathy and absolution. It’s called Callahan’s, and the planet would be far better off if it existed for real. In Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, Spider Robinson weaves together a series of stories concerning humanity at its best and worst. Though each short can stand alone, there are cross-references best appreciated by reading them in order. The [...]

    27. At Callahan's Place, you can buy a drink. For twice the price, you can buy a drink, give a toast to which everyone in the bar must listen, and throw your glass into the fireplace. This is how the regulars (and not-so-regulars) of Callahan's share their stories, share their pain, and suffer less.This collection of really inventive short stories frequently features aliens and time travelers and people with unusual abilities, but that's not the point. The point is the human experience--whatever tha [...]

    28. All I can say is, I want to go make a toast at Callahan's Place, and become a regular at this bar where the patrons are lifelong friends and "family" first, rotten punsters second, and drinking buddies last. This is a collection of short stories about Callahan's Place, a rather odd bar in which patrons come to have a drink, see friends, play games, and--more often than not--spill their guts (no, not literally). This saloon has more than its fair share of alien, non-human, and otherwise weird cli [...]

    29. I first visited Callahan's Saloon well over 30 years ago and have never really left. Spider's cast of characters and oddball stories have stayed with me far longer than many of the other books I've read over the years. Re-reading this collection was like coming home. I was also surprised as to how pertinent the stories still are. Perhaps we are not at war in Vietnam any longer, but the stories from our veterans in the Middle east sound hauntingly similar. South American countries are still dicey [...]

    30. Where has Spider Robinson been my whole life?!? Right there, in plain sight. Thanks to a fellow user for recommending this as my next read, based on my affinity for Douglas Adams. These stories are both ridiculous and sublime, combining profound musings on time and human nature with all manner of awful(ly great) puns. Imagine The Canterbury Tales and The Iceman Cometh shot through with Douglas Adams. Looking forward to reading more.

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