Benny Bakes a Cake

Benny Bakes a Cake Benny helps Mama bake his birthday cake But when the cake is done Ralph their large bouncy dog helps himself and oh what he does to the cake But Papa saves the day assuring both a joyous story f

  • Title: Benny Bakes a Cake
  • Author: Eve Rice
  • ISBN: 9780688115791
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Benny helps Mama bake his birthday cake But when the cake is done, Ralph, their large, bouncy dog, helps himself and oh, what he does to the cake But Papa saves the day, assuring both a joyous story for the youngest listener and a very happy birthday for Benny A lovable book School Library Journal.

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    1. Today I reread this book after about 30 years. It was first read to me by my mother after I underwent almost the exact experience as Benny. It was my birthday, a cake was made, and the dog ate it. I remember feeling as upset as Benny, but through this book, which mysteriously arrived in the mail a few days after the cake debacle, I understood the restorative qualities of literature. I am now a nationally recognized poet based out of San Francisco, California, though I no longer touch sweets (wel [...]

    2. Many children have probably had similar experiences where something they make gets ruined and they cry about their loss until mommy or daddy fixes what happened. In this story the dad just brings home another cake and it is a happy ending. But this could be a bad lesson because children might think that if something they have is ruined it will be replaced, which will not always be the case. The process of making a cake is also a good concept in this book. It would be good to read to preschoolers [...]

    3. It is Benny birthday and he wants to make a cake. He makes a cake with his mom. Once it was done, they found their dog Ralph eating the cake. Benny just cried and cried. He was so sad then his Papa showed up at the door with a big cake and presents for him.I think this book is more for kindergartners, they will love this. I liked how the author had more pictures than words. I also like how the pictures showed the steps of how to make the cake.

    4. I like this simple story of a boy making his birthday cake with his mother. Unfortunately, Ralph (the dog) eats it. All is not lost and Benny has a Happy Birthday after all.

    5. Another Eve Rice book that my daughter worships. I personally don't love it, but give it four stars because the art is sort of cool and it evidently speaks strongly to its intended audience.

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