Captives of the Night

Captives of the Night Leila Beaumont is a gorgeous and talented portrait painter trapped in a loveless marriage with her profligate husband Francis Though long ago Francis very much played the hero rescuing and wedding

  • Title: Captives of the Night
  • Author: Loretta Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Leila Beaumont is a gorgeous and talented portrait painter trapped in a loveless marriage with her profligate husband, Francis Though long ago, Francis very much played the hero, rescuing and wedding the orphaned 17 year old Leila Francis recent hedonistic lifestyle of drinking, drugging and womanizing has not only earned him quite a few enemies in London, but losLeila Beaumont is a gorgeous and talented portrait painter trapped in a loveless marriage with her profligate husband, Francis Though long ago, Francis very much played the hero, rescuing and wedding the orphaned 17 year old Leila Francis recent hedonistic lifestyle of drinking, drugging and womanizing has not only earned him quite a few enemies in London, but lost him the love of his wife.When Francis turns up dead in the Beaumont townhouse, right after a loud and vitriolic argument with his wife, Leila is seen as the primary suspect, innocent though she is Because of Francis many enemies and victims, government officials instigate a quiet investigation, many of whom fear fallout from Francis numerous blackmail and extortion schemes.The man they call on the sexy blue eyed Comte d Esmond is a man of many talents who has spent the past ten years as one of the government s most trusted covert operatives a man who also has a dark and treacherous past.Neither Leila, nor d Esmond is especially happy to be working together their relationship is one of intense attraction accompanied by intense resistance Leila had long ago given up on the idea of love and saw her husband as a means of propriety in London, but now she finds the dangerous Esmond s seductive charm nearly irresistible.But work together they must Esmond, with a carefully hidden identity that would shock Leila to the core and Leila with her own secrets to keepIt s danger that unites them and it s danger that chains their hearts Esmond s virility and bold touch enflame Leila s bloodd draw her into the most irresistible intrigue of alluly passionate love.

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    1. I've given this an A+ for narration and A- for content at AudioGals.For those of us who are fans of historical romance audios, Loretta Chase’s name has long been at the top of the list of “authors whose books we’d like to see in audio format”. In 2014, our long wait was amply rewarded, with Ms Chase’s Dressmaker books, the ever popular Lord of Scoundrelsand a handful of her earlier Regencies all coming to audio. We also got a couple of early Christmas presents in the form of The Lion's [...]

    2. Reviewed for thcreviews"2.5 stars" I first read Loretta Chase's fabulous book, Lord of Scoundrels, over a year ago, and the book, as well as it's hero and heroine, still remain among my top 10 favorites today. I discovered, after reading Lord of Scoundrels, that it was part of a series, and there were two books which came before it. Having loved it so much, I was quite anxious to check out those other books, but I have to say that by comparison both have greatly disappointed me. While I did see [...]

    3. Hard to rate. This was well written, but didn't work so well as a romance for me. Also the timeline is a bit confusing. I read books 2-3 first and the heroine's nasty dead husband was alive and causing trouble. The book seemed to mostly take place shortly after the end of book 4.A lot of this was like a 19th century procedural detective story. If that's your thing, you may find this more interesting. Overall, I didn't much feel the romance. It is hard to take a villain from a prior book and make [...]

    4. Rating is for the story. The narration by Kate Reading is 5-stars. Overall this was a decent story, with an emphasis on suspense, but a little drawn out. That said, my expectations may have been overly high given that I thought Lord of Scoundrels was one of the best HRs I've ever listened to. Unfortunately, I just didn't feel the connection between the hero and heroine here in the same way. Still a worthy listen though, especially given the fantastic narration, if you can go into it with an open [...]

    5. Oh, I love this story. And Kate Reading just brought the characters to life. Esmond/Ismael- what a guy. Complex, difficult, flawed, manipulative and desperately lonely. An exile from his beloved homeland and a man still paying for the sins of an impetuous youth. Brainwashed by an ambitious mother to believe he could be another Alexander the Great, he overreaches himself, causing havoc in the lives of many people, most importantly in the life of Leila. Leila is also a fascinating character, a pas [...]

    6. Kate Reading does her usual excellent job with this second volume of the Scoundrels series. Thoroughly enjoyable!

    7. Loretta Chase is an incredible writer and with Captives of the Night, she writes a near perfect book. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical romance with mystery, suspense and passion from a hero for a woman who becomes his soul, or so he believes- this book is for you. Captives is the sequel to The Lion's Daughter where Comte d' Esmond (Ismal is his real name) was the villain of that story and now he is the hero and after ten years he is back with a vengeance but on the right side of [...]

    8. Who wrote this dreck? Not LC. Couldn't be.I suffered through almost all of this, the only L. Chase novel I've sincerely detested. The heroine is too embittered by her past and her opium-eating pig of a husband to allow the hero close; the preternaturally beautiful hero, a reformed evil pig himself, is enslaved by her cold aloofness and has a guilty secret about his part in ruining her life, which naturally threatens to make their love impossible.Where are LC's flawed but likable hero and admirab [...]

    9. I absolutely LOVED the audio version of CAPTIVES OF THE NIGHT, narrated by the highly talented Kate ReadingIMO the female version of Nicholas Boulton in terms of voice acting, versatility and consummate skill in portraying both male and female characters alike. Listening to her is pure entertainment and sheer enjoyment and delight, what more can we ask for?I wish I had not listened out of sequence as I would loved to have known the Comte d'Esmond/Ismal Delvina as the villain of THE LION'S DAUGHT [...]

    10. Mmm, I'm absolutely stumped. I do not know if I even liked this book. There's a first. I'm not sure if I liked the heroine. I think I liked the hero. The mystery was good, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure I'm not as smart as I think I am because I did actually have trouble keeping up with the twists and turns of it. Interesting book.

    11. Why I read this?Why I have to explain myself? Well, ok, I just feel like explaining… Every time I read a romance book I think I need to explain…oh well…maybe because a romance, historical, paranormal or contemporary, is not exactly my favourite genre. I read this novel only because it was recommended to me - otherwise I wouldn't touch it for sure . Apparently this is part 2 in the 4 book series. Here are the titles of other parts: The Lion's Daughter (01, out of print), Lord of Scoundrels [...]

    12. 4.5 starsThis one sagged a little in the middle for me, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The hero and heroine are both interesting and somewhat unusual characters. Leila Beaumont's art and her husband's wild living brought them into contact with aristocratic society, but she is not titled herself. The Comte d'Esmond may claim a title, but with non-English background and shadowy past, he's not much like the usual dukes frequenting modern European historicals either.I found Leila and Esmond bot [...]

    13. This review can also be found on Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell-blog.If you've read the blurb you know that this is a romantic mystery where Leila Beaumont is trying to find out who killed her father almost a decade ago and who is responsible for the recent death of her husband. Of course, she can't help but be tempted by the spy assigned to help her, Comte d'Esmond.What you don't know is that Captives of the Night isn't a quite like any other romance novel I've ever read before. It's a historical a [...]

    14. Although labeled as book 2 in the Scoundrels series, this book actually runs concurrently with books 3 and 4. I am glad I read those two first because it gave me a better understanding of the character of Francis Beaumont. While I liked this story better than book 1, it still wasn't anywhere near as good as Lord of Scoundrels and The Last Hellion. Kate Reading did a good job on the narration of this audio version.

    15. On retrouve un des personnages du tome précédent mais l'histoire se déroule 10 ans plus tard.Je n'ai mis que 3 étoiles car, bien que l'histoire soit intéressante, on a l'impression qu'il manque certains passages (surement dû à la traduction) et j'ai eu un peu de mal avec l'héroïne.

    16. Saat suami Leila yg super bajingan ditemukan mendadak tewas dgn sianida, hidup Leila berubah sepenuhnya. Bertekad utk menemukan pembunuh suaminya, Leila menugaskan Comte D'Esmond utk menyidik siapa pembunuhnya di kalangan teman2 suaminya. Ternyata banyak tersangka yg punya motif tertentu utk menghabisi nyawa Francis, almarhum suami Leila. Francis bukan hanya seorang pemadat dan doyan main cewek, ternyata juga seorang manipulator ulung yg keji dan pemeras kelas kakap. Tetapi Esmond yg super tampa [...]

    17. This! This is what I have been missing from today's historical romance. Leila is a strong, independent heroine, but one that inhabits the time period. Ismal is an equally strong hero, with a complex backstory. The story that both brings them together and keeps them temporarily apart is real; a complicated, interesting mystery into which their romance is skillfully entertwined.4.5 stars!

    18. Captives of the Night had one of the most disagreeable heroines I've had the misfortune to find in romance. I was at the brink of dnfing it many times but the mystery and the hero kept me reading on.Leila's husband has been murdered. Given that that her husband was a cruel and vicious character with a tendency for blackmailing, this wasn't a surprise. At the beginning, she's suspected of the crime, given that her and her husband haven't gotten along in years and in fact, everybody knows they don [...]

    19. The story of Leila Beaumont, unhappily married artist whose husband is murdered and she becomes the main suspect, and Comte D'Esmond, the investigator sent to solve the mystery of his death.Comte d'Esmont, aka Ismal, has been working as an agent for years, hoping to atone for his past misdeeds (including those of the previous book where he was the main villain). One of his missions was to dismantle Leila's husband's criminal empire and see him punished.The two of them are required to collaborate [...]

    20. Another reviewer said this book was 70% mystery and 30% romance and I have to agree with that assessment. But it was still well done because I really didn't figure out who the true killer was until just about the same time the two main characters did which was nice. Oh, and to make me like Esmond, the villain I HATED in book #1, was no impossible feat but it was done. I'm glad ten years took place between this book and the previous one, it allowed for me to believe in Esmond/Ismal's redemption a [...]

    21. What an amazing book! This is one of Loretta Chase's older books (released in 2006), the successor to "The Lion's Daughter," and the one preceding "Lord of Scoundrels." The Compte d'Esmond aka Ismal appeared in the first book as the villain of the piece. In "Captives of the Night," he is redeemed beautifully by Ms. Chase as the hero of this piece. This is a "who done it" mystery/romance which is slowly revealed, layer by layer, until the very end. The book wasn't what I had come to enjoy so much [...]

    22. bien mais sans plus (surtout comparé au tome 3 et au 4 *-* ♥), avec pas mal de raccourcis de traduction qui donne des transitions un peu bizarres xD, et paradoxallement j'ai trouvé beaucoup de longueurs dans le récit, ayant envie que l'histoire avance un brin plus vite ^^'.l'enquête policière est bien ! l'assassin n'était pas celui que je pensais, donc c'était agréable de suivre leur investigation et les raisonnements sur les motivations des gens etc.j'ai pas beaucoup couiné avec Isma [...]

    23. My favorite Chase book ever! The Comte d'Esmond is srsly hawt. And the heroine is a painter in 19th-century France! Can you say right up my alley?

    24. Leila Beaumont is a beautiful and very talented portrait artist, as celebrated throughout Europe as her husband, Francis, is becoming reviled. While Leila is aware of Francis adultery, his tendency to drink and take drugs to excess, she is unaware that he also ran a brothel in Paris and tended to make money through the blackmail of prominent members of society. While she hasn't allowed him in her bed for years, Leila is nonetheless grateful to Francis for rescuing her when she was orphaned in Ve [...]

    25. da sognipensieriparolePremetto che di questa serie avevo già letto il celeberrimo "Il Lord della Seduzione" e "L'ultimo libertino", amandoli molto. Questo conte biondo e bellissimo, che appare anche nel terzo episodio, lo avevo lasciato stare, perchè non mi ispirava granchè. Mi sono decisa soltanto ora, in vista della nuova uscita nei Romanzi Oro. In effetti, devo dire che cronologicamente gli episodi due e tre sono lievemente sfasati, perchè nel corso dele vicende del lord della Seduzione a [...]

    26. *****4.5*****It was interesting to pick up on Ismal's story 10 years after the events of book 1. He was a pretty wicked villain throughout the first book, but I remember the bit at the end, where Jason tells Ismal that he pities Ismal - that he is a brilliant, talented young man who threw his life away - and it stood out to me. I was curious to understand more about the young man (he was only 22 in the first book) and what had led him down this road.We don't get a lot of the backstory in this bo [...]

    27. I could end the review with the picture, but I won’t. The book has a few flaws (a logical inconsistency that bothered me and more exposition than I like), but it was also published in the 90’s—the “approved” style of writing has changed dramatically since then. What I love most about the book is the hero. Isbal/Esmond has to be the most unusual, complex, well-crafted character I’ve seen in, like…ever. Seriously. Chase took the hero out of those “desert/harem” romances, gave him [...]

    28. Interesting. This book falls between two genres: it's not just a romance / spy thriller with some mystery elements, it's a proper mystery with a lot of steamy romance. The relationship between Ismal and Leila was a blend of Christie's Tommy & Tuppence, and a very continental and oversexed version of Sayers' Harriet Vane and Lord Peter. There are definite parallels to "Strong Poison". Alas, they are not quite as debonair as either of those legendary crime solving couples, but the chemistry is [...]

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