Reflections and Dreams

Reflections and Dreams Nora Roberts brings you two tantalizing tales of remarkable women who live and love on their own terms featuring characters from CONSIDERING KATE part of her heartwarming Stanislaski saga REFLECTION

  • Title: Reflections and Dreams
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373484423
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nora Roberts brings you two tantalizing tales of remarkable women who live and love on their own terms, featuring characters from CONSIDERING KATE, part of her heartwarming Stanislaski saga REFLECTIONS A lifetime pursuing her dreams had left Lindsay Dunne little time for romance But seductive Seth Bannion is about to give the inexperienced beauty a crash course inNora Roberts brings you two tantalizing tales of remarkable women who live and love on their own terms, featuring characters from CONSIDERING KATE, part of her heartwarming Stanislaski saga REFLECTIONS A lifetime pursuing her dreams had left Lindsay Dunne little time for romance But seductive Seth Bannion is about to give the inexperienced beauty a crash course in the art of love OF DREAMS Innocent Ruth Bannion is in awe of her demanding, mercurial mentor Nickolai Davidov But when their partnership erupts into passionate desire, it s up to Ruth to teach the guarded Davidov the tender dance of love.

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    1. I love these books. TO me this is Nora Roberts at her romantic best. Her characters always project such passion. I also loved that they centered on dance a passion of mine

    2. I loved how both Seth and Nick were such powerful and passionate men. In the first book I love the small cozy town and how Seth and Lindsey meet in the rain. I also loved their first time after the snowstorm and lindsey's conflicting feelings over her future; ballet or a family with Seth. I remember when she wakes up and she hears their daughter crying and she realizes it's actually the cat, and she's want that life and family with Seth so bad, but she's afraid. Thw whole ballet world is fascina [...]

    3. ReflectionsLindsay Dunne runs a ballet school in her hometown. She was a ballerina in New York for several years before she returned home to take care of her mother, Mae. Mae had been injured in a car accident. Lindsay has been back home running the dance school and taking care of her mother for two years. When the book begins, Lindsay is walking home because her car won't start. She had a bad deal, dealing with the mother of a student who thought her child was terrific in ballet, the plumbing b [...]

    4. So I remember reading this book when I was kid. I was probably 11 or 12. And I stole it from my mother's room and she caught it in my room and got upset and ripped the book in half. And I remember her telling me the book was too mature for me.It was probably my first romance novel I ever read. Haha

    5. Both books, Reflections and Dance of Dreams, are about the ballet, which I found riveting. On the other hand, the story lines were weak - not much action. Reflections got off to a great start and then dwindled from there. The segue into Dance of Dreams was smooth but did not pick up the pace. As usual Ms. Roberts characters are good, the dynamics between the hero and heroine are tight and charged, and the research was great, but somehow both books, originally published in 1983, lacked a certain [...]

    6. Reflections~ I absolutely loved this book. It was a cute and quaint romance novel revolving around the love for dance. As a dancer myself I really enjoyed this magical backdrop. I am not one to usually read romance novels unless it is a romance/mystery novel, but I really enjoyed this cute light read. I read it while sick in bed and it's the perfect feel good dreamy read. It would be a great summer book for the beach or a curl up under a blanket Christmas break read. I have a fascination with bi [...]

    7. Usually I like Nora Roberts, but this one was a stinker. I only got about 1/3 of the way through and just couldn't force myself to go on. Yuckdidn't like the characters, just flat and boring. Or in the case of the "hero," mean, rude, and a know-it-all. BUT! when she looks into those smoldering eyes (or whatever the description was) she just can't help herself and finds him suddenly fascinating and kiss-worthy. yuck. But then, she must keep a professional distance until she goes to his ever fasci [...]

    8. This is probably one of the best Nora Robert's books that I have ever read. Both stories have wonderful and lovable charachters. This book is all about love, the ballet, and the choices two women have to make that changes the way they look at life, love, and again ballet. After reading this I actually am drawn to go watch a ballet. Not only are the love stories great, but the way you're drawn into the dancing aspect is great too. Kudos to Nora Roberts.

    9. Not one of my fave by Nora. There seemed to be no real connection to any of the characters and the story was just meh

    10. Eu me apaixonei perdidamente pelo Baryshnikov quando assisti o filme “O Sol da Meia Noite” e desde então amo histórias de balé. Então, quando vi esse livro da Nora na prateleira do sebo, não pensei duas vezes. Ainda bem que o preço era camarada e eu tinha livros para trocar.Na primeira história, Reflexos, vai contar o romance da Lindsey com o tio de uma aluna promissora em sua escola de balé, Seth O’Bannion. Lindsey é uma pessoa direta e que não fica fazendo doce. Ela diz para o [...]

    11. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1983Length: 185 pagesSetting: Contemporary. Connecticut.Sex: Infrequent, closed doors.Hero: ArchitectHeroine: Former ballerina now running dance studio.Enjoyable for what it is - a 1980s Harlequin with a sweet, uncomplicated romance. Confident heroine, caring but reticent hero. Developing relationship with Love At First Sight. Some sweet, closed door sex.Albeit remarkably similar to Roberts’ Taming Natasha.It was a likeable romance with light angst and appr [...]

    12. I wish I could have given this book a 3.5. This book is actually 2 stories--Reflections and Dance of Dreams. I really enjoyed Reflections. The story of a ballerina who always loved to dance but was motivated by her mother who was also a dancer. When her mother is injured in a car accident, Lindsey comes home to care for her. She opens a dance studio in town and meets Seth through her new student Ruth. Someone who reviewed this previously said that they would have liked more background on Seth. I [...]

    13. Feeling nostalgic last night and picked this off the shelf. I read it when it first came out in 1983 when I was the age of the heroine Lindsay. Very different reading it again when my children are older than Lindsay.The story centers around Lindsay, a ballerina, who has left the glam and glitter for a small town in Connecticut to open her own studio while caring for her mother. In drives Seth and his niece, Ruth, who also wants to be a ballerina. Mixed in there is Nicholai Davidov, a Russian bal [...]

    14. It was a sweet, quick read, but I wish Seth's POV was told. He was basically in the story just to be the love interest even though it was clear he had a very interesting story. Instead of going deeper into who he was he just became "the guy". I think if he had a POV in the book I would have gotten a better sense of who he was and it would have been easier to love him

    15. I always like to read a Nora Roberts book. I haven't read one of her romance books in awhile so it was quite entertaining. I always enjoy her characters and it was interesting to get a glimpse into the world of ballet.

    16. Two books in one so it took a little longer to read. The books are about the same characters so it flowed well from one to the other. Both were cute love stories.

    17. I truly enjoyed reading REFLECTIONS AND DREAMS by Nora Roberts. I thoroughly enjoyed the premise of the story line. I also found the setting of Cliffside, Connecticut, cozy, charming, and romantic. Of course, New York City, New York, was a logical, necessary setting for the characters Lindsay Dunne, Nickolai Davidov, and Ruth Bannion to pursue his/her dreams of becoming a professional dancer and establish his/her individual career; however, the intimacy of a close-knit caring hometown lifestyle [...]

    18. From a very early age, Lindsay Dunne has trained to become a ballet dancer, just like her mother, but better. Her mother has encouraged her all her life, and pushed her to keep getting better. Lucky for Lindsay, she loves the dance, and even the hard life of a dancer did not deter her from reaching her goal. And she achieves her goal, became a star and danced with Novikov. But then her parents had a car accident, her father died, and her mother was in a coma for weeks. She was needed back home, [...]

    19. Reflections and Dreams was written by Nora Roberts. It is the story of a young girl and her struggles with giving up her dream and finding love. This romance novel unveils women's uncertainties to let themselves depend on others.Lindsey Dunne spent her whole life working to become a prima ballerina. When she finally gets there, it is stripped from her when her father passes away. She moves back home and takes care of her mother. Along the way she meets an engineer, Seth, that quickly steals her [...]

    20. The weather in Minnesota is unusual as ever today. There has been sun, clouds, snow and rain, and that just covers today! What better way to chase off the winter gloom than to finish up a fluffy romance? Reflections and Dreams by Nora Roberts contains the revivals of her earlier works of Reflections and Dance Of Dreams which pliés and arabesques into the world of professional ballet. Reflections follows Lindsay Dunne a classical ballet dancer running her own small studio in small town Connectic [...]

    21. Reflections was a great read. I liked the characters and the story line. I loved the emotions too. At the end I watered a little and was definitely touched. I loved reading the dynamics of everyone involved and would enjoy reading this one again. I liked Ruth's POV and the things she sees. That was a good addition. This book made me want to learn ballet simply for the enjoyment (and ignore my incompetence and inability). :) Definitely a worthy read and good for snuggling up with or for the enjoy [...]

    22. Reflections: Gave a nice perspective about life as a ballet dancer with a New York company about being so grueling and time- consuming. Liked how Lindsey created a new life for herself in her small town while still there are her mother. Sorry for her that her mother can not stop pushing a ballet life she no longer wants. Liked Andy more but not meant to be! Not sure that Seth, the famous architect, is the right personality for her with being so into himself although he showed to be a caring uncl [...]

    23. Reflections: Lindsay Dunne is a ballerina. That's all she's ever wanted to be, but when her parents are in an accident, her father dies and her mother is severely hurt, Lindsay gives it all up to move back home. Opening a ballet studio gives her a different kind of satisfaction and she's content. When Ruth Bannion comes into her school, Lindsay knows she's something special and when she meets Ruth's uncle Seth, the sparks fly. Content to teach and remain out of the spotlight, Lindsay has no regr [...]

    24. Zu "Die schöne Ballerina": Eine sehr schöne und nette Liebesgeschichte von Nora Roberts. Die Charaktere sind einem auf Anhieb sympathisch und man erlebt die Geschichte mit ihnen. Dies ist allerdings eine der ersten Geschichten von Nora Roberts, daher kommt er nicht an die neueren ran. Daher nur 3 Sterne vergeben.Zu "Tanz ins große Glück":Ein netter zweiter Teil der Choreographie der Liebe. Hier wird die Geschichte von der Nichte von Seth und dem besten Freund von Lindsay erzählt ( Lindsay u [...]

    25. Gostei bastante deste livro, no inicio foi dificil entrar na história muito por conta da temática especifica do ballet mas depois acabei por adorar tanto a primeira história onde conhecemos Lindsay e Seth (pancada da autora com este nome parece-me) que se digladiam até ao final ela pela sua carreira enquanto bailarina ao mesmo tempo que luta pelo amor, ele porque descobre o amor mas ao mesmo tempo não quer obrigá-la a desistir de tudo,gostei muito!Quanto a Davidov e a Ruth, quando li pela [...]

    26. Reflections: Lindsey had to step dpwm from ballet due to her parents critical car accident. Her father was killed and mother seriously injured. She left to help her mother and opened a ballet studio. She meet a man surely by accident and to her surprise his niece loved the ballet. She help Ruth with her dancing as well as trying to talk her uncle to letting her go to NY to study. But there was more instore for Lindsey.Dance of Dreams: Ruth went to NY was doing well and was able to finally get a [...]

    27. Reflections and dreams includes the two novels of 'Reflections' and 'Dance of Dreams'. Reflections tells the tale of Lindsay Dunne and Seth Bannion; and Dance of Dreams tells the tale of Seth's sister, Ruth, and Lindsay's former dance partner Nickolai Davidov. Although I enjoyed both stories, I found I liked Dance of Dreams better. I thought Dance of Dreams had better developed characters and story line. Despite my preference for Dance of Dreams, I liked how the stories' characters were intercon [...]

    28. En ole oikein koskaan pitänyt Robertsista. Hänen kirjoitustyylinsä on jotenkinin mitään sanomatonta. Henkilöt ovat kuin vahanukkeja. En pystynyt samaistumaan kehenkään heistä, vaikka Roberts oli selvästi yrittänyt (HUOM yrittänyt). Olen aikaisemmin lukenut yhden Robertsin kirjan puoliksi ja en näy näissä kahdessa henkilössä juurikaan eroja. Okei, toinen ei harrastanut balettia yms yms, mutta silleen kokonaisuutena hahmot olivat kuin toistensa kopioita. Lisäksi juoni oli ennalta [...]

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