Temptation First published in the s these classic Nora Roberts romances are available once again taking readers into worlds of love in which dreams really do come true Reissue

  • Title: Temptation
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373218974
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • First published in the 1980s, these classic Nora Roberts romances are available once again, taking readers into worlds of love in which dreams really do come true Reissue.

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    1. 2015 TBR Challenge: We Love Short Shorts!Genre: Categorical RomanceHeat Level: Just kissesWhy is it on my TBR bookcase? There is always at least one Nora Roberts that needs to be read.Final Grade: A-It shocked the hell out of me how much I enjoyed this 1987 Silhouette reprint. I don't know what line it was originally published in but it felt like a Silhouette Special Edition, mostly because our heroine, Eden, is the co-owner of a summer camp for girls and our hero, Chase, runs his family's apple [...]

    2. 4.5 starsI read this book a very long time ago, and I vividly remember how very much I loved it, and how special this was to me.I am not sure that if I reread this book now, I would like it as much as I did. And tbh, I don't want to. I like having fond memories of this book and cherishing them. I don't know why I enjoyed it so much, but it touched my heart. Probably because it was a very new and unique story line.So this review is being written purely from the happy memories it left behind.I lov [...]

    3. If I had to sum up this book in one word it would beYAWN!! I was so bored I stopped reading at one point but recently decided to finish it because I paid for it. This book really had a tough time keeping my attention. This was the first Nora Roberts book I've read but I will give another one of her books a chance. Any recommendations?

    4. eerste boek van Nora, en ik denk ook de laatste. Vond het hele idee van en zomerkamp heel erg leuk, maar het boek viel enorm tegen

    5. Eden has invested all she has left into running a girl's summer camp with her best friend. Her father suffered a heart attack that took his life all to soon. When he passed he had made some bad investments and Eden had to sell just about everything to pay off the debts she incurred. While running this girl's summer camp there is one girl who likes to push limits and boundaries. The camp was allowed to use the lake that is owned by Elliot's apples. Chase Elliot the owner, his land is next to the [...]

    6. Well, it was a little better than the last Nora Roberts that I read. At least the main female character was stronger and almost convincingly determined to make it on her own. She blew at the end though and gave in. Typical plot, formula writing again. And, some inconsistencies that made it confusing to read. For example, the camp was in the west, according to the story. That's all that it said. The reader is left unsure whether it's just west of Philadelphia where the main character came from, o [...]

    7. Apparently I have read this book before Unlikely for me, I did not remember anything about it. Now I know whyThe story line was very simple. A spoiled, rich girl looses everything after her father dies. To make her living she runs with her friend a summer camp for little rich girls. The camp runs for the whole summer - weeks and weeks looking after the same girls (?) At this point I didn't think much of their parents. A two week summer camp is great, but one that lasts 2-3 months! a little over [...]

    8. Vá, são 3,5 estrelas porque achei o romance muito fofo. Gostei muito das conversas de Chase e Eden, ele então tem jeito para as palavras e dizia cada coisa mais querida. As cenas com as miúdas do acampamento também foram muito engraçadas, proporcionando uma leitura rápida e bem disposta. É um romance sem nada de especial, sim, mas que me deu prazer por umas horas.

    9. I listened to the audio version of this book on the commute to/from work. A decent light romantic read. A little predictable but nonetheless good light hearted entertainment read. would be great to add to your pile of holiday reads over a summer break.

    10. This was an absolutly cute and romantic story! Just the right thing for an hopelessly romantic person like me. I totally enjoyed it and it was a very fast and cute read. :)

    11. 3.5 stars The h is really stubborn, but otherwise it was a nice read. These books from the 80s are so charming in their innocence.

    12. I find it hilarious that I'd rated this book four stars originally. Guess my sixteen year old self and I don't see eye to eye.

    13. Not bad, this was one of Nora Roberts' earlier books, a category romance. Her full length novels are much better. That being said, one of my favorite Nora Roberts is a silhouette romance called 'Best made plans'Getting back to the story, Eden is a rich girl who fell on some bad times. Her father's death comes suddenly, and while she is grieving,she finds out they are broke and needs to dispose of all their assets to pay off debts. Amidst all this trauma, her jerk fiancé breaks off with her a co [...]

    14. Eden Carlbough's father died and her world came down around her. Then her fiancé dumped her, because her father's uncovered debts caused a scandalShe's broke, she's homeless, but she won't be broken. Then she meets Chase Elliott, owner of the orchards neighboring on the land she and her friend have established a summer camp for girlsAnd nothing will ever be the same.Cute and sweet, with a great hero, and wonderful supporting cast, but unfortunately the heroine ruined it for me. Annoying, haught [...]

    15. Interesting that you can clearly tell this was written in an earlier era, because the first meetings all struck me as borderline harassment from our male protagonist. The zeitgeist may be to blameor the way the female protagonist comes across as scared more than sexyReading onHe continues to be a little too hands-y and never seems to take her wishes into account, which is why this is getting 3 stars— a record low for Nora!!

    16. Another audiobook from the library! I'm travelling today; so, this is just what the doctor ordered.The whole apple/temptation thing is cool. What's not cool: the wishy-washy attitude/feelings of the heroine. Her, IMO, over-the-top response to Chase's possessiveness-which she was enjoying/denying earlier when he kissed her.Jeez, I started getting frustrated for the hero! I think it's typical for the genre, for the time, but it makes for a most unlikable hero.Words/phrases this book made me dislik [...]

    17. Bagi Eden bangun pagi adalah siksaan, tetapi karena dia dan Candy memutuskan untuk mengelola sebuah perkemahan musim untuk para gadis, dengan berat hati dia harus bangun setiap pagi. Bagi orang yang dulu mengenal Eden, hal ini mungkin mengejutkan. Tetapi tidak lebih terkejut bila mereka mengetahui bahwa Eden yang dulunya lebih mengetahui tata cara menyelenggarakan pesta, memutuskan untuk mencairkan assets keluarganya, termasuk rumah yg sudah dimiliki keluarganya selama beberapa generasi untuk me [...]

    18. This was a good book-easy read, sort of predictable though. I have read Nora Roberts books before and enjoyed them and have several more to read of hers. I did like the fact that a young woman, Eden, who grew up having it all and then in one moment, she lost everything, had to give up the life she knew and start a new life-deciding what she wanted to do, making choices she never thought she would have to make. Then enters Chase, the handsome guy that owns the property next to the camp she and he [...]

    19. Temptation is one of the reasons I love to read the older romances by my favorite authors. It oozes with cheese, but that is what makes it so good. Yes, the clothing and technology is outdated, but the general story isn't. Actually, Temptation is one of Nora's milder romances. There is really no sex in it, just hot kissing scenes. It was kind of refreshing that they didn't hop into bed after the first meeting. Eden is a socialite thrown into making her own way in the world and I admired her dete [...]

    20. Socialite Eden Carlbough didn't expect running a girls' camp to be easy, but she never thought she'd literally be run up an apple tree by the little monstersr did she think she'd come crashing down into the capable arms of orchard owner Chase Elliot. Chase knew he'd caught a windfall when he looked at the woman in his arms. He didn't like being cast as the serpent, but how could he resist when she'd just offered him such forbidden fruit?I loved Eden. She had my heart and my support right from th [...]

    21. Natürlich wissen wir alle wie Liebesromane enden. Die meisten sind von ihrem Aufbau her auch einfach immer gleich. Jeder weiß, dass die Hauptfiguren für einander bestimmt sind. Nur die Hauptfiguren selbst wissen es nicht und müssen es im Laufe des Buches/der Geschichte lernen.„Versuchung pur“ ist hier keine Ausnahme. Aber Eden hat es mir wirklich leicht gemacht sie zu mögen. Ich konnte mich sehr gut in sie hinein versetzen, weil ihre Ausgangssituation nicht so anders ist wie meine. Ihr [...]

    22. First, I got this book free, as part of a goodie bag. I know that this is a very early Nora novel. As it is, I LOVE some of Nora's books, but the majority leave me shrugging or worse. (Though I do love the way she can describe things.) (I don't like the repetition, where new names and locales are substituted in new books with old plots.)This one has a extremely simple plot that concerns a young, spoiled rich woman who'd lost all her money, blah blah blah and was now helping to run an early-teen [...]

    23. This story is about a young, rich, newly engaged lady whose father has passed away suddenly. After his death she finds out that her father had a gambling problem and he lost a lot of their money, so to pay off all his debts she has to sell the family estate, jewelry, paintings and other valuables. Fearing that her name will be tarnished her fiancé drops her like a rock To pick up the pieces of her life she and her best friend start an all girl summer camp, she teaches the girls how to ride and [...]

    24. Packing up my house, I needed a quick, easy story to listen to and this one was only $5 on iTunes. I don't think I've ever read a Nora Roberts book before--not a fan of her genre. I have to admit, though, that I liked the story and the beautiful imagery of the summer camp next to the apple orchard and a lake. The love story was terribly cheesy, but it made the book what it is--a cheesy romance. My expectations were low and I could enjoy other aspects of the story, rather than mentally criticize [...]

    25. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1987Length: 153 pagesSetting: Contemporary. Sex: Some heavy petting but no penetration.Hero: Owns an apple empire.Heroine: Down on her luck socialite now working in a summer camp as book keeper and horse riding instructor.Simple and straightforward romance. Eden is working towards finding herself and giving her life direction while Chase respects her decisions and waits for her. Nice.References:Author’s website: noraroberts(Read in Home Away From Home ISBN [...]

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