Seeing Julia

Seeing Julia A tragic past A weak moment One Kiss Jake Winston has always done the right thing which is why he walked out of his best friend s wedding over a year ago and took the job in London to avoid meeting u

  • Title: Seeing Julia
  • Author: Katherine Owen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A tragic past A weak moment One Kiss Jake Winston has always done the right thing, which is why he walked out of his best friend s wedding over a year ago and took the job in London to avoid meeting up with Evan s beautiful, young bride But now, Julia needs him, and he can t just walk away this time.Julia Hamilton is well acquainted with grief, but when she carelesslyA tragic past A weak moment One Kiss Jake Winston has always done the right thing, which is why he walked out of his best friend s wedding over a year ago and took the job in London to avoid meeting up with Evan s beautiful, young bride But now, Julia needs him, and he can t just walk away this time.Julia Hamilton is well acquainted with grief, but when she carelessly imbibes in a deadly combination of pain killers and martinis at her dead husband s funeral and confides to a complete stranger that she s unsure she can start over again, it leads to an inexplicable connection that never should have happened After all, Julia loved Evan, didn t she And, it turns out Jake Winston has secrets of his own Julia explains it away by telling her well meaning friends that it was just one kiss in a weak moment for both of them It doesn t change anything Or, does it change everything And, therein lies the problem.Please be advised that SEEING JULIA contains adult language and adult situations and is not appropriate for young readers New Adult Fiction, Contemporary Romance

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    1. 5 "I feel your pain, sign me up for a straigh jacket, beautiful" stars I am a huge Katherine Owen Fan. LIKE HUGE!!!!!!!! I love her writing hard. Everything about her books i love. So what do i have to say about Seeing Julia you ask??? (well you might not have asked, but im going to fucking tell you since you are reading this)My poor Julia. She sure did have shit handed to her on a stick. I mean this girl couldn't catch a break. She had everything taken from her, over and over and over and over [...]

    2. I wrote it! "Seeing Julia" is a labor of love. A book that took two years to write, rewrite, and finish. I won the Zola Award and first place in the romance category with the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2010 Literary Contest with this novel. Enjoy!

    3. PPFF Rating: 5/5 StarsNot angsty but an emotional read (if that even makes a difference).Here’s what I know: death abducts the dying, but grief steals from those left behind.The thing is, I've been trying to stay away from the whole New Adult genre which is why I've been reading a lot of Romantic Suspense lately. The former has become so much predictable, what with all the f**ked up characters and rollercoaster of emotions, not that I don't like reading them, usually. Anyway, a good read is [...]

    4. This was an intense emotional story,from pg 1 i got so gripped in the story,Julia's loss pain grief made me cry-the marriage which she thought was perfect is a sham then the accident,she is trying to collect herself from all of this then she gets to know of another most hurting thing Evan did,she is broken totally but yet again with help of Kimmy,Stephanie she picks herself again,plans out everything and starts to make decisions.Jake:He was a good but hypocrite man.He was angry at Julia for goin [...]

    5. I liked the story but it drug out a bit long. I was also a bit alarmed by the number of grammatical errors, missing words and typos in an book by this author. Any good editor should have caught those and apparently she had 3 different people edit this book,but it had mistakes it should not have in it. Also, for such a young age for the principle characters (around 27) they all seemed to have accomplished a great deal for already having graduate degrees and/or being doctors. It made the story a b [...]

    6. ****4 Finally Found Love Stars****What powerful story of loss, love and coming to terms with life. Julia had so much heartache in her life that you can’t help but root for her and her happiness. This story was filled with growth, learning and finding where you belong.

    7. There was before. And, there was after.Before was magical, embraced promise,and bequeathed good things.Before was for the innocent.After was the haunted, and relinquished all promise. (pg 5)'Seeing Julia' has one chapter of before; the rest is after. The after starts with Julia at her husband's funeral. And this is where I began to cry. Katherine Owen is able to write Julia's story with so much emotion that I was almost overwhelmed. Reading it is a truely emotional ride! Julia tells us her story [...]

    8. While I was reading this novel, and posting my progress, I had only one word."Compelling". This is a story about a woman who married a man one month after meeting him! She is very much in love, pregnant and on top of the world. Evan has a somewhat "unhealthy" attachment to his dead wife,whom she has an amazing resemblance to. She can live with that. One stormy night her life as she knew it is gone. It was so hard to read the chapters about her decline into grief, pain and despair. After the fune [...]

    9. There were echoes of 'When I See You' in 'Seeing Julia' for me, since that's the order in which I've read them, although 'Seeing Julia' was written first. Many many similarities in the two stories. I really liked this one, although to be honest, it felt like the hero Jake and the heroine Julia were on a merry go round in their budding relationship, going in circles for most of the first half of the story, having the same conversations and reactions to each other. And then Savannah enters the pic [...]

    10. A very beautiful book. Recently, I've had trouble reading romance, because many of them aren't written very well in my opinion. This one, fortunately, is an exception. What I like most about it is the language. It's not the kind of language I usually find in this genre and I just loved that. There was great detail, there was a lot of love, drama, EVERYTHING you need. There were moments when I thought it was too much of a cliché, like Evan having an affair or the quick marriage after finding out [...]

    11. Wow! I think I have read all of Katherine Owens books and just like I expected she delivers the biggest emotional rollercoaster a in her stories! Just when you think the characters are going to get their act together she tears them back down! My mind kept asking "are we there yet?", "when will you give them a break?" But in the end the hours of emotional torture are completely worth it!A reader is never disappointed at the end of Katherine's books!

    12. How do you deal with the fact that death happens every so often in your life? How do you deal with grief?This book is a masterpiece of emotions, of the fight that someone has to do to survive. It's gripping, it's emotional--but it also has its cute moments. And who doesn't like a little romance here and there?

    13. Love the story, love the characters. I really enjoy a book that you have to read every word & sometimes re-read a paragraph. That may seem a little odd but I read alot & some books / authors just capture your attention. This is one of those. Heartbreak, love, hope & trust is all here. As well as alone in the afterch a very lonely place in time.

    14. Literary masterpiece. This book would be an amazing read for psych majors. It's deep. Love, loss, mental breakdown, grief, karma, revenge, and at last happiness. I read this book in one night. I could not put it down. The heavy emotions suck you in. I highly recommend this novel and I will read it again.

    15. A very introspective book. I get that Julia is full of grief and confused and had bad things happen to her, but she was way too self-absorbed and not nearly as proactive as she could have been. I actually liked the story somewhat, enjoyed the writing style, and sympathized with Julia, loved Kimmy, and thought Dr. Brad was hilarious. But what peeved me was that the baby, Reid, was a prop who was shunted off to the nanny and other friends. He was always conveniently asleep when the Julia wanted to [...]

    16. Check out my other reviews for this book at my blog called Devouring Words escapesrealitylivingbetweenpagReview Seeing Julia has me right from the first chapter. I loved the characters (all of them) they were all so realistic, there is no farce, they weren't perfect but they were amazing. Julia has been through so much ever since she was young and she lost so many people. She a very young widow with she young child battling with her grief and what she finds out after. Will she find love? Will sh [...]

    17. For Julia there is the 'before' and the 'after'. In the before part she has her parents and the unbelievably handsome boy who gives her, her first kiss. In the ‘after’ she loses her parents, then her fiancée and then her husband. Now she is afraid to love and let anybody get too close, for fear of losing them too. All this sets her on a course of battling grief, self-discovery and unearthing of secrets which turns her entire way of thinking upside down.A romance with a whole lot of depth, [...]

    18. This is the story of Julia. A woman broken by tragedy. She has lost her parents, her first true love and now her husband has heartbreakingly died as well. All this to the backdrop of a never forgotten first kiss in Athens just before her parents were killed. After a shocking accident/suicide attempt after her husbands funeral her life seems to go downhill and she must sort out her priorities and get things back together for the sake of her baby son. With the help of her close friends and therapi [...]

    19. I have been devouring Katherine Owens books and it has been interesting reading them out of order in terms of when she wrote them. You can see a theme with her books. She writes with alot of feeling and many of her characters carry around alot of grief and internal angst.This book is no different is enlightening, a slow build. You will not get insta-love from any of her books. You will get insta-chemistrybut is that not the best kind? Her characters, especially the men are instantly loveable and [...]

    20. Grab a box of tissues to read this absolute heart/gut wrenching love story that can only be told by Katherine Owens, a truly gifted writer.Julia has know more heartache in her 27 years than most people have experienced in a lifetime; having to deal with the death of both her parents, her fiancé and now her beloved husband Evan. At the very lowest point in her existence, she meets Jake, her husband’s best friend, who until this point, she’s never met before. Jake helps her through her darkes [...]

    21. Katherine Owen is my go-to author when I'm craving a meaty story with angst. I save her books on my TBR until I want a book that will deliver so many feels I lose my breath. And then, like every time I read one of her amazing books, I'm only a few pages in when I'm berating myself for deliberately inflicting such intense, heart wrenching emotions from myself through reading the story.Seeing Julia had me crying big fat tears within the first chapter. Julia, God has the woman been through the ring [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading "Seeing Julia". Katherine Owen is a brilliant writer. Julia has been through a lot in a short amount of time. She lost her parents in Athens, lost her fiancé in Afaghnastan, and recently lost her husband for a trip to the store to get some Advil. Julia runs into Evan's best friend Jake at the funeral. She overdoses on pain killers and Jake saved her life. Jake keeps coming into Julia's life wherever she goes. Julia learns from Savannah that she had an affair with Evan. [...]

    23. I thought this was a great book! This book along with Katherine Owen's other book Not to Us, are the kind of stories that get my heart racing, the kind of books I can't put down, because they are written in a way that the reader can really feel the pain of the characters when they loose someone they love or are betrayed by a friend or lover, you also can feel their moments of joy and triumphs. I really like this authors writing style, her stories are interesting and heartfelt.I like that they de [...]

    24. I have a really hard time saying that I liked this book - really it was more okay then good. I liked the characters, but really thought Julia needed a swift kick in the butt. Though it seemed all too wordy at times, the premise of this book wasn't bad at all; woman loses husband, slips into a near disastrous depression at his funeral, survives near suicide, clings to best friendsexcuse me, inner circlends love in the end after learning of dead husband's betrayal. There were a few unexpected twis [...]

    25. Whew. This book was emotional! It's amazing how one person can lose so much in her life. This is Julia. It starts off with her parents dieing when she's 16. Then she loses her fiancee in college, and then a few years later, her husband, father to her child. Not only this, but there are other experiences that totally alter/destroy her hold on life.I don't want to give anything away, but just be ready for alot of emotion. I don't know this author, but either she has went thru the things that Julia [...]

    26. Seeing Julia is a beautiful story of love, loss, and friendship. Julia's been dealt a pretty shitty hand with losing her parents, fiancé, and husband all by the age of 27. Left alone as a single mother to 7 month old Reid, Julia has to find the strength to continue to live in her painful existence. Through an amazing inner circle of friends, and an unexpected heart throb from the past, Julia finds the woman she's been hiding for years. I swear, the freaking blows for Julia kept coming and comin [...]

    27. Brilliant!!! 5 plus plus stars!! Katherine Owen is definitely one of my favourite authors!!! The character and storyline development is just fantastic! You can truly relate to the characters in her books and experience their emotional journey with them. The way everything comes together at the end is so amazing! Her writing pulls you in and keeps you glued to your kindle until you finish. This is the second book I have read by Katherine Owen and I can't say enough good things about her writing. [...]

    28. Who finds the love of their life at fifteen, loses everything and continues to have tragic outcomes to life? Well here is a story about a woman that just can't catch a break and how she finds herself. It is beautiful and heartbreaking but such a wonderful journey, really makes you think about how well you know yourself. Are you doing what you always hoped you would be doing? Does the world truly see you for who you really are?Just a fantastic story!!! It's hard to believe that this is Katherine [...]

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