Luke's Way of Looking

Luke s Way of Looking All the boys in Luke s art class see things the same way except for Luke Luke has his own vision of the world a wild colorful crazy vision that upsets his art teacher he went ballistic and confuses

  • Title: Luke's Way of Looking
  • Author: Nadia Wheatley Matt Ottley
  • ISBN: 9781929132188
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All the boys in Luke s art class see things the same way except for Luke Luke has his own vision of the world, a wild, colorful, crazy vision that upsets his art teacher he went ballistic and confuses the other boys When he just can t face one difficult day at school, Luke discovers a whole palace filled with wild, colorful, crazy pieces of art.

    One thought on “Luke's Way of Looking”

    1. This Picture Book provides a great way to introduce an appreciation of differences between individuals in young readers. The illustrations and writing complement each other beautifully.

    2. I appreciated that Luke developed self confidence when he visited an art gallery and discovered different art styles. I didn't like the portrayal of the teacher at all. Are there really teachers like this any more? Matt Ottley's line drawing illustrations reveal the emotional trauma this rigid teacher's comments have on Luke. They also show us the joy Luke experiences upon learning that others with unique perspectives are celebrated.

    3. This is a book review about Luke is way of looking:Luke's way of looking is a wonderful book authored by Nadia Wheatly and illustrated by Matt Ottley. Luke way of looking is a picture book. The moral of this story is to always be yourself and it dosen't matter what other people think. The pictures in this book are marvelous with brightful colours.What happens when you have a great imagination but you can’t use it ? Read the book to find out! This book is about a young boy luke, who has an grea [...]

    4. Absolutely stunning! I had heard about this book but never got a chance to see a copy, until today. What an amazing story and great reminder about keeping in mind that we are all different and that the way we see things might totally differ from the way others see the same thing. The story narrates Luke's painful but rewarding artistic journey from frustration to liberation. The author has done a brilliant job in letting the reader experience Luke's feelings first hand. (I wish I could find an a [...]

    5. One of my favourite picturebooks because the words and pictures work so well together. The illustrator builds on the author's words about Luke who sees things differently from his classmates. His love for art and an experience in the art gallery enables him to be confident in who he is. I use it with 9 year olds and above and find these children find much to discuss as we share the story.

    6. Luke's Way of Looking tells about a boy named Luke who saw things differently. The art teacher failed to appreciate Luke's creativity, but Luke kept holding on to his imagination. This is such a great book that tells us it's okay to be different. Just because you see things differently, doesn't mean you're wrong.

    7. Great book for any modern or surrealist work. Great story where the Luke discovers that his different perspective is not wrong as his teacher belittles him. Instead after visiting an art museum, he learns that many great artists also had the same perspective that he has.

    8. A lovely, cute children's book. My wife plans to write a children's book. I am doing some research so I can help her. Also I am trying to win my reading challenge and children's books are going to be the only way.

    9. Story of perceptions and individuality; how different people view the world and how this can ostracise them.

    10. This is one of the very few picture books that i've read but it's really good. After I read it a few times, I started seeing alot of clues in the pictures. It was really amazing discovering them.

    11. For every child, or adult, who 'sees' things differently, because a creative eye can be so exciting and can free you from a very dull classroom.

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