The Belly Book

The Belly Book Bellies come in all shapes and sizes baby bellies grown up bellies animal bellies Some bellies are soft Some bellies are firm Round or flat all bellies deserve a happy pat

  • Title: The Belly Book
  • Author: Fran Manushkin Dan Yaccarino
  • ISBN: 9780312649586
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bellies come in all shapes and sizes baby bellies, grown up bellies, animal bellies Some bellies are soft Some bellies are firm Round or flat, all bellies deserve a happy pat.

    One thought on “The Belly Book”

    1. The text of this sequel to The Tushy Book is good, and funny, but not as inherently hilarious as its predecessor. The illustrations are also not as figurative and storylike still, an amusing rhyming text about another interesting body part.

    2. This lively book is an ode to bellies everywhere. The rhyming text celebrates bellies big and small, hairy and smooth. From belly flops to belly dancing, this humorous book will be a hit with kids.Manushkin’s short, but laugh out loud rhyming text is perfectly paired with Yaccarino’s simple, colorful style. Bellies are universal and it’s wonderful to see the cultural diversity of tummies. Although there are mostly human bellies, there are a few animal bellies (and an alien belly, too!). An [...]

    3. A funny, unique book about a body part, that does not often get an entire picture book devoted to it. This book takes a look at all kinds of bellies, from smooth to hairy and pink to brown. It invites children to wiggle their tummies and give them a pat. Very cute. Pair with a dancing song to enrich storytime.

    4. What a silly fun book that even the youngest of toddlers will enjoy. My day baby cracked up with this book and must have said "belly" 100 times that day and kept flashing me her gut. Hysterical!

    5. A fun rhyming story book with fun retro-style pictures. My 22 month old son loves this one. Who doesn't love bellies?

    6. There were a few pages that seemed random, but I loved the illustrations. My four year old thought it was funny.

    7. Maybe this is my middle school teacher perspective, but I thought the text and rhymes were a little too simple and schmaltzy for my taste.

    8. THE BELLY BOOK is a cute and rhyming book that kids will love. This book would be great for any parent to read to their child when learning about body parts.

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