Good Night, Little Dragons

Good Night Little Dragons Its bedtime for three adorable little dragons What do little dragons do before going to bed They brush their fangs take a bath and breathe fire of course

  • Title: Good Night, Little Dragons
  • Author: Leigh Ann Tyson
  • ISBN: 9780307929570
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Its bedtime for three adorable little dragons What do little dragons do before going to bed They brush their fangs, take a bath, and breathe fire, of course

    One thought on “Good Night, Little Dragons”

    1. This is such a cute little book, I can't handle it! :D I know this is intended for the much younger audience, but I was attracted to this book because, y'know, DRAGONS. I love dragons! (For the record, I'm 37 and have no kids. Doesn't matter because I still loved the book!) The story is a short one which focusses on the bedtime routines of baby dragons. They brush their teeth and roar and even have fuzzy little pyjamas. Bless. The artwork is really lovely and the story was sweet. Really really l [...]

    2. This book was fine with some cute parts (dragons dressed up in sheep pajamas) and will make a fun going to bed book.

    3. Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.So yes, this had a cute, yawning, pink dragon on the cover. The illustrations, since I’ve started there, are bright, lively, and include many wonderful little details that add to the charm of the story, like firefighter mice and the shield that serves as the family’s name plaque and proclaims the dragon family to be “The Darlings.” I have to take a moment to point out too the similarity in style and most obviously in the dragonets colors to tho [...]

    4. Good night little dragons have become my kids favorite- it got to the point where I have memorized the entire read and have been creating the actions with their own stretchy dragons which they have enjoyed much more.Good starter book for 1-3-year-olds- although my son is now 3.5 we have read this book for 9 months each night and it has become a trigger for sleep. It will continue to be the end of our day routine for some time to come. While the story is short and there isn't much to the plot it [...]

    5. This is a very cute bedtime book.It's a typical "tune to go to sleep" story, but instead of kittens or puppies it's of dragons.It's time to go to sleep and the little dragons clean up their mess, put away their toys, brush their teeth (fangs), take a bath and go to bed.My son and I loved it. it followed his bedtime routine and it showed him that the little drains did everything without a fuss and were will behaved dragons for doing what they were told without complaining.The illustrations are wo [...]

    6. I didn't like it. I thought it was rather stupid. It is the same damn bedtime story told over and over again, all that is different it that it is dragons. I just read it to complete the Winter Reading Challenge in Dare to Dream group for a book with a dragon on the cover or in the story. I went into the bookstore and looked for the shortest childrens book with a dragon and read it. Now I'm ready for Spring!

    7. One of my daughter's favourite bedtime books as she can relate to the night time routine and likes copying the little dragon tucking its nose under its wing.

    8. This is a short and sweet golden book about dragons getting ready for bed. It made her feel very sleepy! Sweet and short.

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