Émile Zola: A Biography

mile Zola A Biography A biography of Emile Zola

  • Title: Émile Zola: A Biography
  • Author: Alan Schom
  • ISBN: 9780805007107
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A biography of Emile Zola

    One thought on “Émile Zola: A Biography”

    1. Zola’s life is fascinating but this book manages to make it really quite dull. Meticulously researched and no doubt accurate, there’s a blandness here which the author never manages to overcome, not helped by too many, and too lengthy, quotations – from letters, articles, speeches – which simply slow down the narrative. Too much detail can be as irritating as too little, and the reader really doesn’t need to know about every article Zola wrote. I found this biography uninspired and ped [...]

    2. I was resolved to read a Zola biography after watching the Paul Muni movie for the umpteeth time. The book does not disappoint. It approaches Zola's Jewish views honestly and covers the Dreyfus affair and all of its players thoroughly and in relatively short order. Recommended. 1987 edition.

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