Little Pink Slips

Little Pink Slips On the towering stilettos of The Devil Wears Prada comes a biting mordantly funny debut novel about the extremely unladylike business of publishing a very ladylike magazine Once there was a little gi

  • Title: Little Pink Slips
  • Author: Sally Koslow
  • ISBN: 9780399154157
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the towering stilettos of The Devil Wears Prada comes a biting, mordantly funny debut novel about the extremely unladylike business of publishing a very ladylike magazine.Once there was a little girl from Fargo, North Dakota, named Maggie Goldfarb who grew up, moved to Manhattan, and morphed into Magnolia Gold, the highly paid editor in chief of Lady magazine With a coOn the towering stilettos of The Devil Wears Prada comes a biting, mordantly funny debut novel about the extremely unladylike business of publishing a very ladylike magazine.Once there was a little girl from Fargo, North Dakota, named Maggie Goldfarb who grew up, moved to Manhattan, and morphed into Magnolia Gold, the highly paid editor in chief of Lady magazine With a corner office, a designer wardrobe, and dozens of loyal employees, Magnolia has been hired to update the dowager of women s magazines She s on her way to giving Lady a face lift when she is ignominiously replaced by Bebe Blake, a brash television personality who remakes the magazine in her own hilariously inappropriate image With her ketchup red hair, skintight clothes, and penchant for boy toys, Bebe is out of control than a speeding limo Maddeningly unpredictable, she confounds everyone at the newly christened Bebe with her personal vision of what a women s magazine should be, and baffles them further with her bawdy sense of humor and over the top generosity.Shunted off to the darkest corners of executive purgatory an overlooked back office she shares with a cockroach or two Magnolia seethes from the sidelines as Bebe turns her beloved, once profitable Lady into a sideshow As things go from bad to worse, Magnolia fears that her career will never recover, but even she can t predict how deeply satisfying her eventual triumph will be And not just at work amidst the frenzy of backstabbing at the office, Magnolia finds Mr Right in a city of Mr Not Quites.Inspired by real life events, Little Pink Slips is about the fall, rise, and sweet revenge of a woman who witnesses corporate shenanigans at their most flagrant Filled with gossipy revelations about celebrity obsession and behind the scenes details of the media business in all its malfeasant glory, this novel is delicious, can t stop reading fun.

    One thought on “Little Pink Slips”

    1. This book is not the new Devil Wears Prada or the new anti-Devil wears Prada because it is not worthy of such titles. While entertaining in parts, most of Little Pink Slips feels tired. It has either been written before or the author seemed to tire of writing. There are gaps in plot and character development, sort of like a cut-to-black transition in a movie, except that a movie does a better job of explaining things. It really feels like the author wrote herself into a corner and chose to ignor [...]

    2. I was disappointed by this book. No, I didn't have the illusion that it would make me a better person to read it, but the author spent so much time setting up scenarios and then just abandoning them. I'm left not knowing much about how the character changed, what the lesson was in all of it. Or maybe, it's that I don't like the lesson that was there, which seemed pretty nihilistic to me. It was entirely too plot-driven for me--- I like character-driven pieces. I wouldn't recommend it, even as a [...]

    3. This book was not great. It probably doesn't even count as good. It was a good book to read in very brief periods, though. I read it as a space filler while waiting to do other more important things, which is basically anything. The plot is obvious, the writing is bleh, and hte main character is pretty shallow. If you need to do something while you're waiting to do something else, though, and you don't want to be disrespectful to good literature, this is a decent book.

    4. I didn't like this book. I finished it, but more out of boredom on planes than actually ever caring about the characters. I agree with another reviewer that Magnolia Gold is self contradictory, and to me, she seems to lack any real feeling at all. She treats every aspect of her life flippantly, but then again, all of the characters in this story were fairly flat. I was more disgusted with Magnolia than anything. Growing up in Nebraska, I didn't appreciate the picture that was painted of the hick [...]

    5. For a little while, this was an interesting book. It was fun getting an insider’s perspective on the magazine industry--the general craziness of it, and the clubby atmosphere of Manhattan publishing executives. But overall, I didn’t think Little Pink Slips worked as a cohesive novel. It was too much like discrete episodes strung together in an attempt to make a narrative. Not to mention that several of those episodes were impossible to believe. I don’t mind a little chick-lit silliness, bu [...]

    6. I stopped at page 65 and couldn't get any further. I look for books that I hate to put down and this one I didn't have any issues putting off to the side.

    7. I didn't like this book at all. I usually make it a point of NOT reading a book if the author tells me how much she weighs in the first three pages.That usually screams of Chick Lit coming up big time. I was exactly right.This book was not especially well written -the writing was actually very brittle and lifeless .But here's what drives me absolutely ape about these TELL ALL books: 95% of the time you wish the author had just sent a dozen roses to the person she's writing about. I knew -I just [...]

    8. This book was written by the old editor of McCall’s, which is what the magazine was before it was called Rosie and Rosie O’Donnell took over. While it was entertaining somewhat, the lead character was really contradictory. I didn’t understand her at all! She is a woman from like N. Dakota who worked her way up of this big fashion-type magazine, but hates clothes? Also, all the job titles and what people did was confusing. She has a string of love interests and I don’t think of them panne [...]

    9. If I could rate the book with 2.5 stars I would. It fell somewhere between "it was OK" and "liked it."This book was written by the editor at McCall's magazine when the magazine was taken over by Rosie O'Donnell. She took that experience and penned this novel (which very closely mirrored those events funny enough). It has been compared to The Devil Wears Prada so I jumped into this story very excited only to come out the end very disappointed. The first 100 pages were so boring. I could barely ke [...]

    10. I was really hoping for better with this book. I enjoyed The Late Lamented Molly Marx, so that was why I decided to give Sally Koslow another try. This book would really only be enjoyable to those in the magazine industry. Those people who could understand the little 'in' phrases and words, and recognise the people who were being alluded to. I was going to give up on it, but wanted to know how she eventually got her revenge, but even that I found rather anti-climactic. Another thing about this b [...]

    11. This is a "Dollar Tree" book. I'm fascinated by the kind of books that they sell at the Dollar Tree usually Christian inspirational works or remaindered(?) hardcovers. I picked up LITTLE PINK SLIPS and CELEBUTANTES last night. I started LITTLE PINK SLIPS first because a skim through CELEBUTANTES virtually guaranteed that I would find it annoying in my present state of mind.***OK, now I have finished this book. It was all I expected it to be, which is not saying too much as my expectations were [...]

    12. This story was supposedly inspired by the takeover and fall of McCall's magazine by Rosie O"Donnell, which piqued my interest, as I enjoyed both magazines. This novel was written by the former editor of McCall's magazine about the behind the scenes revelations of the magazine and media industry. Generally speaking, I was disappointed with this book - reviews of this book had led me to believe it was more hen lit than chick lit (which it was not - this is chick lit with a capital C!). An easy to [...]

    13. My dream job is to edit a magazine, so any book that talks about the exciting world of magazine publishing is crack to me. Thus my disappointment in "The Devil Wears Prada," through which this career area looks like the worst kind of punishment and where secretary is the stepping stone to writer/editor."Little Pink Slips" is SO much more upbeat but nevertheless cruel in its reality-based focus on competition, circulation, tyrannical bosses and the perfidy of jobs in the biz. YET's still engaging [...]

    14. This probably shouldn't be on my read list as I never finished it. But I put it here as a public service because I thought it was truly awful. The novel is written by the former editor of McCall's magazine and is based on when Rosie O'Donnell bought McCall's and turned it into Rosie Magazine, which as we all know, failed miserably. So, the story had potential. However the author is extremely biased and created her own character as a Mary Sue-type who is practically perfect in every way. Old boyf [...]

    15. Little Pink Slips is a charming novel about Magnolia Gold's travel to hell and back when a buxom, loud mouth, uncontrollable celebrity takes over the magazine where she (Magnolia) was editor in chief. According to the inside cover, this novel is based on a true story. You can make your own conjecture.I just know that Magnolia Gold wielded her way into my heart. It was a slow start, but by the end I could not put this book down. Magnolia feels like a real person with insecurities and doubts. Thro [...]

    16. From the back:>"Little Pink Slips is the anti-Devil Wears Pradal the same inside juice, but this time, you root for the editor! Sally Koslow has created a superhero of a character in Magnolia Gold. You can't help but love how Magnolia gracefully battles the throngs at sample sales, fights off chauvinist CEOs and grits her teeth through the experience of working with a celebrity 'editor,' never forgetting who she is inside: a smart but fashion-challenged Jewish girl from Fargo, North Dakota. M [...]

    17. learned lots about the magazine world, not sure i'll ever pick one up again without thinking of this book, but then again maybe i will. I finished reading this and just thought, "hmm, well, thats that" and moved on. Nothing stellar here, sort of like reading a people magazine sort of novel, interesting and rather absorbing but all in all not earth shattering or anything either. Who knows. Anyone who wants a book they dont have to invest much energy into, and sort of give you a voyeuristic look a [...]

    18. The book was ok, but not one that I would recommend. I didn't even finish the whole book! The characters were too superficial and I felt none of them was really developed throughout the story. The backstabbing and firing in the magazine industry again was only done on a surface level and nothing was very developed there either. If you're looking for a totally mindless read then this is for you. There are much more developed chick-lit reads that I would choose. However, I may give this author ano [...]

    19. Honestly? It was better than I expected. Chick lit is light and breezy and fun and while this book a bit dense, it had a lot of heart and was much better than The Devil Wears Prada. It's not as dramatic as The Devil Wears Prada but still better.Magnolia Gold is pretentious at times but is still a good person at heart. She's also fierce, independent, hard-working, and values the little people over corporate greed. Not to mention the book focuses heavily on her job over her love life.Overall, I wo [...]

    20. a good light reading. gives insight of what it was like working a prestigious job in a new york womén magazine (sounds like fun!). i don´t like the characterization of the protagonist, though. what is it like to ´feel fake because i come from a small village so i don´t really deserve this job n people would mock me up once they knew it´ n in the other hand you manage to throw off a famous celebrity n the director of your company? the courageous and the confident actions don´t match this la [...]

    21. I actually found this book a lot more interesting once I realized who the characters were most likely portraying. While I usually enjoy anything about New York socialites, this book was different. I enjoyed the book, however I found the romance kind of silly and not really important to the story and that was a bit distracting. It is amazing that this is somewhat based on her actual story. There is a lot of craziness, humour, and fashion in this story. It was a decent read, but I don't think I'd [...]

    22. Yet another novel starring a magazine editor (I can't get enough of these, though). Magnolia Gold is editor in chief of a women's magazine, and she's pushed aside when the publisher has the great idea of letting an annoying celebrity put her name and identity on the publication, in the hopes of creating the next Oprah. It's a good, light read so far (despite all the annoying descriptions of various outfits characters are wearingI guess book editors think readers eat this stuff upwhich I did, whe [...]

    23. Chick lit is dismissed as fluff, but there are times when even the most serious reader needs something sweet to distract from everyday life. This is the perfect choice: light, breezy and funny, with just enough fact-based drama (the author survived the famous Rosie invasion of McCall's) to make it realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed Little Pink Slips -- in fact, was sorry to finish it -- and hope Sally Koslow has another book up her brocaded Mandarin sleeve.

    24. Little Pink Slips is delicious fun. Warning: you will stay up all night reading this novel. Sally Koslow obviously knows the magazine industry from the autocom cdp review inside-out. You will cheer on her heroine, Magnolia Gold, as she battles a nut job of a celebrity (who might remind you of a famous TV star), back-stabbing colleagues and the occasional sample sale.

    25. Entertaining, pretty light. I found it a bit long though, 40 something chapters…but somehow the author pull it off. At the end I did not get the reason why she was always so insecure about her abilities at work, nothing else during the book seemed to back that up. I was very happy about the book Magnolia was reading on Anna Wintour, which I looked up and I’m going to read very soon; I love it when I find books inside books.

    26. After reading The Late, Lamented Life of Molly Marx, I was happy to find another book by the same author, but I was very disappointed by this novel. The writing was pretty good, and it had cute moments, but the overall problem with this book is that felt entirely too much like "The Devil Wears Prada" and all the other books that followed suit. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, and I'm definitely over the fashion/magazine industry chick lit.

    27. I'm on the fence about this one. In the beginning it was just as bad as most of the other reviewers stated. I gradually got sucked in, and it got better; but it wasn't anywhere near earth-shattering. It's chick-lit, and even though I enjoy the genre, you know from the start it isn't going to be great literature. That said, there are far better chick-lit novels out there and this one could easily be skipped.

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