Kill Switch

Kill Switch Claire Waters a brilliant forensic psychiatrist haunted by a childhood tragedy has always been able to unlock her patients darkest secrets But has she met her match in deranged Rikers Island inmate

  • Title: Kill Switch
  • Author: Neal Baer JonathanGreene
  • ISBN: 9780758266866
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Claire Waters, a brilliant forensic psychiatrist haunted by a childhood tragedy, has always been able to unlock her patients darkest secrets But has she met her match in deranged Rikers Island inmate, Todd Quimby Drawn into his twisted life and obsessions, Claire must face her own demons to save her life in this taut, visceral, fast paced story of murder, mystery and meClaire Waters, a brilliant forensic psychiatrist haunted by a childhood tragedy, has always been able to unlock her patients darkest secrets But has she met her match in deranged Rikers Island inmate, Todd Quimby Drawn into his twisted life and obsessions, Claire must face her own demons to save her life in this taut, visceral, fast paced story of murder, mystery and medicine.A heart pounding glimpse into the world of forensic psychiatry, Kill Switch marks the powerful fiction debut of Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene former executive producers of television s acclaimed Law Order Special Victims Unit.

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    1. I don't know why I read these books. I hoped for a serial killer book with interesting characters in addition to gruesome death. That didn't happen here.I won't recap the plot, because that's done adequately elsewhere, and I'll keep my criticism to what bothered me most. Leaving aside nit-picky observations (of which I have plenty because boy howdy, am I good at picking nits), the characters in this book bothered the snot out of me. Witness, yet another, "too-stupid-to-live"** female protagonist [...]

    2. 2 stars and one:UGH, I'm having bad luck with my reading choices this month. Kill Switch sounded like it was going to be so good. A female-led serial killer drama written by two guys who have spent their careers working on Law & Order? Um, yes please! But alas, I came away from this reading experience disappointed in how disjointed and, well, silly, this blatantly formulaic novel is. Claire Waters is a forensic psychiatrist working at Rikers Island under Dr. Peter Curtin, who is written like [...]

    3. Rating: 2.5Some portions of this book were laughable. no legit psychiatrist would act remotely like this with their client (the whole dressing up as his victim type for one of their sessions, was just no; I'm not going to blame her for his attempted sexual assault that happened to her). And if they did, they would probably get their license revoked at the very least.This book was messy and really badly written. It didn't even feel remotely realistic.Yet I finished it in one day, when I actually [...]

    4. Really good read, it pulled me in and had me invested to figure it all out. It reminded me a little of Heartsick by Chelsea Cain but I think I liked this one a lot more. I am definitely going to be reading the rest of the series. Awesome Read!

    5. Wow this was a really good thriller. I couldn't believe all that came of this book.Can't wait to see what Claire and Nick will get into next.

    6. Well, it started out good! Then it flew straight overboard and I gave up.The main character is a forensic psychiatrist, but I'm not sure how she got herself through to that point with zero common sense. (view spoiler)[A sex offender on his way to killer/rapist tells you, "I picked up a hooker that looked like my Dad's dead girlfriend who got him murdered & I should have killed that whore years ago. By the way, she kinda looked like you, too. I couldn't get it up and she laughed at me." You t [...]

    7. This felt like two completely different mysteries, which finally did come together in the final third. But it was weird, with Claire not really seeming to grieve over Ian's death. I was glad that at least there wasn't overt romance between her and Nick. Probably waiting for the sequel for that one. I wanted these stories to be more entertwined. I think the fact that they weren't is a signpost telling you that there's just too much reliance on coincidence to connect them. The sex offender was a p [...]

    8. I was eagerly looking forward to reading this, but was sorely disappointed. It was so thoroughly contrived and unbelievable that I almost didn't finish it. The writing doesn't flow; perhaps because it was written by two authors. The character of Claire either under reacts or over reacts to various incidents in the book; don't want to say which so as not to give spoilers. Certain events in the book were obviously bound to happen from hints the writer gave us 100's of pages earlier. I know the co- [...]

    9. Really enjoyed this one. It was expertly written, well-researched and was one of those stories I didn't want to put down. Claire, a psychiatrist, goes to Rikers to interview a prisoner. Her goal is to help him. However, as they're talking about his background she has a flashback to when she was a little girl, the day her best friend, Amy, was kidnapped right in front of her and she didn't do anything to stop it. She's always felt guilty since her friend's body was never found, her parents never [...]

    10. short review: "Well, that escalated quickly."Longer version:I don’t read crime dramas but sometimes a story based about a psychologist and mind games intrigues me enough to pick it up. I won’t lie, I read this book in a day and a half it did have me gripped….just at the end it was a lolz, what!? Type of gripped. It was written by two producers of Law & Order SVU but progressed more like a Lifetime movie. If it is bad, it will happen to our main character, if it is drama, it will happen [...]

    11. This book had excellent pacing. The book has three distinct arts and each time I thought "wow, there is more?" and yup, more. As incredulous as it may seem the entire book, subplots and all are wrapped up nicely by the end. So why four stars not five, well, the dialog was a bit amateur at times. This in no way diminishes this great book, as I read it fast and enjoyed every page, so I guess 4.5 stars then.

    12. Baer and Greene are famous or known for being the executive producers of Law & Order: SVU, so you know that they know there way around writing a suspenseful screen play for TV but the question is whether they can transfer it to a novel? Dr. Claire Waters has just landed her dream job as a psychiatric doctor treating criminals, but with treating criminals the stakes are higher. When Claire recommends the release of her first client an accused serial killer, Claire gets way more than she barg [...]

    13. In 1989, Claire and her best friend Amy were playing outside when a car pulled up, a man got out, and Amy became part of the ‘missing children’ list. Today, Claire is all grown up and in the last stage of receiving her degree in forensic psychology. Working as an intern under the famous Dr. Curtin, who most people see as the “Dr. Oz” of forensic psychology, Claire wants to prove to the man that she knows her job, and wants more than anything to get into the human mind and try to figure o [...]

    14. Review posted at LitStack January 5, 2012 (litstack/?p=4127):Kill Switch is authored by two heavy hitters in the television industry: Neal Baer, former executive producer and showrunner of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, executive producer of ER (“the longest-running primetime medical drama in American television history”), multi-award winner (Emmy, Golden Globe, People’s Choice, and Edgar), and graduate of Harvard Medical School; and Jonathan Greene, writer and co-executive [...]

    15. Budding forensic psychiatrist Claire Waters is on Ryker's Island to study the criminal mind. During her first week, she interviews Todd Quimby and judges him to be innocent . only later after it looks like he's killing prostitutes does she realize her own error in judgement.Turning to the homicide detective, Nick Lawler, who is in charge of the case, they both take extraordinary risks to bring Quimby to justice.The book then morphs into solving a case that is 20 years old --- a playmate of Clair [...]

    16. Claire Waters is a forensic psychiatrist. Todd Quimby is a dysfunctional screw up. Nick Lawler is a good detective going blind. Throw them together and you get a twisty turny mystery that needs to be solved.This book is authored by two guys associated with Law & Order: SVU. I’ve never watched that particular show, but I do love Law & Order: CI and shows like CSI, Bones, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Monk, NCIS, etc. etc. So though I usually would watch something like this story on televi [...]

    17. Looking for a suspenseful page-turner? Are you a fan of Preston and Child, Connelly, Deaver, or Gerristen? Consider trying Kill Switch, a mind-bending, debut thriller by Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene. Haunted, and driven by the unsolved abduction of her childhood friend, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Claire Waters has what it takes to get inside the heads of violent criminals. Her first serial killer case, however, will not only force her to confront her inner demons, but could prove to be the case [...]

    18. This is a three/three and a half star book until about page 200, then it takes off and is a five all the way, in fact it was so good from that point on, I forgot that it started slow and in my opinion a little disjointed. But once I hit around page 200 I could nbot stop reading and did not stop. Likely 100 pages left isn't much to get through but it was amazing, quite a roller coaster. To me, these Law and Order writers did not recreate the show in their writing, in fact other than the fact that [...]

    19. It's hard to describe what I think of this book. First of all, I read through it like a speeding train and kept me interested until the last few chapters. I could tell it was written by "TV" people because of the fast pace. It also seemed like 3 episodes of a cop show. The first 2 stories were good. They were well written and had tight plots. The writers lost me in the 3rd episode. It seemed desperate and went way beyond believable after the first 2 parts. The writers should have stopped after t [...]

    20. This book is an easy read. It also includes a few twists in it's plot. The book went down paths that I didn't see would happen. Neal Baer, the author did an excellent job of making the various plots work with this book. First book I have read by this author.

    21. I should have known better writing for t-v does not prepare one to write an engaging, meaningful, long-form narrative.

    22. I found the story very unbelievable. I expected much better from people who were responsible for Law and Order: S.V.U.

    23. Creepy thriller about a woman haunted by an attack in the past and how she attempts to make peace in her adult life.

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    25. I picked up this book at the 99 cent store. It was a nice little find for cheap. I was a pleasantly surprised by the additional story plot but almost felt it was tacked on. Life two 30 min shows in one. The leading female character was not annoying and I enjoyed the relationship that developed between her and the cop. It as a good quick read.

    26. This was a very easy and compelling read, but it felt like the police got too many lucky breaks for it to be real. There was also too much going on and too many different parts.

    27. This novel didn't work well for me. Though aspects enticed me, in the end, I didn't like the characters enough and couldn't suspend disbelief. Most of the events felt implausible.

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