Carry Yourself Back to Me

Carry Yourself Back to Me Famed alt country artist Annie Walsh has than enough reason to sing her version of the blues including a broken heart a stalled career and a troubled family Annie seeks refuge from an upended love

  • Title: Carry Yourself Back to Me
  • Author: DeborahReed
  • ISBN: 9781455831845
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Famed alt country artist Annie Walsh has than enough reason to sing her version of the blues, including a broken heart, a stalled career, and a troubled family Annie seeks refuge from an upended love affair with her producer, Owen Pettybone, by sequestering herself at home with her old dog Detour, surrounded by a lush Florida tangelo grove There, she spends her daysFamed alt country artist Annie Walsh has than enough reason to sing her version of the blues, including a broken heart, a stalled career, and a troubled family Annie seeks refuge from an upended love affair with her producer, Owen Pettybone, by sequestering herself at home with her old dog Detour, surrounded by a lush Florida tangelo grove There, she spends her days furiously sanding down the house s every veneer in a vain attempt at erasing the painful memory of the love she lost Soon, however, this quiet, small town existence far from recording studios, ardent fans, and affairs of the heart comes crashing down around her A violent murder connected to her brother Calder threatens to tear her family apart and forces Annie to shore up her loyalties and uproot profound disappointments from her distant past The evidence stacks against Calder, compounded by his lifelong affliction with Tourette syndrome that causes some in the community to cast aspersions on the soundness of his mind.As the circumstances converge to challenge lifetime ties and forge unexpected new bonds, this soulful, stirring novel shifts its narrative from an imperiled and ever changing present, where each hour brings an unforeseen and unwelcome piece of news, to the poignant childhood days of first allegiances and life altering loss Like a fine and forlorn love ballad, the gifted, conflicted Annie lulls the reader into a journey through love and loss that mines the mysterious, and, at times, paradoxical rhythms of the human heart As vibrant as Annie s treasured tangelo grove, Carry Yourself Back to Me cultivates an always tender, sometimes tart, portrait of one family s regret and redemption Inflected with melancholy and redeemed by melody, this deeply affecting novel is certain to strike a resonant chord with music fans and lovers of fine fiction everywhere.

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    1. I feel like I'm always reading these quiet sort of semi-tragic novels set deep in Modern Americana, populated by lost lovers and dying dogs and unpredictable weather. I'm attracted to this kind of poetically sad modern fiction for reasons I can never entirely pin down. Maybe because secretly I think of myself as some kind of modern, poetically sad uh, fictional character. Sigh. I can't believe I just admitted that.Anyway, the point. I had one, I'm sure. Yes: Carry Yourself Back to Me is one of t [...]

    2. I'm not normally a book quitter, but I just couldn't get through this book. I picked it up several times to try to move further into the book, just hoping the pace would pick up and all would be right in the world again, but molasses pours out of a bottle faster than this plot took off. The characters are well written, the plot is interesting, but either I lack the patience to push through or this book lacks that forward motion needed to keep pushing the reader forward.

    3. Everybody knows that there is never good timing for heart ache. It can take the form of a fog, or a striking pain, it is different for everyone and has no miracle cure. Annie Walsh is a singer song writer, no longer fresh to the scene but with bated breath fans waiting for her next release. They will be waiting a longer than they expect though, as Annie has lost her muse and she is hermit-ted, seemingly a new person (broken).Annie has been self medicating as only she can see fit. She has been hi [...]

    4. Annie Walsh is a celebrated alternative country singer-songwriter living in rural Florida and has just turned forty at the start of the story. Her career is at its peak but her personal life at its nadir, after her live-in boyfriend and producer leaves her for a much younger woman and her brother is arrested for murder. There is so much to admire in this book: the cleverly and tightly woven plot, with multiple points of view and time periods seamlessly and fluidly working together, like melody a [...]

    5. Were I casting the movie version of Deborah Reed's debut novel, I'd give the great Lucinda Williams an audition for the role of Annie Walsh. If Lucinda could act with the same soul with which she writes and sings, she would bring just the right amount of melancholy angst to Reed's lushly drawn, likeable heroine. Following some bad luck in love and in the recording studio, Annie goes back to her old family homestead in Florida with her old hound dog Detour for company. If a solitary retreat is wh [...]

    6. I scored myself an advanced reader's copy of Portland author Deborah Reed's debut novel Carry Yourself Back to Me. I read the first few pages of Carry Yourself Back to Me and tried to reserve all judgement. I wasn't really prepared to like it (for no good reason, I should add) and so my brain kept trying to pull out of the story and assess the craft. "Anyone can write a compelling beginning," I erroneously thought, "but can you keep my attention Deborah Reed? I dare you!"The short answer: Yes.Sh [...]

    7. I have been trying to keep in mind that I was stepping outside of my usual genre when I chose this book. Maybe my pregnancy hormones were compelling me to read something more feminine, who knows. While I would say that I enjoyed this book, a few elements of it were slightly off. I never really felt like I could connect to the characters. I always have a mental picture of how a character looks, yet I realized I was at 50% on my kindle and couldn't even begin to picture the characters in my head. [...]

    8. Since my last review elicited a response from the author, I'm a little gun shy about giving a book review with three stars again. So, I want to explain that I have reserved five stars for only my very favorite books of all time and four stars for great reads that I would recommend to any of my friends. However, if I give a three star rating, I liked much about the book. In this day and time I do not continue reading books I don't like unless I am looking for it to redeem itself. Suffice it to sa [...]

    9. This book felt like it was kindof a suspense-lite book meets an anti-romance novel, if there can be such a thing as an anti-romance novel then this is it. Her ex-cheated on her, her brother is cheating with married woman and her mother cheated with her brother-in-law. Ummm its just felt to me like one, two, three too many cheaters. (They should be on an episode of Cheaters. Except no one in this book gets ghetto and tries to beat the cheating partner up.)It starts off a bit slow for me and the w [...]

    10. 4.5 starsIt's difficult to describe this book as a whole without getting cliche'd, even though the story doesn't hold many of those on its own. I love stories that drag you so deeply into someone's emotions that you find yourself dazed a little afterwards, trying to remember where the character ends and you begin. Its not just that I felt for Annie, but with the flashbacks and spacing the main plot so you can put it together piece by piece, you're almost building the puzzle with her. Her sadness [...]

    11. I'm narrating this so I can't give an actual review (yet) but I can say that I love it! Can't wait to read this out loud.

    12. This was ok, but honestly not a book that I will remember or that I'd read again. The story was predictable, slow and uninteresting, and boring. Annie got a little too judgmental with everyone, at first she just came off as bitter and resentful. She was cold and mean towards her boyfriend, brother, uncle and her mom with every else she was good. I finished it because I can't NOT finish a book, but was very disappointed when I reached the end.

    13. Great deliberate readIt is an absolute pleasure to read a novel in which the author doesn't flail around for adjectives and uses description as reality.'s. Reed is able to convey her characters feelings and they're tangible and plausible.I can't wait for her next book which is sure to be even more soulful and evocative.

    14. The story was interesting—twists and turns that weren’t expected, others that were a little too predictable. Far too much weather description for my tastebut that’s just my opinion. And the ending—a little too tidy. All in all, an ok read after the holidays.

    15. Song writer and performer Annie Walsh has plenty of material in her everyday life, the songs should just be pouring out of her. Her lover has left her for another woman, her family is a mess and her career is going nowhere fast, but the lyrics are not flowing. Annie escapes into her home on the edge of a lush Florida tangelo grove with her dog, Detour, trying to forget about the love she has lost to another. She spends her days picking fruit and sanding every piece of wood in her home down to th [...]

    16. Carry Yourself Back to Me by Deborah Reed is the story of singer/songwriter Annie Walsh. Annie has secluded herself at her home in Florida after being abandoned by her lover, Owen, six months ago. This also caused her to be estranged from her brother, Calder. Calder tries to mend their relationship but he is then accused of murdering his girlfriend's husband.This is author Deborah Reed's first literary novel. She writes suspense fiction under the penname Audrey Braun. Reed includes several myste [...]

    17. Grade: AA gentle, engrossing tale of an alt-country singer/songwriter's journey through heartbreak and family crisis as touchstones for the experience of love, grief, and song.Annie Walsh's last album was a hit--the one she wrote and produced with her long-term lover Owen. But since Owen left her six months before with a younger woman he was cheating with for months, Annie hasn't felt much like singing, or writing, or facing another living soul outside of her neighbor Ms. Lanie. She spends her t [...]

    18. I liked it, I didn't love it. I was prepared to love it, the set up is extremely enticing: Lucinda Williama-type, soulful singer-songwriter Annie is nursing a broken heart in the middle of a Florida cold snap. Great characterization of Annie and the setting off the top, great images of frozen tangelos and, this one real sent me, 'the cloudy skin of a blueberry' her mother's 'glamour-girl mouth' looking closely at a beautiful European woman to 'see how it was done'. Gorgeous, right? Then there wa [...]

    19. Annie Walsh is a heartbroken singer/songwriter who just turned forty. The love of her life, Owen, left her for a younger woman months ago and the coup de grace kick in the gut was the fact that her brother Calder was covering up for him. Now, months later, Calder pays Annie a visit to let her know he has finally found true love, but she's married. Annie wants nothing to do with Calder and wants to be left alone with her heartache and her old dog, Detour.Owen is married and expecting a baby. He m [...]

    20. “Carry yourself back to me” by Deborah Reed is both a mystery novel, as well as a story of love, betrayal, and how events of the past can make an impact on the present. I became interested in this book, after I read another one of Deborah Reed’s novels, called “A small fortune” and written under Reed’s pen name of Audrey Braun. I was impressed enough by this story, to see what other novels Reed published. And lo behold, I came across this book. The main character of “Carry yourself [...]

    21. Author Deborah Reed does a wonderful job with backstory in her novel, Carry Yourself Back to Me. The present day tale starts with singer-songwriter Annie Walsh looking out over her neighbor’s tangelo grove and wondering whose truck it is she sees. Owen, her lover, has left her. Calder, her brother, is estranged from her. Detour, her dog, is getting old. And winter’s drawing near.In that short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, what’s left of Annie’s world will fall apart and maybe [...]

    22. This writer definitely has skill with words, but not so much storyline and characters. I felt the reading experience to be sort of "been there, read that," for me. Originally, what drew me to this story was the main character, Annie Walsh. A country singer/songwriter suffering from writer's block after being jilted by her lover, Owen, for a much younger woman, she is forced to get herself together to try to help out her brother, Calder, who has been accused of a murder she does not know whether [...]

    23. I would classify “Carry Yourself Back to Me” by Deborah Reed as an intertwined love story with elements of a whodunit mystery. I found the book to be an enjoyable read with interesting characters and enough mystery to keep you engaged. While I did find the characters interesting on the surface I would have enjoyed some further character development. I did enjoy the element of the love stories within the novel. The intertwined love stories of betrayal, forgiveness and redemption carries you t [...]

    24. When betrayal comes full circle Tomorrow, Carry Yourself Back to Me by Deborah Reed hits the shelves. I received an ARC of this book to review after much back and forth with the publisher (why, oh why does mail always take so long to get to me?) Was it worth the wait? I answer with a resounding "Yes!"The book in one sentence: A study of a woman's journey through loss, betrayal, childhood revelations, and forgiveness and redemption.My thoughts: When I first held this book, for some odd reason, th [...]

    25. Bookreads Description- With a broken heart, a stalled career, and a troubled family, singer-songwriter Annie Walsh seeks refuge at her secluded home, surrounded by a lush Florida tangelo grove and the company of her old dog Detour. But a crime connected to her brother Calder threatens to tear her family apart, and Annie is forced to shore up her loyalties and question some profound disappointments of her past. From the ever-changing present, where each hour brings an unforeseen piece of news, to [...]

    26. I'm not exactly sure how to review this book. It was written well enough to keep my interest. Every character is complex, and has a back story and most have made mistakeswhich I think the author was leading into for her main intent to make the reader question. what would happen if you didn't or did do something in a life event. What kind of person would I be or where would I be. Would that fork in the road change me one way or another. This did make the book at some points unpredictable. So (spo [...]

    27. I really, really liked this book. It was a quick read, and part of that is probably due to the fact that I had a hard time putting it down because it was so compelling. There are several characters in the book, but it focuses on Annie, who is trying to get over a devastating break-up when she learns her estranged brother has been arrested for murder. I couldn't wait to see how everything would come together in the end. And interestingly enough, it was the ending which kept me from giving it 5 st [...]

    28. An alternative title to this book could be "Your Cheating Heart" complete with musical accompaniment. The main character, singer-songwriter Annie has been betrayed by her long-time lover Owen, who left her on account of a 'twist of fate.' Most of the characters in the book are cheating or have cheated on their spouse or significant other. The story illustrates how much trouble cheating can cause: family estrangements, a false charge of murder, and, of course, misery and pain. The writer has done [...]

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