Die Rebellion der Maddie Freeman

Die Rebellion der Maddie Freeman Eine Stadt in den USA wenige Jahre in der Zukunft Maddie lebt wie alle um sie herum ein digitales Leben Schule und Verabredungen das alles findet im Netz statt Doch dann verliebt sie sich in Jus

  • Title: Die Rebellion der Maddie Freeman
  • Author: Katie Kacvinsky Ulrike Nolte
  • ISBN: 9783414823007
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eine Stadt in den USA, wenige Jahre in der Zukunft Maddie, 17, lebt wie alle um sie herum ein digitales Leben Schule und Verabredungen das alles findet im Netz statt Doch dann verliebt sie sich in Justin f r den nur das wahre Leben offline z hlt.Gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden k mpft Justin gegen die Welt der sozialen Netzwerke, in der alles k nstlich ist Dieser KampEine Stadt in den USA, wenige Jahre in der Zukunft Maddie, 17, lebt wie alle um sie herum ein digitales Leben Schule und Verabredungen das alles findet im Netz statt Doch dann verliebt sie sich in Justin f r den nur das wahre Leben offline z hlt.Gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden k mpft Justin gegen die Welt der sozialen Netzwerke, in der alles k nstlich ist Dieser Kampf richtet sich gegen die ganz oben und damit auch gegen Maddies Vater, der das System der Digital School gesetzlich verankert hat Maddie wird f r die Bewegung zu einer Schl sselfigur Und sie muss sich entscheiden Auf welcher Seite will sie stehen

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    1. Katie Kacvinsky’s debut novel, Awaken, takes the reader to the year 2060, when every aspect of life has become digitalized. People hardly go out anymore; they have confined themselves to their homes after tragic incidents in the past and live through their computer, socializing only in online communities. Young people even go to school online. Madeline is one of them, yet different. Since a rebellion and betrayal against her father, the founder of digital school, Maddie has been kept under con [...]

    2. I often wonder what life will be like in 10, 15 years from now. If I look in the past, it seems like nothing has really changed, besides the fact that I grew up. But when I look more closely, I see technology evolved in ways I didn't think were possible. 15 years ago I would have laughed if somebody would have told me people would be online, constantly. Computers, laptops, phones, The possibilities become more and more endless, the opportunities become bigger and bigger, the future is looking so [...]

    3. **** includes some "light" spoilering ****I was very excited when my request to read an ARC of Katie Kacvinsky’s debut Awaken was approved of. It is young adult dystopia, it has a gorgeous cover that stands out, it contains some kind of a boy-girl-story and it deals with a possible negative outcome of our present trend of living part of our lives connected to the web, of working as teleworkers straight from home or from far away of our employers. My excitement deflated in stages until I had re [...]

    4. The first thing that attracted me to Awaken was the cover—as it is for me with most books. The more I stare at this cover, the more I understand what it represents. You can’t jar nature; you can’t put plants or animals in a box and expect them to live. Really, that’s not living at all, now is it? But that’s exactly what’s happening in Awaken. Maddie, the lead character, is used to being inside, going to school via the internet, holing away and being someone she’s not online. She’ [...]

    5. Conceptually, I liked this book. The subject matter is topical, and I feel that the arguments presented are valid and worth discussion. The issues Kacvinsky conflates to build her future world will resonate with anyone who has even half a finger on the current technological pulse, or an interest in social anthropology in general. In execution, however, this novel left me with fairly lukewarm feelings. Fast forward to 2060, when escalating violence and rapid advancements in technology have caused [...]

    6. Awaken is set in 2060, a future not too far away. Interpersonal relationships have been reduced to a minimum due to the fact that almost everything can be done online. Kids attend digital school, so they don’t have to leave the house for that anymore, people don’t meet their friends the old-fashioned way by going out, they only meet up virtually in chat rooms. People’s understanding of going to the movies together is actually only watching a movie on their PCs while simultaneously chatting [...]

    7. Unique and captivating, Awaken is sure to seize your attention and send your mind reeling!I wasn't sure what to expect after reading the summary, Awakened sounded interesting enough, but it wasn't something I was dying to read. Until I started reading it. and then I was dying to know what was going to happen. This book was not at all what I was anticipating.I really connected with the idea of the novel. the whole "digital life" I could totally see that happening. Some of the reasons that it does [...]

    8. Okay, so I’m not sure if I can give this a very accurate review because I think my ARC had the ending cut out (on accident) or maybe that’s really the ending. Anyway, on to the review.I really wanted to read this book because it had a fabulous premise. I mean, how can you not salivate over the idea of technology/digital world overtaking our lives? It is certainly an issue in our society today, so I like how this story attempted to pose the ‘what if’ scenario on us. But despite my expecta [...]

    9. 17 yr old Maddie lives in the year 2060, where everything, from dating, schooling, and going to the movies, is done online. Ever since her disastrous rebellion two years before nearly caused her and her father to go to jail, Maddie has lived compliantly with this life, never complaining or yearning for actual physical contact. One day Maddie meets a boy online in school chatroom, and he invites her to actual go to a real tutor session. Maddie agrees and that is how Justin enters her life. Justin [...]

    10. The premise for Katie Kacvinsky's Awaken is very timely with today's technology-minded culture: Imagine a world in the future so technology-obsessed and fearful that people no longer leave their homes. How would people interact? How would they learn, live, and love? I admit that I love dystopian romance, and Awaken has some beautiful passages and quotes that I wanted to immediately write down. However, the world in Awaken lacked consistency in its design, which overshadowed other positive aspect [...]

    11. Believe me when I tell you, I read a lot of books. It isn't often that I get a book that makes me take a step back and say huh? Author Katie Kacvinsky, does just that with AWAKEN.Set in the year 2060, AWAKEN follows Maddie Freeman, your average teen. She goes to school, out on dates, enjoys the outdoors and loves meeting her friends for coffee. The only thing is she does this from the comfort of her own home. In fact, Maddie never has to leave the house if she doesn't want to. Thanks in part to [...]

    12. The year is 2060 and everything is digital. People do everything - hang out with friends, study, work, shop, even go on dates - on the computer. Online, everything is safe, easy and controllable. Seventeen year old Maddie has grown used to this life but she often feels something is missing. Then she meets Justin who prefers face-to-face interaction and she starts to question if this "digital" life is as perfect as some people make it to be. I liked the premise of this novel. In these modern time [...]

    13. Die Geschichte,rund um Maddie,spielt im Jahre 2060.Das Leben hat sich insofern verändert,dass es sich fast ausschließlich in einer virtuellen Realität abspielt.So trifft man sich z.B. nicht mehr in der Stadt mit seinen Freunden um einen Kaffee zu trinken,sondern schafft sich von zu Hause ein virtuelles Kaffee in dem man sich dann mit seinen Onlinekontakten treffen kann.Generell verlässt man fast gar nicht mehr das Haus.Auslöser für diese drastische Veränderung ist dabei nicht nur die tech [...]

    14. Check out this review and more at: apocalypsereads/I picked up Awaken looking for an easy read, something that I wouldn’t have to think too hard about. It ended up being an easy read, but it sucked me in more than I expected. Awaken is part love story and part rebellion. What makes it different, however, is that the rebellion is not against the government so much as it is against the national education system. Kacvinsky, a former educator, makes some interesting points about the real purpose o [...]

    15. Im Jahr 2060 hat sich die Welt in vielerlei Hinsicht weiterentwickelt, doch das geht einher mit einer drastischen Verarmung des sozialen Lebens, auch wenn die meisten Menschen das gar nicht so empfinden. Zwischenmenschliche Interaktion spielt sich immer ausschließlicher in der virtuellen Realität ab, während man offline nur noch das Allernötigste tut, wie Essen oder Schlafen. In vielerlei Hinsicht ist die Welt des Buches eine glaubhafte Weiterentwicklung der sozialen Medien, wie wir sie heut [...]

    16. "Let's just say there's only so much of life that can be taught by pushing a bunch of buttons and looking at a screen.""But technology can be like a drug if you don't keep it in check. After a while it gets in your system and you're addicted. You get to a point where you can't live without it and that's when the drug controls you."Quotes of the bookQuotes are sentences that inspires you which gives you the urge to imprint them in your mind. Frankly, I've never felt that kind of urge, maybe it's [...]

    17. How different can the world be in almost 50 years from now? Will technology evolve in such a way as Kacvinsky describes in her book? I am sure that being a high school teacher herself makes her a person that really enjoys the authentic way of education the one that includes immediate contact between the tutors and the students, she is well aware that a lesson, a course in every possible subject doesn't mean just to equip you with knowledge about what is mentioned inside the book that's been give [...]

    18. 3.5/4 starsAwaken had been on my computer for quite some time up until this point. I'd started it two or three times but for one reason or another was never able to go beyond the first couple of paragraphs. I'm glad to say I finally sat down and read this properly. It was definitely worth it, although I'm still not sure what rating this truly deserves.The year is 2060 and technology has taken over. Hardly anyone goes out anymore. Instead, they go to school, work, the beach, anywhere they want, a [...]

    19. The year is 2060, and the digital world has been relied on so heavily that it's unthinkable to do anything a different way. Everything is done online, from shopping to hooking up, the Net is your answer. Despite Madeline's rebellion streak a couple of years ago, she can't really see a different way out but doesn't stop her from wanting one.In till she meets Justin on a online study chat room. Justin opens her digital-induced eyes, making her start to feel in flesh and blood and changing how she [...]

    20. Awaken is one of those books you pick up, are instantly drawn in, and want to live in that world. Awaken was so good, I’m still considering rereading it immediately, now, when I’m done with my review.Awaken is both futuristic and present. Kacvinsky illustrates how people in 2060 (and today) choose to be almost solely connected to the digital world. Everywhere people are plugged in. Face to face interaction is almost nonexistent. Madeleine, heiress of the digital school empire, lives in her r [...]

    21. When I first opened this book, I immediately liked the concept. A world of fake trees, computers everywhere, and books are rare. Yikes! Maddie has been paying for past consequences by being locked up in her house and constantly watched. In a world where everything is digital, going outside is uncommon and having social get-togethers are strange. But Justin gets her to hang out with him in the real world and tries to show her the beauty of living life outside a computer and your own home.In the b [...]

    22. This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more reviews! *2.5 star rating* The thing is, I've tried to hold off writing this review for a while, keep on rescheduling it and moving it along, but it's time to let my thoughts overtake everything that I've ever known about dystopia and throw it away. Jokes, jokes, it was April Fool's Day, and I'm only kidding about wanting to let go dystopian novels. That's just a part of it, and the genre is made up of so many better [...]

    23. Actual rating: 3.0Oh me, oh my!A good, intelligently written book by Katie Kacvinsky, Awaken is a dystopia novel based around one sole fact: the impact of technology in the future.It's already visible now how much people depend on their technology: to keep in contact with friends/family, to pass the time, to solve arithmetic problems, for gaming, shopping, watching films etc. It's very hard to find the teenager/adult that doesn't know their way around technology and feel like this if they don't [...]

    24. He lifted his shoulder. "You were brought up to think love and family is about protection. Like you need to hold people close in order to care about them. But that's just living inside a bubble. It's control. I was brought up to think love is trusting people enough to let them go. Like you can expand your family and your feelings and carry them anywhere."Awaken è un libro che mi ha affascinato moltissimo fin dalle prime pagine.Maddie, aka Madeline, vive nel 2060 in una realtà completamente dig [...]

    25. Now that I've read this book the cover makes so much more sense! Wow. I'm pretty sure that about sums up how I feel about Awaken, unless you'll permit me to say FREAKIN' WOW! Yup. That's more accurate.I think what most drew me in about the world that Katie Kacvinsky builds is how close to home it hits. In Maddie's world, everyone is trapped behind computer screens. Constantly plugged in, because that is the best way to stay "safe". For a long time Maddie has seen this as the norm, and a happy ex [...]

    26. This could have been another great dystopian YA series. I loved the idea behind it – the whole life takes place in a digital world -, because we live in a world of digitalization and this could possibly be reality in just a few years.Unfortunately, there are some points about the implementation that I didn’t like and made the book quite unrealistic and cheesy.Maddie is in a big conflict when it comes to Justin. She has to decide on which side she stands: Her family and what her father achiev [...]

    27. AWAKEN was a great dystopian novel. Kacvinsky really built Madeline's world up to creepy, digital awesomeness. And then she throws in a hot guy named Justin to start all sorts of rebellions. Against DS, against Madeline's father, against everything that Maddie's ever known, even against Maddie's own personal walls."Life's too short to say maybe." He says. What I thought Kacvinsky did really well was send her message through. Because honestly, with the way this world's going our future might not [...]

    28. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooAMAZING! That’s what went through my mind as I turned the final page of AWAKEN. AWAKEN is one of a slew of dystopian novels that are flooding the market, but this one definitely stands out in front of the pack.Maddie has grown up in a society where there is little need to leave the house. Shopping can be done online and delivered. School is done from the computer, as well. Maddie has many friends, but they are all on line. So she’s hesitant when one of her [...]

    29. This book made me uncomfortable. The bare bones plot is that in the future everything is digital--school, interaction, everything. You could never leave your house and still live a full 'life' in fact. Our MC Maddie is the daughter of the inventor of DS (Digital School), a fact she tries to hide. She meets a charismatic young man named Justin through an online course, they meet in person and suddenly everything goes to heck.Kacvinsky tries to portray Justin and his group as the 'right' side (or [...]

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