Bone Yard

Bone Yard Fourth Installment in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series a short novella Dog trainer Raine Stockton has lived all her life in the quiet community of Hansonville North Carolina She is the daughter

  • Title: Bone Yard
  • Author: Donna Ball
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fourth Installment in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series a short novella Dog trainer Raine Stockton has lived all her life in the quiet community of Hansonville, North Carolina She is the daughter of a judge, the niece of a sheriff, and the ex wife of a deputy She does not lead the kind of life, generally speaking, in which people get buried in her back yard But wheFourth Installment in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series a short novella Dog trainer Raine Stockton has lived all her life in the quiet community of Hansonville, North Carolina She is the daughter of a judge, the niece of a sheriff, and the ex wife of a deputy She does not lead the kind of life, generally speaking, in which people get buried in her back yard But when Cisco, Raine s mischievous golden retriever, digs up human bones beneath the site of what will soon be her new training kennel, mayhem ensues With the state police swarming everywhere, concerns about a mass grave and suspicions of a serial killer, Raine is surrounded by chaos But when her beautiful collie Majesty keeps disappearing and cryptic messages from a pet psychic only add to the confusion, Raine soon finds herself plunged into the midst of a mystery that is far too close to home Can she and Cisco track down the truth before it s too late Praise for the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series An intriguing heroine, a twisty tale, a riveting finale, and a golden retriever to die for This book will delight mystery fans and enchant dog lovers Carolyn Hart Has everything wonderful characters, surprising twists, great dialogue Donna Ball knows dogs, knows the Smoky Mountains, and knows how to write a page turner I loved it Beverly Connor Very entertaining combines a likeable heroine and a fascinating mystery a story of suspense with humor and tenderness Carlene Thompson

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    1. Another dog mystery set in the Smoky Mountains. My husband and I got an advanced copy of The Dead Season, the best in this series. I think it should be coming out pretty soon.We read the author's blog periodically, and our dog, Brinkley is pictured on her site. He may even make a cameo appearance in her next book!

    2. I enjoy Raine's dogs, but I'm slightly annoyed that the solved mystery was trite and pedestrian, and that this really was a slight novella - or long short story - that did not satisfy.

    3. MovedWhen Raines' dog unearth human bones in her back yard building site, it creates some real problems. When the skull 💀is found with a bullet hole in it they have not just a body but a murdered body.

    4. I enjoyed this fast-paced story, keeping my interest in solving the mystery, wanting to find out who did it- that I didn't want to put it down! The dogs in the this story made me smile, and chuckle at some of their antics!

    5. (Originally published at Red Adept Reviews.)Overall: 4 1/4 StarsPlot/Storyline: 4 StarsThe story is firmly in the category of mystery cozy, meaning there’s a murder, but no overt violence and it’s meant to be a more of a simple who-dunnit/light read. I love dogs and so I occasionally like the subcategory of cozy featuring them – there might be more than you think.Because I’m such a dog freak, my favorite part involved a subplot with Raine’s collie. For the rest of you, the non canine o [...]

    6. Nice dog/outdoors mystery series. Main character is much less bitchy in this book. (She should have taken a Xanax in the first book) Well worth readingFirst paragraphsONE It’s the kind of story the newspapers always love: family dog drags home human bones from the woods.  Hunting dog sniffs out human remains beneath the autumn leaves.  Beloved family pet digs up the bones of a murder victim in suburban backyard.  Well, let me tell you, it doesn’t make for nearly such great reading when it [...]

    7. Donna Ball’sBone Yard: (Raine Stockton Dog Mystery #4) is a short novella-lovable golden retriever, Cisco uncovers mysterious bones in the location of owner Raine’s new training kennel.Set in quiet community of Hansonville, NC in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Raine Stockton, a dog trainer, among other things which keeps her busy, taking care of dogs. She does not have time to be involved in the middle of a murder mystery.Just like my golden Duke, of fifteen years, Goldens are lovable and [...]

    8. I've been waiting for this book (well, not really a book - more like a long short story) for several years, ever since I read the first 3 books in the series. It features Raine Stockton, dog trainer, and an assortment of believable dogs, including Cisco, her golden retriever. (Also a collie, 2 Australian Shepherds, and a border collie who now belongs to a pet psychic) I hope she can squeeze in a sheltie along the way. The plot is good, for such a short story, and the characters are top notch. Th [...]

    9. This was a fairly quick read. I enjoy this series. Takes place in North Carolina in the area where my parents retired. Story of dog trainer/search and rescue person and her dogs. This time those scampish dogs break out of the house in the rain and discover an old dead body where the foundation for a new kennel is going to be. It is peopled with interesting characters, including the dogs which are mostly of the herder variety and a golden retriever.

    10. Another good one!!!Who likes to find bones in their yard? Human bones, that is. Raine has her rebuild efforts brought to a halt. That doesn't stop Cisco - or Raine - from getting to the bottom of things! Can't decide who was worse - Cisco or Raine. Maybe the new construction work going on next door isn't all that tragic. Highly recommended.

    11. I love these stories. They are feel good cozy mysteries. In this one Cisco discovers some bones and when Raine calls in the Sheriff, they find out they are human. But who's bones are they? From how long ago? To make matters worse, they are found where Raine is building her new kennel and this stops the progress on that.

    12. This novella is part of Donna Ball's Raine and Cisco series. It's a well-written story with believable characters. Although I've read the previous books the author gives enough back ground information that this can be read as a stand alone story. If you like dogs and mysteries then I recommend this series.

    13. There were 3 books written in this series several years ago and then they disappeared. Was really happy to find this available for Kindle and it's the 2nd thing I've read on mine (besides magazines!). There are a couple of other things available for Kindle for the same series, so will be picking them up soon!

    14. This was the first book I've read in the Raine Stockton series. I enjoyed the book for awhile but didn't like Raine. Her attitude is horrible and what kind of dog trainer is she when she can't control her own dogs. I'm not interest in the rest of the series.

    15. Like your favorite sweats and a good cup of teaI've just discovered Donna Ball and I'm going to enjoy working my way through her series. I'm a dog person and enjoy her topics. Not deep, just fun.

    16. Worst of the series as far as story, but still enjoyed very much and would recommend to read. Love watching the real-life drama of the characters lives as they weave in and out of the different books and, as always, the stars of the cast are the animals!

    17. So, I am HookedDonna Ball shamelessly has stolen my heart! Such a good read a little mystery, a bit of sadness, a peek into the next book in this series, and maybe a little romance? Hey, you get itI have to go and get into the next adventure with Raine and her dogs!

    18. This is more of a short story than a book, but it does advance the characters in the series a bit, and was a fun, quick read. Come on, a Golden Retriever! And a Collie! And a pet psychic! It's a good series, if a bit on the light and fluffy side. I'm waiting for the next installment Ms. Ball!

    19. A little disappointing: it seemed that some of the plot lines weren't very well developed. But I still like this series a lot. Perhaps the next one I read will be a little more polished.

    20. This one is very brief, and there's not much action in it. Still, it's entertaining, especially if you like dogs. If you don't care about dogs, I wouldn't recommend it.

    21. This is more of a novella, not a fully-fleshed out story. Short & sweet. Would have like more of a story, but I really like this author.

    22. 2014-01-23. Loved it! Great storyline and loved (and hated) the end with Majesty. I wasn't ready for the book to end. Off to the next!

    23. Best ever!As always a wonderful story. The love of dogs and friends is very heart warming. I can not wait for the next book.

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