Death of a Greedy Woman

Death of a Greedy Woman There s not a cloud in Constable Hamish Macbeth s sky just plenty of warm sunshine and not quite enough of beautiful Priscilla Halburton Smythe But as eight hopeful members of the Checkmate Singles C

  • Title: Death of a Greedy Woman
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780446585507
  • Page: 455
  • Format: ebook
  • There s not a cloud in Constable Hamish Macbeth s sky, just plenty of warm sunshine and not quite enough of beautiful Priscilla Halburton Smythe But as eight hopeful members of the Checkmate Singles Club converge on Tommel Castle Hotel for a week of serious matchmaking, the clouds roll in The four couples, carefully matched by dating director Maria Worth, immediately disThere s not a cloud in Constable Hamish Macbeth s sky, just plenty of warm sunshine and not quite enough of beautiful Priscilla Halburton Smythe But as eight hopeful members of the Checkmate Singles Club converge on Tommel Castle Hotel for a week of serious matchmaking, the clouds roll in The four couples, carefully matched by dating director Maria Worth, immediately dislike each other The arrival of Maria s gross, greedy partner, Peta, kills the last vestige of romance And as love goes out the window, murder comes in the door Peta soon slurps up her last meal, and Hamish is left with a baffling puzzle Who shared the fateful outing that left Peta dead with a big red apple in her mouth Surely not of those singles

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    1. Charm, humor, and the hilarious political incorrectness of Death of a Glutton make this entry in the long-running Hamish Macbeth series great fun. Hamish’s dog, Towser, and the possibility of Hamish and Priscilla reigniting the flame after their first break-up mark this as an older entry, but all the characters in the quirky Highland village of Lochdubh are in place for a delightful romp full of black humor and social satire, and of course, murder.The bane of Hamish’s existence, Blair, is on [...]

    2. This was the first M.C. Beaton book I’ve read that I didn’t love. It was amazing to me how judgmental and cruel the others were to Peta. I am beginning to think this author has a real issue with the obese. I thought it cruel the mini story of feeding Peta a cat. I didn’t like Hamish in this book. He seemed quite moody. I guess the root of my dislike goes back to domestic violence, one-night stands, and alcohol abuse all seem acceptable to the characters while they cast all their judgment a [...]

    3. Why I wanted to read this book: * Several of my blogging buddies love cozy mysteries and this author. I found a bunch of them for 25 cents each last year at my library saleI bought all that they had!!What worked for me: * The witty writing!! It will certainly keep me coming back for more. * Hamish- I like him and am cheering on his love sickness for Priscilla!! * The setting of the story- Northern Scotland * The characters- funny, eccentric, but yet so believable!! * It was a fast 176 pages.What [...]

    4. Hmmm. I'm not really enjoying this much. I have heard the tv show is good, so I thought I'd give the novel a try. The characters are not very interesting or believable. The depiction of the glutton is one of the most hate-filled portrayals I've ever read. The character is so repulsive and the author and every other character loathes her. This is not funny or interesting at all to me. I feel like the author must have some issues with fat women. I'm not really drawn into the story either. All the [...]

    5. Hamish McBeth books are candy to me.I love the characters, I love the setting(Northern Scotland by the loch) and theyare easy reading. I hate to say it butwhen you read a bunch of them they are kindathe same, but I don't care - I love them.

    6. Delightful castle whodunit with Miss Pricilla in the thick of things and as a waitress no less! Hamish to the rescue of course-he's so great as a constable in the Highlands, swoon worthy am I right?!

    7. I remember now why I don't like this author. The writing is pretty great, but I hate the portrayal of every female character. They are weak, vain, stupid, indecisive, clingy, sad, selfish, on and on. There's not a good one in the bunch! And they make bad decisions about the men in their lives. Not exactly the role models I want to read about. Only a woman would dare write about women this way.

    8. M.C. Beaton, author, really kept me guessing during this installment of the Hamish MacBeth series. A group of London singles comes to Tommel Castle (home of Priscilla Halburton-Smythe) for a matchmaking week. Although Maria, the co-owner, has taken every precaution to see that her business partner, Peta Gore, does not join them the unwanted woman and her niece show up. Peta is, for lack of a better term, a glutton (actually this term is used several times and was the original word in the title o [...]

    9. When under the weather I love resting and listening to audiobooks. I listened to this one yesterday and it was perfect! It kept my attention without overpowering or boring me. Besides, quirky Hamish Macbeth is quite an amusing character.

    10. The beginning was very heavy going, it plodded as it introduced the characters, the language was clunky. A very light read.

    11. This vastly disappointed me. I keep reading the series becauseI so liked the Agatha Raisin series and hope for the best.So far, that hasn't been working.

    12. I thought I'd finished my MC Beaton hospital buy stash but two turned up unexpectedly, this and the next in the series, 'Death of a Travelling Man.' As usual it's frothy nonsense with Hamish investigating the death of one of the most ridiculous and totally incredibly characters ever created, Peta Gore, the eponymous glutton. Packed with cliche and stereotypes, a ridiculous plot and silly dialogue, nevertheless, it's an easy and speedy read, a perfect antidote to the Wilkie Collins' short story t [...]

    13. I must say that the Greedy Woman in question is pretty vile. Some of the descriptions about her eating habits were very gross. This mystery wasn't as good as some of the others, I felt like it was wrapped up in a hurry without a very clever conclusion, but these books are pretty short and I don't really expect them to be anything especially groundbreaking. It was a decent mystery that I was able to go through in a day.

    14. Hamish is getting more cantankerous as he goes alongd more ballsy, as he grasps for ways to prove Blair wrong. It's amazing how an unambitious man can be goaded into proving himself - despite his exclamations otherwise. Maybe the events of the last chapter will force Hamish into re-examining what he truly wants. The murderer seemed rather unlikely - though I did ask for a plot that didn't center completely on money.Perhaps, like Hamish, I should be careful what I wish for.

    15. I really enjoyed this book in the series, and after reviewing the previous books I have decided that I should have probably been rating them at least a 3.5 stars. The author does a fine job in relating the views of all characters in relation to the victim. You really can't help but not liking the victim in these murder stories. This series has sealed my desire to visit the Highlands of Scotland:)

    16. I missed this one (because it's published under 2 titles) and had to go back. It was lovely to see Towser again. The descriptions of the murder victim eating were revolting. The fact that Peta and Peter sound the same in the narrator's accent was confusing. Overall, a middle of the road Macbeth cozy.

    17. Just to be clear, I've read ALL of these books, at one point or another over the last.ten years. Just little fluffy mysteries for when you have a cold, are on vacation, or feel lonely for a place you have never been (the Scottish highlands).

    18. A quick fast paced fun read with some great characters. We have thwarted love, gluttony, greed and murder in a beautiful locale. Great entertainment.

    19. With a stack of M.C. Beaton's Hamish McBeth mysteries on cassette or CD on my car's passenger seat, I could get in and happily drive coast to coast.

    20. The owner of a dating service makes arrangements to bring some clients up to Scotland for a week's stay in Priscilla's family home hotel. The main reason she decided to come so far was to escape her business partner, a grossly overweight, gluttonous woman whom she had come to hate. Unfortunately, her partner, besides being gross, was also rather clever, and discovers where the clients are staying and quickly makes an unexpected appearance. Her disgusting habits and flirtatious ways throw a pall [...]

    21. A double murder in the Highlands and Hamish is on the case! Helped by his maybe-lost love, the lovely Priscilla, she who Hamish describes: "It is just that you always seem so cool about everything, like a nice chilled salad." And the reporter Elspeth Grant who is closer to his heart but not wearing his ring, is a great help and he keeps at it for a long time before getting it solved. Meanwhile, the metafiction sub-plot has Angela Brodie, the doctor's wife and author, grappling with the fallout f [...]

    22. Once again, you know what you're getting with these books.I think what makes people keep coming back is to see how Hamish's life is progressing; will he ever settle down, or will he move on?Although this murder mystery is an odd one, it makes sense considering the collection of characters gathered together.If you enjoy the other Hamish MacBeth books, then you'll like this one. Don't expect anything heavy, this is a very light murder, and the solution, for once is quickly solved, although there's [...]

    23. Entertaining quick read, like the others, with similar formula (the castle now being a hotel lends itself to lots of permutations of group staying in big house, unpopular member of group killed, many suspects). Farcical aspects not always so funny now that we know more about eating disorders than we maybe did at the time this was written. The best thing, of course, is Hamish, and there are some very nice witty moments due to him.

    24. Death of a Greedy Woman (originally titled Death of a Glutton) was a lot of fun. MC Beaton writes a good mystery, and she got me this time. She is also able to mix just the right amount of humor into her novels. ("Death is easy, comedy is hard.") I'm not sure why a series of books featuring heinous murders makes me want to visit the Scottish Highlands so much. All the Hamish Macbeth mysteries are recommended reading for quick enjoyable entertainment.

    25. I still love Hamish and the village of Lochdubh but I'll never call this one of my favorites. While it's come up in other books from time to time, as the title would suggest this book put to the fore Beaton's animosity towards fat. To her, fat is practically evil of itself. I dislike that and I dislike the fact that her characters -- all of them -- buy into it. I'll probably keep reading the series but, at the moment, I'm less than impressed.

    26. The description is this book is excellent. I found myself laughing out loud at the absurd, over the top characters in this well- executed story.You should read it just to be introduced to these crazy people.It will make the ridiculous people around you look "normal".

    27. I found this Hamish Macbeth outing especially vile. What might have been intended as humor comes across as cruel. Sure, Hamish is charming, but the rest of the cast of characters are horrible, one-dimensional creatures.

    28. This is the eighth in the series of Hamish Macbeth mysteries by M.C. Beaton. Macbeth is a constable in a Highland Scotland town. The stories follow a bit of a formula but are pleasant to read and the setting and characters interesting. I'm looking forward to the ninth.

    29. I had to purchase a used book through amazon as it was not available elsewhere. Now I know why. It’s lacking in the usual appealing quirkiness of this series. No one to like and not a good mystery. And very little of the charming villagers

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