Last Chance

Last Chance Robyn s scared of dogs like really scared But she agrees to spend her summer working at an animal shelter anyway It s a long story Robyn soon discovers that many juvenile offenders also volunteer at

  • Title: Last Chance
  • Author: Norah McClintock
  • ISBN: 9780439952293
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robyn s scared of dogs like, really scared But she agrees to spend her summer working at an animal shelter anyway It s a long story Robyn soon discovers that many juvenile offenders also volunteer at the shelter including Nick D Angelo, a boy from Robyn s past A boy she hoped to never see again Nick has a talent for getting into trouble, but after his latest arrest,Robyn s scared of dogs like, really scared But she agrees to spend her summer working at an animal shelter anyway It s a long story Robyn soon discovers that many juvenile offenders also volunteer at the shelter including Nick D Angelo, a boy from Robyn s past A boy she hoped to never see again Nick has a talent for getting into trouble, but after his latest arrest, Robyn suspects that he just might be innocent And she sets out to prove it

    One thought on “Last Chance”

    1. A mystery about a girl caught in the middle of something she didn't do.Along with a boy who is blamed for everything. She sets out to find if he was wrongly accused,and if he is actually innocent . Norah Micclintock creates a mystery almost impossible to solve.Readers will be caught in the story as she travels to find the right answer.A outstanding book you won't be able to put down.

    2. I really enjoyed this book! I have always enjoyed the books about someone who is a trouble maker and you have to get to the WHY are the a trouble maker part! This is about a program which is through a animal shelter which takes teens who have been in trouble and turns them into dog handlers. But there is much more to the book than the program. The main character Robyn has to work at the shelter because of her own run in with the law. But somehow she sees herself above the boys working there beca [...]

    3. I thought that this book had a different style then most books. In this first half of the book all that happened is my main character, Robyn got sent to an animal shelter. She had to volunteer because of a horrible accident; she broke a store window. It was very detailed but it wasn't exciting enough for me to really stay interested. I'm really happy I kept reading because after the boring but detailed half was over, it started to get exciting. You get to know thing about the character that you [...]

    4. Very good book for a middle teen, but though my daughter suggested it for a challenge I needed an animal cover for, (which my over did have unlike the one here.) and I grew up on Nancy drew, I find with years I have moved beyond low key Ya fiction. I have found a few YA though which have been to my liking so it depends. I recommend this book for-depending on maturity and reading asbilitiesa 11-14 years old that like mystery, action and some adventure.

    5. This book was AMAZING! I didn't even realize it was a mystery until the end, Norah will keep you hooked all the way I definitely recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction and mystery this is the first book in the Robyn Hunter Mystery series you can't put it down!

    6. This is a realistic fiction and mystery book. The cover I have is a picture of a dog, Orion. The cover explains what is happening in this book since it does have to do with dogs. My favorite part is when Robyn has to find reasons why Nick did not hit a man with a car and run away and she wants to figure out why. Joey(nicks stepbrother) "saved" Nicks life when they were younger, so Joey thinks Nick should do the same and take the blame for the crash. Even worse, the man Joey hit died so that was [...]

    7. With a mother for a lawyer and a father who is a retired cop turned private detective, it is inevitable that Robyn seeks to find the truth regardless of the numerous obstacles she faces. In Last Chance, the first in a mystery series, Robyn’s thirst for the truth finds her solving a mystery surrounding a troubled teen from her past. During the first few lines of the story, we learn that Robyn is at the police station and is on the verge of obtaining a criminal record for an act she accidently c [...]

    8. On a so called protest against animal testing for various products, Robyn Hunter ends up in jail. Her mom, the attorney, gets her released with the promise she will do volunteer work at a local animal shelter. Of course, this arrangement is better than jail except Robyn has a phobia of dogs. Especially since she was attacked by a German shepherd when she was eight years old. The good thing out of all of this is her obsession, or fear of dogs, has resulted in her knowing lots of facts about them. [...]

    9. Award winning young adult author, Norah McClintock, begins a new mystery series with Last Chance. Robyn Hunter, whose father is a former police officer, and mother is defense attorney, has found herself on the wrong side of the law. At an animal rights protest, in attempt to stop her friend from doing the wrong thing, she inadvertently smashes a store window. Though it was clearly an accident and misunderstanding, the storeowner is furious. So she agrees to spend her summer working at an animal [...]

    10. Robyn (Robbie) is in the wrong place at the wrong time during a protest about using animals for testing, and ends up on the wrong side of the law. Since her mother is a lawyer and her father is a retired policeman, she manages to get time volunteering instead of fines or a record but she has to volunteer at an animal shelter, and she's terrified of dogs after being attacked by one when young. She manages to fit in fairly well, and ends up doing a lot of paperwork, but she has a problem working w [...]

    11. I actually received this book through NetGalley to review ahead of time. The premise behind the story sounded interesting at the time so I thought I would give it a go.Robyn is the protagonist in this story. She's a nice young lady who was in the wrong place at the wrong time during during a bad prank at a peaceful protest. Her mom and dad are divorced; her mom is the high-powered strict lawyer and her dad is the happy go lucky retired policeman. In exchange for her penance she has to volunteer [...]

    12. Robyn Hunter almost gets arrested over an animal-rights protest gone wrong. The protest was her best friend's idea; she doesn't even like animals. In fact, she's scared of dogs. So when she's given a choice between going to court or putting in community service hours at a local animal shelter, she almost takes her day in court.Then her mom interferes, and Robyn finds herself face-to-teeth with an enormous dog. She thinks she's a goner for sure until she's rescued by a cute and strangely familiar [...]

    13. Recommended for gr. 5-9.Robyn is volunteering at an animal shelter as community service due to a public disturbance which was really not entirely her fault. There are two problems with this job: first, she has a dog phobia and second, Nick is also volunteering there in a program for juvenile delinquents. Robyn once turned Nick in for a crime and he has never forgiven her. This being a YA novel, Robyn and Nick learn to understand each other better and there is a positive resolution.Robyn was a ve [...]

    14. Man, I still have a crush on Nick, despite everything he's done, the decisions he's made, and the stuff he's put Robyn through. He was my original bad boy crush. Nick aside, I love how real these books are. They are gritty and not nice sometimes, but they don't feel like a fictional story. I fully believe these kinds of plots can happen in real life. Also what I like is that they are generic Canadian - I have no idea where they are located, but I know they are not located in America because no A [...]

    15. Robyn can be bad news for Nick, the daughter of a cop and a lawyer she has a lot a faith in going straight to authorities with her assumptions before really sorting things out. When she finds herself in custody she thought a friend would damage a storefront (assuming again) during a animal rights protest and in an effort to stop him broke the window of the store. She gets a hand slap and if she works at a dog shelter she can avoid charges. On her first day there she meets Nick, a boy who she acc [...]

    16. This was a book I bought at the NCTE conference, along with a stack of others that are meant to reach struggling readers with high interest materials at a lower reading level. I had student after student read and want to talk about this one. They all loved it and begged for the whole series to be added to our classroom library. I finally got around to reading it and see why they liked it to much. The plot was simple, but very engaging, the characters were likable and fun to get to know, and maki [...]

    17. This is book one of a great mystery series with a little bit of everything in it to represent the life of most typical (and not so typical) teenagers. The main character, Robyn Hunter, deals with a range of emotions: fear, boredom, frustration, embarrassment-- and there's a hint of a possible romance as the series continues. In the end, Robyn learns that people and situations aren’t always as they seem and that often times, people deserve another chance. Most teenagers will be able to find man [...]

    18. a classic wrong place at the wrong time kind of coincidence. Robyn a young girl can't seem to stay away from trouble. When she was younger she witnessed a crime of stolen charity money. When she's at a animal rights protest march she ends up breaking a window a dropping something (well lets say unmentionable) on a women's head. She gets taken in to the police and her mom and dad come. Instead of going to jail and having a police record she is given a choice. She can either go into custody and ha [...]

    19. When Robyn Hunter got in trouble and found out that she had to volunteer in an animal shelter to avoid going to court she was less than excited. It didn't help that she was attacked by a dog as a kid or that she meets someone from her past that she wishes she wouldn't have. Forced to spend time there she realizes that she may have judged people and things to quickly. All this is going on as she trys to uncover the mystery about what really happended to Nick. I loved this book becuase it was intr [...]

    20. Robyn is a good kid but when her friends convince her she should attend a protest rally she inadvertently flings a bag of excrement at a shop owner and is charged. Her mother is a lawyer and is extremely distressed - her father, divorced from her mother, is an ex-cop who now does private security, and he thinks it's kind of funny. When she ends up doing community service at an animal shelter she meets a boy that she had given evidence against a few years earlier and thinks she observes him again [...]

    21. I’m a firm believer in getting shelter dogs as companions, so when I saw the book cover for Last Chance by Norah McClintock, it really touched me. Ms. McClintock is a five-time winner of the Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Crime Novel, so I knew she had to have some definite writing chops. And she does. Last Chance is Book #1 in the YA Robyn Hunter Mystery series. It’s a story about preconceptions, something we’re all guilty of, and second chances, something [...]

    22. I have read the Robyn Hunter series before, but never in order. I am excited to do so now! I love Norah McClintocks books because it's very hard to find a good mystery book. I remember reading this book, and it was better the second time around for sure. The ending was a little strange, but I still really liked it. Especially how Robyn figured everything out in the end. Can't wait to read the next one!

    23. Excellent book. Kept me turning the pages the whole time. The story is about Robyn who has to volunteer at a dog shelter. She's terrified of dogs because of a previous incident. At the shelter she meets Nick, an apparently bad boy who's in a program called RAD. To me the story is really about not judging a book by its cover and that looks can be deceiving. Overall I really enjoyed this book and the author's writing. I plan to get the next in the series.

    24. This book was written for middle school students. It creates enough suspense and interest for students, as it deals with a troubled teenager who has been guilty of past crimes and a young girl who must prove that this time he is innocent. The plot will appeal to struggling readers, but there are some difficult words that may discourage reading.

    25. A little too predictable, but McClintock is a frequent contributor to the high interest/low level genre, so that is to be expected. The characters started to annoy me after a while as they were somewhat one-dimensional. All this aside, I feel that middle school mystery lovers would definitely like it.

    26. Maybe the other ones are more appealing, but I don't see my students reading these. For whatever reason there is a stigma on these books and the way they look. Something about them makes them juvenile so my readers never pick them up unless they just need something to read quickly and for that period. A NO vote for me.

    27. I have always liked Norah McClintock. She is an excellent writer for reluctant readers. "Last Chance" which is #1 in her new Robyn Hunter mystery series is no exception. Likeable characters, a fast-paced story, and a mystery that will keep readers engaged. A good first start.

    28. I didn't like this book very much. I truly wanted to like it, but couldn't get passed the first 100 pages. (For me, most of the time, if I can't get past 100, I should stop reading.) Glad that I got this book from the library

    29. While I liked McClintock's Chloe and Levesque series better (years ago when I originally read them) I think that a lot of MG to YA readers will like this novel and the following books in the series. I received my copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

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