This Isn't About Jon Ross, It's About Art

This Isn t About Jon Ross It s About Art None

  • Title: This Isn't About Jon Ross, It's About Art
  • Author: Jacob Steinberg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • None

    One thought on “This Isn't About Jon Ross, It's About Art”

    1. Boy meets boy. Boy gradually becomes detached from the boy he met. Boy develops mournful manic obsession with the beautiful relationship that could've been. Boy writes chapbook of reflective poetry in order to cope with the heartache, anxiety, confusion, and growth he undergoes. Taken from a direct quotation from poet Spencer Madsen, the title says it all. This collection of chronological poems--poems that speak a language of bluntness, confrontation, angst, epiphany, and sorrow--is not about Jo [...]

    2. Jacob is an internet poet. This is internet poetry transplanted into physical reality. The book was originally published for free in pdf format. It is now expanded in print, though the book remains pocket sized, portable like a cellphone. Before they were collected in book form these poems were scattered across the internet. But the book doesn't include only poems. There are photos, screenshots, text messages, facebook statuses. Some of my words are even included.The book takes this form because [...]

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